Parliamentary Bulletin
Parliamentary Bulletin
FRIDAY, MAY 8, 2015
Legislative Section
Discussion under Rule 176
Members are informed that the Short Duration Discussion on the
deteriorating standard of education in the country which was scheduled for
Wednesday, the 6th May, 2015, will now be taken up on Wednesday, the
13th May, 2015.
Bill Office
The Constitution (One Hundred and Twenty Second Amendment)
Bill, 2014
(As passed by Lok Sabha)
(F. No. 31011/07/2014-SO (ST) dated 8th May, 2015 from
Shri Arun Jaitley, Minister of Finance, Corporate Affairs and Information and
Broadcasting to the Secretary-General, Rajya Sabha)
xxx that Hon'ble President has recommended
consideration of the Constitution (One Hundred and Twenty Second
Amendment) Bill, 2014, as passed by the Lok Sabha with amendments, in the
Rajya Sabha under clauses xxx (3) of article 117 and xxx
xxx of the
Bill Office
The Medical Consultancy and Other Services (Rationalisation of Fees) Bill,
2013 by Smt. Renuka Chowdhury, M.P.
(As introduced in the Rajya Sabha)
(Letter No. Nil, dated 7th May, 2015 from Shri Jagat Prakash Nadda,
Minister of Health and Family Welfare to the Secretary-General, Rajya Sabha)
“The President having been informed of the subject matter of the
proposed Private Member Bill titled the ‘Medical Consultancy and Other
Services (Rationalisation of Fees) Bill, 2013’ by Smt. Renuka Chowdhury,
recommends consideration of the Bill in Rajya Sabha under article 117(3) of
the Constitution”.
Bill Office
Reference of the Bill to the Department-related
Parliamentary Standing Committee
Members are informed that the Chairman, Rajya Sabha on
8th May, 2015, has referred the Homoeopathy Central Council (Amendment)
Bill, 2015, as introduced in the Rajya Sabha and pending therein, to the
Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health and Family
Welfare, for examination and report within two months.
Committee Co-ordination Section
Result of Election to the Central Silk Board
The following candidates, who were nominated for election to the
Central Silk Board, were duly elected to be the members of the said Board on
the 8th May, 2015:(i)
Shri Basawaraj Patil
Shri Neeraj Shekhar
Library and Reference Unit, LARRDIS
Information Bulletin on Real Estate Sector: Its Growth and Regulation
Members are informed that copies of the Information Bulletin on
‘Real Estate Sector: Its Growth and Regulation’, both in English and Hindi,
brought out by LARRDIS, Lok Sabha Secretariat, are available for distribution.
Members are requested to obtain their copies from the Publications
Counter, Rajya Sabha.
IT Sections (H&S)
Securing of Wi-fi access points installed in Lobbies of Rajya Sabha
Members are informed that wifi facilities in the lobbies of the Rajya
Sabha will henceforth be protected by password. The password will be issued
to the Member by a technical person of NIC deputed in inner lobby of Rajya
Sabha to provide technical support/ assistance to the Members.
Members are requested to kindly cooperate.
IT Sections (H&S)
IT facilities for Members of Rajya Sabha
Members are informed that the facility of Computer Equipment is
made available to the Members to enable them to discharge their
functions/duties through a “Scheme of Financial Entitlement of Members of
Rajya Sabha for Computer Equipment”. Under the Scheme, Members are
entitled to purchase any or all of the items of computer equipment specified
Desktop computer
Laptop Computer
Pen drive
Printer (DeskJet/ LaserJet/Multi-function/portable)
UPS (with desktop only)
(vii) Handheld communicator/computer/smart phone
(viii) Data internet cards
(ix) MS Office suite
(x) Language softwares and Speech recognition softwares
(xi) E-reader
(xii) Computer Monitor
(xiii) External Hard Drive
It is informed that the financial entitlement of a Member for
purchasing computer equipment and software under the Scheme is as follows:
(a) Rs.2,00,000/- if elected/nominated to Rajya Sabha for a term
of more than three years.
(b) Rs.1,50,000/- if elected/nominated to Rajya Sabha in bye
election on a casual vacancy for a term of three years or less.
(c) Additional Rs 1,00,000 would be available to a Member after a
period of three years of his / her term subject to condition that
minimum period of term left is not less than six months.
Members can avail of the Scheme by adopting one of the following
two procedures:
(a) By purchasing the computer equipment from a vendor and passing
on the proof of payment to the IT Sections (H&S) (room No.209,
PHA) for reimbursement. On certification by the IT Section, the
MS&A Section makes the reimbursement to the Member; or
(b) By bringing a Proforma Invoice from a vendor for the computer
equipment to be procured. On certification by IT Sections (H&S),
the MS&A Section makes the payment directly to the vendor.
