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ASSEMBLE THE ENGINE 200er coil, 6-4 6-6
CHECKS AND ADJUSTMENTS ..............eemesresrre.. 6-2 6-1
“ COMPRESSION CHECKS .............. лв кк к луне. 6-2.2 6-2
AND REPLACEMENT 02.000500 a anses aan sa 00006 6-5.10 6-24
COOLING AIR BLOWER .............eomcconrecorerveca. 6-5.16 6-29
CRANKCASE CHECK ............e—ererevororerecerer. 6-5.3 6-17
AND INSTALLATION .............e-——reconvevccrrerooo 6-5.5 6-19
CRANKSHAFT CHECK ...... PS 6-5.1 6-17
CRANKSHAFT RECONDITIONING ............e...resre. 6-5.2 6-17
CYLINDER CHECK ............ RES ВНИИ 6-5.12 6-25
CYLINDERHEAD REPAIR 122220000000 anse ea sense 00 6-5.14 6-26
ENGINE RECONDITIONING ...........eerreveeoo. ce... 6-3 6-4
OF ENGINE GOVERNOR ..........e.eorennororccorecaoo 6-5.8 6-20
AND INSTALLATION ..........eeeresvorcanvocsrarerec. 6-56.17 6-30
FUEL INJECTION PUMP CHECK ................m.e=... 62.4 6-2
FUEL SYSTEM CHECK ...............eereeoccorecoceo. 6-2.3 6-2
GENERAL ENGINEDATA ...... oii 6-6 6-31
GOVERNOR CHECK AND REPAIR ..................... 6—5.9 6-23
FLYWHEEL INSTALLATION ............eo.renorcorcaro 6-5.7 6-20
OIL PUMP CHECKING ..............eeeesvvcervceonee.s 65.6 : 6-20
PISTON CHECK AND MEASURING ............. RAA 6-5.13 6-25
AND REPLACEMENT ............eecorecórerrcrerenec. 6-5.11 6-25
ROCKERARMRBEPAIR ......... coin 6-5.15 6-29
T.D.C. AND STARTOF FUEL INJECTION ................ 6-2.5 6-3
TIGHTENING BOLTS AND STUDS ..............e.e.e.e.. 6-1 6—1
VALVE CLEARANCE ADJUSTMENT .................... 6-2.1 6-1
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader —
Service Manual
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
Service Manual
NOTE: All fasteners must first be tightened lightly to 14-21 ft.—lbs. (1.9-2.9
m*Kgf) torque. Tighten in sequence until correct adjustment has
been made. Before assembling bolts and studs put oil on threads
- and surfaces of head or nut.
1. First tightening can be done using a socket wrench or box end wrench (Fig.
6-1 A).
2. Tightening must be done in correct sequence. A special tool (Deutz number
4689) can be used to check angle of tum when tightening (Fig. 6-1 В).
3. Figure 6-2 shows angle of rotation in degrees.
NOTE: Drill a 3/8 inch (9,5 mm) hole
in location shown in figure
6-2a to let water out of starter
before it goes into main
housing. Water in the starter
causes circuit failure.
These adjustments can be made
separately, usually after an engine has
been reconditioned.
6-2.1 Adjustment of Valve
NOTE: The engine must be cold. _ | N-15891
1. Loosen and remove bolts
fastening cylinder head covers
(Fig 6-2).
Fig. 6-2 Angle Of Rotation
2. Turn crankshaft so that valves of
number one cylinder (on flywheel
side) are in balance (both valves
closed) (Fig. 6-4).
3. Mark position of overlap of
number one cylinder on edge of
V-belt pulley in alignment with
line marked on engine housing
(Fig. 6-5).
4. Tum crankshaft 360 degrees |
clockwise. RE — N-15892
Fig. 6-3 Removing Head Covers
5. Check valves of first cylinder and
make adjustment when needed.
Loosen lock nut on set screw of
rocker arm. Make adjustment of
set screws so feeler gauge has | E. |
light resistance when passing | AT
between rocker arm and valve. PU
Valve clearance for inlet and
exhaust is .006 inches (0,15
NOTE: After a cylinder unit repair
has been done, valve
clearance must be set on
high side, .059 inches (1,5
6. Tighten lock nut without turning ' а 4 N-15894
set screws. Fig. 6-5 Marking Position of Overlap
N-15893 |
Fig. 6—4 Both Valves Closes
Fig. 6—6 Cylinder Head Cover Gasket
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
Service Manual
7. Turn crankshaft through 540 degrees (1-1/2 turns). Make adjustment of
valves on second cylinder.
8. When installing cylinder head covers, make sure gasket is in good condition.
Make sure packing rings are placed under holddown nuts (Fig. 6-6).
6-2.2 Compression Check
Use a compression tester (Fig. 6-7). Compression must be 385-450 PSI
(2564,57-3102,75 kPa).
Before checking, run engine at full speed so lubricating oil can seal combustion
chambers. For test, the speed control lever must be back to fuel shut-off position.
Install adapter of compression tester in place of glow plug (Fig. 6-8).
The indication must not be lower than
minimum specified values. The
pressure of both cylinders must be
uniform 385-450 PSI
(2564,57-3102,75 kPa).
NOTE: Before starting repair, make
an inspection record to
include results of
compression check. Also list
engine wear and new parts.
6-2.3 Checking Fuel System
A tank filled with fuel is required for this
test. It must be higher than injection
pump when engine has been removed
from loader.
1. Check fuel filter to make sure it
is working. Check fuel flow after
disconnecting line from filter
outlet (Fig. 6-9).
2. Loosen air vent screw in fuel
injection pump. Let fuel to pump
flow until it is free of air (Fig.
3. Remove cover for injection
nozzle holder. Remove air
housing (Fig. 6-11).
4. Loosen fuel line connection at
nozzle holder (Fig. 6-12). Start
engine or turn it by hand and
check for fuel flow.
5, Assemble and
tighten all
6-2.4 Checking Fuel
When pump is installed, only
tightness of pressure release valves
and pumping elements can be
1. Remove air housing (Fig. 6-11),
and disconnect fuel lines (Fig.
2. Fasten pressure indicators
(Deutz number 3202) to
respective fuel lines on fuel
injection pump.
3. Press excess fuel button (Fig.
Revised February 80
Fig. 6-8 Glow Plug
Fig. 6-10 Loosening Air Vent Screw
Fig. 6-12 Loosening Fuel Lines
Fig. 6-7 Checking Compression
Fig. 6—11 Removing Air Housing
Fig. 6-13 Press Excess Fuel Button
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
Service Manual
Turn crankshatt y engaging starter. Loosen plug and let out air pressure.
Tighten the plug (Fig. 6-14).
To check a pressure relief valve, turn engine to generate a pressure to 2130
PSI (149.7 Kgf/cm?2) and observe pressure gauge. The pressure must not
decrease to less than 1990 PS! (139.9 Kgf/cm?) within one minute.
To check pump element, turn crankshaft about five revolutions. Pressure
should not be less than 4267 PSI (299 Kgf/em?).
Remove pressure indicator.
Connect fuel lines first locate tapes on adapter and turn on union nut (Fig.
Install air housing.
6-2.5 To Find top Dead Center And Start Of Fuel Injection
6-2.6 Adjustment Of Start Of Fuel
Put a mark on edge of V-belt pulley at
point which fuel injection starts.
Check valve clearance and correct.
Turn crankshaft so piston and number one cylinder are at point of maximum
compression (Firing Point) before TDC.
Use a screwdriver press down on valve of number one cylinder and put a
piece of 5 to 6 millimeter (1/4 inch) steel plate between valve stem and rocker
(Fig. 6-16).
Turn crankshaft clockwise until piston makes contact with proper valve.
Mark position of crankshaft on edge of V-belt pulley, in line with cast
dead-center mark on crankcase (Fig. 6-17).
Remove piece of steel plate. Turn
crankshaft about 90°. Install piece
of steel plate between same valve
stem and rocker. Rotate
crankshaft counterclockwise until
piston again makes contact. Mark
second position.
Remove piece of steel plate and
install cylinder head covers.
