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P Palmtop
New Third Party
Products and Services ..•.•..... . ...... 6
New HP OmniGo 120 Organizer Plus .... 10
WWW/LX - Web Browser
for the HP Palmtop . .•.•.. . .. . ......•. 12
Now you can surf the Web, on line, with your HP Palmtop
and D&A Software's new W'NWIIJ( online Web browser.
Create and View World Wide Web
Documents on the HP Palmtop ..... . . •. 20
PalEdit and HV (free components of D&A Software's
new W'NWU) let you create and view HTML documents
from the World Wide Web, on your HP Palmtop.
Find it Fast with Flexpad ... .•. .•.•.. . . 24
Replace most of your built-in applications with a surprisingly flexible text editor.
@BASE Adds Database
Horsepower to Lotus 1·2·3 ............ 31
@BASE turns the built-in Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet
program into a sophisticated relational database that lets
you work with large dBase III Plus-formatted files ..
Palmtop Wisdom ........•....•.... . . 2·3
Socially acceptable "Computer Bashing;" Leaving
a Legacy.
User Profile:
Managing Time with Database . •.. . .•.. 36
This Palmtop user accomplishes her goals and manages her life w~h a custom Todo Database.
Carrying Your Office in Your Pocket •.... 42
This on-the-road engineer tracks his contacts and
correspondence, quotes prices, creates technical drawings, stays in touch with the world, and has fun - all
with the Palmtop in his pocket.
User to User:
News from Around the World ...... . .•• 46
C J4tl!J1 :J (f>b:J7
- ~r9'" i ,'l.\l9? I
r , :i J .. l~?
.k 11...?:l
~t9" ! t.'c,,~n ~
Hal reports on his recent trips and the discoveries he
made while traveling, including some amazing Palmtop software; HP Handheld Conferences - this year and next; our
new book on the Palmtop - PC in YOllr Pocke~ and the
new Palmtop Paper Web s~e .
Basic Tips ................•....•. 51·52
Quick Tips ...• . .•...•.. .. •.... •.. 53·55
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Files on Sep/Oct 96 ON DISK .. . ....... 56
o 7447083112
The Only
HP Palmtop Upgrade
That Has It All.
To get the most from your HP 100/200LX palmtop, you need 3 advanced upgrades on 1 convenient PCMCIA card. First, you need to send and
receive both faxes and data at an exceptional 14,400 bps speed. Second, you need fax/modem software that operates easily with the same HP
function keys and commands you already use ... without the hassle of downloading software and without consuming precious hard disk space.
Third, you need Flash memory for fast, easy access to all your software applications and for effiCiently storing data. Plus you need to fax
from and receive faxes into your Flash memory for extra convenience. And, most of all, you need the flexibility to use all your upgrade
features together or independently, without inserting and removing separate fax/modem and memory cards. Now you can have it
all with ThinFax 1414LXM.
EXP's award-winning MiniFax™ software. High-speed fax/modem. 2 or 4 MB Flash memory.
They're all built into the ThinFax 1414LXM card. That's why ThinFax 1414LXM is the
one upgrade that's a must for your HP palmtop. So call the toll-free number
- today for complete ThinFax 1414LXM specifications and the name of
an EXP dealer near you.
CRII: n4-4S3-~020 or FRX: n4-4S3-~3~9
Publisher's Message
The HP Palmtop Paper
In the May/June 1994 issue we published a piece on using Stephen
Covey's First Things First methodology with the Palmtop. We received
more response from that article than
anything published thus far. Readers
must have identified with my attempt
to use the Palmtop's Database application to organize a life full of responsibilities, challenges and information
while keeping in mind deeper values.
(By the time you read this you should
be able to find the article on our new
www.thaddeus.com Web site).
Managing time and information is
the theme of this issue. The article by
consultant Joy Soto Kocar describes her
well-developed system of time management. She describes how she uses
the Palmtop's Database application to
integrate her life goals with her day-toHal Goldstein
day Todo's. Then traveling engineer /
salesperson Jorgen Wallgren describes
how he uses his main computer (the
Palmtop) to stay organized. Read how, while on the road, he tracks his voluminous correspondence and uses various DOS software packages including one
with a mouse.
Chiropractor Ralph Alvy does not find the built-in Phone Book,
Appointment Book, and NoteTaker applications flexible enough. In his quest for
a speedier, more integrated method of taking control of his time and information
he uses a new Palmtop shareware program, Flexpad. Carl Merkle, in his 1-2-3
column, describes how he expands the Palmtop's information processing capacity using @BASE, a Lotus add-in that's easy for 1-2-3 users to learn. It gives
Palmtop users relational database capabilities and lets users access data stored in
standard database formats.
As we've seen in the last several issues devoted to Wireless communications
and to the Internet, the Palmtop is not just an isolated personal organizing
device any more. People use the Palmtop as a communicator to get their e-mail
and to connect to large databases to access information. In this issue you'll find a
review of Andreas Garzotto's new Palmtop Web Browser, WWW/LXfrom D&A
Software. WWW /LX is small, modular, and written for the HP Palmtop. Ed
Keefe then writes about two of WWW /LX's updated freeware components,
which will be on the upcoming issue of The HP Palmtop Paper 1996/97 Subscriber
PowerDisk. The first component, the newly updated Hypertext Viewer (HV) 2.0,
lets Palmtop users read downloaded and saved Internet World Wide Web documents on the HP Palmtop. The second, PalEdit (PE), is a Memo-like editor, but
with quite a bit more functionality than Memo.
I am often asked if I still use the Covey method described in my original
article. The answer is, "sort of." I cut down on the number of fields in the Covey
database. In truth, I find that properly planning for the week and updating
Todo's each day requires a discipline similar to proper dieting and exercise.
Some weeks I'm better at it than others. Hopefully, the articles will inspire you
as they did me to better use the Palmtop's time and information management
capabilities. The quality of our lives depends on how we use our time and
process information.
Volume five / Issue five
September/October 1996
Executive Editor/Publisher
Hal Goldstein
Managing Editor
Ridiard Hall
Associate Editors
Paul Merrill
Carol de Giere
Technical Editor
Tom Gibson
Department Editors
Ed Keefe
Carl Merkle
Wayne Kneeskern
Contributing Writers
Ralph Alvy
Joy Soto Kocar
Gilles Kohl
Jorgen Wallgren
Brian Teitzman
Margaret Martin
Tiffany Lisk
Sharon Dilmore
David Brooks
Sharon Lloyd
Jolene Philhps
Executive Advisor
Rita Goldstein
The HP Palmtop Paper (ISSN 10656189)
is published by Thaddeus Computing
Inc., at 57 East Broadway Avenue,
Fairfield, IA 52556. Periodical postage
paid at Fairfield, Iowa. Subscription
rates payable in U.S. dollars, checks
drawn on a U.S. bank, or by credit card
- one year: $39; two years: $69. Postage:
U.S. and U.S. possessions free; Canada,
Mexico add $6 per year; other countries
add $18 per year. Published bi-monthly
plus two bonus issues, one in April and
one in November. Please allow four to
six weeks for receipt of first issue .
Executive, Editorial, Circulation,
Marketing and Advertising Offices: P.O.
Box 869, Fairfield, JA 52556. Telephone:
(515) 472-6330, FAX: (515) 472-1879.
Copyright 1996, Thaddeus Computing,
Inc., all rights reserved. No part of this
publication may be reproduced without
written permission. Reasonable efforts
are made to provide accurate and useful
information, but the reader must make
his or her own investigations and decisions; the Publisher and Editorial Staff
cannot assume any responsibility or liability for the use of information contained herein.
POSTMASTER: Please send any
address changes to The HP Palmtop
Paper, Attn: Thaddeus Computing, Inc.,
P.O. Box 869, Fairfield, IA 52556.
By Rich Hall and Tom Gibson
Computer Bashing
Live with someone long enough and
you begin to notice imperfections the way they snore, misuse a word,
or tell the same story over and over
again. Pressure begins to build!
Living with a computer can have
the same effect on you. The solution
in either case is humor!
An enjoyable example of pressure-relieving humor is the program
HIT.EXE iii. Copy this DOS program to your Palmtop and run it.
You'll get an animation of computer
bashing, as you see below.
Note the duck standing in front
of a computer with a sledgehammer
in his hand. Once activated, the
duck smashes the unlucky desktop
PC (or Mac?) over and over again.
The next time you would like to
smash a computer, watch the duck
do it for you.
Check out CompuServe HP
Handheld Library 11 for HIT. ZIP.
HIT.DOC provides explanations.
We'll also supply the file on our ON
DISK for this issue.
If you have a chance, visit http:/ I
www.winn.com/pwinn/humor/ ,a
World Wide Web site specializing in
humor. Thousands of quips and
other chuckles are offered here,
"Energizer Bunny Arrested!
Charged with battery;"
"Give me ambiguity or give me
Duck getting ready to smash a computer. Has anyone else had a desire like this?
Computer is shattered and the duck
gets ready for another whack.
something else;"
"He who laughs last probably
made a backup."
Many of these may be worth
saving in your NoteTaker or
Database jokes file, to carry with
you for entertaining your friends.
by Carol de Giere
Leaving a Legacy
Next time you sit on a bench in a
public park, see if it has a name
plate on it. The bench and your surroundings may have been sponsored by a thoughtful donor. You
find the spirit of giving in the library
books you read and the art work
you enjoy in a local museum.
Donated items enrich our lives and
reminded us to leave legacies of our
own to enrich the lives of future
Many career tracks create visible
legacies: architects leave their buildings, writers their books, programmers their software. But to purposefully give a gift to present and future
generations expands your heart and
mind in a different way. Some people tithe a percentage of their
income to their religion. You may
pass on a portion of your own success to your political party or your
school. Whatever your focus, giving
is an acknowledgment that our success, financial and otherwise, comes
to us as part of a flow of energy
which has its origin beyond our limited individuality.
First you decide to give. Then you
need to decide what you have to
give (such as money, household
items, advice, or your time). Finally,
you need to consider what you can
afford to give. The HP Palmtop can
help you with all but the 1st decision.
NoteTaker and Database can be
used to create a list of contributions
you are contemplating, like "tree
donated to new church yard in the
name of each of my children," or
''book a year to local Headstart program." By keeping notes in
Notetaker you can focus your donations towards the causes that you
consider most meaningful.
You can create a spreadsheet to
track your income, the number and
amount of your donations, and the
percentage of your income you
Goldstein recommends the practice
of contributing 10% to a spiritual
cause without strings attached. Pick
a percentage you're comfortable
with and stick to it.
Wayne Kneeskern, Thaddeus
accountant suggests sitting down at
the beginning of the year and thinking about the contributions you
want to make and the charities to
which you wish to give. Then you
can create spreadsheet columns for
areas such as Church, United Way,
Charity X, Girl Scouts (cookies), Boy
Scouts, etc.
You can create a donations budget
and use Pocket Quicken to track
withdrawals from a donations
account. As you record outgoing
checks or cash in Pocket Quicken,
the program shows the amount
remaining in budget categories. An
easy way to set up such a budget is
to use Pocket Quicken's "credit
card" option. Press ~ to Add an
account to Pocket Quicken. Name
the account "Donations" or "Tithe"
and select Credit Card as the
Account Type.
Let's say your take-home pay is
$3,000 a month and you decide to
donate 10% of that. Enter $300 as the
balance for the new account.
Because you've set this up as a credit card account, the program
assumes that $300 is a negative balance. Any amount transfered from it
will reduce the total.
Sometime during the month you
write a $75 check to your church.
Open Pocket Quicken, highlight
your Checking account and press
~ to enter the check. Enter the pertinent data in the various fields. At
the Category field, press IDownArrowl ,
then press (£) until you highlight the
[Donations] account towards the
bottom of the list (all accounts are
listed in this menu). Press ~ and
Pocket Quicken enters the check in
your checkbook and subtracts $75
from the $300 in your donations
budget. Do this for each donation
you make until the $300 is used up.
Keep a donations account in
Pocket Quicken and when someone
asks you dig deep, you'll know how
deep to dig.
All this helps you fulfill a basic
human desire - the need to leave a
legacy. The next time you're sitting
on a bench in a park, smelling roses
donated by another, you can feel the
satisfaction of knowing that you are
planting roses of your own.
QU -=-
a few characters. The suggestions are
Your Palmtop Access to the World™
~~7X ™ QUICK/LX learns the words you type most
often. then suggests them after you type just
-=. =-
IYP mg aldfior the HP Palmtop
displayed in a box on the screen. You can
ignore the suggestion and keep on typing, or
accept it with the press ofa single key, and
QUICK/LX Will fimsh the word. QUICK/LX can
also be used to correct your most common
of the use of QUICK/LX.
To accept. the suggest.ed word. press t.he "cursor - right." key ,
r~~~)(t~~ ~~:..~~~~~s o~o~~ the suggest.ion when
'Suggestion made by
Example q!using QUICK/LX in MEMO
typos! QUICK/LX works in
programs under the System
Manager and in text-mode DOS
applications. QUICK/LX can
even be used to enter Macros
that work in both the System
Manager and DOS (unlike the
built-in System Macros.)
QUICK/LX also comes with a
DOS version for your desktop
Now E-Mail & Faxing is Wireless & Effortless!
With the Personal Messenger 100D
PC Card from Motorola and the Ardis
RadioMail services, you are free
roam around the country and still
stay in touch!
You can send faxes and have full
two-way E-Mail capability all
without wires, access numbers,
speCial setup stnngs, long
distance or roaming charges.
ABC/LX adds intelligence to battery charging in the HP Palmtop,
plus it provides excellent information about battery conditions and
charging. With ABC/LX you can simply forget about your batteries!
SHIER Systems & Software, Inc.
920 Hampshire Road, Suite A
Westlake Village, CA 91361
Phone: 805-371-9391
Fax: 805-371-9454
CIS: [74777,2477]
Visit us on the "Web" @: http:\\www.shier.com
Call for our latest ~~~
Palmtop Products
~~ ~
Telephone CordCard - Only $7.95
Also available from SIllER Systems & Software:
Custom cables to connect your HP Palmtop Computer to a wide variety of serial
peripherals. Examples include: Pocket modems, serial printers (including the
Citizen PN60 and Pentax PocketJet.) Prices start at $35 - call for details_
Practical Database
Examples Wanted
I am an ardent user and enthusiast of the HP 200LX. I load
essential data from my desk
computer into a 10MB flash
card. I plug the flash card into
. my Palmtop and presto, I have
all my important files with
me. I update the flashcard
weekly, sometimes more
often. I frequently use the
Palmtop to fax data when I
travel and to download information from CompuServe.
I would like to read
more articles about how
various individuals use their
Palmtops in business and
for their personal life. What
the Palmtop Paper needs to
add reader interest is more
testimonials. We all want to
know how others are using
their devices in hopes that
we may learn a short cut or
a new valuable use. It would
be helpful if you could
describe types of databases
others are using.
Ervin Jackson, Jr.
Medical Photographer
Charlotte, North Carolina
[Here is a short list of
uses for the Database application we either use ourselves, have heard about, or
think would be neat.
Restaurants database For cities you travel to, as
well as your own city or
town. Fields might include:
Phone, Address, Category
(French, Thai, etc.), Meals
served (breakfast, lunch,
dinner, brunch, etc.),
Quality (excellent, good,
fair, poor), Cost (expensive, average, great deal),
Atmosphere (great, average, poor), etc.
Home Inventory database
- For insurance purposes.
Fields might include:
Description of item,
Quantity, Cost at date of
purchase, Date ofpurchase,
Serial number, etc.
Jokes database - For reference at parties or when making presentations. Fields
might include: Key words (to
remind you of the joke),
Body (the full text of the
joke. Best to use the l\ote
field since you will need the
room), Type (you could classify your jokes based on
prospective audiences).
Financial Advice database To refer to again and again
as you continue to invest.
Fields might include: Author,
Category (stocks, bonds, real
estate, etc.) Body (the full text
of the advice. Best to use the
Note field since you will need
the room.)
Happy database - A list of
things that make you happy
(to be used when you get
bored or can't think of anything to do) . Fields might
include: Event, Price (ex-
It's Great to Hear From You!
Some Results from our Reader's Survey
Arriving bye-mail, fax, and "snail mail," the dozens of
Survey responses returned so far have brought us
encouragement and useful feedback from readers in
Asia, Europe, and the U.S.A. In case you missed it, our
first official Reader's Survey can be found in our
July/August issue, pg. 41. We would be happy to
receive more responses. (To send bye-mail, simply list
the question numbers next to your responses.)
Not surprisingly, we heard from expert Palmtop
users who want more technical articles and novices
who want more basic articles. Yoshimi Oasa of Japan
said: "Now I can say I am a technical expert thanks to
The HP Palmtop Paper." Our hope is that more basic
users will grow in their Palmtop skill by reading The
HP Palmtop Paper.
We realize that we must continue to strive to make
each article as comprehensible as possible for a range
of readers. Someone recommended using more examples. That's one reason we include user profiles in the
Paper. A computer programmer noted in his survey
response that he skips the profiles. We expect that some
of our subscribers will read some articles and skip others. However, we found that many read the Pap~ coverto-cover. We did manage to frustrate a few people not
yet on the Net with issues devoted primarily to the
Internet and Wireless technology.
Technology Moves Ahead, Should We?
Our survey was designed to help us contemplate innovations and test the interest in hot topics such as the
Net. One experienced Palmtop user says, "You're too
slow on innovations. You should have much more on
the Internet." Others, as mentioned above, don't yet
use the Net and don't want to hear about it. Most of
those responding to the surveys indicated that they
actively use the World Wide Web. About half approved
of the idea proposed in the survey to create an e-mail
version of The HP Palmtop Paper.
Slightly less than half of those responding wanted
a broader range of articles, but mostly people want to
stay informed on new developments that might possibly
impact them . Matthew Rinberg of Totteridge, North
London, U.K. concludes, "I would like to see the Paper
remain mostly as it is but to have a few pages on other
handhelds like the OmniGo 100 or Newton just so that
we know what else is happening in the rest of the market." Although we don't feel our mission includes coverage of the whole marketplace, we plan to continue covering innovations from Hewlett-Packard. At the same
time, we agree with our readers who said that detailed
"How-to" articles based on different operating systems
such as GEOS (for the HP OmniGo 100/120 organizers) would cause confusion.
Your Wish List, and How You Can Help
Highest on the "wish list" for the Paper was product
reviews. We will continue to print plenty of product
reviews from outside sources and occasionally do an
in-house review when resources permit. We invite you
to contact us if you're interested in writing a review of a
Readers have also used the survey to make suggestions for articles or topics, such as "My Favorite 10
Programs," health and fitness, and financial applications. We hope, now that you've considered what you
want to read, you will also consider what you can give,
whether a tip, an article, or a letter about a special
database file you keep.
The greatest agreement from the readers was
about the overall usefulness of The HP Palmtop Paper,
the format, and the advertising. We are grateful to
receive comments such as that from Yoshimi, who said,
"I have made a lot of e-mail friends all over the World
reading User to User and Letters. The 1-2-3 column is
really useful for my job ..."
Carol de Giere
pensive, inexpensive, free) ,
Distance (local, day trip,
weekend, trip), Equipment
(needed), People (to call for
advice or to invite. Best to
use the Note field since you
will need the room).
Car Research database A list of information about a
car you are thinking of purchasing. Fields might include: Dealership, Salesperson, Dealership phone
number, Options (Best to
use the Note field since you
will need the room), Price,
etc. (You can also use this
idea for hous es, stereos,
boats, or any other item you
are thinking ofpurchasing.)
Life Goals database - A
list of things you want to
accomplish before you
die/move on. Fields might
include : Goal, Location
(local, in this country, name
of other country), Necessary
equipment, People (with
information/help or to invite
along. Best to use the Note
field since you will need the
room), Category, Cost, etc.
Recipes database - A list
of great recipes you have
tried. Fields might include:
Category (French, Mexican,
etc.), Meat/ Veg (includes
meat, fish , or vegetarian)
Body (the recipe itself. Best
to use the Note field since
you will need the room).
ToDo List database - You
can set up a ToDo list that
you can sort by category.
Inspiring Quotations database - For inspiration for
yourself and others. Fields
might include : Author,
Subject (money, fun , love,
relatives, work, etc.), Body
(text of the quote, best use
the Note field for size.)
Wish List database - Things
you want to buy when you
have the money. Fields might
include: Name (of item),
Priority, Price, Category
(clothes, car, etc.), Date (if its
purchase is necessarily seasonal, like going on a vacation you .can only take in the
summer), Body (best to use
the Note field since you will
need the room.), etc.
Vocabulary database Words you want to learn .
Fields might include: Word,
Meaning, etc.
Foreign Language database - (Spanish , Navajo,
Egyptian, etc.) words you
want to learn. Fields might
include: English (the meaning of the word in English
or your mother language),
Spanish (the meaning of the
word in Spanish, etc.), Body
(Conjugations if the word is
a verb, or other information
you want to include on the
word. Best to use the Note
field since you will need the
room), etc. -Paul Merrill ,
Carol de Giere]
Using the Palmtop
as a Reference Tool
I read all of The HP Palmtop
Paper over and over. I would
like to see more on the use of
the Palmtop as a sales/marketing tool and on how to
install software.
I already use Phonebook
for this purpose. My Phonebook database has 600 entries
and I can't imagine how I
ever got along without it. I
vaguely remember constantly
paging through my "Daytimer" phonebook and stacks
of phone lists from various
organizations within our company.
I'm very interested in
utilizing the 200LX Palmtop
more completely as a database reference tool in the performance of my job responsibilities. I'm a Marketing and
Sales representative for
Exxon Chemical Company
and I market all of our polymer and film products to the
Healthcare industry.
(Continued on page 50.)
The EduCALC Catalog-FHEEfor One Year
Cutting Edge Products to Enhance your HP Palmtop!
Memory in Flash
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Expand your HP
Palmtop's memory
with high-quality
PC Card technology
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Whether you require
only a few extra megabytes or 40 megs, IBM
flash cards are your solution. Built-in data
compression provides up to 80MB RAM for
your palmtop.
#3423A [3MB/6MB Flash] .................. $199
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Wireless Access
the freedom
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wireless palmtop
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reach anyone, anywhere, who has an email address, fax machine or RF messaging devicewireless and from your HP Palmtop!
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Your Name in Silver
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the back of your machine. Just give us up to 24
characters and allow two weeks for delivery.
#2786 [Nameplate] ............................ $4.95
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find all the newest, hottest
technology for your
Hewlett-Packard Palmtop!
Call us today
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Palmtop Printing
Print anywhere with your palmtop. These plain
paper printers have great resolution (360 dpi)
and allow you to print last minute, life saving
charts and graphs-in color. Designed for
today's professionals on the go, these small
(1O" x2"x 1.85"), featherweight (1.1 lb.) portables fit in your briefcase and deliver laser
quality printing. 2 pp per min on transparencies, cut sheet or letterhead. The economical
PN50 gives you approximately 30 text pages on
black cartridge (requires seriaVparallel converter with HP serial cable). The versatile PN60
model gives you a color option as well-print
3-5 pages using color cartridge.
#PN50 [PN50 Printer] .................... $249.95
#PN60 [PN60 Printer] .................... $349.95
#3289 [NiCad Battery] .....................$78.95
#3290 [Car Adapter] ........................$44.95
#3061 [Palmtop Cable] ....................$34.95
#GA935 [SIP Converter] ..................$54.95
#3292 [2 black ink Cartridges] ..........$8.95
#3293 [2 color ink Cartridges] ........ $13.95
This section lists new products
of interest to users of the HP
Palmtop pes . New Products
includes descriptions of hardware, software, books, videos,
training and service offerings.
Prices listed in this section are
suggested retail. You may be
able to get the products for less
if you shop around.
printer or other parallel
port. Converter is bi-directional, and compatible with
any PC application software, printer or hard drive.
Transmits data at 9600 baud
via a 36-pin Centronics male
connector. Weight: 3 oz.
Pricing . . .... . ...... .. ... . .$79.95
CONTACT: EduCALC. See contact
information above.
HP Palmtop Paper Staff
Web browser
designed spe~ifi~ally
for the Pahntop
program designed to run on
the 100/200LX and OmniGo
700LX. It supports SLIP and
PPP communication protocols, and can be used over
phone lines, wirelessly (with
the OmniGo 700LX or with
the Ricochet wireless modem), or with direct serial
connections to your desktop
WWW/LX, by D&A Software, is an Internet access
When combined with
HV ver.2 .0 ii , WWW /LX
A{; E~ono-adapter
frOin Edn{;AL{;
Kansas (USA) - 951100I200LX users in Kansas, contact: Man'elha Wilson, P.o.
Box 1151, Man,7allan, KS 66502-0012; Phone: 913-532-9775.
Arlington, VA I Washington, DC (USA) - 95lXI1001200LX users in the Arlington,
Corporation, 2320 South Eads, Allington, VA 22?tl2,. Phone; 7IXJ.486-2222.
