Bitly Integration Manual

Bitly Integration Manual
How to Integrate with
As you probably know we are integrating with so that your URL’s generated from Ticketsolve
will get shortened. As this is a new feature we thought we would put together a little guide to help
you get set up.
Follow the steps and you should be fine but if you do have any questions or you need some extra
help please get in touch either via Zendesk or by giving us a ring.
Before you integrate with you need to decide if you would like the email links to be shortened.
If you do want them shortened, you need to tick the setting:
email - use_short_urls_in_emails
You will find this setting in the settings tab under general settings. Now that you have applied this
setting you can now go and get the API key.
The first thing you will have to do is sign up to so that you can generate your API key. To do
this head over to and hit the sign up button in the top menu. gives you the option to sign in with Facebook or Twitter but just remember that this will link to
your personal account. As you are using this for your venue we suggest creating an account using
a username and password. Once you have entered your credentials click the create account
Remember to use an email you have access to as you will need to verify your account before
creating the API key.
Once you have created your account it will take you to the dashboard, and as you can see its a bit
empty. have made it a little tricky to find the API page so don’t worry if you can’t find it. Go to
the footer and click the More button, this will bring a drop up menu and API is at the top of that list.
The next step is fairly simple. Just click Get Started
This page will give you all the detail about getting started with the API, you can read it if you like,
but you haven't got time just go to the 3rd paragraph and click here.
Before you can generate your API you must first verify your email. To do this click on the settings
page link.
Just under the email field it will say that your email address is not verified. Click here to verify your
Once you click this it will send an email to the address that you created the account with. Open the
email and verify the account by clicking the hyperlink in the email.
Once you have verified the email, return to the API page to create your Generic Access Token.
Confirm your password and click Generate Token. will now generate a long access token for you. Copy this token so that you can paste it into
your Ticketsolve settings.
To add the API key into Ticketsolve go to the settings tab and then general settings and type in and the setting you need is:
misc - bitly_api_key
Paste the access token from into this setting and let Ticketsolve do the rest for you.
If you would like any further help on how to set the integration up, please get in touch via the
Zendesk or drop us a line. Remember to read up on the main benefits of using and we will be
in touch soon to see how you are getting on.
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