With a flexible steel rule measure
and mark half way position fi
between two marks (6-18). Moser
Using a flexible steel rule from TDC ; "E
indicator, mark distance to start of Fig. 6-16 Determining Top Dead Center
delivery. Mark in clockwise
direction of rotation. Start of
delivery is 150 PSI (10.6 Kgf/cm?)
(Fig. 6-19).
Remove air housing and
disconnect fuel injection lines (Fig.
Fig. 6-18 Marking Half-Way Position
| N-15903, 5903
Fig. 6-15 ReconnectingFuel Lines
_. в Р1-02052
Fig. 6~17 Marking Crankshaft Position
PI-01983 PI-01 983
Fig. 6-19 Marking Start Of Delivery
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
Service Manual
2. With engine located on repair
bench, connect a tank of diesel fuel
to fuel filter inlet (Fig. 6-20). (Tank
must be higher than iniet.)
3. Tum engine to remove air from fuel
supply system (use tool Deutz
number 320°) (Fig. 6-21). then
return first cylinder to the firing
order before TDC.
4. Turn crankshaft slowly until level of
fuel can be seen in capillary tubes.
ME | N-15904 N a EN Pi-02070
Fig. 6-20 Providing Fuel to Filter Fig. 6-21 Bleeding Air From System
NOTE: At the same time, the
start-of-injection indicator
on the V-belt pulley must be
in line with the dead—center
mark on the crankcase cover
(Fig. 6-22).
5. For adjustment of the timing of the
start-of-injection, remove the fuel
injection pump. Increase or
decrease the number of gaskets
between the pump and cover (Fig.
NOTE: One gasket 0.3 mm (.012
Inches) thick gorresponds meo
to about 2% of cranksha | Ш Зови
turn. Fuel injection will be I NOP. | |--02069 on
advanced by removing Fig. 6-22 Alignedwith Dead-Center Mark Fig. 6-23 Addingor Deleting Shims
gaskets and retarded by
adding gaskets. One gasket
must be left to act as a seal.
as P1-02068
6. Before installing fuel injection
pump, put fork of control lever
into alignment with groove in
housing (Fig. 6-24).
7. Install and secure injection pump
With ball head of control rod
facing control lever.
8. Check start of fuel injection and
correct when needed.
EEN ELA P1-020 44 { ео й В
9. Remove capillary tube. Fig. 6—24 Aligning Fork with Recess Fig. 6-25 Lock Down the Union Nuts
10. Connect fuel lines. In each case locate cone end of line and connecting stub
and run union nut down finger tight, to make sure that cone is correctly
seated. Tighten the union nuts (Fig. 6-25).
Remove the following parts:
Starter, generator, fuel filter with fuel line to injection pump, induction pipe, exhaust
manifold, air housing, oil cooler, side cover plates, leak off pipe, fuel injection pipe
and cooling air blower.
NOTE: To keep out foreign material put caps on connecting ends and a
delivery opening of injection pump (Fig. 6-26). ; =e
Fig. 6-26 Keep Out Foreign Matter
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
—6-4— Service Manual
Remove injectors (Fig. 6-27).
Loosen cylinder head holddown
bolts in diagonal sequence (Fig.
6-28), in steps. Remove
cylinder head complete with
studs and push rods protective
tubes. (Use special wrench for
holddown bolts, Deutz number
Remove lower crankcase
cover. Loosen and remove
connecting rod bolts (Fig.
. Lift up bearing cap with a bar.
Pull cylinder with piston and
connecting rod, from crankcase
(Fig. 6-30).
NOTE: The bearing must be
protected against damage
and must be marked on
the back for correct
Remove injection pump.
Remove V-belt pulley and
Remove front cover Loosen
only boits around outside edge.
Remove rear end shield, using
tool for removing end shield on
flywheel side (Deutz number
4683) (Fig. 6-31).
Remove loose governor plate
and fly weights from governor.
Push the ball bearing with gear
wheel and governor shaft out of
crankcase (Fig. 6-32).
Put engine on it's cylinder head
contacting surface, while
holding the loose camshaft.
Remove the camshaft.
Remove crankshaft gear
wheel. Remove bolt holding
center bearing block (Fig.
Remove crankshaft.
Remove boit holding lube ой
pump. Bolt is reached from
underside of crankcase (Fig.
N—15908 O |
Fig. 6-30 Withdraw the Cylinder
Fig. 6-29 Removingthe Big-End Bolts
| B-02200
| B-02202
Fig. 6-31 Removingthe End Shield Fig. 6-32 Removingthe Governor
Fig. 6-33 Remove Center Bearing Block
‘ o | N-15911
Fig. 6-34 Remove Lube Oil Pump Screw
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
—6—-5-— Service Manual
14. Turn free pump so connecting
end is opposite groove in
bearing bore, then remove
pump (Fig. 6-35).
15. Remove loose tappets.
16. Remove following parts from
crankcase; retainers for seal
rings of push rod cover, oil
pressure switch, crankcase
vent and lube oil pressure
control valve.
17. Remove plugs with groove for
camshaft lubrication, after
which crankcase is ready for
cleaning (Fig. 6-36).
Ali parts of disassembled engine
must be cleaned and checked for
damage. (See Inspection And
Repair.) the crankshaft and camshaft
bearing bushing must be pushed into
engine housing.
1. Use sealing plug for the
camshaft oil way. Put it in even
and hit with a center punch to
lock (Fig. 6-37).
2. install oil pressure switch (Fig.
3. Install crankcase breather (Fig.
4. Install breather housing using a
new O-ring (Fig. 6-40).
5. Install breather tube to
crankcase (Fig. 6-41).
6. Install oil pressure relief valve in
housing. Use new gasket (Fig.
Fig. 6-35 Removing the Oil Pump
ло N-15913
Fig. 6-36 Remove the Slotted Plugs
A N-15915
Fig. 6~37 Lock the Sealing Plug
Fig. 6-38 Oil Pressure Switch
Fig. 6-40 Install Breather Housing
a N-15916
Fig. 6-39 Install the Crankcase Breather
Fig. 6-41 Installing Breather Tube
Fig. 6-42 Install Oil Pressure Relief Valve
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
—6—6— Service Manual
Check that same number is
marked on housing and bearing
cap and that both heavy duty _
retainer studs are available for
assembly (Fig. 6-43).
Install bearing in housing and
bearing cap. Check locating pin
(Fig. 6-44).
Put motor oil on bearing and put
bearing housing on middie main
bearing journal.
Install bolt and steel washers
(Fig. 6-45). Tighten and lock
down bolts according to
fastener tightening instructions.
Refer to table for angles of turn
to which screws should be
Put thrustwasher on front
crankshaft bearing with
lubricating oil ways facing crank
and tab in groove in the
crankcase. Put grease on
washer to hold it in position (Fig.
Put motor oil on front crankshaft
Install crankshaft into
crankcase with short end of
shaft facing timing gear.
Put bearing housing so hole is
in alignment with stud. Install
stud and steel washer (Fig.
6-47). Tighten it according to
tightening procedures.
Put thrustwasher on end shield.
Put grease on thrustwasher.
The tab of water will drop into
recess in end shield (Fig. 6-49).
Put oil on the crankshaft
bearing and end shield.
Install end shield, using a new
gasket (Fig. 6-49).
Measure end clearance of
crankshaft. It must be
.008—.016 inches (0,200—0,400
mm). When clearance is more,
the end shield must be
removed. Remove bolts, then
withdraw end shield with puller
(Fig. 6-50). Fit shims (.006
[0,150 mm thick]) under end
shield for correct end
Ш P1-02059
Fig. 6-43 Check Marks
Fig. 6-45 Installing Cap Screws
Fig. 6-44 Locating Pin
Fig. 6-46 installing Thrust Washer
ни | PI-01993
Fig. 6-47 PositioningBearing Housing
Fig. 6-49 Mountingthe End Shield
Fig. 6-48 Positioning Thrust Washer
Fig. 6-50 Pullthe End Shield
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
Service Manual
19. Install lube oil pump, put tube
end and groove in bearing bore
(Fig. 6-51).
20. Put oil pump so hole for locking
screw is in alignment. Install
and tighten bolt (Fig. 6-52).
21. Put on crankshaft gear wheel.
Tighten and lock down (Fig.
22. Put oil on tappets and install in
crankcase (Fig. 6-54).
