Avent SCH740/21 Avent Smart ear thermometer Product datasheet

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Smart ear
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Measures and records your child’s temperature
Accurate, fast, uGrow connected ear thermometer
The Philips Avent smart ear thermometer makes it possible to quickly and accurately take temperature readings
and store them directly to your smart device using the uGrow app.
Comfortable and easy to use
Designed for easy, comfortable in-ear measurement*
Fast and accurate
Accurate results ± 0.2 °C/ ± 0.4 °F
Gives results in Celcius and Fahrenheit
One press and in 2 seconds you have an accurate reading
Red LED display ring for rapid high temperature indication
uGrow connected
Part of the uGrow family of connected products
Track and better understand your child's temperature
Connects with Bluetooth® Smart to the uGrow app
Smart ear thermometer
A uGrow connected product
The Philips Avent smart ear thermometer
connects with our uGrow app. The world's first
medical baby app with connected devices
giving you personal advice that matters. Let
uGrow help you discover patterns to support
your little one's healthy development.
levels. The light ring turns red for a temperature
of 38.0°C (100.4°F) and higher*. As with all
cases of fever, it is important not to rely solely
on the temperature measurement of the
thermometer, and to always seek professional
medical advice without delay in the event of
concerns regarding a fever or measurement.
Track and record
The Philips Avent smart ear thermometer
quickly and accurately takes temperature
readings and establishes a body temperature
history in the uGrow app to easily share with
your doctor.
Comfortable and easy to use
The Philips Avent smart ear thermometer takes
your baby's temperature in a few simple and
quick steps. Firstly, ensure the sensor is clean
and dry. Then press the power button and
gently pull your baby's ear backwards so the
ear canal is straight. Insert the thermometer
pointing the tip towards the ear drum and press
the button again. Compact and streamlined,
the thermometer has a probe tip that is
suitable for all ages.
Keeping your child still long enough to take an
accurate reading can be difficult. The Philips
Avent smart ear thermometer addresses this
problem by being specially designed for speed
and ease. Just one press of the button and you
will have a reading in 2 seconds.
Body temperature can be measured in five
locations: the mouth, the ear, the armpit, the
forehead. Our research has shown that this ear
thermometer offers a medical grade
measurement with ± 0.2 °C or ± 0.4 °F accuracy
within the range of 32.4°C - 42.9°C (90.3°F 109.2°F). Reflects body core temperature.*
High temperature indication
The Philips Avent smart ear thermometer has a
clear LCD display so you can instantly see if
the temperature reading is at normal* or raised
Celcius and Fahrenheit
No matter whether you work in Celsius or
Fahrenheit, the Philips Avent smart ear
thermometer will give you the results you need
in the scale you understand.
uGrow connected
The Philips Avent smart ear thermometer
connects with Bluetooth® Smart to your mobile
device. Works with: iPhone®: Version iOS8.1 /
iPhone® 5s and newer; Android™: Android™ 4.4
KitKat and above.
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All Rights reserved.
Issue date 2021‑12‑25
Version: 5.1.1
Specifications are subject to change
without notice. Trademarks are the
property of Koninklijke Philips N.V. or
their respective owners.
EAN: 08 71010 37737 95
2 × AAA batteries: non-rechargeable
Color: White
Net. Weight: About 54.6g
Dimensions: 136(L)x34.5(W)x57(D)mm
Ease of use
Clear LCD display
Fast: 2 second measurement
Probe tip for all ages
Switch to Celsius & Fahrenheit
Standalone device: Yes, ear thermometer can
be used as a standalone device
Two year guarantee
Accuracy: ±0.2°C (±0.4°F) within the range of
32.4°C - 42.9°C (90.3°F - 109.2°F)
Measurement range: 32.4°C – 42.9°C /90.3°F
Operating environment: 10.0°C - 40.0°C
(50.0°F - 104.0°F) with a relative humidity of
20% - 85%
Power source: 2 x AAA non-rechargeable
Data transfer: via Bluetooth® Low Energy
Phone compatibility: iPhone 5s+ | iOS 8.1+ |
Android 4.4 +
* Reflects body core temperature
* Sources: Herzog, L., & Phillips, S. G. (2011). Addressing
concerns about fever. Clinical Pediatrics, 50(5), 383–
* McCallum, L., & Higgins, D. (2011). Measuring body
temperature. Nursing Times, 108(45), 20–2.
* Normal temperature ranges differ per age group. 38.0°C
(100.4°F) is still within normal temperature range for
* Chamberlain, J.M., et al., Determination of Normal Ear
Temperature with an Infrared EmissionDetection
Thermometer, Annals of Emergency Medicine, January
1995, Vol. 25, pp. 15-20.
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