XA700 User manual

XA700 User manual
XA700 Siren, PA, Amplifier
XA700 Siren, PA, Amp with Auxiliary Outputs
200 Watts Siren, Air Horn, PA with 4 relays
XA700 Features
 200 Watts siren , PA
Do you need a siren that
can activate lights and all
siren tones by simply depressing the horn ring
 4 relays and programmed with functional group
 Peak and hold with
coast down and can be
XA700 is designed for this
purpose and economic. It
has the Totally Hands Free
mode to let the user focus
on the road. When wired to
vehicle horn circuit, XA700
can play siren sound with
single or double depressing
on the horn ring switch on
the steering wheel to generate peak & hold, coast
down, or air horn and turn
the lightbar on.
 Air horn 3 second intermittent alert
 Horn ring switch control
siren and lights
 Totally Hands Free
mode with horn ring
Siren tones
Air Horn
Peak and hold (MAN)
Coast down programmable
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For more operation and installation details.
Contact [email protected]
for any question.
You can also make the
horn ring switch to sound
air horn or the button on
the handheld controller to
do so. When depressing the
“Light” button on the compact handheld controller,
XA700 can circulate three
different groups of relay
configurations. Quickly
depressing twice, all relays
A New XA700 Amp, just opened its box.
will be turned off.
A multicolored LED is on
the handheld controller
with different LED color to
indicate the configured
relay outputs. Relays can
be configured with DIP
switches and jumpers at
the users end. The user can
choose two or three different lighting applications
with XA700. For example,
pursuit and stop applica-
tions. Pursuit application
can use one group of relays
to turn on and while the
vehicle stops, another
groups of relays can take
over, such as take-down
and rear stop lights. Compact handheld control controls all function of XA700.
Focus on your road, not the siren switch panel
Police Sheriff Christopher
who used XA700 assets “I
use two aux outputs.
One is for driving and
the other is stopping.
XA700 turns on the
lights and siren automatically when I push
my horn switch and
when I stop, I just depress the Light button
for take-down lights. I
don’t have to search the
siren panel at all so it
keeps me safe while on
duty.” Indeed, each button
is operable by single or
double depress to free your
eyes and let you focus on
the road condition.
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