а Hf №-15922 | - N-15923
Fig. 6-51 Installthe Lube Oil Pump Fig. 6-52 Locking Pump in Place
23. install camshaft. Install
thrustwasher to front camshatt
bearing (Fig. 6-55). Put oil on
bearing areas. install camshaft
end in engine housing.
NOTE: The camshaft gear wheel
must be installed so tooth
marked with a dot
engages in groove marked
with two dots on
crankshaft gear wheel.
The other gap marked with
two dots should be in
direction of governor
bearing bore (Fig. 6-56).
24. Tum engine upside down while Fig. 6-54 installing Tappets
holding loose camshatt.
25. Install assembled centralfugal
governor. Force governor shaft
ball bearing into its seating
position in engine housing.
Install governor shaft. Install
retainer washer with its offset
side facing the bearing. Install
and tighten fastening screw
(Fig. 6-57)
NOTE: Make sure gears are Fig. 6-55 installCamshaft Thrust Washers Fig. 6-56 CorrectEngagement
correctly engaged. The
tooth mark with a dot on
governor and camshaft
gear wheels must engage
in same gaps marked with
two dots on crankshaft
gear wheel (Fig. 6-58). Put
fly weights in guide plate
and assemble governor
dish (Fig. 6-59).
N-15926 иене PI-01994
Fig. 6-57 Install the Governor Shaft Fig. 6-58 CorrectEngagement
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
—6—8— Service Manual
Push governor plate in seat
location and measure distance
from front face of plate to wall
(3-2/5 inch [85,7 mm]) (Fig.
6-60). When distance is not
within correct rage, make
correction with shims.
Install distributor housing for oil
filter and turn it until locating tab
engages in slot in engine
housing (Fig. 6-61). Install
compression spring for
distributor housing in front
cover assembly (Fig. 6-62).
Check that two locating pins are
installed into front caliper (Fig.
Install anew gasket to front
Measure camshaft end
clearance. The correct
dimension is .005-.024 inch
(0,150.6 mm) (Fig. 6-64 &
Install front cover assembly and
fasten it with seventeen bolts
(Fig. 6-66).
Fig. 6-63 Install the Locating Pins
Кл В. N-15927
Fig. 6—60 Locate the Governor Dish
RE PI-01995
Fig. 6-59 Ass
emble the Governor
| :
| ME | PH-01986
Fig. 6-61 insert Distributor Housing for Oil Fitter
ERAN Ве) су)
Fig. 6-64 CamshaftEnd Clearance
| P1-02054
Fig. 6—66 Install the Front Cover
| P1-02057
Fig. 6-65 CamshaftEnd Clearance
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
—6-9- Service Manual
NOTE: Check different lengths of
bolts. The longest bolt
should be installed in hole
below oil filter location
(Fig. 6-67).
install V-belt sheave.
Check that heavy fastening
sleeve for locating V-belt pulley
is assembled (Fig. 6-68).
Put V-belt sheave in position
and install tightening bolt with
steel washer. Tighten and lock
down bolt following tightening
instructions (Fig. 6-69).
Line fork of control lever with
recess in engine housing (Fig.
Install fuel injection pump with
ball head of control rod facing
control lever and fasten.
Measure distance from top face
of engine housing to the base
circle of the cam. (See
gaskets when necessary (Fig.
6-71 8 6-72).
Push a new bearing bushing
into flange bearing {Hydraulic
pump drive) (Fig. 6-73).
Install a new seal ring with lip
toward bushing and press itinto
position by putting even
pressure around circumference
(Fig. 6-74). Install a new gasket
to flange and use grease to hold
it in position.
Fig. 6-71 TakingMeasureme
Fig. 6-73 Install Bushing and Seal Fig. 6—74 Install a New Gasket
НН 15005
Fig. 6-67 Longest Screw Location Fig. 6-68 Clamping Sleeve
N-15030 5930 | №-15931 | 5931
Fig. 6-69 Installing The V-Belt Pulley Fig. 6-70 Aligning Fork with Recess
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
—6—1 0— Service Manual
Install flange bearing with oil
return hole at bottom. Install and
tighten holding bolt (Fig. 6-75).
33. Install flywheel. Install
fastening bolts with steel
washers. Tighten 60° + 30° and
lock the fastening bolts (Fig.
34. Use snap rings when
assembling piston pins into
pistons (Fig. 6-77).
35. Install piston onto connecting
rod so tip of gas guiding
channel in piston crown side of
big end both face upward (Fig.
Put oil on piston pin and push it
into connecting rod busing so it
is against installed snap ring
(Fig. 6-79). Install other snap
36. Put oil on working surfaces of
cylinder. Make sure ring gaps
are not in line on piston. Use a
ring compressor (Deutz
number 1-410-05) (Fig. 6-80).
NOTE: Line piston with
connecting rods so that
low side of big end is
toward side of cylinder
barrel which has four not
even cooling fins (Fig.
37. Assemble .08 inches (20,2 mm)
thick shims to each cylinder.
Put grease on shims to hold
them in position (Fig. 6-82).
Fig. 6-77 Assembling Piston Pin
q N-15938
Fig. 6-81 Aligning Piston
Fig. 6-78 MountP
iston on Rod
Fig. 6-80 Installing Piston
""1 N-15940
Fig. 6-82 Installing Shims
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
Service Manual
Put grease on new rubber
O-ring and install it in groove at
base of cylinder (Fig. 6-83).
Install bearing in connecting rod
big end. Put oil on bearing.
NOTE: The correct size bearing
must be used.
Position crankcase on starter
Install piston cylinder and
connecting rod assembly in
crankcase. Check that
connecting rods are assembled
with identification numbers in
correct position. The four not
even fins of cylinder and low
junction point of connecting rod
must be toward tappet holes
(Fig. 6-84).
Put connecting rod with
assembled bearing on crankpin
(Fig. 6-85).
Assemble connecting rod cap
with bearing. Check that
identification numbers are in
correct position (Fig. 6-86).
NOTE: Use new connecting rod
bolts. they must be
tightened 30° + 60° and
fastened down.
install lower crankcase cover
and check that oil plug is in
correct position. The gasket for
cover must be new (Fig. 6-87).
Put engine with cylinders in
vertical position.
Install cylinder head assembly
and loosely install bolts (Fig.
Cover the intake opening.
Make alignment of cylinder
heads to flange faces for
exhaust manifold (Fig. 6-89).
Tighten 30° + 60° + 60° and
fasten down cylinder head
studs from corner to corner
(Fig. 6-90).
N | N-15941
Fig. 6-83 Installing O-ring
| N-15944
Fig. 6-87 Install Lower Crankcase Cover
| | P1-02047
Fig. 6-89 Align the Cylinder Heads
Fig. 6-84 installing Cylinder Assembly
Fig. 6-86 Installing Connecting Rod Caps
Fig. 6—88 CylinderHead Stud Length
Fig. 6—90 Tightening Down Head Bolts
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
Service Manual
50. Check width of gap between = : ши
crown of piston and face of | we
cylinder head. | E |
When piston is in top dead
center position, installa piece of
.078 inch (2 mm diameter) lead
wire in opening for injection
nozzle holder (Fig. 6-91). the
lead wire must extend exactly
across full diameter of piston
(Fig. 6-92). |
51. Turn crankshaft through 360° of :
rotation. —_
Fig. 6-91 insertingLead Wire
Remove lead wire and measure
thickness at greatest
compressed point. Correct
distance from face of cylinder
head to crown of piston is
.035—.043 inches (.9-1.1 mm)
(Fig. 6-93).
When distance is less than
limits it must be corrected by
placing shims between cylinder
arrel and crankcase. A
distance over maximum can be
corrected by removing a shim
without removing cylinder.
Remove only the cylinder head.
the shim can then be cut = : E
through and removed (Fig. N-15948
6-94). Fig. 6-93 Gauging Lead Wire Thickness
52. Install new seals for protective
tubes with beveled edges
downward in crankcase.
Loosely install clamping plates
(Fig. 6-91).
53. Install protective tubes fitting
with new seals. the bevel edge
of new seal must be toward
bearing surface under head of
protective tube (Fig. 6-96).