Atlanta, GA (USA) - Palmtop users in the Manta area, contact:
Avaslhi, Phone:
Cleveland, OH (USA) - 95LX11001200LX users in the Cleveland area, contact: Craig
de Fasselle, c1J MEM, Inc., 4702 East 355/h st, Wi/lougl1by, OH 44094.
Boston, MA (USA) - 95LX11001200LX users in the Boston area, contact Btyan
Kmulhamet; Phone: 617-374-!J6()() x 197 (wod<); Fax: 617-374-9620; CompuSetYe 10:
BRAZIL - 95/100I200LX users in Brazil. contact: Marcos L. Pedroza, Rua Train'
647 Ap 104-8, 59020-150 Nata/, RN-BRAZIL: Phone: 55 64 211-6162.
Charleston, SC (USA) - 9S'1001200LX users in South Carolina, contact: Roo Rivets,
P.D. Box 31284, Chatfeston, SC 294/7-1284,' Phone: 800-864-8444; CompuSe!ve 10:
Denver, CO (USA) - 95LX1100/200LX users in the Denver area, contact: Bill
Hoellgen, 5944 S. Kipling, Suite 300, Littleton, CO 80127; Phone: 303933-0023; Fax: 303-971-0341. Group meets quarterly.
Detroit, MI (USA) - 95LX1100/200LX users in the Detroit area, contact: Jeff Zom,
29311 Ara-ne/, Fannington Hills, MI 48334-2815; Phone: 313-489-1855 or Louis
Peeples, Sl Clair Shores, MI4808Q; Phone: 313-777-9390.
9-pin and 25-pin
Gender {;hangers
FRANCE - HP Palmtop users in France, contact: Olivier Oeila Valle, 178 roe du
Mar8Cha1 I.ecIe!c, 94410 SainI-Maurice, FRANCE; Phooe: (1) 435395 67; CompuServe
10:1101533, 160/
Use these male-male or
female-female adapter plugs
to change the gender of your
serial cable.
Use this Aegis serial-to-parallel converter to connect
your 100/ 200LX to a parallel
HP Pafmtop Worldwide User Group News - send material about User Group
activities to Conrad Cox at the San Francisco, CA USA User Group. (E-mail:
[email protected] ).
VA I Washington, DC area, contact: Rick Shaddock, clo Computer Instructors
Pricing . ............ .. .. . .. $15.95
CONTACT: EduCALC, 21953 Cabot
Rei., Laguna Niguel, CA 92617, USA;
Phone: 800-611-1001 or 1/4-5822637,' Fax: 1/4-582-1445.
Serial to
Parallel {;onverter
JAPAN - HP Palmtop users in Japan, contact: Geotg 0. P. EsdJetI, Ekimae 1-11-10,
Kotiyama City, Fukushima Prel, JAPAN 963; Phone: O4lH2-()6980: Fax: 0249-214050. (Languages: Getman, English andJapanese)
ARGENTINA - lOO12OOLX users in Argentina, contact: Miguel Angel Missed, E-mail:
[email protected]{JIJSIJfVecom .
Use this AC adapter to
power your Palmtop from
any electrical outlet, and
save battery life . This
adapter is smaller and
lighter than the HP version,
but is limited to use in the
USA or other countries with
110 volt, 60 Hz input. 90-day
warranty. Recharges NiCds
in your 100/200LX.
Pricing . . ... .. . ... .. . . . .....$4.95
CONTACT: EduCALC, 21953 Cabot
Rei., Laguna Niguel, CA 92617, USA;
Phone: 800-611-1001 or 1/4-5822637,' Fax: 114-582-1445.
Those interested in participating in an HP Palmtop users group should contact the
following individuals. Send us con~ct information formatted as below if you wish to
be added as a contact for a users group in your area.
GERMANY - HP PalmtopiOmnibook users in Germany, contact: Eckart Pn'nz, 0iJere
MOhlstr. 568, 64291 Dannstadl, GERMANY;PhoneIFax:+496151316065.
GERMANY I LUXEMBOURG - Not an official user group but this indviduaJ is wilfing
to help HP Palmtop users with questions or technical problems; contact: Gilles Kohl.'
CompuServe 10: l1001f4,3146j; Phone: +49-721-69-36-55 {aher 6 p.m. Centra!
European lime!
Los Angeles, CA (USA) - 95lXI1001200LX users in the LA area, contact: Dave Shier
at 805-371-9391; Fax: 805-371·9391; E-mail.' [email protected]; Web site:
hffp:#t.ww.shieu:Of11 formore in/rJrmalion.
MEXICO - Palmtop users in Mexico, contact: Jose Patino, Ave. Trasvina y Retes
#2103, Chihuahua, Chih. CPO 31240, MEXICO.' Phone: (14) 26-5(}-43; Fax: (14) 8101-75; Intemet' [email protected] OR. .. Francisco Bticio,' Phone: (3)
684-1317; CompuServe 10:/14174, 1442/
Minneapolis, MN (USA) - HP Palmtop users in the MinneapoftSlSt. Paul area, contact:
8eIh Si!ve1W81er, P.D. Box 27044, Minneapoli$, MN 55427; Phone: 612·541-5631,' Fax:
612-541·5636; [email protected]
New Jersey/New York (USA) - 95LX1100I2OOLX users in the New Jersey/New
York area, contact: S(anley Oobrowski, 189 Springtield Avenue, Rutherforri, NJ,
07070-1642; CIS 10: /16711,2302j; Phone: 201-807-5857 (wotk).
Oklahoma City, OK (USA) - 951100/200LX users in the Oklahoma City area,
contact: Richarri 8. Meek, 1804 HunUngton, Oklahoma City, OK 73116; Residential
Phone: 405-842-1261.
PANAMA I LATIN AMERICA - HP Palmtop users in Panama or Latin America,
contact: Aviran Yanir, P.o. Box 31002 Colon Free Zone, REPUBliC OF PANAMA;
Phone: 507-4410442; Fax: 507-4410473.
PHIUPPtNES - HP Palmtop users in the Philippines, contact: Cados: CaIMa/11, 2nd.1Ioor;
OHMC BI4J., 109 Nep/rJne st, 8eJ.Air; MakJIi ~ PHIliPPINES; PfIone: 63(2) 890622!J
/036, ex/ensKJns 120& 121,'Fax:63(2)92B5635:lntemetI0:/[email protected]
Phoenix and Tuscan, AZ (USA) - HP Palmtop users in the Phoenixll'uscon area,
contact Coty L. Curtis, P.D. Box 23502, Phoenix, AZ 85063-3502; Phone: 602-9309661; Fax 602-930-8554; CISlO1102010,/J32j,' E-fT18J7.-palm/[email protected]
PORTUGAL - 95LX1100/200LX users in Portugal, contact: PPTUG, Rua do
SFUAp, A·8, 2810 Laranjeim, PORTUGAL; PhoneiFax: 351-1-2597216; Inlemel'
[email protected]
Richmond, VA (USA) - 95LX1100I200LX users in the Central Virginia area, contact: John Haskell, 7102 Three Chopt Road, Richmond, VA 23226-3815; CIS 10:
/10750, 1243]or Phone: 804-289-8073 (work).
San Diego, CA (USA) -100200LXusersintheSanDiegoarea, contact: Don Williams
at619452-6267or61!f546-B166;£-mail:[email protected]/rJrma1ion.
San Francisco, CA (USA) - Users in the Bay Area of Northem Calffomia, contact:
ConradCox~mail76184,[email protected]
GREECE - HP Palmtop users in Greece, contact: Slavros O. Zacharakos,
SofOC/eous 33, Athens 15126, GREECE; Phone: (+3-01) 8050041; Mobile Phone:
(+3) 093-254-71724hrs.; Fax: (+3-01) 8050041... OR ... John Talsiramos, clo
TAFARM, 70Andtitsenis Street 1/148- Ga/afsi, GREECE; Phone: (01)29. 11.4QI,·Fax:
(01) 29.21J.174.
TURKEY - HP Palmtop users in Turt<ey, contact: Ahmet G. Ozisik, Soyak Binasi,
Buyukdere Cod. 36, Mecidiyekoy, Istanbul8029O, TURKEY; Phone: (212) 275 09
10 (ext. 309); Fax: (212) 211 5761; E-mail.' [email protected] or aozisik
HOLLANDIBELGIUM - HP 95LX1100/200LX users in the low countries, contact:
PROMPT Hp·GC, Mister G. Dongs, Poslbus 1081, 1500 AB Zaandam, HOLLANO;
Phone: +31 756704205; £-mail' [email protected]
UKRAINE - HP Palmtop users in the Ukraine, Odessa, Kiev, Crimea regions,
contact: Linetskvy If. Oleg, 1, ValVaftlvsky Spusk, Nikolaev, 327015, UKRAINE;
Phone: (051) 38-73-51 36-73-13; Fax.' (051) 24-41-25.
INDONESIA - HP Handheld users (HP 75C, 110, 48, 12, 100/200LX) in
Indonesia, contact: Oir/( H. Eversbert, c;lo P. T. Ausfindo Mitralama, Mr. Elman
Sunartio, JI Gunung Sahan'2/6E, Jakarta 10810, INDONESIA,
UNITED KINGDOM - HP Palmtop users in the Un~ed Kingdom, contact MichaelA
Brown, MBA Group, 33 A/bul)' Avenue, !s!eWOtlh, Middlesex; 7W15HY, UX; Phone:
0181-847-3777; Fax: 0181-568-2402. or
David Hodges, HPCC Membership SecretaI)', 8 Stra!frJrri Court, Salisbul)' Road,
Famborough, Hampshire GUI147A.1, UK, [email protected]/(
9511001200LX users in Italy, contact: Stefano Gig/i, ViB E. Toli, 13-60123
Ancona, ITAL Y,' Phone: 071-36845 or 071-200916; Fax: 071-200916; Inlernet 10:
[email protected]!.il
browses the World Wide
Web - WWW /LX performs
all the communication tasks
(logging on, acquiring web
pages, etc .), and HV displays the acquired pages on
the screen . HV ver .2.0 is
included with WWW/LX.
WWW /LX runs in System
Manager as a DOS / PAL
application. (See review by
Gilles Kohl, page 12.)
Availability .. ..... .. . .October, 1996
Pricing . .....................$99
CONTACT: Shier Systems & Sohware,
920 Hampshire Road, Suite A,
Westlake Village, CA 91361, USA;
Phone: 805-3719391; Fax: 805-3715495; E-mail.·[email protected]
Europe and Asia: Rundel
Datentechnik, Rappenstr. 20, 73033
Goeppingen, Germany; Phone: +49
7161 14707; Fax: + 49716124473; EMail." [email protected]
··T-'::order" and
Pahntop t!oUed data
in reDlote lot!ations
Use this solid state, portable
data recorder from Vulcan
Enterprises with your HP
Palmtop to collect data in
remote locations. (A familiar
example of a remote data
recorder is the "black box"
found on most commercial
After data has been
recorded to T -Corder's
SRAM card, place the card
in the Palmtop to analyze
the data. Connect T-Corder
to the Palmtop using a serial
cable, and use the Palmtop's
built-in DataComm application to make any necessary
adjustments to your system
The new T -Corder
model 512 allows you to
monitor the health and performance of a given system
by recording analog, pulse
and state signals, then storing the data files to an
SRAM card. A simple DOS
based translation utility converts the collected data to
ASCII delimited files that
can be imported and analyzed in Lotus 1-2-3 on the
Palmtop. Voltage, temperature, pressure, strain, rotational speed, pulse count
and switch position Signals
can be recorded in real time
to DOS data files.
The new 512 model
adds 64 channels of 12-bit
analog data to the previous
510 model's capabilities. The
512 simultaneously measures and records up to
Sixty-four 12-bit analog
channels, eight lO-bit analog
channels, four 32-bit rotational or count channels,
and eight discrete signals at
rates of up to 200hz.
Size: 6.75" x 2.25" x 9".
Rugged, no moving parts.
(T-Corder 512 has been tested on the HP 95LX only, but
should work on the 100/200LX as well.)
Pricing . . . ... .. . . .. . ..... ..$2,495
CONTACT: Vulcan Enterprises, Inc.,
14604 S. 24th PI., Phoenix, AZ 85048,
USA; Phone: 602-759-1600; Fax:
602-759-7926; WWW hUp:l!ourworld. compuserve.comlhomepagesNulcanE
Dledit!al software
lists possible
diagnoses in set!onds
DiagnosisPro medical software helps physicians diagnosis unfamiliar or unusual
cases based on the patient's
symptoms or the results of
the patient's lab tests .
Answers to queries are
drawn from a database of
13,000 abnormalities (symptoms, signs, lab results, Xrays, EKG results, etc.), or
8,500 disease or drug related
DiagnosisPro provides
lists of differential diagnoses
for Internal Medicine,
Pediatrics, Office Gynecology, Geriatrics, and
Family Practice. Users can
overlay up to ten abnormality lists to check for commonality, allowing a search
to be narrowed through the
use of a simple Boolean
"AND" function.
DiagnosisPro clinical
software is an expanded
version of the previous
"Remind IV" medical software. DiagnosisPro fits on a
20MB Hash card.
30-day free trial. Annual updates available. For
further information contact
Pricing ..... .... .... . .. .. ...$495
CONTACT: MedTech USA, Inc., 6310
San Vicente Blvd., Suite 425, Los
Angeles, CA 90048, USA; Phone:
800-640-8000 or 310-553-7777; Fax:
310-553-7400,' E-mail." [email protected]; WWW http://www.medtech.com
or www.commercial-directory.coml diagnosisprol
New version of
t!oDlpnter Dlath
CMCalc version 19, a programmer's calculator from
Dorr Software Development, now supports algebraic data entry as well as
expanded maximum word
size (from 32 bits to 64 bits).
Previous features are retained including hexadecimal, decimal, octal and binary number calculation.
CMCalc is System
Manager compliant and
runs on the HP 100/200LX
Palmtop and OmniGo
Pricing ......................$25
CONTACT: Dorr Software Development, 8778 Casa Grande Drive,
Pittsburgh, PA 15237-5340, USA;
Phone: 412-369-0915,' Fax: 412-3674996; E-mail: [email protected]; or
[email protected] .
and review, setup, data collection, triangle solutions,
leveling, sun shots, earth
work, coordinate geometry,
stakeout, curves, adjustments, file transfer to PC,
and print/plot.
After the necessary
data has been collected, a
road is designed using a
civil engineering software
package (not included), and
the information is then
downloaded to System 95
on the Palmtop for use in
the field (for laying out
stakes, etc.).
Road Layout is used in
conjunction with System 95
and adds the following functions: horizontal alignments
(including spiral curves), vertical alignments, cross section
templates, widenings and
super-elevations. A complete
road file can be transferred to
the data collector for layout
in the field. Full staking capability includes station and
offset, slope and inverse by
station. Road Layout's graphics show crests, dips in roads,
System 95 (on PC Card) ...... $750
Road Layout (on PC Card) .. . .$995
CONTACT: Tripod Data Systems,
1853 SW Airport Road, Corvallis, OR
97333, USA; Phone: 800-426-8026 or
503-753-9322; Fax: 503-757-7439.
Or: EduCALC, 27953 Cabot
Road, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677, USA;
Phone: 800-677-7001 or 714-5822637; Fax: 714-582-1445.
Road Layont
option for SysteDl 95
surveying software
System 95 surveying software turns your Palmtop
into a data collection and
field geometry device for
surveyors. System 95 functions include: job creation
Voltage Logger and Viewer)
is a TSR utility that checks
your 100/200LX's battery
voltage every ten seconds
and logs the data to your
Palmtop's C drive every five
minutes . The logged data
includes the following information:
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Fa x : (~1 C;)
472~ 1 R7Q
• F.-Ma il- o rnp ro;;;(ci)tha rlnp u c< r om
continued on page 49
I:l Date and time
I:l Mean voltage of the
main batteries (the mean
of 30 samples)
I:l Highest and lowest voltages of samples
I:l Time of RS232C serial
port activity
Type: Shareware
Location : ftp://eddie.MIT.edu/pub/hp951x1NEW/mt.zip
BATTLOG also allows you
to view the data as a graph.
Logging stop s whe n you
turn your Palmtop off.
Type: Freeware
Location: CompuServe's HPHAND
Forum, library 11 .
ReVolt and Be Volt
REVOLT.ZIP contains two
programs: ReVolt and DeVolt.
ReVolt - allows you
to observe and monitor battery recharging voltage over
a nine-hour period. ReVolt
lists the voltage levels, running time in minutes, clock
time, and recharge status, as
well as a graph of the voltage amounts over time.
DeVoll - records voltage level at the date and
time the program is run .
U sing De Volt, you can
develop a text file showing
the variations in your battery voltage over days and
months. You can use Memo
or any text viewer to view
your DEVOLT.DOC file.
Both programs have the
look and feel of the Palmtop
built-in applications.
Type: Freeware
Location : ftp :/Ieddie.mit.edu/pub/hp951x1NEW/revolt.zip
HPFAX106.ZIP - QuickStar
FaxPro allows you to send
plain text faxes from the
DOS command line of your
Palmtop using either a Class
1 or Class 2 fax/modem .
The program can be used
manually to send one fax at
a time, or can be called up
from a batch file to send the
same fax to various fax
Type: Shareware
Location : http://w3.one.net/- hamm/stufflhpfax10B.zip
MT.ZIP (Mileage Tracker)
keeps track of your mileage,
the amount spent for gasoline, and the gallons of gas
used. The MT log will accept
a maximum of 99 entries
before you must clear the
entire log. MT can also be
used with kilometers and
ERB iii
Handheld/PBA Expo
ERD23.ZIP (Enhanced Remove Directory) is a utility
that allows you to delete a
directory and the files within it, with one command
instead of using the DOS RD
(Remove Directory) and
DEL (Delete) commands.
ERD removes all hidden
files and read only files as
PDA Incorporated / World
Market Strategies is sponsoring the Handheld and
PDA Expo '96 on December
4-6, 1996, in San Mateo,
The Expo is designed to
bring together customers
and vendors to explore
PDA technology including
data collection, field automation, and sales automation . Present and future
PDA solutions provided by
leading technology suppliers will be explored. Highlighted products will include smart communication
devices, Internet and Intranet access, and connectivity.
The PDA Expo is for
tho se producing, selling,
promoting, servicing, consulting, or financing handhelds and PDA technology
in the corporate environment. There will be exhibits
and hand s-on educational
Type: Shareware
Location : CompuServe's HPHAND
Forum, library 11 .
ICE200.zIP lets you change
Application Manager's icons
for the Palmtop's built-in
applications. A set of icons
are included, but you can
use anything you want .
ICE200 is a 4K TSR program.
Type: Freeware
Location: http://w3.one.netJ-hamm/stuff/hpfax10B.zip
HP-LX Fighter is a combat
game written in assembler,
designed for the HP Palmtop. FIGHTER.ZIP is a freeware demo. The fully functional version of FIGHTER
is Shareware.
Type: Shareware
Location: http://www.hkstar.com/-tterence/fighter.zip
Palmtop Pal is a program to
help you control your
Palmtop by providing the
s tatus of various Palmtop
s pecific functions . These
functions includ e battery
voltage, lite sleep status, battery type, charge status, serial port status and more .
Palmtop Pal also allows you
to change these items .
Palmtop Pal is not System
Manager compliant.
GOlOO.ZIP is GoMoku, a 6K
strategy game written for
the 100/200 LX.
Type: Freeware
Location : CompuServe's HPHAND
Forum, Library 11 .
Type: Shareware
Location: ftp://eddie.mit.edu/pub/hp95/new/go100.zip
PA(:·Man gaBle
(: (:oBlpiler
P AC.ZIP is a PAC-Man
game for the Palmtop.
SMC.ZIP contains a small C
compiler with SRCE sample
Type: Shareware
Location: http://www.hkstar.com/-tterence/pac.zip
Type: Freeware
Location: ftp ://eddie.mit.edu/pub/hp95Ix.NEW/smc.zip
CONTACT: Sonya Sinha, PDA Incorporated, 4309 17th Street, San
Francisco, CA 94114 , USA; Phone:
415-252-8008; Fax: 415-252-8055;
E-main: [email protected]
HP Haudheld
Prooud Support has
new phone n .......er
Free HP Technical Support
can now be reached at
970-392-1001, 5:00 am . to
5:00 pm. Pacific Standard
Time. This is the number to
call for product questions
not covered in your User's
Guide, diagnostic instructions or service information.
You can also visit HP's
electronic information service
site on the Internet at: http:/ /
New HP OmniGo 120
Organizer Offers
"Holographic" Face
New addition to Organizer line features
brighter display and built-in Pocket Quicken.
By Carol de Giere
On September 9, 1996, HP unveiled
the new HP OmniGo 120 organizer
with Pocket Quicken built in and a
new "holographic" screen. The new
screen features greater contrast than
standard screens, appearing
brighter and more readable than
before. Pocket Quicken is the portable version of Quicken, the popular financial management program
that allows you to track your personal and/ or business checking,
credit card and cash accounts.
Pocket Quicken helps you keep
accurate records (for personal or tax
purposes), and follow budgets.
At this time, the new HP
OmniGo 120 organizer will be sold
only in the United States and
Europe. The street price in the
United States is expected to be
$399. HP will continue to sell the
HP OmniGo 100 organizer (street
price between $300-$350).
The HP OmniGo 120 organizer
also supports "CompactFlash." This
New! Link-A-Printer II
Smaller size & Attached cable
Link-A-Printer II is a serial to parallel converter
that allows direct printing from your OmniGo
100 to any parallel printer. It also works with
the HP 100/200LX
Link-A-Printer II has a built-in connectivity cable that plugs in to your OmniGo
100. Since it does not require batteries or extra cable Link-A-Printer II is simple
and easy to use.
Also Available Link-A-Printer I
Requires connectivity cable and optional battery Features auto
on/off fixed 9600 baud
Tel: 704-875-8490
Fax: 704-875-2801
Toll Free: 800-476-4070
.....GRU. .
is a new size in Flash cards, much
smaller than current models. The
CompactFlash PC Card fits into an
adapter unit that is then inserted in
the PC Card slot in the side of the
HP OmniGo 120 organizer. Flash
technology provides non-volatile
memory that doesn't need battery
power to maintain it, and therefore
provides a more reliable way of
storing data. The CompactFlash
card and adapter are expected to be
available at the same time as the HP
OmniGo 120 organizer and will list
at $239 for the 2MB size. This compares favorably with SRAM card
prices, which go for approximately
$229 for 2MB. CompactFlash technology is relatively new and is targeted for digital cameras, camcorders, pagers, and other electronic
devices in the future.
Green screen meets
testers' approval
The green holographic screen
received positive responses from the
Beta testers we interviewed. The
new screen offers a brighter display
that optimizes the available light,
increasing "readability" and creating
the impression of a backlit screen without compromising battery life.
Ed Keefe, one of our regular
contributing authors who tested
the same screen on a different
machine, agrees. "I found the
screen very readable. I didn't want
to return it after my testing period
was over. In proper lighting the
screen looks like it is back lit, and
the contrast is better." Ed explained
that certain lighting conditions
seemed ideal for the screen, especially light that is coming over your
shoulder. "I checked the screen in
my car one night while sitting in a
parking lot. I thought I would have
to turn the overhead light on in the
car, but the street lamp in the parking lot shown on the screen and
made it glow." Fortunately for 120
owners, the added luminosity is an
effect caused by the screen's reflec-
Gives You an Instant Link to Desktop Quicken and Quicken ExpensAbl,
Fop The Ultimate In Pepsonal Financial Contpol
You already have Pocket Quicken on your Palmtop PC, so you can capture information about your
everyday expenses - and more - as you go.
But you'll gain even more power over your
finances when you send your data directly
to Quicken®or Quicken ExpensAble™
on your desktop using Pocket Quicken Connect™.
There's no double entry, so Pocket Quicken Connect is a breeze to use.
With Quicken, you have instant access to reports, graphs, budgets and more to give you valuable insight into your personal
finances. Plus, when you send your business expenses to Quicken
ExpensAble, you'll have a printed expense report in a flash.
'" ... "'.:
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© 1995 Intuit Inc. Pocket Quicken, Pocket Quicken Connect, the Pocket Quicken Connect Logo and ExpensAble are trademarks of Intuit
Inc. Quicken is a registered trademark of Intuit Inc.
tive background and not from
added battery power.
Ray Kump, an accountant with
his own accounting firm in New
York, loved the screen. "I found it
was brighter in most lighting conditions than the previous screen. In
low light you can read it a lot better./I Ray tested the machine both
at his office and in his car. "I travel
a great deal and found that, in the
car, the letters jumped out at me
more with this type of screen. In
my office, when I would glance
over to check what appointments
were coming up, it was easier to
read the green screen from farther
away./I Ray also found the green
color of the screen pleasing.
The product will also be available
through mail order and other computer and electronics outlets. There
is no upgrade path for 100 users.
HP has been working on expanding the HP OmniGo organizer's
availability. The 120 is expected to
be available through numerous
retail outlets and mass merchants,
including Circuit City, the Good
Guys!, J&R Computer World,
OfficeMax, Nobody Beats the Wiz,
Service Merchandise and Staples.
