Make the TV Revolution

Make the TV Revolution

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GTV-IV303Make the TV Revolution !


Fully upgrading of function and form for TV.


The convenient, richness and interactive internet surfing endow the brand new experiences with the TV.

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TV becomes the application center and the information platform of the household multimedia.

Important security instruction

The design and manufacture of this device is to make sure your safety. Please use it correctly, if not, it will cause electric shock or fire.

The device installs protector. It can protect you if you use it as following:


Please read the instruction.


Please keep the instruction


Please note all warning information


Please keep all instructions


Please do not use the equipment in the water


Clean the device with dry cloth


Don’t plug any ducts. Please install as manual.


Do not use or place this device near heat source, such as radiators, hot adjusting device, stove, etc


Do not put the battery or install a battery of remote control in strong heat exposure, such as direct sunlight, fire, etc


Please do not make polarization plug or grounding type plug lose security operations. Polarized plug has two pins. One is wider than another. Grounding type plug has two pins and third for the pins of the ground. The wider pins or the third for the pins of the ground keep safety. If the plug is not suitable for the socket, please contact our worker to change the socket.


Don't trample on the power line or extrusion plug, socket and exit place of the device.


Only use manufacture’s accessories.


Please cut off power supply in the thunderstorm day or long term disuse.


Please consult qualified maintenance personnel about Maintenance matters. When the equipment damage due to various reasons, such as the power cord or plug damaged, liquid or object entering the device, device to rain or moisture, device working normally or falling, please contact our service.


Please read and obey the quick install guide and user manual.


Use the device within the temperature 5°C ~ 35°C(41°F - 95°F)


Don't drop or shake the device.


Don't move device when charging.


Please plan the direction of the power line. Don’t tread or extrusion it.


Don’t make the wall socket overload.

- 3 -

Basic Function


Support brand new 1.2HZ Cortex A8 high speed processor, support ANDOROID 2.3 or above.


Support brand new independent G-BOX SENSE 3.0 handling interface,the infrared 2.4G wireless controller.


Support brand new 3D OPENGL graphics accelerate engine,support FLASH 10.1 internet browsing.


Support fulled 1080P,H.264, VP8 online video high speed playing.


Support digit “OPTICAL” fulled format audio output and HIFI experiences center.


Support more than 300,000 applications and SNS.


Support internet upgrading online, experience the limitless upgrading.



User Manual


DC Adapter


CVBS Lines


Remoter Control

Device Description

- 4 -

Power on/off

SD Card Reader


Optical Audio

Right Audio Output

Left Audio Output

Video Output

Ethernet Lan RJ45

HDMI Output

DC jack

- 5 -

Introduction of operating interface

1Support brand new independent IV303 SENSE 3.0 handling interfacethe infrared 2.4G wireless controller

SENSE3.0 main interface

In this page, you can select the following columns by remote control/2.4Gmouse/Touch keyboard. The column included:



My multimedia

PP stream





Internet Browsing


Internet application

System set up

Status bar included:


Present time




User Address

Present weather

States of internet

Hereby to show the contents of the column

- 6 -


Handle it perfectly by2.4G wireless mouse /keyboard

2Support brand new 3D OPENGL graphics accelerate enginesupport FLASH 10.1 internet browsing


Strong 2D/3D GUI to support the most popular Angry Bird and Robot Defense, thousands of games are updating constantly.

- 7 -

3Support fulled 1080PH.264, VP8 online video high speed playing



Support in Chinese: PPTV,Tudou,QQLIVE

Support in English:YouTube,Netflix,Napster,Qrioctiy


Support online video playing, fulled support FLASH10.1

The application are upgrading always

- 8 -


Built-in online video service to support the

GBOX software playing.

4Support more than 300,000 applications and SNS

The machine built-in the most popular internet applications, only keep in doors you can do anything you want.

- 9 -

GTV-IV303 User Manual(V0.1)

(V0.1version:basic framework,starting up picture,main interface UI,Fully stylize。No optimize to the built-in APK at present)

1Operation mode

IR Remote Control

1. Defined as 16 keys operation: Up, Down, Left, Right, Confirm, Return, Menu,Home Key.

2. Confirm:Confirm the operation/ENTER/Pop up APP menu/go to the next menu.

Return:Return to the previous menu/Stop

Home:Return to the main menu in any state directly.

Up, Down, Left, Right,:Move to choose the four selections.

Menu:To display the operation menu when it is on.

2.4G wireless/wired keyboard

After insert the 2.4G module, you can operate it by touch keyboard.

2.4G wireless/wired mouse

After insert the 2.4G module, you can operate it by wireless mouse.

Left:Confirm/play(long press:moving)


- 10 -

2Operation process

AStarting up states

1Initializing 2Starting up LOGO



3Main Interface

BWorking state

1 My Multimedia a. Move the cursor to Multimedia, it will appear the glow effect, Press mouse by “left” or

“control ” to enter the column. b. Users could play the video, music or picture from the multimedia fills of the flash or USB


- 11 -

2 PPStream a. Move the cursor to “PPStream”,Press “left ” of mouse or press “Confirm”of remote control to enter the column. b. Move the cursor to the corresponding program; it will appear the column interface as the pictures.

Select or search the options by” mouse” or “keyboard”.

3 Internet Browsing

Move the cursor to “Internet Browsing”, then press “Confirm”, and you can enter the classified search engine, and then select the website mark to browsing. You can also go to the website by the

“Virtual keyboard” or “wireless keyboard”on the browser address bar.

- 12 -

4. Game

Move the cursor to “Entertainment”,then press “Confirm”to enter the main interface of entertainment,and you can select the built-in game by moving the cursor.

4. Game You can operate the game by mouse 5. Internet Applications

5Internet Applications

Move the cursor to “Internet applicatios”, Press “Confirm” to enter the main interface; you can select the built-in apps by moving the cursor.

6System Setting

Enter the system Settings menu. You can select “network settings”, “display settings”, “language keyboard”, “date settings”, “storage”,

“application program”, “privacy”, “version information”.

Network settings: set and manage wifi and wired network.

Display settings: adjust output frequency to adapt to different TV full-screen.

Date settings: Set the date, time, time zone and period.

Language keyboard: set OSD show set, the keyboard and language input method.

Storage: Check system spatial information.

Application program: manage installed application program

Privacy: Reset the machine to its original state

Version information: Check the firmware and software information.

- 13 -

CA-EBOX-S12 Specification


Key Features


Operation System


System Memory

Flash Drive Capacity


HDMI 1.3


Inputs & Outputs

Audio L/R

Optical Audio




Built In Decoders



SD/card reader

Integrated WiFi

Ethernet 10/100M


Integrated Bluetooth




Pre-loaded Application

Rockchip RK2918 1.2GHZ


Android 2.3

DDR3 512M

8G, Extendable storage by USB or SD card or external harddisk x1 x1 x1 x1

12V, 2A

X1 x1 x1

802.11 b/g/n







Google Chrome (Browser),Support Flash 10.1

Photo Browser,Video player, Audio player

AV on Line, Radio on Line, Weather Forecast apps

Power charger adapter X1, CVBS Lines X1, Remote controller X1, User Manual X1

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