54. Tightening fastening plates that
retains lower protective tube В
seal rings (Fig. 6-95). : M Pi-02037 Lo Ш PI-02038
55. Install push rods. Fig. 6-95 Installthe Clamping Plates Fig. 6-96 Install the Protective Tubes
56. Loosen valve adjustment bolts
in rocker arm assembly.
57. Install rocker.
58. Install a bearing busing foreach
rocker and install rocker.
Tighten bolt tight and fasten
(Fig. 6-97). |
59. Make valve clearance
60. Fasten cylinder head covers ; Se щН
using a new packing and a new TES | N-15950 “| №-15951
gasket (Fig. 6-98). Fig. 6-97 Rocker Screws Fig. 6-98 Attach Cylinder Head Cover
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
—6—13— Service Manual
With a brush apply graphite
grease to nozzle holder
threads. Turn nozzle holder,
fitted with a new gasket, finger
tight in cylinder head. It must
not be fastened down until fuel
injection lines have been
connected (Fig. 6-99).
With a brush cover threads of
heater plug with a graphite
grease. Turn in heater plug.
Connect electric supply wire
(Fig. 6-100).
ы a Re em NT N—15953
Fig. 6-99 Loosely Fit Nozzle Holders Fig. 6-100 Screw in the Heater Plug
Install induction line, using new
gasket (Fig. 6-101). ; * — es ma a
Fasten induction line on first
cylinder with a single, groove
bolt (Fig. 6-102).
Fasten baffle between
cylinders on exhaust side (Fig.
Install new gaskets for exhaust
manifolds and install manifolds.
The holddown nuts must be
brass and washers must be
used (Fig. 6-104).
OR. Ace N—15955
Fig. 6--102 Securing Induction Pipe
install end plates next to
cylinders (Fig. 6-105).
Install cooling air blower and
fasten with three bolts (Fig.
IRIE 15956 N-15957
Fig. 6-103 Installing Batti Fig. 6-104 InstallManifold
—— | M - | PI-02051 ; >
Fig. 6-105 install the End Plates Fig. 6-106 Mountthe Blower
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
—6—14— Service Manual
Install generator.
The sleeve for installing
generator must be installed with
shoulder end in the cooling air
blower(Fig. 6-107).
Install generator and install
shims to close gaps between
sleeves and grooved arm of
Check V-belt sheave for
alignment (Fig. 6—108).
Correct any alignment by
changing over shims between
generator and bearing points
on cooling air blower (Fig.
Check that bushing is in place
before installing bolts in
grooved adjustment straps
(Fig. 6-110). To install other
type generator see (Fig.
Correct belt tension is about 5/8
inch (15 mm) play on the
longest belt length (Fig. 6-112).
Fasten fuel filter to crankcase
on flywheel side (Fig. 6-113).
oo man N—-15959
Fig. 6-107 Install Spacer Sleeve
Fig. 6-111 AlternatorMounting
Fig. 6-112
o JE 0 E AT ее
Belt Tension Fig. 6—113 Attaching Fuel Filter
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
-6-15- Service Manual
Install fuel line between delivery
titer and injection pump. Use
new gasket on both sides of
special fitting (Fig. 6—114).
Use clip to fasten fuel line to
front cover (Fig. 6-115).
Make correct adjustment of
delivery of injection pump (See
page 6-3).
Install fuel injection lines. The
tapered ends must first be in
place and union nuts tightened
by hand. Check that tapered
ends are correctly in seat.
Fasten down union nuts (Fig.
Fasten fuel injection line clip
above cooling air blower. Make
sure vibration rubbers are in
good condition.
NOTE: The fuel injection lines
must be installed so they
are clear of all wear areas.
Tighten nozzle holder using a
wrench (Deutz number 4605)
(Fig. 6-117).
Install leak—off line. Install a
new gasket on both sides of
special fittings (Fig. 6-118).
Put oil cooler through end plate
on flywheel side (Fig. 6-119).
Put a hollow bolt in each end of
tubular oil cooler. Install a new
gasket on each side of special
fittings (Fg 6-120). Slip two
holders for cil cooler on cylinder
head studs. Check that they are
correctly located (Fig. 6-121).
e бы ae | | N-15967
Fig. 6-116 Lock Down the Union Nuts
stall the Leak~Off Pipe
Fig. 6-120 Securing Cooler Ends
Fig. 6—119 Install the Oil Cooler
Fig. 6-121 Oil Cooler Holders
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
Service Manual
Fasten oil cooler to holders.
Check that they are clear of
wear areas (Fig. 6-122).
77. Install air housing and fasten it
in position (Fig. 6-123).
NOTE: Check that fuel injection
lines are clear of housing.
78. Install starter (Fig. 6-1 24).
79. Fill crankcase to proper level
with correct grade of motor oil.
6-5.1 Checking The Crankshaft
1. Disassemble
bearing housing.
2. Check crankshaft for cracks. if
any are found, install new
3. Test journal surfaces for
hardness with a scleroscope
(Fig. 6-125).
4. Measure crankshaft points for
tolerances as in (Fig. 6-126 &
6-127). Chec for
out-of-round with a dial
indicator gauge (Fig. 6-128).
5. Check working surfaces for
radial seal ring on journal at
flywheel end to determine if it is
6-5.2 Reconditioning Crankshaft
NOTE: Mark and remove
crankshaft counterweights
when assembly uses
same type of bolts and
steel washers. Tighten
and fasten down bolts.
1. Grinding
The crankshaft bearings can be
taken down to .020, .040 (5,80, 10,16
mm) undersize.
6-5.3 Checking Crankcase
1. Check crankcase that it is
clean. Check lubrication oil
ways which can be cleaned out
with air.
2. Inspect crankcase for cracks
(Fig. 6-129).
Fig. 6-122 Secure the Oil Cooler
Fig. 6-124 Attachthe Starter
| N— 15975
Fig. 6-126 Measuring Points
| N-15977
Fig. 6—128 Check Bearings for Out-Of-Round
a] Ри
Fig. 6-1 23 Mountthe Air Housing
Za N-1 5374
Fig. 6-125 Test the Journal Hardness
я ER N-15976
Fig. 6-127 MicrometerReadings
Fig. 6-129 Inspecting Crankcase for Cracks
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
Service Manual
3. Clean all tapped holes (Fig.
4. Check main bearing bores. The
bearing bushings fitted for
crankshaft and camshaft must
be seated. The unlined bores
must be free of wear (Fig.
5. Check contact surfaces for
cylinders. They must be flat and
free from damage (Fig. 6-132).
NOTE: Contacting surfaces can
be machined.
6-5.4 Checking And Installing
Main Bearing
Main bearing are of thin type. Do not
recondition them. Various diameter
bushings and housing that are
supplied are .020, .040 (5,08, 10,16
1. Measure bearing bushings
fitted into crankcase and back
end cover.
2. Check bore of lower half of
crankshaft bearing.
Bolt cap to lower half of bearing.
Make sure identification marks
are correct. Tighten 30° + 60°
and fasten down bolts (Fig.
3. Measure assembled bearing
Install two shelf halves (Fig.
6-134). Check assembly.
Check tolerance of bearings.
When measurements are
within specific tolerance range
or up to 0,2 mm (.007 inches)
beyond it, the bearing housing
can be used.
4. Install measured bearing
halves in correct housing.
Remove bearing bushings
requiring replacement and
install new ones (use tool,
Deutz number 4679).
To remove bearing bushings
from crankcase, fasten the tool
with pressure plate and full
length tension bolt together with
uide sleeve and thrust sleeve
Fig. 6-135). Install (from
outside) the extractor bell with
handle in nut (Fig. 6-136).
Remove bearing bushing.
When installing = bearing
bushing, check that oil hole is
correct position with crankcase
bore (Fig. 6-137).
1 N-15979
Fig. 6-130 Clean All Tapped Holes
4 A N-15981
Fig. 6-132 Check Cylinder ContactSurface
Fig. 6-134 install Two Shell Haives
Fig. 6-131 Check Bearing Bores
N-15982 |
Fig. 6-133 Bolt Cap to Bearing
Fig. 6-135 ExtractingBearing Bushings
L 1
Fig. 6-136 Mountthe Extractor Ball
й | PI-02066
Fig. 6-137 OilholeAlignment
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
Service Manual
Install bearing bushing. Putiton
guide sleeve of tool in front of
pressure plate. The thrust
sleeve then has to fit bushing
into crankcase bore (Fig.