Pricing and Contact
Information for products
mentioned in this article
All prices are manufacturer's suggested
retail price. It may be possible to purchase
the product for less at third-party vendors.
HP OmniGo 120 organizer - $429
Compact Flash - $239
CONTACT: Authorized US HPdealers
This version in WWW /LX understands even more HTML tags and
is able to talk to the Web interface
component to retrieve live Web
pages after you connect to an ISP.
HV is available as freeware as
before. WWW /LX is a commercial
software product.
Browser for the HP
Installation/setup program more about that one later.
Now you can surf the Web, online, with
your HP Palmtop and D&A Software's
new WWW/LX online Web browser.
By Gilles Kohl
I confess! I have been lying to
CompuServe HPHAND Forum
members. The question "How can I
access the Internet with my HP
100/200LX or 700LX" has been
recently seen quite frequently on the
Forum. Until now, I could only refer
users to one of the existing, 005based, text-mode browsers and
access programs as the ''best'' option
currently available. The truth is that
I have been using something far better myself and only now am I finally
allowed to talk about it.
During the last few weeks, I have
been one of the chosen few (about a
dozen) beta testers of WWW/LX, a
new World Wide Web (WWW)
access solution for the HP Palmtops
by D&A Software Inc. and Andreas
Garzotto. Unlike existing packages,
this solution has been developed on
the Palmtop, for the Palmtop, and
with the Palmtop in mind. It is fast,
small, and easy to use and setup. It
can run within System Manager (no
need to close all applications and
drop to DOS) and it is small enough
to fit on the C: drive of a 1MB 100LX
if necessary!
WWW /LX can also directly connect via the Nokia cellular phone of
an HP OmniGo 700LX, without the
need to use external DOS utilities.
WWW/LX Components
and Architecture
There are three components that
make up the WWW /LX Web
Web interface - this dials your
Internet Service Provider (ISP) and
understands the various Internet
protocols like SLIP, PPP, TCP /IP,
Web browser - this lets you view
HTML documents on or off line. It
can talk to the Web interface to
retrieve Web pages from the net. The
Web browser (HV2.ZIP ij) may be
an old acquaintance to some users. It
is an upgraded version of Andreas
Garzotto's freeware "HTML Viewer"
program HV (HTML is the language
used for creating hypertext documents for the Web).
The WWW /LX is innovative in
that it is neither a TSR, nor a comprehensive software program like
NetTamer that attempts to do-it-all.
Some DOS programs require that
you load a "Terminate and Stay
Resident" (TSR) software "driver."
This TSR needs to be loaded by the
AUTOEXEC.BAT file when you
first boot up your computer. You
can quickly access a TSR whenever
you want because it's always running . The downside of this
arrangement is that the TSR is
always occupying your computer's
system memory, leaving less room
for other software programs.
The all-in-one approaches like
NetTa mer (N103-PT.ZIP ij ) try to
do everything and consequently
are very large software programs.
They are too large to run under
System Manager, or fit easily on
the C: drive (it will barely fit on a
2MB Palmtop, leaving room for little else). With NetTamer, if all you
want to do is browse the Web, you
still need to load its Telnet, Mail,
Newsgroups and FTP parts as well.
WWW /LX-HV is a collection of
software modules, each responsible
for a different task . They work
cooperatively with each other and
only the components currently
Gilles Kohl is a native of Luxembourg living in Karlsruhe,
Germany. He works as a software developer and project engineer for PROCAD GmbH & Co. KG, a German company specializing in CAD/CAM and electronic database management ~ys­
terns for technical applications. As a TeamHP member, GIlles
enjoys helping other Palmtop owners in the Gem1an and French
section of the HPHAND forum on CompuServe. Gilles can be
reached under CIS: [100114,3146].
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_ ___ _
The HV HTML viewer initial screen.
palmtop. com
[email protected]
needed have to be loaded, requiring less system memory.
Installing WWW/LX
WWWSETUP is the program that
lets you configure WWW I LX. I
installed the program on my HP
nl• • :"Ii';I"i4~i4.mw;-ffi;;;"I; 1
19: 59
OmniGo 700LX. The process is
almost identical on the HP 1001
200LX. First, I created a subdirectory on the C drive of my 700LX, and
copied all the necessary WWW I LX
files into it. This includes the
WWWSETUP program, the WWW
program and its configuration file
and documents, and the HV files.
I ran WWWSETUP.EXE and it
asked me for my users registration
number as a copy protection. Then,
I indicated where I wanted HV to
Globa.l Selup
~ol'll'land lo slarl HV : !~:iSRR~HY.:::~!:~. . ·.::..
!!ddress cache fi Ie :!.(::;..:..>=.I?.~.T~.I!:I.I!:I.I!:I.~. .(::;.~.(::;.
SPACE=Set. defaull
Running the program
WWW/LX's setup program lets you specify the location of the cache file and select a a
preconfigured configuration profile for CompuServe and other Internet Service Providers.
D!;!S :J~~: : :I?1:;:?!I : $. :::::::::::::J !! I lernale DNS :t!. ~.~. ~. .! . ?~ . ~. .?.J~::~ ~
Dial i ng Scr ip,!, ::fI$.=$.:~:f.I~~::::::::::::::::::
...... .. ...........
WWWSETUP's CompuServe configuration profile, showing modem type, baud rate,
CompuServe's node phone number, CompuServe user 10 and password.
be installed (you can put it into any
directory you want), and where I
wanted to install the WWW ILX
cache file. The cache file is used to
store the addresses of Web sites
that you've already looked up
once, so you don't have do it again.
Finally, I selected WWW ILX's
preconfigured configuration profile
for CompuServe (my ISP), and hit
IENTER, to set up my connection. I
made the following modifications to
the profile: I selected "OmniGo" as
the modem type, "9600" as the baud
rate, and inserted the phone number
of the local CompuServe node. I also
had to enter my CompuServe user
10 and password. I didn't need to
change any of the other parameters.
Finally, I created an Application
Manager entry for the WWW.EXE
Running WWW ILX is done by
selecting its icon in AppManager
and hitting IENTER'. WWW/LX will
dial the ISP, and launch the HV
version 2.0 browser as soon as the
physical connection is established
using a modem.
The graphic at the top of this
page shows the initial screen displayed by HV. Since there is no
mouse on the Palmtop, HV does
not underline links, but draws a
rectangle around them. Links can
be highlighted using the TAB or
cursor movement keys. Press
=,...:_;1';1 •• 14
/,-ni-Mi,a .• ,i.
another "favorite page" of yours.
F3 - The "Edit" key is for those of
you who want to design your own
HTML pages - an editor (MEMO
by default) will be called with the
HTML source of the page currently
being viewed.
F4 - The "Find" key will search
the current page for a given text.
F5 - The "Hot" key will pop up
your hotlist - also called "Bookmarks" list in other browsers. This
is the collection of your favorite
pages. You can go to a page
already in the list, add the current
page to the collection, or delete an
entry (see screen above).
WWW/LX hotlist - a list of your favorite Web pages.
IENTER I to select a link and HV
jumps to the corresponding page.
When several links are on the
current page, it is often faster to just
type the first letter of the link - the
selection will immediately jump to
it. If several links start with the same
letter, just hit it repeatedly. For
example, to highlight "The latest
version of HV" in the previous
screen, I simply pressed "T" twice.
HV makes the most frequently
used functions available through
the Palmtop'S function keys. Their
labels are displayed on the bottom
of the screen as usual:
Fl - The "Help" key will pop up
extensive online help - in HTML
format itself, of course.
F6 & F7- The "Back" and "Fwd"
keys let you navigate backwards
and forwards in the history of
pages you visited.
F2 - With "Home", you can return
to HV's startup page (that has a
few links to useful pages) or to
F8 - The "Info" key shows information about the current page
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trop Navigation Tool t
[JAVA applets are not supported in HV] New Prod lIct! The HP 0 til n iGo 700 LX Co til til U nicator PillS
tNew Product! The HP OmniGo 700LX Communicator Plusl
Opening page for the HP Handheld Web site.
Add the SCT CL680 Card-Link to
your desktop PC:
j.lnm awi6'''Miid-
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being displayed, as well as the current link and the amount of free
memory currently available to HV.
F9 - The "Open" key lets you
specify a so-called "U ni versal
Resource Loca tor" (URL) and go
there directly. For example, to visit
the Hewlett-Packard Handheld
Homepage, you would hit I!!l
(Open) and enter: http://www.hp
The dialog box that pops up when
you select "Open" also includes a
drop-down list with a history of
sites you visited this way.
A few interesting Web sites
The following are screenshots of
some Web sites I visited with HV.
The first screen above shows BP's
new "Handheld" page. It can be
found at http://www.hp.com
/handheld. (Note that HV detected
Opening screen for Digital Equipment's ALTAVIS1 search program. The topics
"omnigo" and "700Ix" have been entered in the search box.
111: sa
;11"IIJ1nw.fCIU,.~twa!.I'#I1'i! ...
Tip: To search newgroups that discuss computers. try: newsgroups:comp
\IIord count: 700h<:85; omnigo:2585
Documents 1-30 (2 duplicates removed) of about 500 matching some ofthe query terms,
best matches first.
You can retrieve a news posting from your local server, if you have one, by using l .
You can retrieve binaries (programs or pictures) by using B .
23 .1u1 comp.sys.palmtops
28.1un comp.sys.palmtops
hell [email protected] . []~ Omni go 7001 K and Internet??
leric~slYiss.hp.cl[]~ Buddy for OmniGo 700LX (Jef
After using AltaVista to search for "omnigo" and "700Ix"
the following page was displayed.
the use of JAVA applets on this page,
and notifies the user that this is not
supported. JA VA requires a fast 32
bit machine with at least 8 megabytes
of memory to be able to run.)
The second screen from the top
shows Digital Equipment's "AltaVista" search engine (http:/ /
altavista.digital.com). This service
lets you search the World Wide
Web as well as Internet Newsgroups for specific topics. I
searched on the words "omnigo"
and "700Ix". The result of this
search is shown on the third
screen. To display a news group
posting, I would select the desired
title, and press IENTER'.
The screenshot at the top right
of page 18 was taken in the middle
of a "File Transfer Protocol" (FTP)
download from the eddie.mit.edu
FTP site. The file being downloaded is C&H-TC.ZIP (a collection
of Calvin and Hobbes topcards),
you can still see it highlighted. To
connect to an FTP server with HV,
you would hit I!!l (Open), and
enter the servers name, directory
and filename (if you know it). To
Think of what you could do with more memory!
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14365 Dec 3
7697 Mar 20
Receiving dala ...
10294 byles read
2640 Oct 21
454 Dec 3
This screen was displayed in the middle of a File Transfer Protocol download from the
eddie.mit.edu FTP site. The file C&H-TC.ZIP is being downloaded.
Smart Fax/Modem
with 4MO Flash~
" The Mobile Computing Experts':
1 -800-MPLANET
.de). This page shows that the fonts
that come with HV also include
"foreign" characters. Graphics
mode and Latin-l fonts ensure that
HV can correctly display pages in
German, French, Swedish, etc. an important point, especially for
HP OmniGo 700LX users.
WWW/LX limitations
A few weeks ago, many people
would not have thought that a
Palmtop Web browser was at all
possible - certainly not one that
could fit on the C drive of a 1001
200LX and run from System
Manager. But as nice as it is to have
a Palmtop Web browser, one needs
to keep things in perspective when
comparing the performance of
WWW ILX with the latest desktop
Web browsers. Current desktop
computers are more powerful than
the Palmtop and can run the latest
versons of NetScape and MS
Internet Explorer that have features
download CH-TC.ZIP I entered the
ftp:/ I eddie.mit.edul pub Ihp9Slx
IhplOOlxl c&h-tc.zip
Of course, user-friendly Web pages
simply contain links to files that
you can download via FTP, so that
you don't have to type all this in.
The second screen from the top
of this page shows how WWW ILX
displays Web pages with embedded graphics. This particular page
is the "Tips and Tricks" section of
Shier Systems Web site . The tip
describes the use of the undocumented icon editor on the
Palmtop's 0 drive. Check out Shier
System's "Tips and Tricks" department at http://www.shier.com/
tips.htm for more on this.
The screen at the to the right
displays a page from an article in
the German magazine "Oer
Spiegel" (at http://www.spiegel
This is an example of the editing screen with an icon loaded.
Notice that the details which give a "3-D" appearance in the normal size view are hard to see in the
larger view of the icon. This illustrates the artistic talents needed to design a good icon for the
''Tips and Tricks" section of Shier Systems Web site, displaying a graphics abd text in one screen.
Cyberyeld in der Kosse
Softwarefirmen und Banken kiimpfen um die Vormacht im elektronischen Zahlungsverkehr der
Zukunft. Neue VerschlUsselungssysteme sollen dem /(unden die I'Ingst vor Computerdieben nehmen,
Rechnungen werden virtuell bezah/t. Die Wiihrungshiiter sind skeptisch: Ungedecktes Digitalgeld konnte
die Wirtschaft durcheinanderbringen,
Schwarze Kabel baumeln von der Decke, Die nackten Boden kleidet schlichter Zement. Wahrend die
unteren Raume des tristen Burogebaudes nahe Leipzig noch auf das Wirtschaftswunder Ost warten,
residiert in der obersten Etage der Jungunternehmer Josef Bugovics, 24, Der smarte Geschaftsfuhrer der
. ~.'~~~~~~~-~~
Page from the German magazine Der Spiegel, showing how WWW/LX
displays non-English language characters.
not available with WWW /LX.
For example, WWW /LX cannot
do: Java, Javascript, NetScape plugins, ActiveX, VBScript, NetScapespecific extensions like FRAMEs,
etc. WWW /LX cannot display .JPG
graphics (although they can be displayed with an external graphics
viewer) . Finally, HV can display
tables, but uses a fixed layout to
display them. If a Website uses
tables for laying out instead of
using them for tabular data display, switch tables off in HV. The
data will still be displayed, but will
not be formatted as nicely.
These are relatively new developments that are usually specific to the
two competing big players:
NetScape and Internet Explorer.
These programs also require a 32 bit
and/ or Windows 95 or NT platform,
a fast CPU, and lots of memory. It is
not clear which of these desktop
Web browsers will become the standard - the battle continues to rage.
Future directions
WWW /LX is more than the lowlevel work-horse or a Palmtop Web
browser. It's a full-fledged Internet
interface with assorted powerful
application support.
A lot more interesting Internetbased applications are currently in
beta testing, under development,
or being considered for development. Imagine connecting to a
UNIX host computer with TELNET, sending and receiving
Internet e-mail, and reading
Internet newsgroups all on the HP
Palmtop, using an application with
the same friendly interface the
built-in applications have. The
basis for all this is already there, in
WWW /LX. And best of all, you
decide which of these applications
interests you. If you don't need one
of these applications, there's no
need to use up memory or disk
space for it - just don't install it.
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Free Demo Pc Di
• One Hour Learning Curve
• Uses 300K with Max file size from SOK to lMEG.
• Logic NetWorks, Timelines, Resource Histograms
• Critical Path, Milestones, Variable Zoom
• Mouse and keyboard operated for portability
• NEW!
to MS . MPX Files
Inl.. ClA I-IIUII.allln!:l
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Online Web browser for the HP Palmtop.
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C&H·TC.ZIP -Collection of Calvin and
Hobbes topcards. Available on the Internet
FTP site, eddie.mit.edu.
HV2.ZIP - Version 2.0 of the HTML viewer that lets you read WWW documents offline. Available on this issue of The HP
Palmtop Paper ON DISK and CompuServe's HPHAND Forum, library 11.
N103·PT.ZIP - NetTamer suite of common
Internet applications. Shareware. Available
on May/Jun 96 issue of The HP Palmtop
Paper ON DISK and CompuServe's
HPHAND Forum, library 11,
Create and View World Wide Web
Documents on the HP Palmtop
PalEdit and HV (free components of D&A Software's new
WWWjLX) let you create and view HTML documents
from the World Wide Web on your HP Palmtop PC.
By Ed Keefe
In the last 50 years computers have
evolved from the ENIAC (a room
full of vacuum tubes and patch
cords used to calculate artillery trajectories in WWII) to the 486 PC sitting on my desk. The raw power of
existing desktop computers is massive compared to the power of the
ENIAC. However, even that power
will be dwarfed as computers
around the world are networked
into Internet's World Wide Web.
The World Wide Web
Previous articles in the May Ilune
96 issue described the Internet and
the World Wide Web. Internet is
nothing more than millions of computers around the world connected
via phone lines, using a common
communications protocol. The
World Wide Web is comprised of
all those computers connected via
Internet and exchanging information using "hypertext" documents.
These documents can include text,
graphics, animation, and even
sounds. They also include hypertext "links" which let you quickly
access information located in other
documents on the Web.
For example, you might be
using a "Web browser" program
on your desktop PC to read a
hypertext document about the HP
Palmtop. In the document you see
the word "publications" bolded or
in a different color, indicating that
the word is a hypertext link. You
use your mouse to point to and
click on "publications." The HP
Palmtop Paper Web page appears on
your screen, describing the publication.
Documents on the Internet's
World Wide Web all use a technology known as HyperText Markup
Language. HTML is a technology
in progress. It's only been around
for a few years but it's already in
its third revision, HTML-3. The
technology started as a simple way
to send text from one computer
platform and have it interpreted on
any other platform. It has evolved
into a medium that can send not
only text but pictures, sounds, and
animation. The advance in HTML
technology has encouraged the
development of a spate of tools to
work with the technology .
Foremost among these tools are
Web editors and Web browsers.
Web editors let the developer create HTML documents . Web
browsers let others view these documents.
Creating HTML documents
with a Web editor
There are a dozen or so Web editors
available for a desktop PC, as shareware or commercial software. A
good Web editor will cost you
about $50 to $150. If you don't have
a Web editor, you can use a text editor to create HTML documents. The
advantage to using a Web editor is
that it contains macros, hot keys,
Ed Keefe is an author, programmer, computer science
instructor, and long-time contributor to support publications for HP computers. He is also the president of the
FastAid Company, 314 S.W. Logan, Ankeny, IA 50021,
U.s.A. Ed's CompuServe ID is [75300,3667].
2:28 PM
<TITLE> Projecl Manage~enl: How To</TITLE>
<hl><cenler>How To Creale An HTML Docu~enl</cenler></hl>
<p>Docu~enls on lhe Inlernel's <slrong>World Wide
I eb</slrong>
all use a lechnology known as <e~>HyperTexl
,M arkup Language</e~>. HTML is a lechnology <e~>in
Il's only been around for a few years bul
lil ' s already in ils lhird revision. HTML-3 . The lechnology
,s larled as a si~ple way lo send lexl fro~ one co~puler
'plalfor~ and have il inlerpreled on any olher plalfor~. Il
Sample HTML document as displayed by the built-in Memo program. Note that
you see the text and the HTML '1ags" in the document.
and tool bars that make it easier to
embed special HTML tags in the
text. These tags specify the size of
text, the display font to be used, that
a word is a link, and more. You can
get a list of the HTML code and
enter these tags manually using
almost any word processing program. However, you can count on
doing a lot of extra typing and making a lot more mistakes.
Whether you use a Web editor
or a word processor, you begin an
HTML document by typing in your
text or importing text from another
source. You then use the Web editor's tools to format the document,
in much the same way you format
a document with a word processor
or desktop publishing program.
The above screen shows the
loaded into Memo. You can read
the text and even see the Hypertext
Markup tags, but to see how the
document looks on the Web, you
need to view it with a Web browser
(also called a Web reader).
There are about half a dozen
Web browsers on the market. The
most popular is Netscape's
Navigator. It sells for around $50.
Microsoft is giving away their new
Internet Explorer browser in an
attempt to knock Navigator out of
first place.
PalEdit for the HP Palmtop
There are currently no Web editors
for the HP Palmtop. However,
there are several good text editors
that you can use, including the
built-in Memo program, VDE ii ,
TSE(Jr), Freyja ii, and a newer program called PalEdit ii .
PalEd it was developed by
Andreas Garzotto, who has previously given HP Palmtop users his
HV ii (Hypertext Viewer) program.
Andreas is the author of WWW /LX,
reviewed on page 12. HV and PalEdit are components of WWW /LX.
Andreas used the Palmtop
Application Library (PAL) to give
PalEdit the look and feel of the
Palmtop's built-in applications.
Everything about this editor is "just
right," including the price: it's free.
At the top of the next page are
two screen shots of PalEdit. The first
one shows the opening screen. If you
start PalEdit (PE) without specifying a
file name, it will display a "pick-list"
from which you can load anyone of
10 files that you may have been working on previously. The second screen
shows PalEdit with the PalEdit
readme file (PE.DOC) loaded.
PalEd it has many features that
will let you work on text documents, HTML documents and computer programming code. Here are
a few of PalEdit's features:
Files are not limited in size
Several files may be open at the
same time
Two clipboards available for cutting and pasting
~&-------4II"------Trllnsfer lind trllnslllte dlltll in one steP
Direct, one·step transfer and translation between your UP Palmtop and supported
software applications.
tI Reconcile dlltll conflicts
Intellilink reads and compares data at the field level, identifying conflicts. You then
specify the action to be taken: Add, Ignore, Notify, Replace, Update. Items can even be
modified directly on the screen during transfer.
tI Specify eXllctly whllt dlltll to send lind where
Use cnstom field maps and illters to cnstomize your transfer. Transfer only the data you need; ignore what
doesn't need to be updated
Supported Applications
Am for Windows I.l/2.x
Advantage 1.0
CaJANdar 2.5513.11
Commence 2.x
Day·TllOer Organizer 2.x
ECCO 1.x/2.x/3.x
Excel 5.0/7.0
Lotus Organizer 1.x/2.1
Schedulet 1.0/7.0
Now Up-to·Date
PackRat 4.V5.0
Paradox 3.5/4.0/5.0
Sidekick 2,0 for OOS
Word for Windows 6.0/7.0
Sidekick for Wmdows 1.0/2,0/95 Wordperfect for Windows 6.0
IntelliLinkfor Windows - $99.95
"Using IntelliLink forfile transfer between the Palmtop and desktop works like a charm."
The HP Palmtop Paper, Nov/Dec 1995
"Intel/iLink is the oilly solutioll for keeping network·based scheduling and cOlltact
information ~)lnchrollized wi/b your PDA. " PC Week, April 17.1995
eaU to order today!
IntelliLink w/HP serial cable - $124.95
One Tara Blvd., Suite 210
Nashua, NH 03062
Ruus OIl 117indows 95
All company and product names are trademarks of (beir respective compan.ies.
Features listed bere are COITect allime qfpress but subject to change without notice.
Intelli Link·Corp.
Tel: (603) 888-0666
Fax: (603) 888-9817
REVIEWS: Creat/view WWW Documents
#M':Gg •••• ;N6 M
almost a year. Recently HV has
been upgraded to make it conform
more closely with the current
HTML standards . It still works
well on the HP Palmtop and makes
it easy to use your pocket PC as an
Internet off-line reader. (Note that
a commercial on-line version which
uses HV is now available. See the
review of WWW/LX, page 12 of
this issue, for more information.)
You can use a desktop Web
browser or WWW /LX on your
Palmtop to capture text and pictures
from any number of Web sites. Once
the files are on the Palmtop you can
take them with you and use HV to
read at spare moments.
Since most of the documents on
the World Wide Web contain
graphics designed for machines
with 640 X 480 VGA color monitors, the HP Palmtop will always
have trouble displaying these high
resolution graphics. HV lets you
turn off the graphics display and
speed up the reception and display
of text. Alternatively you can use
an external graphics interpreter
such as PICEM i j to display those
graphics that HV can't handle.
ri¥'W··· ..... iIiM B Q'.
This is a freeware product by
D&A Sof'tware,
our other products!
PalEdit opening screen displaying a "pick-list" that lets you select
the document you want to load.
U.·t!QI#I~ • .i:w;m
I E~IEdit-i;-a Simple text editor written ~sing PAL (Palmtop
~pplication Library).
Its look and feel IS very simi lar to
It he HP100LX/200LX bui It-in Memo application . •
D&A Software Inc.
21755 Ventura Blvd .• Suite 442
Woodland Hi lis. CA 91364. USA
Phone: (B05) 371-9391
(B05) 371-9454
Email: 75561.633~CompuServe.com
1ImII!II _ _
DalEdit is coPYrighted freeware provided by
PalEdit with document loaded.
Fast search and replace feature
Keyboard macros
Emacs keyboard compatibility
Memo keyboard compatibility
Connects to program compilers
Handles many DOS "filters"
Send and receive mail with
WWW /LX (see review, page 12).
PalEdit has a very useful search function. Like the built-in Memo program, you press [!!J to access it. But
unlike Memo, all you do is start typing the word you're looking for.
PalEdit does an incremental search,
hopping to the most likely word as
you type. You usually find the word
by the time you've typed in the first
three or four letters.
As with the Palmtop's built-in
programs, you press ~ to access
PalEdit's Help screen. It is not context-sensitive like the Palmtop's
Help feature. However, the help file
is an ASCII text file that can be
modified. I like this because it lets
me add the code references for the
HTML tags to the file and have
them available at the press of the Fl
(Help) key. In addition, I use
PalEdit's keyboard macro feature to
automate the insertion of HTML
tags into a document. I have macros
for the tags I use most often. When I
want to insert the tag, I just press
the macro key. The rest is automatic, just like a Web editor.
