Part # SBL642R Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Rear Sway Bar Links

Part # SBL642R Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Rear Sway Bar Links
Part # SBL642R
Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ
Rear Sway Bar Links
Read instructions in their entirety before installation. We recommend professional installation by a licensed mechanic.
In addition to these instructions, professional knowledge of disassembly/reassembly procedures and post installation checks must
be known.
Product Safety Warning: This product is intended to improve off-road performance. Modifying your vehicle for off-road use
may result in the vehicle handling differently than a factory equipped vehicle. Extreme care must be used to prevent loss of control
or vehicle rollover. Failure to drive your modified vehicle safely may result in serious injury or death.
You should never operate your modified vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Always drive your modified vehicle at
reduced speeds to ensure your ability to control your vehicle under all driving conditions. Always wear your seat belt.
For Tech Support call 1-801-395-2134 or email [email protected]
Pre installation notes
1. Special literature required: OE Service Manual for model/year of vehicle. Refer to manual for proper
disassembly/reassembly procedures of OE and related components.
2. Adhere to recommendations when replacement fasteners, retainers and keepers are called out in the OE
3. Post suspension system vehicles may experience drive line vibrations. Angles may require tuning, slider on shaft
may require replacement, shafts may need to be lengthened or trued, and U-joints may need to be replaced.
4. Always use the correct tools, and wear safety goggles and gloves. Always use jack stands or a locking lift.
Kit contains: (2) Sway Bar links, (2) 0.625 x 0.109 x 1.375 Sleeve, (2) 0.625 x 0.075 x 1.375 Sleeve (4) Bushings (1) Bolt
Tools Required: Assorted metric and standard wrenches, hammer, hydraulic floor jack, set of jack stands.
Installation Instructions:
1. Block the front wheels for safety.
2. Remove the OE rear sway bar links. Retain the upper mounting hardware,
discard the lower hardware.
3. Lightly grease and install the provided bushings and sleeves in the new rear
sway bar links. Install the links to the frame with the original hardware.
Attach the links to the sway bar with 3/8 x 2 ½” bolts, nuts and 3/8” USS
washers. Torque hardware to 30 ft-lbs. Note: Install (1) small ID and (1) large
ID sleeve in each link. The large ID end mounts to the frame.
4. Check hardware after 500 miles
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