Install bearing housing so that it
extends out of crankcase
surface (See Specifications,
page 6-33) (Fig. 6-138).
5. Use driver to force out seal = : y
rings before removing bearing | —
bushing from rear end cover E - | PI-02066
(Fig. 6-139). Fig. 6-138 Install Bearing into Crankcase
6. When installing bearing
bushing check oil hole for —
correct position with end shieid = L В
bore. Install bearing bushing so
that outer end (seal ring) is even
with end of cover bore (Fig. a
6-140). Foon
7. Put seal with lip facing bearing,
use even pressure around
6-5.5 Checking and Installing
Camshaft and Bearings
1. Inspect camshaft, check
bearing and cam faces. Check у
camshaft gear wheel for tooth = N-15984 — №-15985
wear and cracks. Fig. 6-139 Drive Out Seal Ring Fig. 6-140 Installing Bearing Bushing
2. Inspect bearing bores and ZEN.
crankcase. Check bore of a
bearing of bearing liner of gear
wheel side.
Check bore of bearing bushing
at minimum of two points in
horizontal and vertical position
(Fig. 6-141). |
3. Push out bearing bushing that
is to be replaced and install a
new one, using special tool
Deutz number 1 1-410-06
(driver for camshaft bearing
ee N-15987
Fig. 6—142 Force Bushing Inward
Fig. 6—141 Gauging Bore
To remove bearing bushing
without using a guide bushing,
put bushing under a press, with
driver, from outside bushing,
pushing in (Fig. 6-142).
For installation of new bearing
bushing fasten guide bushing
on bar. Put bearing bushing in
position and push in. Check
spacing of lubricating oil holes
in bearing bushing. The short
spacing must face out. When
bushing is pushed into position
it must be even with top surface
and oil holes must be in В |
alignment with those in bearing + A a PI-02049 E Se N—15988
bore (Fig. 6-143). Fig. 6-143 Insert Bearing Bushing Fig. 6--144 insert Ciosure
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
—6—19-— Service Manual
4. Check that closure for camshaft
- Dore is assembled and that its seat
is tight. When new closure is to be
installed, the old one must be
driven out. Use a sealing material.
Install and force it in with tool
Deutz number 131.018 (Fig.
6-5.6 Checking The Oil Pump
End play of pump gear is a measure of
wear of gear type lubricating oil pump.
Do not disassemble pump. N-15989
1. Put lubricating oil pump in a vise Fig. 6—145 Checking End Play
with driving gear up. The vise
should have protective jaws and
be lightly tightened on pump.
2. Install a dial indicator with a
magnetic base and check end play
of driving spindle (Fig. 6-145).
6-5.7 Installing A New Gear Starter
Ring On Flywheel
1. Check gear starter ring.
2. To remove starter ring, cut it with a
hand chisel (Fig. 6-146).
3. Heat new starter ring to about Fig. 6-147 inspect Front Cover
200°C, then install.
6-5.8 Checking Front cover And
Repair Of Engine Governor
1. Remove all loose parts from front
2. inspect front cover and parts of
engine governor (Fig. 6-147).
3. To disassemble engine governor,
use driver to force out heavy duty
fastening sleeve and pull speed a
control lever from contro spindle. В % am
Loosen leaf spring from spindle :
and remove snap ings on Side of Fig. 6-149 Remo
control lever. Pull control spindle from front cover and remove control lever,
seal spring and leaf spring (Fig. 6-148).
ns №-15992
ve Snap Ring
4. Remove snap ring from bearing pin for fuel lock. Pull stop lever and torsion
spring (Fig. 6-149).
5. Remove grommets from fuel pressure pins and pull pressure pins. Check
pressure pin and bushing and replace when bad. When bushing is pressed
in position it must project between 0,5 and 1 mm (.0196 inches to .0393
inches) beyond flange face on front cover. Install bushing so 15° internal
level 5 at extended end (Fig. 6-150). Use tool for valve guide, Deutz number
6. Pry out sealing ring for governor bearing and replace it with a new one (Fig.
1 P1-02042
Fig. 6-146 Cutting Starter Ring
Fig. 6-148 DismantlingEngine Governor
Fig. 6-151 Pry Out Sealing Bing
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
Service Manual
Check needle bearing and
replace it with a new one when
bad. The needle bearing must
be forced out and a new one
installed using a tool for piston
pin bushing, Deutz number
1-310-13 (Fig. 6-152).
Install new sealing ring with lip
facing in and press it all around
until it is evenly in position.
Check that closure of bore is in
alignment with camshaft
bearing seats and is oil tight.
Replace it with a new one when
bad (Fig. 6-153).
Put new gaskets under ali plugs
(Fig. 6-154).
Remove threaded bushings
from the adjustment screw pin
for stop lever (blocking system)
(Fig. 6-155).
Remove lock nuts. Turn
threaded pin in and remove
(Fig. 6-156).
Install governor in control
position. Turn in threaded pin.
Assemble lock nut with sealing
ring. When lock nut is tight the
threaded end of pin must be
extended about (.4724 inch) 12
mm (Fig. 6-157).
Install threaded bushing. Make
nut seat against lock nut by
fitting rings between two faces
of nuts (Fig. 6-158).
Check full load stop screw for
speed control lever. Install stop
screw complete with a (.12
inch) 3 mm steel washer (Fig.
Fig. 6-154 install New Gaskets Under Plugs.
Fig. 6—152 InstaliNeedle Bearing
A ; N-15995
Fig. 6-155 Remove Threaded Bushing
Fig. 6-156 Remove Lock Nuts
L METE N-15098 ) (EE NA N-15009
Fig. 6-158 Install Screwed Bushing Fig. 6-159 Install Stop Screw
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
-6-21- Service Manual
Check no load adjustment
screw set in position. Tighten
adjustment screw with a lock
nut so that distance of top of lug
to top face of screw is about
(1.18 inch) 30 mm (Fig. 6-160).
Put grease in middle groove of
priming pressure pin and
assemble pin. install a new
rubber sealing ring in lower
groove (Fig. 6-161).
Install torsion spring with long
offset end down, so that it is in
location over bearing pin. Put
fuel lock with release lug down
(Fig. 6-162).
Tum fuel lock through 270°
counterclockwise (For initial
testing of spring) and push it
down so that release lever
locates under pin. Install snap
ring (Fig. 6-163).
Install speed control spindle
with flat end from control lever
side and install thrust washer
(Fig. 6-164).
a. Slide spindle fully through
and install snap ring in
groove near speed control
b. Slide speed controlieveron
spindle and put in heavy
duty fastening sleeve.
c. Measure end clearance.
Disassemble fitting snap ring
and speed control lever. Push
back spindle and when needed
install a shim.
Install control lever and push
speed control spindle in further
(Fig. 6-165).
install control lever seal spring
so that short end locates
between two cast dots on cover
and long end is positioned
behind arm on control lever
(Fig. 6-166).
Install control leaf spring. Move
speed control spindle farther in
and fasten control fork (Fig.
Fig. 6-160 Check No-Load Adjusting Screw
К PI-02071
Fig. 6-161 Installing Rubber Sealing Ring
Fig. 6-164 Install Speed Control Spindle
Fig. 6-166 Installing Seal Spring
Fig. 6-165 Mount Control Lever
Fig. 6-167 Installing Control Leak Spring
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
Service Manual
24. Install snap rings on either side
of control lever on speed control
spindle (Fig. 6-168).
25. Check speed control lever.
Check for free movement of full
load adjustment screw and that
leaf spring for no load and stop
position is in correct order. Put
in basic position. When lock nut
is tightened the thread of
adjustment screw must have
extension of about (.354 inch) 9
mm (Fig. 6-169).
26. Slide rubber sealing rings into
groove in bearing bore (Fig.
27. Check that a plug is fitted on
opposite sides (Fig. 6-171).
Install one when necessary.
Check engine governor to
make sure that it functions
6-5.9 Check and repair Of the
1. Inspect governor dish. Check
thrust and needle bearings and
disassemble when needed. To
disassembie thrust bearing
force out snap ring and remove
loose bearing parts.