Create your own HTML
development environment with
PalEd It and Hypertext Viewer
HV ij lets Palmtop users
view hypertext documents
You can install PE as the editor of
choice in the HV configuration file.
Then, you can run HV and view an
HTML document. When you want
to switch from viewing to editing,
The other side of the HTML coin is
a Web reader. Palmtop users have
had their own Web reader, HV, for
Project /VIana gement On The HP Palmtop
Solutions for a Small Business
Ed Keefe
About This Document
If 1ImII!IIEmm.~....:iDI ~--~ ~~
The opening screen the HTML viewer HV, showing the first page of an HTML
document titled "Project Management on The HP Palmtop."
Add a Printer Port
to your HP
The capabilities of the HP-Palmtop are now expanded by
using Quatech's SPP-lOO ParaJlellEnhanced Parallel Port
PCMCIA card. The SPP-lOO adds a new dimension for
Palmtop users by adding not only ffiM PC parallel port
capabilities, but also providing hardware support for the
ffiEE 1284 bidirectional EPP standard. Besides printer applications, the SPP-lOO offers users a needed
interface to popular external storage tape drive units.
This Type ncard includes a cable which features a standard DSUB-25 for easy connection to external
peripherals. A client driver and an enabler program are also provided for customer configuration and
use. The SPP-tOO is FCC and CE certified and can be pW'Chased directly from Quatech or through its
network of international distributors. For further information call 800-553-1170 or 330-434-3154.
demands a lot of software and
hardware. I've tried to give you
some idea of what works and what
Producing an HTML document
is also very time-consuming and
demands a good feel for using text
and pictures to communicate an
idea. Also, I'm not so sure that
HTML and the World Wide Web
are the great communication medium they are made out to be in the
press. They may develop into
something unique and powerful or
they may go the way of the CB
radio. Time will tell.
mentioned in this article
From Application to Solution
just press ~ (Edit) key and PalEdit
will automatically load the source
document and let you make additions or corrections. When you've
finished editing just quit PalEd it
and you'll return to HV where you
can immediately view the results.
It's all very slick.
Producing pictures
on the Palmtop and desktop
One of the trickier tasks in creating
an HTML document is getting
graphics that look good. The task
becomes even trickier when you're
dealing with two different platforms: a high-speed desktop with
SVGA monitor and a low-speed
Palmtop with CGA grey-scale display. To do the job, you need a
number of tools on both the desktop and the HP Palmtop.
I use a graphics capture program called GEMCAP IH to create
640 X 200 pixel graphic images that
display properly on the Palmtop's
screen . GEMCAP captures a
Palmtop screen and stores it in
Ventura Publisher's .IMG graphics
format. I use another shareware
program called Graphics Work-
shop (DOS version GR43.ZIP) to
convert .IMG files to .GIF and .EXE
files. The older versions of this program work on the Palmtop and let
you create self-displaying files as
well as reverse image GIF files. The
reverse image files are needed if
you plan to view the pictures on a
desktop computer.
Finally, you'll need a good
graphics program on your desktop
PC to modify or fix .GIF files. I use
Paint Shop Pro to "tweak" .GIF
files that have been created on the
Palmtop. I have occasional problems with .GIF files. The external
graphics display program PICEM
displays .GIF files properly on the
Palmtop. However, the same program sometimes causes my desktop PC to crash when displaying
the .GIF. If you load the "bad" .GIF
file into Paint Shop Pro and then
save it back to disk, the problem
goes away.
Freyja - Text editor for the HP Palmtop.
Freeware. Available on Mar/Apr 94 issue of
The HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK and
CompuServe's HPHAND Forum, library 7.
GEMCAP - Captures screen graphics in
.IMG graphics format. Available on Nov/Dec
94 issue of The HP Palmtop Paper ON
DISK and CompuServe's PCUTIL Forum,
library 3.
GR43 - Converts graphics files between
different formats. Available on CompuServe's UKSHARE Forum, library 17.
HV2.ZIP- View HTML formatted documents off line on the HP Palmtop. Available
on this issue of The HP Palmtop Paper ON
DISK and CompuServe's HPHAND Forum,
PalEdit - Text editor with look and feel of
the Palmtop's built-in applications.
Freeware. Available on this issue of The HP
Palmtop Paper ON DISK and on CompuServe's HPHAND Forum, library 11.
PICEM Displays .GIF graphic files.
Available on the JullAug 94 issue and
CompuServe's IBMNEW Forum, library 5.
TSE(Jr) - Text editor. Available on
CompuServe's PCTECH Forum, library16.
Time will tell
Creating HTML documents is not
something to be undertaken lightly. The current "state-of-the-art"
VOE - Small , powerful text editor.
Shareware. Available on Best Tips 96 ON
DISK and CompuServe's HPHAND Forum,
library 7.
Find it Fast
.......... with Flexpad
Replace most of your built-in applications
with a surprisingly flexible text editor.
The Only View
The View feature lets me quickly
look at different data I've collected.
For example, I can use the "Only
View" feature to display each line
of a text file containing a specific
word or phrase. I have a text file
containing contact information (i.e.,
names, addresses and phone numbers - data normally held in HP's
Phone database). If I use Only
View to search for "adams" I get a
screen similar to the one at the top
of the next column, showing all the
Adams in my file.
Note that the text searched on
is displayed in the upper left cor-
associate Phone Book entries with
the category "Restaurant" and create a Subset that will let you display only the Restaurants in your
Phone Book.
You can do a similar thing with
Flexpad's Only View and its Label
feature. Let's first look at the solution using Only View. Say I have
contact information for restaurants
listed in the text file I described
above. Somewhere in each restaurant listing, I might type '*rt' to signify that this is a restaurant listing.
The entries might look like this:
Leo's Deli
123 Elm St.
Los Angeles, CA 90024
By Ralph Alvy
For the past few weeks I haven't
been using my Palmtop's Appointment Book, Phone Book, Database,
Notetaker, and Memo. In fact, I've
stopped using one of my favorite
third-party software programs,
MicroLogic's InfoSelect. The new
object of my affections is Flexpad !HI,
a surprisingly flexible text editor
authored by Paul Kramer.
Flexpad provides fundamental
text operations, including edits,
searches, and cuts-and-pastes. But
Flexpad's unique flexibility and
power comes from its Views and
Labels features.
4125196 9:23 po
1. ' - = - - - - " - - - - - - - - - - ; , : 1 7 11-
~:el Ad ..,
".rilyn Ad...
Sally Ada",
Flexpad's "Only View' showing all the Adams in
the Flexpad file. Highlight bar rests on the first
match (visible on Palmtop, but not on this graphic).
*rt Art's Seafood Cafe
Santa Monica, CA 90403
I could then do an Only View
search on '*rt' to get a display like
the this:
Only: ""t
nero A highlight bar rests on the
first match (Daniel Adams). I can
use the Arrow Keys to move the
highlight bar to any match. When I
press IENTER I, Flexpad displays the
entire text file in Text View and
puts the cursor on the line I selected in the Only View. So if I selected
Daniel Adams and pressed IENTERI,
Flexpad would take me to the section of my text file with that line,
allowing me to review or edit my
contact information on Daniel.
The Palmtop's built-in Phone
Book and Database program let
you specify categories for each
entry, to help you narrow down
searches. For example, you can
ILeo', Deli
""t •
r<rt Art', Seafood Cafe
An OnlyView search on *rt displays a list
of the restaurants in the file.
As in the previous example, I can
highlight either entry and press
I ENTER 1 to get additional contact
information. Note that it doesn't
matter where '*rt' occurs on any
given line. Since a Flexpad file can
be as large as available memory
can accommodate, it can be quite
large, allowing a single file to
house all my Phone, Database, and
Notetaker data.
Ralph AIvy is a chiropractor in Santa Monica, California. When not treating
patients (or scheduling them with his HP 200LX), he's helping DataPerfect
application developers with their relational database problems in his role as
a CompuServe Sysop at WordPerfect Users Forum (WPUSERS),
CompuServe ID: 71333,2075 . Ralph also frequents CompuServe's HP
Handhelds Forum.
Other Views use Labels
to organize your data
One way Flexpad helps organize
your data is by letting you assign
one or more "Labels" to a specific
block of text. For example, you
could assign the Category Label
"HOME" to a paragraph that
describes your plans to remodel
your living room. You can then
View all entries with the "HOME"
Label attached.
Flexpad provides a number of
Label options to let you view your
data in different ways. You can create a number of different "Category Labels" to view data related
to, say, HOME projects, WORK
projects, FUN things to do, etc .
"Section Labels" mark the start of a
new subject in the file . You can
place a "Bookmark Label" anywhere in a text file and jump back
to it quickly.
As with the above Only View
example, once you've located and
highlighted the labeled text, you
can press IENTER I to view the text
associated with the label. Unlike
the Only View, however, only the
text to the right of the label is displayed. This means that you
should place the Label at the beginning of the text you want associated with it.
Time specific Labels let Flexpad
replace Appointment Book
Flexpad lets me insert time specific
Labels in a text file, providing an
easy way to track appointments
and Todos. For example, I pressed
1m to go to the Insert Label menu:
To enter an appointment I select
Day from the menu . I can also
select Todo or a number of other
ay Eve,yoday Interval "onthly(day) nonthly(Position) Todo
tesory Bool<nark Section
Flexpad's Insert Label menu.
options. When I select Day I get
this dialog box with Flexpad's current date filled in as its default:
ext Day llee~ w"Xsrid "on!h ."'Nthsrid nonthGraph Only
ections pH..,eu oU.rdu. PrlOllty Catesory B"marJcs All
Access Flexpad's Views options menu
and select Day to get a sorted view
of day's appointments.
Date: (Thu) 4/25/96
Alat'n: Off
Flexpad's Appointment dialog box lets you
select the Date. Time. and Alarm status
for your appointment.
If I really wanted a Todo, but chose
Day by mistake, I can press I!!I at
this stage to convert the Appt dialogue to a Todo dialogue, with its
Priority field filled in with whatever I've configured as my default
Date: (T~) 4/25/96
Pt'iot'it.Y: 9
L-------:F3 :Appt--F10:Save
Flexpad's ToDo dialog box lets you
select the Date. Priority, and completion
status for your Todo.
After filling in the Time and Alarm
information, I press It!!!] and insert
a description of the appointment.
After inserting a few Appt and
Todo Labels in the file, along with
their text descriptions, I might have
something like this in Text View:
4/25/96 9:00a-9:30aTalk with Sue
4/25/96 9:30a-1 O:OOaMeet with Jim
T :4/29/96 P: 1 Call about Santa
Barbara vacation
• 4/24/96 9:00a-9:30aConference call
with Jack
• 4/24/96 8:30a-9:00aStaff meeting
• T :4/25/96 P:1 Arrange Hapkido
class for Jason
Note that some of the above entries
are appointments and some are
Todos, and that they're just in the
order I entered them. I use Flexpad's Views option to sort them
into a useful order. First I press I!!I
to call up the Views menu (top of
next column).
As you can see in the above
menu, there are a number of different views available. If I choose Day
(for Day View), I get a sorted display of date-labeled lines for the
date Flexpad is set for. Normally
this is the current date, but you can
change this (described below). The
display will look something like
hu Apr 25, 1996
4125/96 6:25 an
9:88a 9:38a Staff .. etins
18:311a 11:311a Call Jin Saooe1s
1:88p 1:38p lleet with Sally Ad...
1:38p 3:88p Lunch with Stan Allen
3:88p 3:38p Orsanize "onday's asenda
14:88p 5:38p G~ll doctor fo, physical ex.. appt
Head book on lIl'itins styles
Arranse dinn .. with S~. Linsky.
Pind a neu lunch neetlng locatIon
Buy neu suit
Uash car
Flexpad's "Day View" screen, shows current
day's appointments ordered by time and
Todos ordered by priority.
In the above Day View screen, the
date of the appointments and
Todos is displayed in the upper left
corner, above its week number.
The system date (i.e., the current
date), time, and week number are
displayed in the top right of the
screen . Then come the appointments for the selected date, sorted
by time, followed by incomplete
Todos for that date or earlier, sorted by priority. Hitting ~ hoists the
first Todo to the top of the screen,
and hitt~ng ~ again hoists the first
appointment to the top (similar to
toggling between ~ and !F lo l in
I can move to the next or preVIous date in Day View by pressing Q]
or O. I can go to the next or previous
week with Right or Left Arrow.
Similar conventions hold in weekly
and monthly Views. In all Views,
pressing ~ prompts me to "Go~o
date?" At that point, I can enter a different date or hit ~ again to see a
pop-up calendar (like the one you see
REVIEWS: Flexpad
when you press ~ in HP's
Appoinhnent Book). From here I can
move the cursor with the ArrowKeys
to select the desired date.
Whenever I press ~ and am
prompted for a date, I have yet
another powerful choice. I can
enter a one- or two-digit numerical
string for the next occurrence of a
numbered date. For example, I
would enter '21' for the next occurrence of the 21st of a month. I can
also enter a two-character string for
the next occurrence of a given day.
For example, I would enter 'mo' for
Monday), 'to' or 't' for today's date,
'y' for yesterday's date, or 'tm' for
tomorrow's date. Press IENTERI and
that day's appointments and Todos
are displayed.
Flexpad allows data to be
viewed by the week, month, and
other ways - but so does HP's
Appointment Book application.
Let's see what Flexpad offers that
Appoinhnent Book doesn't.
Let's say I see today's schedule
shown in the previous screen, and
want to call Sally Adams before
our 1:00 p.m. meeting. Using the
Palmtop's built-in applications, I
would have to switch to Phone
Book to look up Sally's phone
number. With Flexpad I simply do
an Only View on 'sally adams' to
get the following display:
Kail Sally Adalils final check
l8p !teet with Sally A!lalils
Flexpad's Only View displaying entries
associated with "Sally Adams."
The above Only View shows all
lines in the text file that contain
'sally adams'. The. next to the
first two lines in the above graphic
indicates that a Label is attached to
the text, as opposed to plain text.
The first line displayed a completed Todo (a Todo Label with the
date 3/21/96 in its Done date field,
followed by plain text describing
the Todo) . The second is the
appointment for the upcoming
meeting (an Appt Label followed
by the date and time of the
appointment, followed by a plain
text describing the appointment).
The third has no Label, composed
entirely of plain text, and is the first
line of my entry for Sally Adams
and her personal information. The
fourth also has no Label, again
entirely plain text, and is about a
different person altogether. I move
the highlight bar to the third entry
and press IENTERI. Flexpad now displays this in Text View:
I want to thank the people who
referred new patients to me. I
always put '*np' on the line that
contains a new patient's first visit. I
do an Only View on '*np' to displaya list of new patients. I then
do another Only View, this time on
that patient's last name, to find my
official entry of their personal
information in my file. There I'll
find the name of the person who
referred them. One more Only
View will take me to that referral
source's phone number.
Weekly and Monthly views
help further to manage time
Flexpad displaying Sally Adams
contact information.
While talking to Sally, she asks me
about a check I was supposed to
send her. I press [!!) to return to the
Previous View (which brings up the
Only View on 'sally adams') and
note the date associated with the
first entry (Le., the completed Todo
telling me to send the check). She
asks to change the time of our meeting, so I press I!!J (Day) to return to
the Day View and see if there's an
alternative time to meet her today.
The Weekly Grid View can be
used, as it is below, to get an
overview of the schedule for the
week. I use it to see where new
patients are this week (*NP* indicates this), and where further notes
are included (I use ' ...' to indicate
the entry has more than one line in
Text View).
!ton 84/91/96
tue 94/92196
Wed 84/83196
me 04/84/96
12:38p Linda Yokw\
1 :88p Ed Dounel'
1 :38p Ralph Hillllllel'
Pri 84/85/96
Sat 01/06196
1:88p Ellen Ada",s
12:88p Sally Poke
11:. Union Bank
3:88p Gloria SaIllUel 12:1Bp Jackie JhooaJcho
Setut. ...
~ ;~: ~P.~~~~:~~ ~;~:: i~:n~:d~l'u.so 1:88p Hallux
S:89p -HP* Jack Rda ?:3Bp DPUSER Ca-oup
2:08p Tony GoldMR
2:38p Ros Btl2zer
3:_ Lucy Carlb!e
1 : 31tp Joseph Preuer
2 : 311p
MaNId tfoxy
Concert : Robin et
Jbmy Lee
al ...
Jackson Poley Sun 94/B?1!6
ChiU'lie Ho
4:38p AIilY Trouter
Other time management
possibilities using Flexpad
Here are a few other ways I combine the use of the Only View and
Labels, to offer me time management possibilities.
o I'm on the road
and have some
time for some errands. I do an Only
View on '*rd'. (I put '*rd' on any
Todo line referencing an action
requiring being in my car). Flexpad
displays a list of only those Todos.
Flexpad's Weekly Grid View displays
appOintments for the week.
Unlike Appointment Book's
Weekly View, Flexpad's Weekly
Grid View wraps lines when this
won't interfere with other lines on
the same day. Note that it wrapped
on Wednesday and Saturday, but
truncated instead of wrapping on
Monday and Tuesday.
Monthly Graph Views
I have time to return some
phone calls. I put '*cc' on any Todo
line that's a phone call to make. I
do an Only View on '*cc' and go
from there.
The vertical lines in the Monthly
Graph View displayed on the next
page show the time slots that are
filled. The time intervals are set to
No Phones, No Wires Stay In Constant Contad From Anywhere.
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Full installotion in less than 200k of disk space
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Auto installotion program included
Megahertz )(JACK System
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Pop-out telephone connection
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200LX Systems with
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one half hour (the dots between the
hours are the half-hour indicators).
These settings can be changed
using the configuration file option.
The TODAY marker keeps you
aware of today's date. (The block
cursor you see is created by a third
party utility I use.) In the screen
below I moved the cursor down to
the item occupying the 12:00 pm
slot on April 2 to see what's there.
Its contents show up in highlighted
text at the bottom of the screen.
tODaY fllal'lIer - )
96 1234561
1~' 1
cursor - > 12p
cursol' entry _ ) _ i l i l l i 1 i 1 1
Flexpad's Monthly Graph Views give
you a month-at-a-glance look at your
appointment book. Vertical lines
show time slots that are filled.
The 11 symbols at the bottom of the
screen (not shown in the above
view) indicate multiple appointments further down the list. If I
move the cursor to this icon, the
additional appointments are displayed at the bottom of the screen.
Final analysis: The
advantages of Flexpad
Here's a summary list of some of the
advantages I think Flexpad has over
the built-in Appointment Book.
It doesn't automatically save a
file with each edit. I must manually
save by pressing ~. This is an
advantage because it allows me to
exit the program without saving a
file that I have made an error in.
o I noticed my batteries were lasting longer after I switched to
Flexpad. I assume that this is
because the Palmtop is not saving
files after each edit.
Since all data is stored in simple
text files, it's less likely that your
data will get corrupted.
"adams" in them. The Palmtop's
Appointment Book lets me display
data with a common date, or in the
same week or month only. I can do
an F4 search in Appointment Book,
but I don't get the convenient View
mode like I do with Flexpad.
The Flexpad program can be
updated because it's not built into
ROM. Its author is active on
CompuServe's HP Handheld
Forum, developing the product.
o Flexpad is a character-based OOS
application that can run on any Pc. It
can be configured to run on a PC in
80x25 mode, as well as 80x25, 64x16
and 40x16 on an HP 100LX and
200LX, and 40x16 on a 95LX.
Appointment Book runs on PCs only
with Connectivity Pack loaded,
requiring CGA or better display.
It makes it easier to write random notes, to be organized later, in
the same file that houses appointments, phone numbers, etc.
o It makes
I have direct access to raw data
with any text file viewer or editor.
Only inserted Labels appear as
binary junk in a text file viewer.
o Searches are faster, and when
you get used to the different data
entry paradigm, data entry is at
least as fast or faster. This is especially true when you start entering
two-character strings in date fields.
o It allows me to combine data that
would have required separate files
in Appointment, Phone, Database,
Notetaker, and InfoSelect, making
cross references easy and quick.
o Its data files are smaller than the
Palmtop's built-in application files
with the same data.
It allows multiple views of the
data linked by a common character
strings, not just dates. For example, I can display all lines with
it easier to convert any
appointment to a Todo, and vice
versa. This is very convenient
when it comes time to convert a
Todo to a committed date and time
slot, or when I might decide to
postpone an appointment indefinitely, converting it to a Todo.
o Its clipboard allows me to append
as well as overwrite. And, because
its clipboard is file based, I can edit
it, use it to paste text between files
sequentially loaded in Flexpad, or
use it to pass text to and from a file
in a different application.
mentioned in this article
FLEXPAD.ZIP - Flexible text editor that
can be used for memos, appointments,
todos, and more, Adds short-cuts and other
features to Palmtop. Shareware. Available
on this issue of The HP Palmtop Paper ON
DISK and CompuServe's HPHAND Forum,
library 11.
REV I E \flJ
@BASE Adds Database
Horsepower to Lotus 1-2-3
"@BASE" turns the built-in Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet program
into a sophisticated relational database that lets you work
with large dBase III Plus-formatted files.
By Carl Merkle
Have you ever wished you could
work with larger database files on
your HP Palmtop? Do you need
relational database capabilities?
Have you ever created a 1-2-3 database, entered a lot of data in it, and
run out of system memory trying
to open it? If so, read on to learn
about an excellent Lotus "add-in"
program named "@BASE" (pronounced "at base"). There are a
number of add-ins that extend the
utility of 1-2-3. @BASE lets you use
Lotus to work with very large database data files. You work with
database files in the industry standard dBase III Plus format. This
add-in program uses Lotus 1-2-3like menus and is easy to use so
there is no need to learn the cryptic
commands of dBase itself.
In 1-2-3's heyday, prior to the
advent of Windows' spreadsheets,
many people used the Lotus 1-23/@BASE combination for database
purposes. PC Week called @BASE
the "King of 1-2-3 database add-ins"
because of its power, functionality
and ease-of-use. @BASE operates
inside 1-2-3, giving it the power of
stand-alone database programs like
dBase III. Although the add-in ran
well on desktop machines, until
recently @BASE did not run adequately on the Palmtop due to the
way 1-2-3 was setup to run directly
out of the Palmtop's ROM memory.
Recently a "patch" was written to
modify 1-2-3, allowing @BASE to be
fully capable of running on the HP
Palmtop . (Patch included with
Since many of today's most
popular Windows-based spreadsheet and database programs can
read and write dBase III-compatible files, @BASE eliminates the
inconvenient processes of first converting files to the Palmtop's
*.GDB format.
@BASE is a true full-featured
relational database manager with all
the tools you need to build and
maintain large, sophisticated databases. It compares favorably with
powerful stand-alone database programs like dBase or Paradox.
Because @BASE works from within
1-2-3, anyone who knows how to
use 1-2-3 can quickly begin working
with and analyzing data. Because it
works on the Palmtop, users can
start carrying larger databases with
them wherever they go. @BASE is
also useful to 1-2-3-savvy managers
who want to integrate dBase data
into their Lotus spreadsheets.
As a 1-2-3 user, you get the
best of both worlds from @BASE.
1-2-3 gives you the tools for data
analysis and report presentation
while @BASE gives you enormous
data capacity. Since @BASE has the
same "look and feel" as 1-2-3,
you'll adapt to it very quickly.
In a short time you can build a
worksheet with dynamic links to
one or more databases on disk. For
instance, you may be supplied with
a database file of sales data, and
your worksheet might present a
sales recap by region. The next
month, for up-to-date results after
obtaining the new database file,
simply load and recalculate the
worksheet. Fresh database information is automatically supplied
from the link to the disk-based
Carl Merkle is a senior manager with E& Y Kenneth
Leventhal Real Estate Group, a business unit of Ernst &
Young, LLP. He specializes in accounting, auditing and consulting regarding real estate and financial institutions. He
lives in Irvine, California with his wife and three children.
The HP Palmtop is a regular part of their daily activity.
Brains and Brawn:
A Summary of @BASE Features
@BASE is a Lotus "add-in" program that turns 1-2-3 into a powerful relational database that can
work with industry-standard dBase III Plus data files. With @BASE running from within 1-2-3 on
your Palmtop you can do the following, and much more.
o Read, write and modify dBase '" Plus compatible files (also known as *.DBF files) that are up
to 32 megabytes in size.
OBi-directionally transfer data. Instantly transform an on-worksheet database to a dBase-compatible database on disk or instantly transfer data from a dBase '" file to a 1-2-3 worksheet.
Use 1-2-3 as a front end for existing dBase databases. You can also build complicated databases from scratch using 1-2-3 to control database functions with @Base's familiar Lotus 1-2-3like formulas and menus. Use 1-2-3's macro capabilities and @Base's special @functions to create menu-driven databases to guide inexperienced users through data entry or data query tasks,
to format reports, and to implement some of the data-entry controls @BASE lacks.
