Nano-Cube V1 User Manual - DL Engines and Hobby Australia

Nano-Cube V1 User Manual - DL Engines and Hobby Australia
Nano-Cube V1 User Manual
Product Description:
The Nano-Cube is a general-purpose watt meter for low-current applications. It measures
current draw, voltage and accumulated amp hours for a certain battery pack. The amp hour
measurement saves continuously, so you can use a battery on several different occasions, while
still tracking its total capacity expended in non-volatile memory. When a battery is recharged,
the Nano-Cube can be reset, zeroing the internal amp hour count. The product can be used for
voltages between 4 and 10V (resolution of 0.01V), with currents between 0 and 10A (resolution
of 0.01A).
Installation of the Nano-Cube is simple. Remember that the Nano-Cube will be damaged if
correct polarity is not observed, and for proper current readings, make sure to connect the load
to the OUTPUT, and the power source to the INPUT.
1. Connect the INPUT connector of the Nano-Cube to the power source of your system
(battery pack).
2. Connect the load to be measured to the OUTPUT connector.
General Use:
1. On power-up, the Nano-Cube tests the display sections by reading “888” for a few
2. To change modes, simply press the push-button. The modes are:
DC Voltage - “DCV”
DC Current - “DCA”
Amp Hours - “AH”
3. To clear the AH indicator, hold the button down as the Nano-Cube powers up. Keep
holding, and “CLR” will appear on the display. Keep holding the button down until
the display goes blank, and the counter is reset.
Example Readings:
Below are some examples of readings the display might read, and what they would mean.
DC Voltage - “DCV”
“5.61” = 5.61V at the INPUT
DC Current - “DCA”
“0.03” = 0.03A (30mA) going through the OUTPUT
“0.71” = 0.71A (710mA) going through the OUTPUT
“3.49” = 3.49A (3490mA) going through the OUTPUT
Amp Hours - “AH”
“0.03” = 0.03Ah (30mAh) expended through the OUTPUT
“0.12” = 0.12Ah (120mAh) expended through the OUTPUT
“2.76” = 2.76Ah (2760mAh) expended through the OUTPUT
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