2. Assemble thrust bearing for
installation. Hold twenty-one
balls in position with grease
(Fig. 6-172).
3. Install assembled thrust
bearings together with shims
which were removed. The bent
tabs must be toward the
bearings and center shims (Fig.
NOTE: When installing governor
check final thickness of
shims and correct when
4. Install snap ring and check end
clearance of thrust bearing
(Fig. 6-174).
5. Check needle bearing and
when needed, install new. Push
out old bearing and install new
one so that its location is even
with end face (Fig. 6-175).
Fig. 6-170 Instaling Rubber Sealing
Fig. 6-174 Insert Snap Ring
- N-16002
Fig. 6—169 CheckingSpeed Control Lever
Fig. 6-1 68 Inserting Snap Ring
Fig. 6—171 Check for Plug
Pi-02008 Pi-02009
Fig. 6~173 install Thrust Bearing
Fig. 6-172 Assemble Thrust Bearing
PE e
Fig. 6-175 Check Needie Bearing
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
—6—23- Service Manual
6. Remove bolt fastening ball
bearing to end of governor
spindle and remove retaining
washer (Fig. 6-176).
7. Remove ball bearing from
governor spindle (Fig. 6-177).
8. Check ball bearing. When notin
new condition, install a new
NOTE: When assembling ball
bearing, do not fasten it to
governor spindle. Position
it in crankcase.
9. Inspect flyweight holing ring for
wear. When flyweight grooves
have damage, install older rings
with a new one (Fig. 6-178).
10. Inspect flyweights. Check that
they are fastened. A bad
flyweight must have
replacement with new (Fig.
6-5.10 Checking And
Replacement Of Connecting Rod
The big end bearings are of
non-adjustable thin type. Do not
machine or recondition them. The
two bearing halves are supplied in
sizes to match crankshaft undersizes
of .020, 040 (5.08, 10.16 mm).
1. Remove bearings. Refer to
Specifications for wall
thickness (Fig. 6-180).
2. To remove piston from
connecting rod, remove both
snap rings and press out piston
pins (Fig. 6-181).
3. Check bearing bore.
Assemble cap to connecting rod.
Check that they have same
identification number (Fig. 6-182).
Bolt cap to connecting rod. Tighten to
30° + 60° and lock down bolts (Fig.
6-183). Use micrometer and set
internal dial indicator to (2.2444 inch)
57 mm.
| №-16005
Fig. 6-176 Remove Retaining Washer
ИИ NE be E E REA №-1 6006
Fig. 6-177 Remove Ball Bearing
| №-16008 |
Fig. 6-179 Inspect Flyweights
> 1 N—16007
Fig. 6-178 Replacing Holder Ring
Fig. 6-181 Press out Piston Pin
Fig. 6-180 Bearing Wall Thickness
| | N—16011
Fig. 6-182 Assembling Cap to Rod
| N-16012
Fig. 6-183 Lock Down the Bolts
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
—6-24— Service Manual
Check the bore at various diagonal
position (Fig. 6-184).
NOTE: When new bearings are
needed, follow above steps
to check bearing clearances.
6-5.11 Checking And Replacement
Of Piston Pin Bushing
1. Check bore of piston pin bushing.
Check bore of piston pin bushing
at several diagonal positions (Fig.
NOTE: When reading is above
specified tolerance by more
than (.0078 inch) 0,22 mm,
piston pin bushing must
have replacement by a new
2. To remove a piston pin bushing,
push it out with tool, Deutz number
1~310-13. When installing a new
bushing, make sure that it is
located in center of little end of
connecting rod. The oil holes must
be in correct position (Fig. 6-186).
NOTE: When installing a
connecting rod, first check it
in a checking alignment
fixture to determine if bores
are square and in alignment.
The bearings must be
included. Measure at a
distance of (3.937 inches)
100 mm from rod face, pin
installed in small end must
not be more than (.003 inch)
0,008 mm out of alignment
(Fig. 6-187).
6-5.12 Checking Cylinders
NOTE: A standard size cylinder can
be cut to larger sizes .020 or
.040 inch (5,08, 10,16 mm)
И 8 a Dep
Fig. 6-184 Gauge the Bore Fig. 6-185 Gauge the Piston Pin Bore
Fig. 6—186 Pressingin Piston Pin Bushing Fig. 6-187 Checking Bore Alignment
Fig. 6-188 Measure Working Surface Fig. 6-189 Gauging Points
1. Using a micrometer with internal dial gauge set to size of bore (Fig. 6-188).
2. Measure working surface of cylinder bore (Fig. 6-189).
3. Check top and bottom contact surfaces of cylinder to make sure they are flat.
6-5.13 Checking And Measuring Pistons
NOTE: Pistons are available in three diameters to match the corresponding
undersize of the cylinders.
1. Use a plier to measure the diameter of piston. Size is stamped on crown of
piston (Fig. 6-190).
vas =] N-16018
Fig. 6-190 Piston Diameter Marking
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
—6—25— Service Manual
2. Remove piston rings with an
expander tool (Fig. 6-191).
3. Clean piston and inspect for
visual damage and wear.
Check the piston bosses and
ring groove (Fig. 6-192).
4. Measure vertical clearance of
rings and grooves (Fig. 6-193).
5. Install piston rings individually
in respective cylinders and use
a piston to press them down to
a depth of about (1.2 inch) 30
mm. Measure the gap Clarence
(Fig. 6-194).
6. Inspect piston pins for wear
(Fig. 6-195).
NOTE: When piston pin bosses
or piston pins are not up to
standard complete piston
must have replacement
made. Piston pins must
always be installed in
same original pistons.
Use an expander tool for installing
piston rings. The identification marks
on rings must face upward. In case of
conformable oil rings, the spiral
springs must first be individually fitted
(Fig. 6-196).
NOTE: Install piston rings in
following order: (Fig.
Grooved 4. Single land
beveled conformable oil
contro! ring.
Grooved 3. Stepped
compression ring
Grooved 2. Stepped
compression ring.
Grooved i. Top
compression ring
(Chromium plated).
6-5.14 Repair Of Cylinder Head
1. Fasten cylinder head in swivel
stand (Fig. 6-198).
| №-16019
Fig. 6~191 Removing Piston Rings
Fig. 6-193 Ring Vertical Clearance
CA E N-16022
Fig. 6-195 Inspect Piston Pins
wa © №-16024
Fig. 6-197 Ring Positions
Fig. 6—192 inspectthe Piston
Fig. 6-194 Measuring Ring End Clearance
Fig. 6-196 install Rings
Fig. 6-198 MountCylinder Head in Stand
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
Service Manual
2. Remove tightening screw of
rocker fastener (Fig. 6-199).
3. To remove rocker, pull bearing
bushing from one side (Fig.
4. Remove loose push rods
protective tubes from cylinder
head top.
5. Remove valves and valve
springs (use valve compressor,
Deutz number 1-310-01) (Fig.
6. Remove top of cylinder head.
7. Inspect cylinder head for cracks
and external damage.
8. Check cylinder head contacting
surface. It must be flat and
square. it can be faced new if
the distance from the face to
bottom of cylinder headis within
tolerance (Fig. 6-202).
9. Smail damage to cylinder head
contacting surfaces can be
removed by grinding with fine
paste put on cylinder barrel.
When surface has more
damage, it must be faced new
with cutter tool, Deutz number
1-410-03 (Fig. 6-203).
10. Recondition valve seating rings
that are not to be installed new.
Use valve seating tool, Deutz
number 1-310-08 (Fig.
11. Install new valves. Measure
distance from valve head to
bottom of cylinder head (Fig.
12. To install a valve seating ring
proceed as follows:
a. Drill to bottom of valve
seating ring, without
damaging light metal collar
(Fig. 6-206).
min Р1-02011
Fig. 6—199 Remove Rocker Mounting Screw
Fig. 6-200 withdraw Bearing Bushings
Fig. 6-201 Removing Valves
Fig. 6~205 Measuring Valve Head Clearance
Fig. 6-206 Drill to Bottom of Ring
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
—6—27— Service Manual
b. Use a hard chisel at an
angle of 90” to the drilied
seating ring. Hit chisel and
pry out loosened ring (Fig.
c. Heat cylinder head in a
heating cabinet or furnace
to a temperature of about
250°C. Put new valve
seating ring, beveled side
first, on driver tool and force
ring in until hits bottom (Fig.