Set up dynamic links from 1-2-3 to a dBase III file that will update information from the database III file every time a worksheet is recalculated.
form a number of database activities included opening, browsing
and editing (table and record
view), querying, bi-directional data
transfer, and more.
BASEFUNC.ADN is optional, but
with it attached you can use
@BASE's special database @functions discussed further below.
BASEUTL.ADN is also optional,
but with it attached, you can define
and create a .DBF file directly from a
1-2-3 spreadsheet database, import
comma delimited and ASCII text
files, display information about an
@BASE database, and more.
To run @BASE, I usually close all
open applications besides 1-2-3.
However, I have frequently run
@BASE with Memo and Phone
open, attesting to its relatively
small size. Fully installed, the three
attached add-ins take up approximately 90K of RAM on top of the
RAM 1-2-3 normally needs. @BASE
can have more than one database
file open at the same time, with
each file open taking less than 5K
of RAM.
Easily and rapidly cross-tabulate your data either as counts (frequency distributions) or sums
(subtotals) to find trends.
@BASE is menu driven, like 1·2·3
Because of these features, and more, I view @Base as a must-have utility program for any user
of database files that are in a dBase '" format, and all 1-2-3 users with database needs.
If you attached @BASE to a function
key such as I!!), you would "invoke"
o Open and use multiple database files from single 1-2-3 spreadsheet. For example, you might
create a customer order form in 1-2-3 that accesses data from separate customers, products,
and orders database files.
Sort a database alphabetically, numerically or chronologically on as many as 128 fields (1-2-3
only allows you to sort on two fields).
Analyze data in a database to provide fast responses to questions, such as "what sales people in each division earned more than $20,000 in commissions this month?" or "what customers
are in r alifornia?".
Enter and browse database records in "table view" (a one record to a line format similar to a
database in 1-2-3) or '10rm view" where each record occupies an individual screen.
it by pressing I!!!l-i!!] (instead of
·1MENU I) to bring up the @BASE menu.
Easy Installation,
efficient operation
Given its power, @BASE is compact. I keep the following four files
in my C:\_DAT subdirectory:
File name
The three files with the extension
.ADN, are 1-2-3 add-in files and
must be "attached" to 1-2-3 in
order to run. In 1-2-3 you attach a
file by pressing 1Menu I Add -in
Attach. Then use the prompts to
highlight and attach the files you
want. 1-2-3 asks if you want to
assign the add-in to a function key,
such as F7, F8 or F9. Pick one, such
as F7.
BASE.ADN is the main @BASE
program and must be attached to
use any of @BASE's features. With
this attached to 1-2-3 you can per-
(See graphic, top of page 34 for an
example of @BASE's main menu) .
While in an @BASE screen you can
return to 1-2-3 at any time by simply
pressing 1ESC lone or more times.
Just as in 1-2-3, you navigate
@BASE's menu by pressing the first
letter of each menu keyword. Thus
to browse a database in table view,
you'd press f!!!]-~ Data .l!rowse.
The resulting @BASE table view presents the database in row-column
format just like 1-2-3, with the
record numbers indicating the row,
and field names indicating the column (See top of next page).
The first step in querying an @BASE
database is to select from a list, the field
containing the data you want to search on.
In this case, Employee names is selected.
@BASE's Browse screen displays the database file in the row/column
format of a Lotus spreadsheet.
Entering data into a database in
the @BASE table-view mode is similar to entering data in 1-2-3, except
that certain database data-type conventions apply. For example, a label
cannot be entered into a numeric
field. Also, editing an entry in an
@BASE table is the same as editing a
cell in 1-2-3. Hence, you must press
the ~ edit key to do so.
You can also view and enter
data into a database one record at a
time by using the @BASE Data
Form view.
of 20
Partial screen : @BASE Data Form view lets
you view and enter data into the database
one record at a time.
Querying a database Is a breeze
Sophisticated database programs let
you "query" them (ask them for specific information, like the total of a
column of numbers). @BASE
responds to both simple and complex requests and its querying
process is fully menu driven. Using
on-screen prompts and lists, you
select field names, logical operators
(such as = for equals, > for greater
than, etc.), and a value to search for.
@BASE prompts you to correct syntax errors in search criteria, helping
you to reduce logical errors.
Compared to the complicated
method required to query a 1-2-3
spreadsheet, users who like simplicity and power will appreciate
@BASE's query method since
extremely complex criterion can be
specified very easily. A time-saving
feature is that complex criterion
prompts can be saved in a cell in a
1-2-3 worksheet and can be retrieved for use at any time.
Specifying a criteria to query
(or filter) a database in @BASE
involves walking through a series
of screen prompts and lists, as
shown by the series of screens in
the next column . The process
includes a first screen, which asks
you to select the field containing
the data you want to query on from
a list. The second screen from the
top presents a list of filtering operators (i.e., equal to, not equal to,
greater than, less than, etc.) . The
third screen asks you to specify the
filtering value, and the forth screen
asks if you are finished specifying
filters or if you want to create a
compound filter using logical
and/ or operators.
Bi-clirectional data transfer
One of @BASE's menu selections
allows for bi-directional transfer of
data between an existing database
file and 1-2-3 worksheets. Records
to be transferred can be the entire
database or selected records based
on criteria you specify. Capabilities
of this menu selection include:
(Greater than)
(Greater than or eQual)
(Less than)
(Less than or eQual )
The next query screen presents a list of
logical operators to filter the list. In this
case, "Equal" is selected.
Enter value: Gary_
The next screen asks you to specify the
filtering value. In this case, we are
looking for an employee named "Gary."
EMPL , "Gary"
The fourth screen asks if you are finished
specifying filtering values or if you want
to create a compound filter.
o Import -
which copies selected
records from the database file to
the 1-2-3 worksheet. Import can be
requested for all fields, selected
fields, or can be based on field
name labels that you have already
specified in the worksheet. See the
graphic at the top of the next page
for an example of data transferred
into the active worksheet based
upon the criteria specified in the
example above. Notice also that
the criteria was saved in cell B1.)
o Export -
which copies records
from the 1-2-3 worksheet to the
database file. Export can create new
records (if no record number is specified), or write over the existing
database file by identifying the
record number and field name asso-
4MB Upgrade
Attention 200LX users you can
increase your internal RAM to a total
of 5MBs. Some newer machines can
actually achieve 6MBs.
Free up the PCMCIA slot for
modem or other use!
01:22 PI1
4MB TechRAM & TechSpeed Kits ..... $314
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Shipping not included
Visa & Mastercard Accepted
The Import feature copies selected records from a database file to a Lotus spreadsheet. Notice in
this example that it includes only records where EMPL=Gary, since criteria had been
established through the criteria prompt screen.
dated with the data to be exported.
Label-Import - which copies
field names from the database file
to the 1-2-3 worksheet. You can
specify any order for these field
names to appear in the worksheet.
o Copy -
which copies selected
records from one database file to
create another database file as a
subset of the original.
The @BASE utility program (BASE
UTL.ADN) goes a step further with
data transfer by actually allowing
you to create a database file using a
spreadsheet database. This means
it will guess how to write a *.DBF
file specifying the field type (i.e.,
Character, Numeric, Logical and
Date), field length, and decimal
places for numeric fields, then. ask
you to confirm its guess, and fmally it creates a *.DBF file.
I have used @BASE's bi-directional data transfer capabilities
many times when trying to analyze
and clean up downloaded corporate databases. It is excellent.
tions with multiple fields which are
not possible to perform in 1-2-3.
@BASE lets you cross-tabulate
your data either as counts (frequency distributions) or sums
(subtotals). You might, for example, have an employee database
that contains the following three
fields: Salary, Gender and Department. A cross-tab operation could
easily identify the number of male
and female employees in each
department or create a table showing the total salary expense for
each department. You can do the
same thing in 1-2-3 with a combination of database statistical functions and the Data Table command,
but @BASE's method is significantly less complicated and far less
time consuming. All cross tabulations appear as results in the active
worksheet (see graphic at the bottom of this page).
day palmtop warranty (Physical
damage excluded, U.S. Only)
Check out our web page for more
details and latest prices.
Quantity discounts available.
Sorry 95LX users no memory upgrade options are
available at this time.The use of the upgrade kIts
will void your HP warranty.
Cross Tabulations
Times2 Tech
105 Maple Street· Maylene,Ai 35114
Email: [email protected]
- Web: hup://www.bhm.tis.net/-mack
Phone: 205-62()'1408
Fax: 205-62().5205
European dealer Rundel Datentechnik
Asian dealer TImes2 AsiaPac Technologies
@BASE's cross-tabulation feature is very powerful, and it works
well. I still prefer to use it on desk top
machines over other programs which
also have cross-tabulation features,
such as Paradox, Access, Approach,
or Excel. In my view, @BASE's crosstabulation feature is so good it is
worth the price of the program alone.
In the May /June 96 issue beginning on page 47, I covered the
process of how to create a crosstabulation calculation of a sales
database in 1-2-3. That was an
advanced article. @BASE distills all
that effort into just a few simple
keystrokes. Furthermore, it can easily do more complex cross tabula-
I year parts, 30 day money back guarantee, 90
01:26 PI1
@BASE cross-tabulation feature. This example displays the cross-tabulation of a da~abase
tracking sales for three representatives (Frank, Gary and Sally). The d~tabase ~s
cross-tabulated by Customer (displayed in column A) and Employee (displayed In
columns B, C, and 0 ). Sales figures are displayed below employee names.
Special @functions
increase your power
@BASE's functions are like their dBase
counterparts and allow you to specify precisely the scope of your search. If criteria
have been specified through the prompts,
then @BASE returns the results of the
specified subset of the database, otherwise,
most formulas also allow you to specify criteria in the formula.
The following are some of the special
database @functions that can be used if
BASEFUNC.ADN is attached.
@dbavg - returns the average value of a
specified field for all the records in the database file.
@dbclose - closes specified database file.
@dbcnt - returns the number of records
in a database file.
@dbfirst - returns the record number of
the first record found in a specified database file that meets the active and/or
optional criteria.
Excellent Manual
The manual accompanying @BASE
is very well written and user
friendly. It contains two major sections. One section contains tutorials
that can help you quickly grasp the
concepts and be up and running in
a relatively short time. The other
major section is reference material
for @BASE's menu and @functions.
Additionally, @BASE comes with a
few sample files that can further
your understanding of the possibilities of the program.
@BASE is well suited for the
Palmtop since it further expands
the Palmtop's use as a portable reference companion using industry
standard file formats. @BASE is
also a good alternative as a
portable data gathering tool.
@dbfld - returns the contents of a specified field contained in a specified record
Pricing and Contact
Information for products
mentioned in this article
All prices are manufacturer's suggested
retail price. It may be possible to purchase
the product for less at third-party vendors.
@BASE - $89.95
@BASE was originally published by
Personics which is now owned by Data
Watch Corporation. @BASE normally
retails for $195. However, Data Watch
Corporation has discounted this price to
$89.95 for readers of The HP Palmtop
Paper and members of CompuServe's
@BASE Option Pack - $44.95
The @BASE Option Pack which normally
retails for $99 has been discounted to
$44.95. The Option Pack adds the ability to
have indexes, joins databases and has calculated fields with @BASE.
Contact: Linda Lammi @ Data Watch,
Phone: 508-988-9700 ext 552,' Fax: 508988-2040 for order information, or write to
Data Watch, 234 8a//ardvale Street,
Wilmington, MA 01887, USA.
@dbisact - returns a 1 if a specified
record is not marked for deletion and meets
the active and/or optional criteria.
Otherwise returns a O.
@dbisdel- retums a 1 if specified record is
marked for deletion. Otherwise retums a O.
@dbisna - returns a 1 if a field of a specified record has no value. If the field does
have a value, the function returns a O.
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• Elminates the need to constcIdIy check
phone messages, voice I11IIIII1II even ...mad
to keep in touch
@dbmax - returns the largest value in a
specified field.
@dbmin - returns the minimum value in a
specified field.
@dbnext - returns the record number of
the next record in the database matching
the active and/or optional criteria.
@dbopen - opens a database file.
@dbrecs - returns the total number of
records in the database file.
@dbsum - returns the sum of the values
in a specified field.
@dbupd - replaces the contents of a
specified field and record with a specified
For more details on
ZAP-it two-way
wireless messaging
ZAP-it is a trademark of DTS Wireless. The Megahertz AIiPoints Wireless PC Card is a product of USRobotics.
Managing Time
with Database
This Palmtop user accomplishes her goals and
manages her life with a custom Todo Database
By Joy Sofa Kocar
I became obsessive about time
management when I decided to
start my own technical writing and
consulting company part-time,
while working full-time as an engineer, volunteering at the local cancer institute, studying for a licensing exam, and sandwiching a personal life in there somewhere .
Juggling all my activities really
tested the theory of forced efficiency: the more you have to do, the
more efficient you become to
accomplish it all. Of course having
a loving and supportive spouse
goes a very long way in achieving
a goal. I couldn't have survived it
with just a Palmtop.
Unmanageable paper organizer
Like many Palmtop users, I started
out with a paper organizer. Over
time the organizer got thicker and
heavier, and I got paranoid about
losing the information it contained.
Knowing how important my organizer was to me, my husband
would jokingly suggest that we get
an insurance rider for my organizer. But that would be of little help if
the data was lost. Finally, I decided
to switch to an electronic organizer
so that I could back up ALL my
data. Another problem with a thick
paper organizer is that it's sometimes hard to find the information
you want. Going electronic would
give me the ability to search my
information quickly and organize it
In addition to the paper organizer, I had been keeping prospect
and contact information in spreadsheets and a database on my desktop computer. I wanted to consolidate all that in an electronic phone
book. I also had been collecting a
multitude of other information
important to me, including tips on
how to do certain things and lists
that ranged from reference books
to read, to gift ideas. I wanted to
have that information. with me all
the time.
In short, I wanted a powerful,
ultra-portable personal information
manager with significant internal
memory to store all that information. I wanted it to be expandable
and flexible, and I wanted to avoid
expensive proprietary accessories.
Since I used spreadsheets to store
much of my information, I wanted
a spreadsheet program . I also
wanted to be able to do engineering calculations, track expenses, do
cash flow projections, billable
hours and income linked to estimated taxes . Finally, with the
investment I had made in entering
information on my desktop, I
wanted the electronic organizer to
be able to communicate with the
I didn't think I was asking for
too much, but when I finally started to shop around with my wish
list in hand, I was quickly disappointed . The Sharps and Casios
were toys! After giving up on ever
finding just the right machine, I
stumbled across an EduCALC catalog and discovered this wonderful,
infinitely flexible, and ultraportable machine - the HP
Palmtop. It's one of the best investments I've made and the most used
tool I have.
Life management's
underlying principles
I purchased an HP 200LX and
began inputting the data to see if it
would really fit my lifestyle and
fulfill my needs.
I began using Appointment
Book to track appointments and
ToDos, but quickly found that the
ToDo list was getting large and
unwieldy. I ended up creating a
custom Database not just for my
ToDo list but as a means of "life
management," hence, I named it
My whole time management
scheme revolves around the underlying concept of a master Todo list.
I first learned this technique from
Stephanie Winston's book, The
Organized Executive . The book's
Joy Kocar is President of Integral Solutions, a technical writing company specializing in engineering, scientific, biomechanical and software documentation as well as providing thermal/hydraulic
/mechanical analysis and design services. Joy can be reached by email at [email protected] .com.
main principles relating to time
management are as follows:
1. Record in a master list every
idea, call, project, task as it arises -large or small, minor or important.
2. Review your master list daily
and divide large projects into manageable components.
3. At the beginning of each day, or
at the end of the previous day,
compile a Daily List of the 10 tasks
that you think you can realistically
accomplish, ranked in order of
importance. Try to have at least
one high-payoff activity on your
Daily List.
4. Schedule your high priority
items during the time of day you're
most effective.
At first I was skeptical of the technique working. It seemed that I
would spend more time making
lists than I would save being organized! It took some initial effort
and getting use to, but I've since
become a convert. Having a prioritized master list of the goals you
need to accomplish really helps put
things in perspective.
Prioritizing is definitely the
secret to getting the most important things done. The emphasis is
on important goals and not just the
urgent things to do. When prioritizing ToDos, I quickly go through
the following questions.
a lot of little things to do. You
structure the individual ToDos to
get you to the major goals.
Efficiency is meaningless without
them. When setting goals, I keep in
mind the acronym SMART. The
goal has to be Specific with a positive tone, be Measurable so I know
when I've achieved it, be Action
oriented, be Realistic, and be
Timed with a due date and schedule. They also have to be balanced
and congruent with personal values, in other words, support my
personal mission.
Goals, of course, are flexible
and make up the network of
"roads" that will help anyone get
to where they want to go. The map
that these roads represent is each
person's life mission.
I use the Category field to distinguish the important areas in my
life and use LIFEMGMT's second
"Planning Screen to schedule and
achieve my goals (more on this
I've used this system now for
almost a year, and so it has passed
the test of time and usability.
to enter it and worry about categorizing and prioritizing it later. I created a macro that let me enter the
ToDo description along with a low
priority, D, and Undecided category. I can modify the priority and
category as I enter the ToDo, or
wait till later to look at the whole
and make those decisions. Many
ToDo ideas used to slip between
the cracks. Now I just hit the
macro, enter the ToDo, and think
about it later.
I schedule time to look at the
list and adjust priorities each week.
I keep in mind the "Pareto
Princ;ple" - that 20% of what you
do produces 80 % of the results.
Lots of ToDos don't get done, but
knowing that I have made the
choice to do something else more
important helps to get rid of feelings of guilt about not accomplishing every little ToDo.
Life Management's "Main Screen"
The ToDo data displayed in
LIFEMGMT's individual Data Item
screen is divided up into two
pages: the first page displays the
"Main Screen" and the second page
the "Planning Screen. (Select the
desired ToDo in the All Items
screen and press IENTffi I to go to the
Main Screen. Then press ~­
IDownArrow I to toggle between the
pages.) I spend most of my time in
the Main Screen, and only visit the
Planning Screen when I'm planning a project that has a timeline.
At first blush, my master Database
seemed complicated and daunting.
I'd structured in lots of ways to
organize, categorize and sort the
list. But that required making decisions about each ToDo as I entered
it. I quickly discovered that the best
way to deal with a new ToDo was
Is this Todo going to help me
reach an important goal?
What are the most important
ToDos for me to handle today that
would allow me to call this a successful day?
Dat.a It.el'l(1/2)
~r i
I believe that by taking care of the
important things now, you minimize the effect of urgent ones later.
The most important underlying principle in time management
is to structure major goals, not just
: : : : : : : : : : : : : : .: : : : .: .: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : .: : : : : : : : : : ;
lfIii~!.i1! :: 0 .E;nt.ered :I(,!4.?I~~i:i. ] Dye ,...................................................... -',
0 fone
@ J.at.er
IZl Rea.!!
09/02/96 12 : 15
0 p.c.
0 tlnvl 0 M!:.yv 0 Gbg
0 !ludio
0 .!rHC 0 pgh
!'RE'F'E',R'E'N'C'E'S .............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................,
LlFEMGMT's Main Screen displays the title of the ToDo, Priority, Category and
other organizational information, and part of the Note field .
HOW TO USE: Managing Time with Database
The Main Screen shown below
is divided into the following fields:
~oDo - Contains a brief descriptIon of the activity you want to
complete. I enter a key word followed with a modifier, allowing
me to quickly locate a To Do item
by typing the key word. For example, I entered ToDos for writing a
few articles. The ToDo for this article was entered as "Article, Lifemgmt." An engineering article was
entered as "Article, friction factor."
To quickly jump to these entries, I
start typing" A-r-t-i-c-l-e" until
Database finds the first matching
Priority - I use this field to sort
the most important tasks at the top,
so they get done first. You can use
any alphanumeric value. I use A
(for the highest priority), B, C, and
D (for the lowest one). For the hot
activities I want to complete for the
day or week, I use the numbers 1-9
since Database sorts and display~
numbers before letters. You can
also use a combination of the two.
Alternatively, you can use Stephen
Covey's "Quadrant" classification
system. Covey's Quadrant 1 is
important and urgent tasks/goals.
Quadrant 2 is important but not
urgent. Quadrant 3 is not important but urgent. Quadrant 4 is neither important nor urgent. (For
more on Covey's system, see page
40 of the May /June 94 issue.)
Category - I use the Category entries
to organize ToDos around areas that
are important in my life plan and
goals. The categories I use are:
CAR = career
FIN =finances
FUN =fun stuff
HEA =health
HOM =home and family
MEN =mental/spiritual development
UNO = undecided
I like to add a 3-digit project identifier so I can keep track of related
tasks. For example, all ToDos relating to a specific project, or a specific
I ToDo
, Int.E!rnE!t. ",kt.g
I'lITradE! ",agazinE!s
I'll InsuranCE!
Art.iclE!, LifE!"'21'It.
1 I'll TAl-CHI
09/02/96 12:17
C Cat.E!gory
I Nol Cat.E!sol Fol pcl AU! RE!I Mnl Mrl Gbl Irl pCjt
Fin999 "
HE!a510 "
Ho",210 "
LlFEMGMT ToDo database. All ToDos list view sorted by Category type.
business client might have the category CAR 100. I keep miscellaneous
ToDos related to my career categorized as CAR999. The screen at the
top of the page shows my ToDo list
ordered by Category type.
The previous screen sorted by
Category gives me some kind of
idea of whether or not my life is
balanced. At a glance I notice that
the current list is dominated by
CAR ToDos. My activity is too
career oriented right now, but I'm
starting up a company and that
kind of focus is necessary during
the infancy of any business. I just
need to make sure I interject some
personal goals into the mix, and
aim for more balance in the future.
Entered and Due dates - I use the
Entered date to not only track when
I entered the ToDo, but to determine
a "discard date." If the activity is not
completed by a certain number of
months after the Entered date, I
delete it from the list. The Due date
can be used to prioritize the ToDo
list by urgency. I don't recommend
using this as an exclusive way of prioritizing and selecting action items.
It can lead to a "management by crisis" mode which is more reactive
than proactive.
When - I use the "When" selection or group box to further focus
the ToDo list. When I am prioritizing and organizing a ToDo item,
I'll select "Now" for items I think I
can realistically accomplish within
a specific time frame. All the others
are by default "not-Now." I have a
Subset that displays only the Now
ToDos. The "Later" option is used
when I can defer a "Now" item to
some time in the future.
What - I use these choice boxes to
group similar tasks together, so I
can do them at the same time. For
example, all my phone call To Dos
have the "Fone" checkbox marked.
When I get some time to make
phone calls, I select a Subset that
only displays these ToDos. My
other What options are "Read" (for
reading I need or want to do), "PC"
(for things I have to do on a PC)
and "Audio" (for audio tapes I
want to listen to).
Where/Who - I use these choice
boxes to group ToDos by location,
~epartment, or by the people
~nvolved. For example, if I'm going
mto town, I would look for all the
"Pgh" checks, or, if I worked with
Jane on a project, I would have a
"Jane" check box and could see all
the action items I have with Jane.
Note - Enter any pertinent notes
about the activity. For example if it
is a project, I maintain a dated journal of my activities relating to it.
Life Management's
"Planning Screen"
I understand more and more the
importance of not only setting
long-term goals, but scheduling
them. I created my Life Planning
fields on the Database's second
1."EUR,.1 ••••• ;[ij;.
Dat.a It.el'l(2/2)
The Sched (assigned to Fn+F2)
macro creates a ToDo item, assigns
it a low Priority, and an "undecided" Category.
o Y96
o Feb o
o MOlY o
o Aug o
o Nov o
o YIII!'!
o Y9!! 0 Y9~
o YIIIS 0 Y1111 0 Y1S
LlFEMGMT's second page Planning Screen, used to help
schedule long-term, goal-oriented ToDos.
page, to help with this (see graphic,
top of this page).
I use this page to schedule
large projects for clients, and personal development goals for
I have too many of these
longer term goals/wishes. This
part of my database forces me to be
more realistic about scheduling my
time for these activities . It also
reduces my level of disappointment when long term goals aren't
met, because I can see what tradeoffs I've made.
The Sched group box with its
Yes/No option buttons is for the
Year Review and Life Plan subsets.
Yes indicates that a To Do has a
timeline associated with it; these
subsets only display Todos with
the Yes button selected.
Minimizing feelings of
overload with subsets
ToDo database . I would have
deserted this system a long time
ago, if it weren't for macros.
{Database }{F2}{Alt+E}{Date}{Alt+ Y}
The Sch-TD macro (assigned to
Fn+F3) takes a To Do from LIFE
MGMT.GDB and transfers it as a
ToDo item in Appointment Book.
