Flash Project Review Guidelines

Flash Project Review Guidelines
Flash Project Review Guidelines
After the Flash projects have been submitted, each student will be assigned two projects to review. This
is your opportunity to demonstrate what you, as an individual, have learned from the module. You will
do this by critiquing the two projects assigned to you. As you write your critique, you will follow the
guidelines below and use the template provided on the website. Include positive and negative feedback
but do not include derogatory comments. For example, it is appropriate to state that an aspect of the
game did not function properly but it is inappropriate to state that this aspect of the game (or the group
members who developed it) were “stupid” or anything along these lines.
Each review should be one to two pages long and must have the following structure:
Use the title “Review of X by A, B, and C” where X is the name of the game and A, B, and C are
the names of the group members who worked on this project. Below this title, include your
own name to clearly indicate that you are the reviewer of this project.
Summary of Project:
2 to 4 paragraphs
Describe how the group modified the original files to create the game. Explain the goal of the
game and how to win and lose and how difficulty increases with each level (if the game has
multiple levels). Describe any required features that are lacking or missing from the game and
any unresolved errors. This demonstrates that you have read the Technical and User Manuals
and played the game.
Technical Evaluation:
3 to 6 paragraphs
Use the Technical Manual and the game to critique the project from a technical perspective.
Describe three to six key weaknesses and key strengths of the way that the game was built and
structured. Use one paragraph for each of these. Think about things like how interaction with
other game objects (positive or negative) was implemented and operates. Give solid reasons for
why you believe each aspect you discuss is a weakness or a strength.
Game Evaluation:
1 to 3 paragraphs
Use the User Manual and the game to critique the project from the perspective of a potential
user. Discuss why you believe (or do not believe) that this is a good game. Is it easy to play?
Does it make sense? Would you recommend that it be further developed?
Improvement Suggestions:
1 to 3 paragraphs
Suggest two specific ways in which this project could be improved. These improvements should
involve a technical aspect (in other words, recommending that the player graphic be more
colourful is not appropriate). Imagine that you are meeting with the group to give them advice.
Back-up your suggestions with solid reasons.
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Thank you for your participation!

* Your assessment is very important for improving the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project

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