NOTE: The valve seating ring
must be square in seat on
13. The valve stem clearance must
be measured just above valve
guide. Install a valve and move
it sideways in guide (Fig.
14. When it is necessary to make
replacement of a valve guide,
proceed as follows:
a. Heat cylinder head in a
heating cabinet or furnace
to about 150°C. Use tool,
Deutz number 1-812-03,
to force out valve guide
from the seating ring side
(Fig. 6-210).
b. Remove snap rings from
old valve guide and install it
on new guide.
c. With cylinder head heated
to 250°C., use driver to
force longer end of valve
guide from rocker arm
support side until it is in seat
on fastening wire (Fig.
d. Use reaming tool to bore
valve guide after cylinder
head has become cold
(Fig. 6-212).
15. Install steel washers for
cylinder head studs (Fig.
16. Install top element of cylinder
head and fasten it with four
studs (Fig. 6-214).
Fig. 6-207 Removing Old Ring
Fig. 6~-209 valve Stem Clearance
й PI-02005
Fig. 6-211 Driving in Valve Guide
A A Pi-02007
Fig. 6-213 Insert Steel Washers
Fig. 6-208 Driving in New Ring
Fig. 6-210 Drive Out the valve Guide
Mi P1-02006
Fig. 6-212 Ream Valve Guide Bore
Fig. 6-214 Mount Cylinder Head
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
Service Manual
17. Install a new rubber O-ring in =
valve spring retainer to the
valve guide (Fig. 6-215).
18. Measure length of valve springs
for tolerance (Fig. 6-216).
19. To install valve, assemble
individual valve springs with
spring retainer, compress the
valve spring and install the
collets (Fig. 6-217).
El PI-02018 PI-02019
Fig. 6-215 Install New Rubber O-ring Fig. 6-216 Measure Length of Valve Springs
6-5.15 Repair Of Rocker Arms
1. Check rocker arms and make
replacement of worn parts.
NOTE: When installing bearin
bushing make sure oi
holes are in correct
position. The second hole
in bushing must face up in
rocker arm (Fig. 6-218).
EN | PI-01997
Fig. 6-218 Replacing Rocker Arm Bushing
6-5.16 Repair Of Cooling Air Fig. 6-217 Installing Valves
1. Remove fastening bolt and
remove fan.
2. Use soft metal bar to force out
bearing spindle (Fig. 6-219).
3. Remove grooved ball bearing
from spindle (Fig. 6-220).
4. Remove snap ring in front of a |
second groove ball bearing. ne | “E P|-02061 ЗИ a N—16030
se driver to force groove ball : : :
bearing out of blower casing. Fig. 6-219 Drive Out Bearing Spindle Fig. 6~220 Remove Grooved Ball Bearing
5. Make replacement of both
groove ball bearings with new
ones and fill them with high
melting point grease.
6. Press in small groove ball
bearing with closed side facing
down (Fig. 6-221).
7. Put snap ring in groove in front
of installed groove ball bearing
(Fig. 6-222).
Fig. 6-221 Press in the Ball Bearing Fig. 6-222 Install Snap Ring
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
—6—29- Service Manual
8. Push large groove ball bearing
on spindle with closed side
facing belt pulley (Fig. 6-223).
9. Push spindle with bearing into
seat location in housing (Fig.
10. Inspect fan to make sure it does
not have damage.
i N—16031
Fig. 6-223 install Large Ball Bearing
11. Install the fan (Fig. 6-225).
12. Fasten blower in position. Put
blower and belt puliey in a vise.
Tighten bolt (Fig. 6-226).
6-5.17 Removing And Installing A
Fuel Injection Nozzle
Ш Р-02073
1. Turnout the union nuton nozzle Fig. 6-225 Mountimpeller Fig. 6-226 Secure Blower
holder. Remove the parts in
nozzle holder (Fig. 6-227).
2. Remove high pressure pipe
union. Remove orifice plate.
3. Thoroughly clean all parts with
clean diesel fuel. With an air jet
blow out high pressure filter and
feed pipe union from the thick
end (Fig. 6-228).
4. Inspect components.
The nozzle needle is a near Fig. 6-227 Disassemble Nozzle Holders Fig. 6-228 Cleanall Paris
tight fit in nozzle body and parts
must not be mixed. Do not
touch the finished surfaces.
New nozzles must be washed
in diese! fuel to remove rust and
old grease. À good needie must
slide down slowly and smoothly
into its seat when put into
vertical held nozzle (Fig.
6-229). Put inspection clean
components on a piece of clean
rag until ready to be installed.
5. Put orifice plate in nozzle holder
and connect high pressure pipe
union (Fig. 6-230).
| N—16035
Fig. 6-229 Free Movement of Needle Fig. 6-230 Insert Orifice Plate
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
—6-30-— Service Manual
6. Install shims (Fig. 6-231).
7. Install compression ring and thrust pin (Fig. 6-232).
8. Assemble fastening nut to nozzle holder (Fig. 6-233).
9. Install bushing and nozzle making sure that they are in center location (Fig.
10. First tighten union nuts finger tight, then tighten to (40-50 ft.-1bs.) 5.57
11. Check nozzle and make adjustment.
Number of Cylinders ............eeorrereseecoscecrcer ere tericer ene, 2
Cylinder Arrangement ...........e..._eeeceeceooscorccscrores Vertical (in line)
Cylinder Bore (F2L410) ....................00esm00000rerere re 3.54 (92)
CylinderBore (F2L411) ..... oii ii iia ens 3.622 (92)
Piston Stroke ee i ieee a 3.94 (100)
Total Displacement ...................eeeccocrene 1272 cm? (77.6 cu. in.)
Working Cycle ............—.eeooreeocorcsrosrercerearene. 4 stroke diesel
Direction of Rotation ................eoee.c. Counterclockwise (Flywheel end)
Maximum Permissible Speed 2700 RPM
Lowest Speed Under Load.................—.—.—e.-.eesemvreacocore, 1500 RPM
Lowest Idle Speed ...............eo-eseesrererecarere ran en. 950 +50 RPM
Governed Fiywheel Horsepower ...............__eee_eeo. 24 Q 2700 RPM
Firing © de 7 rerveroerer reno 2-1
Inlet Valve Opening Angle Before TDC ..............eeeceeoreveoonen. 34°
Inlet Valve Closing angle AterBDC .............. coins, 60.5°
Exhaust Valve Opening Angle Before BDC .......................... 79.5°
Exhaust Valve Closing Angle After TDC ........... oii... 30°
Weightof Engine . ....... ci iii HE 146 kg (322 Ib.)
Lubrication 2.0.0000 eer ea Pressure
Air Cooling System ............_eeeoeeorvocoresrecacaro Axial-flow Blower
Overall Dimensions of Engine
Length «oo ee etree eens 541 (21.3)
Width oo etree ee 510 (20.08)
Height oo ee eae 676 (26.6)
6-7 Torque Specifications (Deutz Engine)
Cylinder Head Bolts 21.5 ft.—ibs. (29 Nm) 30° 60° 60° 150°
Injector Hold—Down 21.5 ft.—-Ibs. (29 Nm) 60° 60° 120°
Connecting Rod 21.5 ft.-Ibs. (29 Nm) 30° 60° 90°
Camshaft Bearing Flange 25 ft.—Ibs. (34 Nm)
“ Bearing Support 21.5ft.—bs.(29Nm) = 30° 30° 60°
Blower Mounting Bolts - 25 ft.—Ibs. (34 Nm)
V--Belt Pulley 21.5 ft--ibs. (29 Nm) — 90” 90°
Intake Manifold 11 ft.—Ibs. (15 Nm)
Crankshaft Gear 21.5 ft.—Ibs. (29 Nm) 30° 30° 60°
Oil Suction Pipe 36 ft.—Ibs. (49 Nm)
Fiywheel 21.5 ft.—ibs. (29 Nm) 60° 30° 90°
Rocker Arm Bolts 21.5 ft.-Ibs. (29 Nm) 45° 45°
Balance Weight 21.5 ft.—Ibs. (29 Nm) 30° 30° 60°
Alternator Pulley Nuts 40-60 (54-81)
Fig. 6-231 Reinsert Shims
Fig. 6-232 Install compression Spring
Fig. 6-234 Install Spacer and Nozzle
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
Service Manual
6—8.1 Oil System
Oil Pressure ........................., 28.5 PSI (196,6 kPa) € 1500 RPM )
Capacity of system ............e.ereenveoorrerverererevece, 4 quarts (4 L) |
End Clearance in Oil Pump Gear ..........._.—.eorccossroreo. ‚004 (‚1 mm)
6-8.2 Fuel System.