{F3}{Paste }{F1 O}{F3}{Shift+End}
Wireless E-mail,
FAX, Paging and
Nationwide Internet Service
from your
I constantly use Subsets to display my
ToDos in comprehensible groups. I
use the "Now" Subset the mostwhen I want to see the ToDos I need
to take care of this week (see screen
top of next page). I have additional
Subsets to display my Life Plan, my
Reading/ Audio list, my Year Review
for 96-97 (see second screen, top of
next page), all my ToDos listed by
Category, and more.
or e-mail:
[email protected]
for information
Macros and other shortcuts
As I mentioned earlier, I use
macros to simplify my use of the
HOW TO USE: Managing Time with Database
I To Do
AN55 I proj ecl
Arlicle, Life~~l
Day care provider
I:.> Insurance
"Dyna~ic Learning"
09/02/96 12:22 p
! Prj Calego! Fo! PC! Re! Mn! Mr! Gb! Ir! P9t
A Car120
A Car120
A Fun999
B Car140
B Ho~250 v
B Fin999 v
B Ho~250
B Men999
L1FEMGMT's "Now" Subset displays the ToDos you need to take care of this week.
I ToDo
AN551 projecl
Inlernel ~klg
I:.>Trade ~agazines
I:.> Insurance
Arlicle, Life~~l
TAl-CHI classes
Day care provider
Y Year Review 96-97
! N! Calego! 5!
N! D! Jan! F! M A! M
Cc.. r120
Car140 v v
v Car140
v v v
v v
v Fun999 v
v v
L1FEMGMT's "Year Review for 96-97" Subset lets you review the
ToDos scheduled for the next year.
LlFEMGMT survives
the test of time
Once or twice a year, I re-evaluate
my long-term goals. I reschedule,
create or delete goals as needed, to
reflect changes in my life. I look at
the Life Plan Subset to see if I've
scheduled too much into any particular time span, and if I've scheduled sequential steps correctly. It's
important for me to review my
goals because it keeps me focused
on the big picture and prevents me
from getting too detail oriented.
Life is about doing the right things,
not just doing things right. This
takes me a couple of hours,
depending on how busy the year
looks, but I only do it once or twice
a year, around January and June.
During the January goal setting session I change the years on
the Planning screen, and rearrange
the columns in the Life Plan subset
to get ready for the next year. For
example, at the end of 1996, I
rename the group box Y1996 to
Y1998, exchange location with the
Y1997 group box, delete Y96, move
Y98 in its place, and create the new
check box YOI.
Every month I look at the Year
in Review subset to see what I need
to do that month, and I mark them
as Now activities. I take the opportunity to check again to see if I've
scheduled too much into any particular time span, and if I've scheduled sequential steps correctly.
This takes me about one-half to one
hour, depending on whether or not
I need to reschedule activities.
During this monthly goal setting exercise, I rearrange the
columns in the Year Review subset
by deleting the past month, and
adding the 12th month. In other
words, at the beginning of Sep96, I
delete the column for Aug96, and
add Aug97 as the last column. That
way I can always see a full year's
Every week I scan down the
Now list and reprioritize the list so
that the activities that I want to finish by the end of the week are at
the top. This takes me about 15-20
Daily I check my Now list and
set the priority levels between 1
and 9 for activities that I would like
to accomplish. I try not to choose
more than 10. Any more would be
unrealistic. Luckily, the Database
screen shows only about that many
items, so I don't get distracted by
the rest of the list.
For me, the best time to do this
is in the evening so that I know
what to expect the next day. This
only takes me about 15 minutes,
not much time at all. In return for
my investment, I feel like I have a
direction for the next day, and I can
hit the ground running. Time management gurus advise to schedule
a time slot for the most important
activities so that you guarantee that
they get done . Some people feel
most comfortable this way, but
that's not my preference, it's too
constraining for me, almost robotic;
besides, you can control only about
50% of your day anyway.
The items that are time critical
are copied into the Appointment
Book To Do list using the Fn+F3
macro described above. If appropriate, I make them an appointment. I also use Fn+F3 to place a
completed activity into APPT so
that I have a record of it. I then
delete the ToDo entry in
Other items I use APPT for, are
periodic, time-sensitive activities
such as bill paying and birthdays.
When I go through the mail,
and I come across something that
needs action, I make an entry with
the key information, and I toss out
the paper. For example, if I get a
notice for a conference or seminar
that I want to attend, I make an
HOW TO USE: Managing Time with Database
=::. ===®
MIt~= ;,,"~
--- --
with my paper based system. The
ultimate test is still to come ... the
arrival of my first child. Seasoned
parents have told me to forget
about making a schedule, the baby
makes it for you. Hmmm ... maybe
I need a new Category?
Everything's Included!
Just connect and let
MacLinkPlus do the rest!
References mentioned
in this article
The following is a list of time management references I've found useful. Books listed are available at, or
can be ordered from your local
Backup your HP on your Mac ...
With just a click of the mouse all your HP files are
stored on your Mac!
Don't retype all those names...
MacLinkPlus can move all of your contact information from applications like
TouchBase or ACT! right to your Palmtop and back!
First Things First
No excuses for missed appointments•..
Convert your Mac files, like Now Up-to-Date or DateBook Pro, into the HP
02p2:pointment Book. Now all of your appointments will be with you at all times!
How to Set and Achieve Goals
Manage your notes...
Convert your Memo files to and from Mac word processors like Word or
ClarisWorks. All your formatting will remain intact!
Audio tape set by Dr. Bobbe
Sommer. Available from CareerTrack, phone: 800-334-1018.
Don tlose count. ••
MacLinkPlus also converts your Mac spreadsheets to and from Lotus 1-2-3 OIl
Palmtop - with all formulas and formatti !
Call (800) 406-6504 or (203) 268-0030 for special pricing
or visit our Web site at http://www.dataviz.com
entry and jot down the registration
details. Then I can either throw the
notice away or file it, and if my filing is less than perfect, I still have
the key information available.
At the beginning of a project
for a client that will last a few
months, I give the project a number
and break it down into the key
steps. On occasion I've used mindmapping techniques to create my
list of activities (still paper based),
instead of the linear, outlining
approach. I make an entry for each
activity, and check off the months
on the Planning Screen. As the project progresses, I use the Notes
field to keep dated journals of conversations and agreements, action
items, general notes, etc.
Or let's say I need to go to the
bank, I pull up the subset for that
area of town, and look at all the
errands I could do on this trip. I
then start planning my route so
Book by Stephen Covey, Rebecca
R. and Roger A. Merrill.
A "'N =
ff •
55 Corporate Drive · TrumbuU CT 06611
that I make all the stops, and I prioritize them in the order I plan to
do them. I also check the Notes
field to see if there's anything I
need to take along. This only takes
me 5-10 minutes, but saves me a lot
of time by making the most of
every trip.
The times I listed are, of
course, variable. It took me longer
in the beginning when I was still
establishing my routine, now it's
almost second nature. And maybe
that's really the secret, stick to a
system that works for you, get into
a habit, and no matter what, it'll
save you time.
How to Master Your Time
Audio tape set by Brian Tracy.
Available from Nightingale-Conant,
phone: 800-525-9000.
Manage Your Time
Your Work Yourself
Book by Merrill E. Douglass, Donna
N. Douglass.
The Organized Executive
Book by Stephanie Winston.
Personal Power
Audio tape set by Anthony Robbins.
Available from Robins Research,
phone: 800-445-8183.
Reading Dynamics
Audio tape set based on the works
of Evelyn Wood. Available from
Nightingale-Conant, phone: 800525-9000.
The Time Trap
Book by Alec Mackenzie.
Freeware mentioned
in this article
The ultimate test
I've been following this routine for
over a year now, and it has helped
me achieve more this past year
than I thought possible. It takes 1/4
the time to do what I use to do
LlFEMGMT - Custom ToDo Database file
described in this article. Available on The
Sep/Oct 96 issue of The HP Palmtop Paper
ON DISK and CompuServe's HPHAND
forum, Iibrary11.
Carrying Your Office
in Your Pocket
This on-the-road engineer tracks his contacts and correspondence,
quotes prices, creates technical drawings, stays in touch with the
world, and has fun - all with the Palmtop in his pocket.
By Jorgen Wallgren
My motto is why use a
desktop / notebook PC when I can
use the power I have in my pocket?
I have decided to do everything on
my Palmtop, since it is for me the
most portable and hence the most
powerful PC available. When I talk
about powerful, I do not talk about
the CPU or clock speed a desktop
PC has. I talk about how I use the
Palmtop and the results I achieve
with it.
I am in a business which
requires frequent traveling. It is an
interesting business, but not an
easy one. Since I only spend about
one week a month at home, I need
to take my office with me wherever
I go. I have tried all kinds of
"portable" computers, including
laptops, notebooks and sub notebooks. Once I experienced the HP
Palmtop, the choice was easy.
Palmtop's macros capability. I have
a HP 200LX with 2MB of RAM.
Additional file storage is provided
by an 85MB flashcard from
Sandisk. I also use the EXP ThinFax
PCMCIA fax/modem card with
4MB flash memory for communications.
In my work I write many letters and memos, create technical
.tiliIi1.fi ...i • • ; . . . . .ic
drawings and provide estimates on
projects. I send and receive many
faxes and cc:Mail and compose
most of them right on my Palmtop
in WordPerfect 5.1. To organize my
correspondence I've created an
archive database with the built-in
Database program shown below.
The archive database has the
following data fields in it:
IN.'=NiII*.tI __.,_
Ie;: ~::::/~:~: P::'i:i:' _~~~~~~~~~~~ _______ -----"
Rt tn : I r.
Fann.~......~.~.~mawat..~ ...........................::::::"::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
RE !'i'fl'e ···cij·r·r ·e·n·f ·····Jiol··e·l ······iJ"r·o·J·"E!·c·f·s "'{'" · · i·· -;,d·,J"n·e·s· [·a··:··. ······ ............................................. .......................,
Individual Data Item for the Letter/Fax archive file
created with the built-in Database program.
As powerful as a portable!
I find that I can accomplish the
same result with my Palmtop as
with the portables I've tried. In
fact, I hardly use the other computers any more. My Palmtop provides the power I need through a
combination of the built-in software, old DOS software which can
run on a CGA screen, and the
Jorgen Wallgren currently works for Flecon Multi System
Pte Ltd in Singapore, which designs and manufactures
Intelligent Guestroom Control Systems for hotels. As
System Application Manager, Mr. Wallgren is involved in
sales, marketing and technical applications, with
Indonesia as his main market. He graduated from the
Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm with a M.Sc.
degree in Mechanical Engineering. He moved to
Singapore in early 1991.
Name Type of field Purpose
&Date Date field
&Ref.No.Text field
Text field
&Attn Text field
Note field
Enter date created
Name of the fax/letter
Client/company name
Contact person
Subject of correspondence
Create this by opening the Database application, pressing IMENU'
.Eile Define New Database. Add the
data field names and types listed
above. Position and size them to
look like the screen displayed on
the previous page. After you've
created this database, save it as C: \
_DAT\FMS_CLOG.GDB iii . Then
press I!!) and sort the Database as
follows: The 1st sort field should
have "Ref.No" selected, with a
descending sort order (uncheck
"ascending"). The 2nd sort field
should have "Date" selected, with
a descending sort order. Then press
~ to arrange the columns so that
"Ref.No." is the first column .
Finally, fill in your first entry in the
new communication log with the
first "Ref.No." as "F/100/96".
Macro simplifies use
of the archive database
At first I entered information into
the archive database manually, but
it required switching back and forth
between applications and pressing
many buttons. It took a long time, so
I created a system macro to speed
up the process. I have contact information for all my customers in the
Palmtop's Phone Book file. When I
want to send a fax to a customer, I
just highlight the customer's name
in Phone Book and start my system
macro. The macro logs my fax into
the custom database, gives it a reference number and saves the contact
information in a temporary text file.
I use WordPerfect 5.1+ on the
Palmtop to compose faxes and letters. I then transfer the contact information from the temporary text file
described above to WordPerfect. I
open up Word Perfect and run a
separate Word Perfect macro which
opens up a fax template I've created
in Word Perfect, appends the information saved in the temporary file
described above and cuts and pastes
the company name, person, date,
and reference number to the appropriate location in the fax header.
Modifying Phone Book and
creating the fax. macro
Below I describe how to use the
macro. As it is presently structured,
it must be used with a modified
Phone Book. You can do this by
importing your Phone Book data file
(with the .PDB file extension) into
the Database application and pressing (MEN!!) .Eile Modify Database.
You can also create a new Database
file by opening the Database application and pressing (~2:) .Eile
Define New Database. Save the
Database file with the .PDB extension and open it up in Phone Book.
The new (or modified) Phone
Book file must contain at least the
following five fields to work with
the macro described below:
The individual Item screen of the
new (or modified) Phone Book
should look something like the
screen shown at the bottom of this
You'll also have to create a
Smart Clip to be used with the
macro to cut and paste the desired
information into the temporary text
file. To do this, open the custom
Phone Book you just created and
press ~ to go to the Smart Clip
dialog box. Press ~ to define a
new clip. Press ~ again to enter
the fields you want in the Smart
clip. Put "Company Name" as the
first line, "Salutation" and
"Contact Name" as the second line,
"Area Code" and "Fax Number" as
the third line. Press IF10 1to save the
clip, with "&Fax To:" as the name.
Next, use Memo to create the
empty temporary text file and save
the file as C:\_DAT\CLIP.TXT. The
system macro and Smart Clip will
save the contact data to this file.
Create the macro
Type of field
Open the built-in Macro application
and type in the following macro
exactly as shown. Assign it to the Fn
key of your choice. (Type this macro in
with no carriage returns.)
Company Name
Contact Person
Area Code
Fax Number
Text field
Text field
Text field
Text field
Text field
III51m '6(1• • :. nl )0*'-"II:
CO~2any IAny Co~pany
Area Codg 1515 1 Iel . 1123 4567
All . No. 1123 4569
IAny Person
Ti lIe
Isislanl lo Technical Direclor
AddressA 1123 Any Slreel
Addressg 17lh Floor
IAny Cily
I Zip 1
Px:oj ecl IThe Lalesl Proj ecl.
Fa~ 1123 4568
Salulalion ~
Phone Book Individual Item screen shows separate data fields for Area Code,
Fax Number, Company Name, Contact Person, and Salutation.
HOW TO USE: Office in Your Pocket
1={Copy}{Alt}q{F2}{Alt+D}{Date }{Alt+R}
{Copy}{Database}{Alt+ T}{Paste}
{Memo }{Down }{Home }{Shift+End}
{Copy }{Database}{ Alt +A }{Paste}
Then open your modified Phone
Book, highlight the name you want
to send a fax to and start your
macro. After running, the macro
ends in the archive database (FMSCLOG.GDB) with the cursor in the
field named "RE." Fill in what the
fax is regarding and press ~ to
save the new entry.
The macro modified the
CLIP.TXT file in C:\_DAT. This file
now contains the archive reference
number for the new fax/letter
along with the contact information.
As mentioned above, I append this
file to a Word Perfect file containing the fax/letter and use Word
Perfect's macro capabilities to cut
and paste the information to the
proper location in the document.
You could use this procedure with
any word processer that runs on
the Palmtop, including the built-in
Memo application.
Quick price quotations
I am in sales and marketing and
frequently have to give clients quotations on the price of products. I
have created a custom database to
track products, specifications and
list prices. Although it's easy to
view and maintain the product/
price list in the built-in Database
program, it can't do calculations.
To overcome this limitation, I've
created a special Lotus 1-2-3 template to make the actual quotation.
I highlight a product name in the
Database and start a macro which
copies the product specification and
G.. lin
I ~~
. :J
~ ~
II~p I~ ~ I'~I'~
.[j) __ , ' - -jjJ111
IGJI~ l-ll~
I' 'I
11- .
f-~~~ £ I~):J
w oint on
ci~ole :
EasyCAD display of technical drawing on the HP Palmtop.
price to my spreadsheet. In the
Database the price is defined as a
number, but when you copy and
paste it to the spreadsheet it become
a text "label" (Le., 163 is entered as
'163). To convert it back to a number
the macro erases the apostroph~
(using {Paste}{F2}{Home}{Del}{Enter}
as a part of the macro).
Creating technical drawings
on the Palmtop with EasyCAD
The products I represent are of a
technical nature and I must be able
to display them in the form of
drawings. I used a notebook computer for this until I found an older
version of EasyCAD (V2.67) that
worked on my Palmtop.
I use a Thumbelina mouse as a
pointing device. EasyCAD is surprizingly fast and powerful and I
no longer have to carry the notebook around.
Faxing from the Palmtop
I use the MiniFax software which
comes with the Thinfax PCMCIA
modem card for sending most of
my faxes. But sometimes I have to
send faxes which contain technical
drawings or my signature. For
faxes with graphics, I use Bitfax
I've placed the Bitfax program
on my Thinfax card's Flash memory (the F drive on the Palmtop
when the card is inserted). I put
the printer capture utility that
comes with Bitfax (PRINTCAP
.COM) on my Palmtop's C drive.
PRINTCAP redirects a printing job
and saves it as a file on my
Palmtop's C drive. All I do is run
PRINTCAP, then print the document containing the graphic to my
LPTl port. PRINTCAP saves this
print to a file. This file can be rather
large, but I have usually about
700Kb free on the C drive which is
sufficient most of the time. When I
am ready to fax, I switch to my
fax/modem card. Start Bitfax, convert the captured print file to fax
format, and send the fax. I must
admit that the capture and conversion is slow on the Palmtop, but it
works and that is the important
part for me.
If you have Bitfax for DOS and
would like to try it on the Palmtop,
you can save space by installing
only the following files to make
the program smaller:
20 files
Staying In touch is Important
While on the road I need to keep in
touch with my office on a daily
basis. My head office in Singapore
has a computer network installed
with three incoming telephone
lines: One for fax, one for e-mail
and one for cc:Mail. I use my
200LX's built-in cc:Mail daily to
communicate with the office's network system, which runs on
Windows 3.1. The Palmtop connects with a Windows 3.1 version
of Lotus cc:Mail without any problem. Since my office is using Lotus
cc:Mail for internal and external
communication, I can send and
receive messages to / from any person in the office or our distributors.
I can also receive urgent faxes
through cc:Mail wherever I am.
Maybe I am overenthusiastic
Some may think I am bit overenthusiastic to attempt all this on the
Palmtop. This may be so, but the
Palmtop gives me an advantage as
a sales and technical person. I have
all the tools I need with me all the
time, in one pocket-sized Palmtop.
I can communicate with the world
and retrieve information whenever
I need it. When I'm traveling and
need information about a country, I
run PC Globe 5.0 to look it up. (I
once settled an argument about
which country produces the most
beer in the world.)
I've even run Windows 3.0 on
the Palmtop. I did this mostly for
fun and to see if I could do it. But it
also enabled me to use Micrografx
Designer 3.01 on the Palmtop to
create some simple promotional
signs for local stores.
I read books on the Palmtop
using Vertical Reader (VR ii ) by
Gilles Kohl. I play Backgammon ii,
Chess ii and Solitare ii on the
Palmtop. I "play around" a lot,
trying new programs, changing
settings and doing simple programming. I'm far from being an
expert in programming, but am
having success using LX Batch 2.0
(LXB.ZIP ii ) by Rob Koenis, to
make small applications which
enhance my use of the Palmtop.
Since I spend much of my time
on the road, I need to carry my
office and entertainment with me. I
use my Palmtop approximately
120-150 hours a month, at various
locations and for various purposes.
No other pocket portable computer
can give me this power.
Thank you Hewlett-Packard!
Pricing and Contact
Information for products
mentioned in this article
All prices are manufactur~r's suggested
retail price. It may be possible to purchase
the product for less at third-party vendors.
Bitfax V3.09.05 - $NA
Fax software. This version may be still be available, bundled with fax/modems.
Contact: Cheyenne Software. Phone:
Phone: 214-84().£781.
EasyCad 2.72 for DOS - $199
DOS CAD program that works on the HP
Paltmop. Version 2.72, mentioned in the
article, IS no longer available.
Contact: Evolution Computing, U.S.A.
Phone: 800-814-4028; Fax: 602-968-4325;
On-line: www.evcomp.comlevcomp
Micrografx Designer 3.01 - $NA
3.1 - $299.95; 4.1 - $299.95
Windows graphics program.
Contact: Micrografx; Phone: 800-7333729; Fax: 716-873-0906.
PC Globe 5.0 - $ N.A.
Product no longer available.
ThinFax FaxJModem +Flash Memory - $115
PC Card fax/modem with on-board flash
Contact: EXP Computer, Phone: 114453-1020; Fax: 114-453-1319; On-line:
WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS - $ N.A.
Product no longer sold by Corel, new owner
of Wordperfect.
mentioned in this article
BACKGM.ZIP - Backgammon for the HP
Palmtops. Freeware. Available on the HP
Palmtop Paper Best Tips 1996 ON DISK or
CompuServe's HPHAND Forum, Iibrary11.
FMS·CLOG.GDB - Letter/fax archive
database described in this article.
Freeware. Available on this issue of The HP
Palmtop Paper ON DISK or CompuServe's
HPHAND Forum, Iibrary11.
KLON95.ZIP - Solitare game for the
Paltmop. Freeware. Available on the HP
Palmtoj) Paper Best Tips 1996 ON DISK or
CompuServe's HPHAND Forum, library 7.
LXB.ZIP - LX Batch 2.0 batch file programming utility. Freeware. Available on the
Mar/Apr 96 issue of The HP Palmtop Paper
ON DISK or CompuServe's HPHAND
Forum, library 11.
PCHESS.ZIP - Chess game for Palmtops.
Shareware. Available on the HP Palmtop
Paper Best Tips 1996 ON DISK or
CompuServe's HPHAND Forum, library11.
PC Globe display on the Palmtop, showing Indonesia as the selected count~.
The name "Indonesia" is displayed in the lower left corner and the country IS
highlighted on the world map (down by Australia).
VR100.ZIP - Lets you read electronic texts
on the Palmtop. Shareware. Available on
1994-95 PowerDisk or from CompuServe's
HPHAND Forum, Library 11.
User to User: News
from Around the World
Hal reports on his recent trips and the discoveries he made while traveling, including some amazing Palmtop software; HP Handheld conferences - this year and next; our new book PC in Your Pocket ; and the
new HP Palmtop Paper Web site.
By Hal Goldstein
spent this summer on the road. I
traveled to Palmtop-related
events in Chicago, New York,
London, Paris, Singapore, Bangkok
and Anaheim, California. Everywhere I went I met HP Palmtop
users. I was continually reminded
that Palmtop users transcend differences in age, culture, sex, language, profession, religion and
anything else that normally separates us as people. We are a community of Palmtop users with
friends everywhere.
I decided, "no laptop" for this
trip. Normally I take one with me
for writing and online communications. But this time I would rely
totally on my Palmtop and an EXP
ThinFax fax/modem card with
4MB of on-board memory. This
combination did the trick when I
needed to connect to CompuServe
and pick up or send e-mail. When I
needed to print out a fax I used the
EXP's fax capability to "print" to
the hotel fax machine.
I know many fellow users who
type quickly and efficiently on the
Palmtop, but I still suffer through
my typing. I find anything more
than a few sentences a struggle. I
wish someone would figure out
how to hook up to the Palmtop,
one of the small wireless keyboards
now available for laptop PC use.
This kind of keyboard would be
ideal for hotel room use.
I met many Palmtop users on
my summer travels. Some I had
known only through an e-mail
address. I find that I unconsciously
form a picture of a person from
their e-mail address and the conversations we exchange. I get a
small jolt when I meet the person
face-to-face for the first time and
discover that they look different
than my mental picture of them.
However, after about 15 seconds of
shyness (as both of us adjust to
communicating with eyes and ears
rather than written words), it's like
being with an old friend. I find the
whole phenomena of cyberspace
friends and communities fascinating.
In my role as Executive Editor of
The HP Palmtop Paper, and as a
CompuServe HPHAND member, I
am continually exposed to stories
about how people use their Palmtops. In Singapore, London, and
Anaheim, I had a chance to meet
many Palmtop users and was
astounded at the creativity, depth
and breadth of Palmtop usage .
Many people promised to send me
write-ups on products or techniques
they developed, to share with read-
ers of The HP Palmtop Paper. (If you
made me a promise, I hope to here
from you soon!)
Amazing Japanese
software for the Palmtop
In particular, I saw some amazing
Palmtop solutions that were developed in Japan. Thanks to the efforts
of several English-speaking
Japanese users, we are now beginning to see some of this software in
the West. (Many of us now enjoy
the 4MB C drive upgrades which
originated in Japan) . If things go
according to plan, our next issue of
The HP Palmtop Paper will feature
descriptions and discussions of
some of these Japanese gems. (Are
you listening Jason, Chai Kin and
other Japanese users? My e-mail
box is waiting!)
HP Handheld Conferences
- this year and next
The HP Handheld conference held
in late August in Anaheim,
California was a success. We had
over 100 users and about a dozen
vendors. Next year we will help
Shier Systems sponsor the event,
and I want to see you there! It will be
in the San Francisco bay area in
either May 16-18 of 1997 - I'll
announce next issue next issue. We
will do our best to create and
announce the conference tracks
ahead of time so you know what to
expect. There will be solutions-oriented discussions, tutorials, demos,
a panel from HP, and you will be
able to talk to
many vendors
and see first hand
how their products work. Most
importantly, and
most fun, you
will be able to
meet and network
Palmtop users
and HP people.
This year Khaw Kheng Joo, the
head of the HP Handheld division,
gave the conference's keynote
address. (Chinese names start with
the family name - in the West his
name would be "Kheng Joo Khaw"
- but Khaw tells us to address
him as "Khaw".)
Khaw re-stated his commitment to the HP 200LX platform,
"As long as you want to buy them,
I'll make them." HP's emphasis in
the coming year will be on wireless
and vertical market (niche) HP
Khaw is a "hands on" man for
whom I've developed a great
respect. In my travels this summer I
saw him three times (everywhere
but at his home base in Singapore,
since he was traveling when I was
there). Khaw appears at all events
where he has the opportunity to talk
to users and vendors, and to hear
their ideas and thinking. He recently
spent a whole day
watching the sales
process in a retail
outlet where Palmtops were being
sold . Khaw does
not hide behind his
title - he is simple,
approachable, and
unassuming, yet he
has a razor-sharp
mind and is action oriented. His
team in Singapore mirrors his entrepreneurial, open and forwardthinking outlook, inside a huge,
sometimes bureaucratic and impersonal company.
Khaw Kheng Joo, the head of the HP
Handheld division, re-stated his commitment to the HP 200LX platform.
200LX solutions. As you will see in
upcoming issues, HP is recommitting itself to the HP 200LX. I believe the HP 200LX will be around
for years to come no matter what
else is introduced.
PCMCIA Floppy Drive
No less indispensable than your HP 1001200LX
Trans PC Card
Universal Parallel Port
The Ultimate HP Palmtop Solution tbat does it all:
Unparalleled performance from the Travel
FloppyTM makes file transfer and archiving
both simple and inexpensive.
• Includes 3.5" 1.44 Mb floppy drive
• PCMCIA Type II compatible
• Small and portable - take or use it
• Versatile - plugs into the PCMCIA slot
of a variety of subnotebook, notebook
and other portable DOS-based
systems, including the HP 100/200LX
• Uses the convenient, economical,
universally accepted floppy diskette
.=:A ",., r,."
I","'~ ®
.... .. -
.=:' ~~\..;'''.IU ~ ~
N 0
NC .
231 Charcot Avenue, San Jose, CA 95131
TEL (408) 433-1980 FAX. (408) 433-1716
• Connectivity to parallel devices: 100MB Zip drives and other parallel peripherals
• Printing to parallel printers from DOS and System Manager Applications including 1-2-3
• Instant transfer and management of flies between Palmtop, Notebook and Desktop PCs
• "Plug & Play" and "Hot Insertion" operation. Very low power Fequirements
• All software required included on the Card. No setup or installation needed
Trans PC Card is a Type I multifunction card compliant with PC Card '95 Standard.Trans
PC software for transfer (DOS Command Line and Point and Shoot interface) and Port
Manager for port installation is provided on the Card. Trans PC Card contains Trans
Processor which is fully compatible with AT Parallel Port Standard and allows for data
transfer over 8 times faster than EPP (850,00 Bytes/sec. between two Notebook PCs with
Trans PC Cards connected by Trans Cable).There are three adapters for Trans Cable:
A - for transfer using standard parallel ports, B - for printers, C - for Zip drives.
Trans PC Card introductory price - $119.00 (with User Manual and Quick Reference)
Trans Cable - $29.00,AdaptersA, Band C - $10.00 each.
For more information and dealer nearest you please call:
Trans Digital Corporation
39210 State Street, Suite 105
Fremont, CA 94538
Tel: (510) 745-9777' Fax: (510) 745-9937
HOW TO USE: User to User
Low-cost Backup or Auxiliary Storage
System using PCMCIA Technology
• Backup your Notebook or Laptop
with a high-speed, low cost
2-1/2" Hard Drive
• Great for systems requiring
• Removable-portable-compact
• PCMCIA to IDE interface
PalmTop Adaptor
External Power
• Enables Notebooks and
Laptops to use devices
requiring more power, i.e.
PCMCIA Hard Disks
edge shared, etc. You can order the
book directly from us, or you can
have your book store order it (ISBN
0-9652187-0-8). Whichever way you
order it, if you like the book please
talk to your favorite book stores
and recommend they stock it.
Palmtop information needs to be
out there, in front of the people. I
really appreciate and thank you for
your efforts on the book's behalf.
(Isn't it about time that the HP
Palmtop is represented among the
myriad of "Dummy /Idiot" format,
Windows, and Internet books that
dominate the computer book section!)
Those of you outside the U.S.A.,
please help us by giving us ideas
on how we can make the book
available at book stores outside the
u.s.A. If you have suggestions, you
can e-mail me at: [email protected] com.
HP Palmtop Paper
Web site on the way
Based on Khaw's comments
and the comments of other HP people with whom I met, I think HP
now really "gets it." Almost two
years ago we ran a series of user
comments on why people should
buy the HP Palmtop (plus our version of a possible HP Palmtop ad).
The point that emerged from the
user comments was that HP should
not position the Palmtop as an
expensive competitor to the Psion,
Newton or other organizer /PDAs.
Rather the HP Palmtop should be
positioned as an inexpensive, superior alternative (or at least an
adjunct) to carrying a laptop. The
HP Palmtop is always there when
you need it, there are no power
concerns, and it is not distracting in
meetings like a laptop is. Functionally, the Palmtop can do virtually all you need done when you
are not at your desk.
PC in Your Pocket gets Palmtop
information on the book shelves
At the Anaheim conference we
gave away copies of our new book
PC in Your Pocket. Everyone who
has seen the book likes it. It brings
together all we do on the Palmtop:
controlling our time, accessing
information, manipulating numbers, keeping contact histories and
communicating (wirelessly or by
cable). It includes a Palmtop and
Accessories Resource Guide, is
attractively formatted, and is full of
interesting and useful graphics.
Author Ed Keefe weaves together
over one hundred real-life examples excerpted from past issues of
The HP Palmtop Paper. The book is
written both for existing Palmtop
users and potential buyers.
And now I need your help. I
think the book will help sell the
Palmtop - which helps all of us
due to more applications being
available, more Palmtop knowl-
And finally, by the time you read
this, we should have at least part of
our Web site up. You can find it at:
www.thaddeus.com. Take a look
and give us feedback!
Products mentioned in
this article
Fax/modem + Memory - $varies
PC Card fax/modem with bui~-in flash memory.
CONTACT: EXP Computers; Phone:
714-453-1020,' Fax:714-453-1319; On-line:
Palmtop RAM upgrades - $Varies
Increase size of Palmtop's RAM memory.
CONTACT: ACE Technologies,' Phone:
800-825-9977 or 408-734-0100,' Fax: 408734-3344 ... 0r ... Notebook Supply Warehouse,' Phone: 800-566-6832 or 714-7538810,' Fax: 714-753-8812 ... Or ... Times2
Tech,' Phone/Fax: 205-620-1408 ... In
Europe ... RundelDatentechnik; Phone:
PC In Your Pocket - $19.95 U.S.
Best of The HP Palmtop Paper, edited by
Ed Keefe.
CONTACT: Thaddeus Computing
(see page 8).
More...Knowledge Products From Thaddeus
Ed!1 ,Scotcl!
Navllla te He lp
"7I''''I''''.. ,.,.,......",...,......,..-A ............
~(.onrr.JJlnr, f',..,~,
• • • 10
...... ""I ....
"""- ,
......... ..."F •• _ _ •
r. , '...,..
HP Palmtop
CD InfoBase
II. v.. nxlh...... Ouu!t
The HP Palmtop Paper's CD InfoBase
IThe HP Palmtop Paper's CD InfoBase I
This PC Windows based CD contains in
searchable hypertext format all 1991-95 HP
Palmtop Papers, detailed product descriptions from advertisers, the HP 200LX User's
Guide, and the HP 100/200LX Developer's
Guide. In addition, you'll find the over 12Q..
pieces of freeware and shareware from the
1991-95 On Disk collection, from the Subscriber
Power Disks, and from the Developer's Guide.
"The contents of the CD
are great! I love having
all the information in one
single place instead of
having to search through
piles ofpaper. "
Thomas Runde!
PC in your Pocket
New HP Palmtop book: ideal for users, great gift for interested friends
J low the organizing pO\vcr
of the Hewlett-Packard
Palmtop PC will make YOli
more effective!
Best of
Tphe HP Palmtop
[,",.., ", Cd " __"
. fl.
PC in your Pocket
The editors of The HP Palmtop Paper have organized some of their best material into a readable, practical book about the HP Palmtop. The book is filled
with hundreds of real-life examples of the HP Palmtop's features and capabilities. Busy professionals describe how they use the HP Palmtop to organize their
time, information, and money to be more effective. Order directly from us and
we'll include a disk of much of the software mentioned in the book. Written both
for users and for those considering purchasing HP Palmtop.
MicroRef Quick Reference Lotus 123 and DOS 5 Guides
Get the DOS and Lotus Answers You Need· Fast and Easy
MicroRef Quick Reference
Lotus 123 and Dos 5 Guides
Locate subjects fast. Numerous examples and illustrations.
"Far superior to any other guide, cheat sheet, or original documentation ... an excellent guide for all users .... Highly recommended!" John Dvorak - PC Magazine
HP lOO/200LX Developer's Guide
100 U: I Nfl' 200LX
h v.kI....,.. G4IIH
Attention: Palmtop Developers and Enthusiasts
The Developer's Package includes everything you need to write software,
design hardware, or simply understand the inner workings of the HP Palmtop.
HP lOO/2001X Developer's Guide
:ubhsh er: TlJe HP Palmtop Paper and HP O",niGo World
)7 East Broadway, Fairfield, IA 52556
800-373-6114' (515) 472-6330
Fax: (515) 472-1879' E-Mail: [email protected]
The Package includes:
1) Printed copy of 586-page Developer's Guide
2) Disk containing HP-created source code and utilities for developers
3) Complete set of kits for marketing your Palmtop product
4) CompuServe starter kit (CompuServe's where Palmtop programmers hang out)
5) PAL: a C source code library for developing software with the look and fed
of the HP Palmtop built-in applications
continued from page 8
Letters: Continued from page
As you can imagine,
the knowledge base required
is fairly technical and
requires that I carry with me
a large amount of reference
material particularly when I
travel. In addition to my
laptop and palmtop I probably carry with me 8-12 inches of reference material and
in-progress work. Needless
to say it is a real pain to
drag all this paper with me.
The HP Palmtop has
reduced some of this paperwork but not nearly as much
as I would like.
Probably the greatest
barrier to reducing this
paperwork for me is that I'm
a very slow typist. Some of
the information can be
downloaded via floppies to
my Palmtop but most of the
information needs to be
input into a database on my
Palmtop to make it more
user friendly than just a
series of documents.
Most of my co-workers
have the same problem I do
regarding the input of data
into a personal organizer or
palmtop. I believe that I'm
the only one using a Palmtop
though a couple are using
"Wizards". It occurred to me
several months ago that what
this industry needs is for a
third-party provider or supplier to market a service to
Palmtop users that would
create custom databases and
input the data into the databases created. Such a service
would be a "godsend" to all
of us short on time and
expertise in creating "custom
databases" on the Palmtop. It
would be a great way to
offer packages of Palmtops
to large companies with marketing and sales forces.
William D. Patrick
Exxon Chemical Company
HP Palmtop Paper
Helps Novice Users
The HP Palmtop Paper is
great! I really look forward
to each issue and especially
like "Palmtop Wisdom,"
Basic Tips," and "Quick
It does seem, however, that
most of your readers have a
PC and most of your articles
are written assuming that. As
a result, the articles don't go
into the very basic instructions of exactly how to use
the Palmtop. This is especially true in the user profile articles, for example.
I certainly don't expect
every article to be basic.
That would ruin the magazine for the computer literate. But just one article now
and then would help. For
example, explain how to use
a PC card, how do you back
up C drive to A, and how do
you recover A drive information you have accidentally deleted from C drive.
James Newton Bosse
San Carlos, CA
[Novices should be sure to
read our Best Tips issues that
cover fundamentals . For example, in Best Tips 1996, on page
4, you will find "Many Ways to
Back Up Your files" article. See
also in Best Tips 1996, p.15, a
tip about how to create a batch
file for automatic backups.
Some people find that reading
a text like DOS for Dummies,
available at most computers
stores, gives background for running DOS . The HP Palmtop
manual will also guide you.
We do appreciate your
comments, however, and would
like to hear from readers about
good topics for Basic Tips and
other sections of the magazine-Carol de Giere.}
Clocks Create Big
View of Current Time
I am trying to find a copy of
the program BIGTIME ij on
your CD-ROM InfoBase .
Note that if you do a search
for it, you get a reference
but no details . If the program is on the CD, you' ve
made it impossible to find.
[You are right that BIG TIME didn't make it onto our
CD-ROM. We'll include it on
this issue's ON DISK. There
are other references to clock programs available that fill the
entire Palmtop screen with a
digital image of the correct time.
Check out CLOCK .EXM ij
and VIZCLOCK .EXM ij .
Both of these programs are
included on the CD-ROM Info
Base. These are also available
from CompuServe's HPHAND
Forum - Carol de Giere.}
Palmtops and Pagers
Presently, I am using "PC
Beep," a windows program
to contact alphanumeric
pagers through my Pc. I
have searched unsuccessfully for a similar DOS-based
program that I can load into
my HP 200LX and use to
send alphanumeric messages to pagers . Are you
aware of any DOS-based
software that can be used
for the above purpose?
Stephen Wilson, M.D.
Great Neck, NY USA
[The solutions we know of
involve whole systems, such as
the SkyTel pager system described
in The HP Palmtop Paper
July/August 1996 issue on page
14 and The AllPoints/ Wynd
combination with RAM Mobile
Data wireless network, described
on page 22 of that issue.
You could check with your
pager company to see if they
have anything available.Carol de Giere}
Fixing a broken
Palmtop latch
At the suggestion of HP
Technical Support, I'm
sending you my solution to
the problem I had with the
Palmtop's latch. The latch is
at the top of the Palmtop's
screen. When you close the
shell, the little lip of the
latch slips into the latch hole
at the bottom of the keyboard and keeps the shell
closed . When I closed the
shell, the lid would not stay
Palmtop shell showing latch at top
and latch hole at bottom.
The solution was simple.
I cut a piece of a thick rubber band to the length and
width of the space behind
the latch. I slipped it in that
space to check the fit,
trimmed it to size, and reinserted it with a drop of
super glue to hold it in
Floyd Goetze
Eugene, OR USA
mentioned in this article
BIGTIME - Displays clock image
on the Palmtop. Freeware.
Available on this issue of The HP
Palmtop Paper ON DISK and on
CompuServe's HPHAND Forum,
library 11 .
CLOCK.EXM - System compli·
ant digital clock display for the
Paltmop. Freeware. Available on
The HP Palmtop Paper Best Tips
1995 ON DISK or on CompuServe's HPHAND Forum, library 7.
VIZCLOCK.EXM - Full screen
digital clock with alarms .
Freeware. Available on The HP
Palmtop Paper Best Tips 1996 ON
DISK or on CompuServe's
HPHAND Forum, library 11.
• •• BASIC TIPS •••
Display a month of Events
in Appointment Book
Events are items associated with a day,
but not a specific time. For example, let's
say you know that on a specific day you
want to spend one hour cleaning your
car. Unfortunately, your schedule is such
that you cannot specify which hour you
will be able to devote to this activity. You
can set it up as an Event and it will
appear at the top of your list of appointments at the Appointment screen on that
To set up an Event, open Appointment Book and press I MENU' Add .Event.
The add Appointment/Event screen
pops up with the word None appearing
in the Start Time and End Time fields.
Enter the Event description, Start Date
and any other information you want,
then press [!2) (Done).
When you view a month (press 1m
at most Appointment Book screens) you
see the Appointments and Events that
Week 37
B : 00a
9 : 00
b[ 10:00
b [ 12 : 00p
1 : 00
2 : 00
: 30
.Ilr 34:00
b [
you have selected to appear in the
Month view. (When entering an Appointment or Event make sure the Month
view check box is checked.)
Users entering daily (weekly,
monthly, etc.) repeating Events may
want to de-select the Month view at the
Appointment/Event entry screen so that
the Event will not clutter up your Month
view. This way you can display only
those Events associated with a specific
If you want to see a month view of
all the Events you have set up (selected
or de-selected), you can. To do this,
press IMENU' Yjew All .Events from the
Appointment screen. The month view
that appears shows only Events, no
Appointments appear. Press I!!J to go
back to the Daily view, ~ for the
Weekly view, or 1m for the Monthly view
of Appointment Book.
[Note: The Month view only shows
the first 10 characters of the Event or
Appointment description. If you enter
your event as "Need to work on the
Smith account," the Month view displays
Monday Sept.el'lber 9, 1996
Golf Tournal'lent.
Bill's Anniversary
PullI1sn1ng Meet.1ng
Go t.o lunch
Get. Kids
SepteMber 1996
Su Ho Tu We Th Fr
1~ 3
4 :5 6
. 18 11 12 13
17 18 19 28
22 23 24 2:5 26 27
29 38
Next AppointMent
9/89 18:88a Publishing
ToDD List
Paint House
Go HOl'le
~~1DiIDI1DImII ~r.mmIDlIiI!mIlII
Appointment Book's main screen showing Events appearing
at the top of the screen with no specific time assigned.
All Events month view. From Appointment Book press IMENU, ~iew AII.Events.
To distinguish Appointments from Events, Events are preceded by an "X."
it as "Need to wO." Not very informative!
Better to enter it as "Smith Act, work on."
Then you see "Smith Act," in the Month
view. Still brief, but at least you know
what the event is about.]
Rich Hal/
HP Palmtop Paper
Move around quickly
in Appointment Book's
Month view
You can move around quickly in
Appointment Book's Month view by
using the following shortcuts.
~ IUpArrow' Moves the cursor to
same day position in the previous
month. For example, if your cursor is on
the first Monday in July, pressing ~
IUpArrow' moves the cursor to the first
Monday in June.
~ I DownArrow' Moves the cursor to
same day position in the following
month. For example, if your cursor is on
the first Monday in July, pressing ~
IDownArrow' moves the cursor to the first
Monday in August.
~ ILeftArrow,- Moves the cursor to the
first day in that month's Month view (not
necessarily the first day of the month).
~ IAightArrow' -
Moves the cu rsor to the
last day in that month's Month view (not
necessarily the last day of the month).
ICTALI ILeftArrow' Moves the cursor to
the last appointment selected to display
in Appointment Book's Month view (i.e.,
the most recent appointment relative to
where the cursor is now). For example, if
your cursor is on July 28th, pressing
ICTALI ILeftArrow' will move the cursor to
the most recent appointment showing in
Appointment Book's Month view, in this
case July 5th. If the most recent appointment was in a previous month, the cursor would go to that month.
(A dash (-) in front of an appointment signifies an appointment that
occurs in the pm. Appointments without
a dash (-) in front of them fall in the am.
Events are preceded by an "x.")
ICTALI IAightArrow' - Moves the cursor to
the next appointment selected to display
in Appointment Book's Month view. For
example, if your cursor is on July 5th,
pressing ICTALI IAightArrow' moves the cur-
sor to the next appointment showing in
the Month view, in this case July 28th. If
the next appointment selected to display
in the Month view was in a following
month, the cursor would go to that
Paul Merrill
HP Palmtop Paper
IPhone Book I
Customize the information on
the 200LX's DataCard
The DataCard (the index card that appears on the right side of your screen in
Phone Book) is really only a Smart Clip
of the information in a data record. You
can edit the existing definition of the
DataCard Smart Clip. To do this:
1. At the All Phone Book Items screen
press ~ (Clip).
2. At the Smart Clip screen, use the
ArrowKeys to highlight "Data Card," then
press 16!!J .Edit.
3. Re-arrange the fields to your liking by
cutting and pasting. (To add a field not
listed, press ~ (Field), use the
ArrowKeys to highlight the field you want
to add, then press ~ (OK).
You can add lines between your
entries by placing a dash (-) (for a thin
line) or an equal sign (=) (for a thick line)
between lines at the Edit Smart Clip
Definition screen. If you put the (-) or (=)
at the end of a line containing a field, it
will show up only as the character it is
and will not create a line.
4. When you are done, save the Smart
Clip by pressing ~ (OK) ~ (OK).
Another benefit of the DataCard is that it
lists the number of the entry and the
total number of entries at the bottom of
the DataCard. For example, 164/426
means you are viewing the 164th entry
and that the total number of entries in
your Phone Book is 426.
INoteTaker I
Copy a text file from your
desktop to NoteTaker
HPCalc's Calculator has
alternate function keys
on Palmtop keyboard
Here's how to transfer a text (word
processor) file to NoteTaker on your
Palmtop from a desktop or laptop.
1. On the desktop or laptop, save the file
as an ASCII text file. (Refer to your word
processor's user manual if you don't
know how to do this.)
2. Transfer the ASCII file to your
Palmtop. You can do this in two ways.
a. Copy the file to your Palmtop's PC
Card using an external PC Card
drive or one mounted in your desktop or laptop. Insert the card into the
card slot on your Palmtop.
b. Copy the file to your Palmtop's C
drive using a serial cable and the
Palmtop's built-in Filer application.
(For more information on transferring
files from a desktop/laptop to your
Palmtop, see "Connectivity Pack,
Transferring files" in your HP Palmtop User's Guide).
3. Go to NoteTaker by pressing ICTAL!
Open the NoteTaker entry you
want to add the ASCII file to. (To open a
new NoteTaker file, press ~ (Add).)
4. Press ~ (Note) to display the Full
Screen Note.
5. Position the cursor where you want to
insert the text file and press ~ (Insert).
The Insert File into Note screen appears. Enter the path and filename of the
ASCII file you want to insert (for example, C:'_DAT\NOTE.TXT), then press
~ (OK). The text file appears in the
Note field of your NoteTaker file.
Use this same procedure to insert
an ASCII file into a Note field in
Database, Phone Book and Appointment Book.
the square root of the number in the calculation line. For example, if you enter
16 in the calc line and press (Z), the calc
line displays the square root of 16 (=4).
(1/x) - Calculates the reciprocal of
the number in the calc line. For example,
if you enter 4 in the calc line, then press
(X), the calc line displays .25.
(£) (x><y) - Exchanges the number in
the calc line for the result of the previous
If the calc line contains two numbers
separated by an operator (e.g. I, +, -, x),
and you are not set up in Reverse Polish
Notation (RPN), this function swaps the
order of the numbers. For example, 3/4
changes to 4/3.
(V) (R followed by a DownArrow) Enters the number from stack 1 (stack Y
in RPN) into the calc line.
(LAST) - In Algebraic mode (not
RPN), this function copies the result of
the previous calculation into the current
I!!I (STO) - Stores the number in the
calc line to a designated register (ie.,
stores the number in the calc line to a
number key you designate). E.g., if you
enter 3,452.78 in the calc line, and press
I!!I ~ III, the number 3,452.78 is
stored under the 3 key. (To call that number back into the calc line at any time,
press I!!I (RCL) III.)
(RCL) - Recalls a number you
stored previously (when you pressed I!!I
(STO)), from the register you stored it to .
• Address ...
• c H.y'" .Slale...
lEI (+1-) - Makes a positive number
negative, or a negative number positive.
For example, if you press (+1-) while the
number 118 is in the calc line, it changes
it to -118. Pressing (+1-) a second time
makes the number positive again.
Edit Smart Clip Definition screen for the DataCard.
W=.Business ...
.BBS ...
I!) (square root symbol) -
In HPCalc's calculator mode, the bottom
row of keys (Z, X, C, V, B, etc.), along
with the L key above become redefined.
In the calculator mode these keys perform the various functions printed in
white below them. Here is a list of these
alternative key modes and what they do.
mm Gibson
HP Palmtop Paper
I Appointment Book '
Save directions
for out·of·the·way
You have friends (or business
contacts) located somewhere
out in the country on a littleknow road off of Rural Route
5. Having an address is helpful, but distances in the country are large, you're usually
not familiar with the area, and
houses can be located down
long driveways not visible
from the road.
The solution is to take
down specific directions for
an address in unfamiliar territory. First save the name,
address, and phone number
in Phone Book. Then press
~ and save specific directions to their house in the
Notes field. (E.G ., "Take Rural
Route 5 three miles past the
airport, turn left (south) on
Hasker Road and go 1.5
miles till you see a stand of
pine trees ... )
Rich Hall
Managing Editor,
HP Palmtop Paper
Get around
Book's delete limit
The Palmtop will not let you
delete a repeating Event
more than 100 times. If you
have a daily repeating Event
(that you also delete daily),
you will eventually get an
error message telling you that
you cannot delete an Event
more than 100 times. To get
around this obstacle, follow
the steps below.
1. When you get an error
message telling you that you
cannot delete an Event more
than 100 times, press IESC! to
clear the message from the
2. Highlight the Event at the
Appointments screen , then
press IENTERI.
3. At the AppOintment/Event
screen, press ~ (Repeat).