Pressure of Fuel Lift Pump 4—5 PSI (27,5-34,5 kPa)
Make of Fuel injections Pump ............e__.—eereo.. Bosch PF 2K70A414/2
Make of Fuel Injection Nozzle ................... ott. DLLA 152 S 533
Release Pressure of Injection Nozzle ................ New-2560-2675 PSI
| (17,650-18,450 kPa)
Old-2490-2600 PSI (17,170-17,925 КРа)
Injections timing (Start of Injection) ..............e_eeeeoceen.e. 25° B.T.D.C.
Distance from Injection Pump Mounting Flange to Camshaft
(Including gasketand shims) ................. 3.248-3.256 (82,5-82,7 mm)
6—8.3 Governor, Front Cover and Throttle
Distance from governor Bearing Cup to Engine Block ..3.37-3.38 (85,6-85,7)
End Play in Throttle Shaft ......................... .008—.043 (,2—1,1 mm)
Engine High idle Speed ............0200800 anses 0 nan ae ana nu an 0 2575 RPM
Engine Low Idle Speed ...............eeeeecrcrcscoocorervereoee: 950 RPM
6-8.4 Cylinder Head and Valves
|.D. of-Valve Guides ............eoeererereoncono. .315-3155 (8.8,015 mm)
|.D. of Bore for Exhaust Valve Seat ...... nena. 1.5354—1.5364 (39—39,025)
|.D: of Bore for Intake Valve Seat ................ 1.378—1.379 (35,-39,025)
Valve Seat Width, Inlet ............. cia... .040-.055 a 4)
Valve Seat Width, Exhaust ...............__—eeeceorreocoo. .031-.033 (8,—,83)
Valve Seat Angle, Exhaust and Intake ............_...m_e_eecomcooo 44—1/2°
Valve Stem Diameter, Intake ..................... .3134-.314 (7,96-7,975
Valve Stem Diameter, Exhaust ............... an... .3118-.3126 (7,92-7,94
Maximum Distance Valves may be Recessed into Head ........ .020 (,5 nm À
«Maximum Distance Valves may Protrude from Head, Intake ........ 083 (2,11
“Maximum Distance Valves may Protrude from Head, Exhaust ...... 095 (2,42)
Valve Clearance, Cold 1.022040 0 00000 seen en a en na 00000 .006 (,15 mm)
Maximum Length of Head Bolts .............0000000000 00000 9.114 (231,5)
6—8.5 Cylinder and Piston
Cylinder Bore (standard) ........................ 3.622-3.623 (92-92,022)
Maximum. Wear Limit ............... coon. ‚012 (‚3 mm)
Piston Diameter he Ceara 3.6197-3.620 (91,940-91 249)
Piston Diameter (1st oversize) ............. 3.6394-3.6397 (92,440-92,449
Piston Diameter (2nd oversize) .............. 3.659-3.6594 130002907007)
Wrist Pin Bore ........................... 1.1812-1.1814 (30,002-30,007
Wrist Pin Diameter ....................... 1.1809-1.1811 (29,996—30,000)
Piston Ring Side Clearance, Compression Rings .................. 012 (,3)
Piston Ring Side Clearance, Oil Ring .............—eemeeoreccorcaa .006 (,15
Ring End Gap, Top .........eeoreresncorverveceo. .014-.022 (,35-,55 mm
Ring End Gap, 2nd á 3rd Rings ................... .018-.026 (,45-,65 ms
Maximum RIngEnd Gap ............ citi. 079 (2, mm
Distance Between Piston& Head ...................... .031-.039 (,80-1 а
Compression Pressure ...........——e_eorev 355-575 PSI (2445-3960 kPa
NOTE: Both cylinders must be within 35 PSI (240 kPa).
1.D. of Hole for Wrist PinBushing .............. 1.3386-1.3392 (34,-34,016)
[.D. of Wrist PinBushing .................. 1.1877-1.1841 (30,040-30,076)
.D. of Big End ..... enrecerecaveraeoceracone, 2.2441—2.2448 (57-57,019)
- Rod-to—Crankshaft Clearance ..................... .002-.0044 (,050—-,112)
Rod-to—Crankshaft (Maximum) ............ cian. .012 (,3)
Rod-to-Crankshaft Side Clearance .................. .006-.012 (,170-,271)
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
—6-32- Service Manual
6-8.6 Camshaft, Crankshaft, Bearings
Camshaft End Play .............—.—e-eresvcooredererero .006—.024 (,15— 60)
Maximum .........eecreocecooocaoroarecoverecanaorareceorerevar. .039
I.D. of camshaft Bushing ................... 1.8901-1.8923 (48,01-48,064)
Diameter of Crankpin, Standard .............. 2.046-2.0468 (51,971-51,99)
Diameter of Crankpin, 1st Undersize ......... 2.0264-2.0272 (51,471-51,49)
Diameter of Crankpin, 2nd Undersize ........ 2.0067—2.0075 (50,971—50,99)
Diameter of Crankpin, 3rd Undersize ......... 1.9870-1.9878 (50,471-50,49
Width of Crankpin ...........e.m—ecreonevevoro 1.3386—1.3401 (34,—34,039
Diameter of Crankshaft Main Journals, Standard ............ 2.4398-2.4406
Diameter of Crankshaft Main Journals, 1st Undersize ........ 2.4201-2.4209
Diameter of Crankshaft Main Journals, 2nd Undersize ........ 2.4004-2.4012
Diameter of Crankshaft Main Journals, 3rd Undersize ........ 2.3807-2.3815
Crankshaft Center Journal, Standard .......... 2.361—2.3618 (59,971-59,99)
Crankshaft Center Journal, 1st Undersize .... 2.3414-2.3421 (59,471—59,490)
Crankshaft Center Journal, 2nd Undersize .... 2.3217-2.3224 (50971 -58:19)
Crankshaft Center Journal, 3rd Undersize ..... 2.302-2.3028 (58,471-58,49
Maximum Out-of-Round Tolerance of Journals .................. 0027 (, 0
End Play of Crankshatft ............ñ_...eeeeececoorcones .008—.016 (,2-,4
Hardness of Joumals .............eoc_escocconooceccoococre ren rene Rc 53-60
6-9.1 Mainframe á Hydraulics Part Number
Wrench, Axle NUt..........._e__ereeoororcorrecarerene See Parts Manual
Chain Breaker Tool (Size No. 50)
Chain Breaker Tool (Size No. 80)
Tank Spreaders (2) ................errevesscorvirorereco. 6501120-Clark
Hydraulic Cylinder SpannerWrench........................ 6506050—-Clark
Boom Stop .........eo_eeoneoreacorecrarorocrreoarao re. See Parts Manual
Y—90 Tester Hoses .........c_ooreeoonervorocorerere. See Parts Manual
6-9.2 Deutz Engine Tools
100020 Compression checking tool
100030 Compression check tool
101900 Angle of tum gauge for head bolts
101910 Angle for nozzle removal (use with 150800)
121100 Valve spring tool
122100 Valve service tools
122230 Valve service tools
122800 Valve service tools
122970 Valve service tools
123310 Valve service tools
124020 Valve service tools
123830 Valve service tools
130300 Piston ring tool
130510 Piston ring compressor
131000 Wrist pin mandrel
139000 Heater for piston
141000 Puller for end cover and gears
143620 Tool for installing camshaft bearings
150010 Tool for reconditioning cylinder face on crankcase
150800 Puller tool
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
Service Manual
600, 600D, 610, 611 Loader
Service Manual
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