09/10/96 9 01 aM
GIF=a:,binn'grey . exe
SND=a:'snd'p!ay . exe
PCX= a :'binn'~aPpol.exel
4. At the Daily Repeat
Options screen, use the
ArrowKeys to select the No
Repeat option, then press
~ (OK) ~ (Done).
5. At the AppOintments
screen, go back into the
Event (by pressing I ENTER I)
and change the Repeat
option back to Daily.
Paul Merrill, Associate Editor
HP Palmtop Paper
Show all files
in a directory
If you use the "DIR," command in DOS 5.0 and later
(that's DIR followed immediately by a comma), you get a
complete listing of all the files
in the directory, regardless of
their attributes. This means
any hidden files that normally
wouldn't show up using the
regular DIR command, are
listed using this command.
You can also use the DIR
command with Ib, IL, ION
etc., to get a more specific
directory listing. To get a list
of ways you can customize
your DIR command, type DIR
/? at the DOS prompt.
Internet 10:
[email protected]
FILER.INI text entered in a Memo document.
Filer, check to see if the Lotus
1-2-3, DataCom or World
Time icons are displayed on
CPACK's Application Manager screen. If they are they
shouldn't be. The Connectivity Pack does not include
these applications, and you
can't use them from Application Manager.
The error probably occurred when you were backing up or copying files from
your Palmtop to the PC - the
Palmtop's APPMGRDAT file
was accidentally copied to
the C:\CPACK100 (or C:\CPACK200) directory on the
PC. The next time APP1 00 or
APP200 runs, it tries to use
the Palmtop's AppManager
data file.
The solution to this problem is simple. Delete APPMGR.DAT from the CPACK
directory, and everything
should work just fine. To prevent this problem in the
future, create a seperate
directory to copy files tolfrom
the Palmtop instead of using
the CPACK subdirectory of
your hard drive.
Tom Gibson
HP Palmtop Paper
IConnectivity '
problem solved
If you start APP100 (or APP200 depending upon the version of the Connectivity Pack
you use), but get an error
message when trying to start
IFiler '
Creating and
The 200LX has an undocumented Launcher feature that
allows you to highlight a file in
Filer and press IENTERI to
launch the program. Create a
FILER.INI file in the C:'-DAT
subdirectory with the following format, substituting your
favorite programs where they
don't match mine. To create
the FILER.INI file, in Memo,
press IMENU 1file New to start
a new file, and enter the text
shown in the screen above.
ZI P=a:\binn\pkunzip.exe
On the left side of the equals
(=) sign is the extension of
the file you will highlight in
Filer. On the right is the COM
or .EXE file to launch. FILER.INI cannot be used to launch
batch files.
Fred Kaufman {TeamHP}
Compuserve 10:[7256O,36}
IMemo '
Spell check Memo
documents quickly
I use a spell checking program which is the best I have
ever seen for the Palmtop!
GDSPELL Ver.3.0b IHI is a
fast, easy spell checker. It includes a fast dictionary for the
quick lookup of about 20,000
common words, and an auxil-
And thi s i s only for the 3rd sister to say nothing for the brothers of the
Spe ll eked Complete
File Date
: 139 Bytes
: 89/89/ 96
File TiMe
Bad Words
: 8
Correct ions
Tob.l Lines
Total Words
: 8
: 1
: 7.:l
RAM Free
: 15248 Bytes
Disk Free
: &5536
F i I e MUle
F i le S i z e
GDSPELL screen showing information about
the file just spell checked.
iary dictionary of another
85,000 less common words.
GDSPELL allows you to build
your own auxiliary (AUXI) dictionary of words you commonly use.
I use GDSPELL together
with MF.EXE iJ. MF.EXE is a
small utility that loads the last
file you edited in Memo. I put
GDSPELL in a directory I set
up as A:\GDSPELL, then
made a batch file (MEMOCHK.BAT) that I can run from
an icon in Application Manager. The batch file opens the
last document I had open in
Memo, and spell checks it.
The batch file contains the
following line:
I added MEMOCHK.BAT to
my Application Manager as
Name: SpellChk
Comments: (I entered an upside
down question mark here by
pressing ~ 0)
Icon: (I added an Icon.)
After I have typed and saved
a Memo document, I start the
spell checker from the Application Manager. GDSPELL
checks my documents with a
speed which I have never
seen before on a Palmtop
spell checker.
Jorgen Wal/grenJakarta, Indonesia
Internet 10: wal/[email protected]
Chinese Software
for HP 1 00/200 LX
You can now write documents
in Chinese on a non-Chinese
Palmtop. The author of the
program, Ni Hongbo, has
kindly made his NJSTAR 2.1
for CGA monitors available
for downloading on:
http://www.njstar.com.au/njstar/chinese. htm
It is freeware and the file
name is NJCGA21.ZIP iJ. It
works on the HP 100/200LX.
You can write documents in
Chinese using this software.
From my experience, NJSTAR is the fastest in inputting
Chinese (especially if you use
pinyin input method).
Susheng Wang
Internet EMail."[email protected]
Get a free battery
supply and help
the environment at
the same time!
Here's a great opportunity for
Palmtop users. We Palmtop
owners are very battery-conscious, as evidenced by the
many power management
programs available, and the
many articles in The HP
Palmtop Paper on batteries.
My wife works in a large
supermarket that has its own
photo processing plant on the
premises. When a customer
turns in one of those throwaway disposable cameras for
film processing, the batteries
inside are still in great shape!
As the use of these cameras
was becoming widespread,
environmentalists made quite
a stink about all the batteries
being thrown away, so Kodak
made a big show of announcing a recycling program for
them. What Kodak did not
publicize, however, is that
they charge the stores quite a
fee to recycle these batteries.
The end result is that very few
businesses recycle their batteries. It is much cheaper to
just throw them out.
At my wife's store, the
photo manager is very recycling-conscious, so they set
the batteries aside as they
open the cameras, and give
them away to the employees.
I haven't bought batteries in a
year! When I put them in the
Palmtop, I always get a reading of between 2.90 and 3.02
volts for the two batteries! I
must conclude that these batteries still have at least 90%
capacity remaining after they
have fulfilled their function in
the camera. If other Palmtop
users approach photo processing stores and stress the
waste that is going on because of this type of camera,
they too might end up with a
free battery supply, and
would be helping our environment at the same time!
Jim Henry
Internet 10:[email protected]
from 1 (weakest) to 5 (strongest) based on wind speed
and destructive power. Edouard was declared a hurricane on Friday, August 23,
1996. At that time its location
was in the middle of the
Atlantic Ocean with an actual
location of Latitude 13.9 and
Longitude 39.1 . (Latitude and
Longitude information can be
found in most newspapers
and in various locations on
the Internet). This gives us
enough information to start
tracking Edouard. To do this
follow the steps below.
1. Open World Time on your
Palmtop by pressing ICTRLJ-
2. Add Edouard to World
Time. To do this, press ~
(Add). Start by entering two
(2) spaces so that this entry
will appear at the top of World
Time each time we open it.
Enter the name "Edouard" followed by the date (e.g.
Edouard 08/23/96) .
3. Press IALTI-~ to move to
the Latitude field. Enter 13.9.
IWorld Time I
4. Tab to the Longitude field,
and enter 39.1.
Tracking Hurricanes
on the Palmtop
5. Press I!!I (Locate). World
Time displays the exact location of the hurricane in the
middle of a pair of crosshairs.
6. Press I ESC! or ~ to return
to the City screen, then press
I!!£) (Done) to return to the
All Cities list.
I have always been fascinated with the powers of nature,
and an avid watcher of hurricanes. Now, with my HP
Palmtop I can actually follow
the path of a hurricane in
progress. Here's how.
At the time of this writing
there is a hurricane in the
Atlantic ocean named Edouard that has just been
declared a "4" in intensity.
Hurricanes are given a status
We have added the first day
of Hurricane Edouard. To
track Edouard add a new
"Edouard" entry to the World
Time All Cities list every day
World Time's Map screen showing
Edouard's location in cross-hairs.
4. The following files must be in
your WINFILER directory:
5. To be able to call up WINFILER.EXE quickly, create a
shortcut key following Windows95 procedures (optional).
2. Delete your shortcut key
using Windows95 procedures.
To un-install WIN FILER:
World Time's Map screen showing Edouard's location
as a circle (circle blinks on Palmtop display).
until the hurricane is downgraded.
Using this method, you may
be able to predict the location
where the hurricane will hit
land. To do this, after you
have tracked Edouard for four
or five day's worth of locations:
1. Highlight the first Edouard
entry, and press ~ (Map).
The blinking circle you see on
your screen is the location of
the hurricane on the first day.
2. DownArrow to your second
entry for Edouard and view its
location in the same way,
then the third entry, and so
forth. Watch the progress of
Edouard over the days you
have tracked it. From the
movements you have recorded you can try to predict
Edouard's next move.
When you are done
tracking the hurricane, simply
delete these "Edouard" entries from your World Time list
by highlighting each entry
and pressing ISpacebarl to tag
them . When you have tagged
all the entries you want, press
IDELI, then press IENTER I (OK).
Tom Gibson
[email protected]
IConnectivity I
to copy files to
and from WIN9S
Many Palmtop users have
had trouble transferring files
to and from their Palmtops
and a desktop or laptop run-
ning Windows95. The shareware program WINFIL 1O.ZIP
i j allows your Palmtop's Filer
application to work in conjunction with a PC running
Windows95 . (WINFILER was
written for the 200LX, but
should work on the 100LX as
To install WINFILER on
your Windows95 desktop or
1. Run Windows 95 on your
desktop or laptop PC.
2. Create a WINFILER directory on you PC.
3. Unzip WINFILER.ZIP using
PKUNZIP. Put the unzipped
files in the WINFILER directory.
1. Delete the following files
from your desktop (laptop) PC:
Juha Husgafvel
Internet 10: [email protected]
or. ..
[email protected]
HP Product Index
[Please find the price and contact information for
commercial products mentioned in the articles at the
end of the article in which the product is mentioned.]
HP Products contact information: Authorized HP computer dealers worldwide (i.e. the same place you can purchase an HP LaserJet). To locate an
authorized dealer in the USA, call 800-443-1254.You can also purchase
the 95LX & 100/200LX and its accessories from ACE Technologies at
800-825-9977 or 408-734-0100; Fax: 408-734-3344; EduCALC at 800677-7001; Fax: 714-582-1445. Global Connections at 800-709-9494 or
608-752-1537; Fax: 608-752-9548; Notebook Supply Warehouse at
800-566-6832 or 714-753-8810, Fax: 714-753-8812.
HP OmniGo 100 (HP F131OA) - $349
HP OmniGo Connectivity Pack (HP F1311A) -$99.95
CLIP & GO (HP F1312A) - $64.95
HP OmniGo 100 Connectivity Cable (HP F1015A) - $24.95
(Same as HP 100/200LX PC Connectivity Cable)
(HP F1313A) - $49.95
HP OmniGo 100 Accessory Pens (HP F1314A) Includes three pens. -
HP OmniGo 100 Strategy Games
mentioned in
this section
GDSPELL.EXE ii - Spell checker
for the Palmtop.
Available online at: http://www
... Or at ... http://users.aol.com/
GDSOFTIgdsoft .html
MF.EXE ii - Utility that loads last
file into Memo. Freeware. Available
on CompuServe's HPHAND Forum,
library 11.
WIN FILER ii - Utility for file transfer between the Palmtop and a
desktop or laptop running
Windows95. Shareware. Available
on CompuServe's HPHAND Forum,
library 9.
HP 200LX 2MB (HP F1061A) - $679
HP 200LX 1MB (HP F1060A) - $499
HP 1000CX Palmtop PC (HP F1203A) - $399
HP OmniGo 700LX - $NA
(Combination HP 200LX, fax software and Nokia GSM cellular phone.)
HP StarLink Service - $Varies
(Wireless messaging service, for "one-stop communications solution." Contact: 800-917LINK.)
1.8MB/12v Flash Card (HP F1024A) - $199
5MB/12v Flash Card (HP F1012A, with Stacker).- $365
10MB/12V Flash Card (HP F1013A, with Stacker)- $579
Dictionary/Thesaurus Card (HP F1005A) --$129.95
ACIDC Adapter(HP F1011Aj--$34.95
USA/Canada (Opt. ABA); Europe (Opt. ABB); Australia (Opt. ABG);
United Kingdom (Opt. ABU); South Africa (Opt. ABO)
PC Connectivity Cable (HP F1015A) - $24.95
MAC Connectivity Cable (HP F1016A) - $24.95
100/200LX Connectivity Pack - $109.95
u.s. (HP F1 021 B); International (HP F1 021 C)
Connect/Adapter Kit - $24.95
(HP F1023A) 4 adapters for connecting the 100/200LX to modems, printers, and PCs.
NJCGA21.ZIP ii - Chinese language
Available on line at: http://www.njstar
.com.aulnjstar/ chinese.htm
Service Agreements (100/200LX, 2-year extension) - $85
For U.S. HP Palmtop users. Units must be under warranty to extend. Contact: HP,
Corvallis Service Center, USA; Phone: 503·757-2002NOTE: Prices listed are suggested retail price. Dealer prices may vary.
[Please note: The HP Palmtop Paper does
not and cannot provide techntcal support.]
There are a number of ways to get in
touch with The HP Palmtop Paper staff. You
can write, mail us a disk with your comments, send CompuServe or [nternet email, fax, or call. Our mailing address and
contact information is:
Thaddeus Computing, Inc.,
57 E. Broadway
Fairfield, IA 52556, U.S.A.
Phone: 515-472-6330
or 800-373-6114
Fax #:515-472-1879
Internet: [email protected]
CompuServe: 76125,1773
TO SUBSCRIBE, change address, or clear
up any problem with your subscription,
contact Sharon Dilmore in our subscription department. Call phone numbers
above. E-mail usat:[email protected]
CompuServe: 76125,1773
TO ADVERTISE in The HP Palmtop Paper
contact Brian Teitzman, Margaret Martin
or Tiffany Lisk at phone: 513-472-1660 or
800-809-5603; Fax: 515-472-8409 ..
Products advertised in this issue ofThe HP Palmtop Paper
(PRODUCT) .•..•..•.•..•.•....•......•... " [PHONEIFAX NUMBERS]..PAGE NUMBER
(Floppy Drives for 100/2ooLX)....
. . ... ......... ...... [408·433·1980; Fax: 408·433·1716) .. 47
(ACE) . .
. [800·825·9977 or 408·734·0100; Fax: 408·734·3344) .. center fold
(Palmtop/Omnibook Products include: ACT! for HP Palmtops; ACE<->FAX Fax Software and Modem Bundles;
ACE <->LlNK File Transfer Software; BADman BaHery Monitoring and Data Protection Software; Carrying Cases;
Desktop Card Readers; Acoustic Modem Couplers; HP 200LX Palmtop Systems; HP Color OmniBook Software;
NiMH BaHeries; Printers and Accessories; X·JACK Megahertz Modem Bundles. SkyTel2·Way Paging.)
(DoubleFlash Plus PC Memory Cards, HP 200LX 5MB RAM Upgrade) .. ................... . ... back cover
(Palmtop Computer Light)
. [800·771·3600 or 800·936'3638; Fax: 516·868·6897) .. 15
(Wireless Messaging) .
. ................... (800-350-0373) .. 39
(MacLink Plus). ..
. . .. .. .. .. .. . .. .
. .. [800-406-6504 or 203-268-0030; Fax: 203-268-4345).41
(Wireless Messaging Service)
........ [800-967-0943 or 908-602-1144; Fax: 908-602-0990) .. 35
(Leather Cases) ................. • . • .... . ......[800-896-2273; Inti: 916-344-5047; Fax: 916-782-9306) .. 13
. ..... [800-385-9376) .. 5
(PC Cards, PC Card Products)
............ [800-368-6971 or 602-892-0954; Fax: 602-892-0029) .. 15
(Thin Fax Modem) .
[8OD-EXP-6922 ext. 641 or 714-453-1020; Fax: 714-453-1319) .. inside front cover
(PC Cards/Drivers/Adapters) .
. [800-600-5710 or 408-866-4739; Fax: 408-866-8328) .. 48
(Palm Link)..
. ............................. [800-476-4070 or 704-875-8490; Fax: 704-875-2801) 10
(CGA VGA Graphics Pack Vision)
. [604-980-9991; Fax: 604-985-5597).. 19
(Windows Connectivity Pack)
. [603-888-0666; Fax: 603-888-9817) .. 21
(Quicken Connect) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . ..
. [415-944-6000; Fax: 415-462-2955).11
(Flash CardlHard Drive/Card Drive)
.... (800-272-6242 or 213-413-9999; Fax: 213-413-0628) .. 19
(PC Cards) ............. ............
. .... [800-675-2638 or 818-888-7267; Fax: 818-888-3484) 18
(Memory upgrades and assorted products.) ............. [800-566-6832 or 714-753-681 0; Fax: 714-753-8812).17
(E-Mail Subscriptions) ..................
.. [408-450-3467; Fax: 408-321-3603) .. 14
(Parallel Port PC Card) ..................
[800-553-1170 or 330-434-3154; Fax: 330-434-1409) .23
(Wireless Messaging Service) ................................. [800-597-6245 dept. NT3) ..inside back cover
(CompuServe Access Software, other Palmtop accessories) .. . . . . . . . . .. .[805-371-9391; Fax: 805-371-9454) .. 3
(CardLink Drives) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. ..................
. . [Phone/Fax: 704-588-1780) .. 16
(Memory Cards) ................................................ [406-749-0130; Fax: 406-749-1323) 30
(Subscriptions: HP Palmtop Paper, HP Palmtop Paper ONDISK .............................. .
HP OmniGo World) .................................[800-373-6114 or 515-472-6330; Fax: 515-472-1879) .. 8
(Knowledge products: HP Palmtop Tech Ref. Manual, Lotus/DOS Reference Books, HP PTP's CD InfoBase) ......... 49
(HP 200LX 5MB RAM Upgrade) ....................
. ........... (PhonelFax: 205-620-1408) .34
(Parallel Port Adapter)
. .. . .. . . .. .. . . . ..
. ..... [Phone: 510-745-9777; Fax: 510-745-9937) ..47
(Wireless Messaging). .. ..............• .
. ... [800-549-9800 or 805-781-6000; Fax: 805-781-6001) 27
ConectUS Wireless Comm
DTS Wireless Messaging
Envoy Data
EXP Computer
Greystone Peripherals
Mobile Planet
Notebook Supply Warehouse
Shier Systems
Steele Creek Technologies
Thaddeus Computing
Technical Support
HP Technical Support - HP offers technical support from 8:00am. - 5:00pm. P.5.T.
On-Line Support-offered by these bulletin board services.
FORUM - Call 800-848-8199 or 614457-0802: For FREE membership state
PALMTOP - Call 800-827-6364 or
703-893-6288 for membership information.
INTERNET: comp.sys.palmtops; or
How to Submit an Article
The richness of The HP Palmtop Paper
comes from the contributions of Palmtop
PC users. We and your fellow users welcome your submissions. (We do not offer
payment for articles, your reward is knowmg that you've helped others.)
1f you have a good idea and want to "go
for it," send it in via CompuServe e-mail
[75300,2443], Internet: [email protected], or send disk or hard copy to Hal
Goldstein or Rich Hall at the above
address. Alternatively you can send an
outline of your idea. We will try to guide
you as to when and whether we woula use
the article and contact you if we need clarification or have any suggestions - please
include your phone number. We may
want to use an article but for a variety of
reasons you may not see it for many
months. Please understand that we cannot
pro~se to ;run any particular article at any
particular time.
If you can, especially if you write a
Palmtop Profile, send us a photo of yourself - black and white is preferred, but
color is acceptable.
Times2 Tech
Wynd Communication
Shareware and Freeware Index (September/October 1996)
Software on The HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK or CompuServe
Text: Descriptions of products advertised in this issue. NA
Utility: Checks battery vonage on 100/200LX.
Clock: Give large clock image.
Utility: Facilitates removal of directories and files.
FMS-CLOG.GDB Database: Letter/fax archive.
Application: Spell checker for the Palmtop.
Game: Strategy game.
Game: Animation of duck smashing a computer.
Application: Sends faxes from DOS command line.
Application: HTML document viewer for the Palmtop
Application: For changing Application Manager's icons. '2
LlFEMGMT.GDB Database: Time management database.
Utility: Loads file into Memo.
Application: Tracks mileage and gas expend~ures.
Application: Allows text to be entered in Chinese.
Game: Pac-Man game.
Application: Text editor.
Application: Monitors batteries, serial port, etc.
Text: The HP Palmtop Paper, Sep/Oct. 96.
Database: PTP On Disk Index in .GDB format.
Text: Cover letter to the HP Palmtop Paper OnDisk.
Utility: Includes ReVolt and DeVolt; monitor batteries
Application: C compiler.
Application: Text editor.
'1.) ftp://eddie.mit.edu/pub/hp951x1NEW/ '2.) http://w3.one.neti- hammistufflhpfaxl06.zip 3.) http://www.hkstar.comi- tterrence
'4). http://www.os2bbs.com/malkalhp-soft.htm '5). http://www.njstar.com.auinjstar/chinese.htm
Software mentioned and included in past issues of The HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK
Subscriber's PowerDisk, or CompuServe's HPHAND Forum
BACKGM.ZIP, (Best Tips 96), Game: Backgammon for the HP Palmtops, (HPHAND/ll), Free, 45; CLOCK.ZIP, (Best Tips 95),
Clock, (HPHAND/ll), Free, 50; GEMCAP, (Nov/Dec 94), Application: For graphics capture (PCUTILl3), Share, 23;
FLEXPAD.ZIP, (May/June 96), Application: Text editor (HPHAND/ll), Share, 24; FREYJA, (Mar/Apr 94), Application: Text editor,
(HPHANDI7), Free, 21; ,KLON95.ZIP, (Best Tips 96), Game: Solitare, (HPHANDI7); Free, 45; LXB.ZIP, (Mar/Apr 96), Utility:
Batch file programming tool, (HPHAND/ll), Free, 45; Nl03PT.ZIP, (May/June 96), Application: Net-Tamer suite for the Intemet,
(HPHAND/ll), Share, 12; PCCHESS,ZIP, (Best Tips 96), Game: Chess game for Palmtops. (HPHAND/ll), Share, 45; PICEM,
(July/Aug 94), Utility: Displays .GIF graphic files, (IBMNEW/5), Free, 22; VCLOCK (May/Jun 95), Clock, (HPHAND/ll), Free, 50;
VDE.ZIP, (Nov/Dec 95), Application: DOS word processor (HPHANDI7), Share, 21; VR100.ZIP, (Power Disk 94195), Application: Vertical
text reader (HPHAND, 11), Free, 45; WINFILER, (July/Aug 96), Application: For file transfer between Windows 95 and Palmtop, (HPHAND19),
Share, 55
TO ORDER the HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK, see order card page 8
Communicate with almost anvone in the world
rightlrom vour HP Palmtop.
The betler faster cooler wav to stav in touch.
BCC- 5 9 7-MAI L
.......,. ......-...'rl''''LII~!
V Rugged, No Moving Parts
V No Batteries Required
V Plug-&-Play Installation
V Built-in Data Compression
V Built-in Battery Management Supports
NiCd, NiMH, Alkaline & lithium batteries
V HP Palmtop Optimized Driver
DoubleFlash+Plu5 Solid State Storage
V Optional ROM Installation Card
V Three power modes
V 5 Volts only
DoubieRash+ 6M (up to 6MB) ................... $199
DoubieFlash+ 10Nt (up to 10NtB) ............... $269
DoubleFlash+ 20M (up to 20MB) ............... $399
DoubieFlash+ 40M (up to 40MB) ............... $669
DoubieFIash+ 8Ofv1 (up to BOMB) ............ $1,099
V 300,000 hours MTBF
V Shock resistant to 1,000 G
V One Year Warranty
V 6MB HP 200LX with C: drive over 5.3MB
V Ultra-low power static RAM design for excellent battery life
V Included software allows memory to be used as EMS memory
V Perfect for use with FAX modem cards - you can now receive and
store your faxes on your HP 200LX
V Use with Software Carousel(tm) to run multiple DOS programs
simultaneously with System Manager
V Compressible with ACE DoubleRAM software to over 10MB!
V Price includes installation by ACE
RAM+Plus & Double Speed
6MB HP 200LX .... ... ... ............................. .......... ............ $88e ~
5MB HP 200LX ............................................................ . 749
5MB RAM +Plus Memory Upgrade {Made in Japari) .. ....... $449
5MB TechRAM Memory Upgrade (Made in U. S.A.) .......... $249
DoubleSpeed Upgrade ......................"'............................ $89
DoubleSpeed Upgrade purchased with Memory Upgrade ... $50
A~~ ®
ACE Technologies. Inc.
See our complete catalog at http://www.ace-tech.com
ACE Technologies. Inc. 592 Weddell Drive #6. Sunnyvale. California. 94089 U.S.A. Tel: 408- 734-0100 or 800-825-9977 Fax: 408-734-3344
DoubJeFlosh, DoubleFIosh Plus and RAM+Plu5 are trademarks of AC E Technologies, Inc.
TechRAM is a trademark of Tlmes2 Tech
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