Members are also informed that in order to reduce their dependency on
paper copies of Parliamentary documents and thereby achieve the goal of
reduction in the use of paper, an amount of Rs. 50,000/- out of the financial
entitlement of a Member has been earmarked to facilitate purchase of an
E-reader devices. Members can purchase any branded model of E-reader tablet
device which operates on i-OS or Android or Window Operating System and
have a screen size not less than 7 inches. The devise can be purchased by
Members from any authorized retailers/dealers from anywhere in India.
Members are informed that procurement of one such device by Members
using their financial entitlement is mandatory and cost towards the device,
earmarked as Rs. 50,000/- , is kept aside from the financial entitlement of
each Member and a Member shall not be eligible to utilize this amount out
of his/her due financial entitlement for purchase of any other computer
equipment/software. However, out of this earmarked amount, if any amount
remains unutilized after the purchase of one E-reader device, that amount can
be used by the Members for purchase of any other item(s) permitted under the
3. Members may also keep in view the following stipulations regarding the
purchase of computer equipment under the Scheme of Financial Entitlement:
(a) Members are free to purchase the computer equipment from any
vendor anywhere in India. However, Members should satisfy
themselves about the genuineness of the products, warranty cover
and the quality of after-sales service support.
(b) In case of Desktop Computers, the following brands have been
(vii) Apple
(viii) HCL
(c) There is no brand restriction on Laptops, E-reader tablets, Printers and
Scanners and Members can purchase these items of any brand of their
(d) Arrangements for obtaining warranty services, maintenance and
insurance towards the computer equipment that Members purchase using
their financial entitlement are to be made by Members themselves.
(e) In case a Member purchases computer equipment by submitting a
Proforma Invoice, he /she is required to make available the proof of
purchase (original bills etc. with serial numbers of the items), within
30 days from the date of release of payment, to the Secretariat for the
purpose of record and audit.
(f) The computer equipment purchased by a Member under the Scheme
remains with him even after he ceases to be a Member.
(g) As per the decision of the Committee on Provision of Computer
Equipment to Members of Rajya Sabha, Members will not be allowed to
purchase computer equipment and submit claim thereof for
reimbursement during the last six months of their membership in
Rajya Sabha
Members can obtain more information on the Scheme and rules
governing it by approaching the IT Sections (H&S) (Room No. 209, Parliament
House Annexe) or from the Rajya Sabha website under the link Committees →
Standing Committees →Committee on Provision of Computer Equipment to
Members of Rajya Sabha → Rules.
E-mail Facility: E-mail facility is provided to Members by the National
Informatics Centre (NIC) free of charge. For availing this facility, a form is
required to be filled up by the Member mentioning desired username for the
facility. The form is available with IT Sections (H&S) (Room no. 209,
Parliament House Annexe) or can be downloaded from the Rajya Sabha
Website ( under the link Downloads → Application
Forms → NICNET Application Form.
Broadband Facility: Members can also avail of broadband facility of
MTNL/BSNL by choosing to forego 10,000 of their telephone calls out of the
1,50,000/- free calls for each broadband connection.
3G and Blackberry Services: Members can avail of 3G facility and
Blackberry services of MTNL/BSNL through packages customized for them
@ Rs. 1500/- per month and @ Rs. 999/- per month respectively, which will
be adjusted against their 1,50,000/- free telephone calls.
Similarly, Members can obtain unlimited 3G service package of
MTNL and BSNL to get internet connectivity on their e-Reader Tablet devices
(Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab) @ Rs. 999/- per month, which will be
adjusted against the free calls available to Members.
Members can also obtain two additional SIMs for using Blackberry
Services and Data Card of MTNL/BSNL (besides 3 SIM cards members get one SIM for Delhi phone, one SIM for the constituency phone and one more
SIM for the Tablet device).
Members can obtain more information regarding Broadband, 3G and
Blackberry Services through MTNL/BSNL by approaching the Members’
Amenities Section (Room No. 227, Parliament House Annexe) or Liaison
Officer, MTNL/BSNL, Room No. 520, Parliament House Annexe,
Tel. No. 23035354/23014477.
IT Sections (H&S)
Customized Parliamentary applications for e-reader tablet devices
Members are informed that customized software applications to
facilitate easy access to daily Parliamentary Papers through the tablet devices,
Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, have been developed for benefit of
Both the Hindi and English versions of the application for Apple iPad
are freely available for download from the Apple iTunes store with the name
Rajya Sabha Business app( Eng) and Rajya Sabha Business app( Hindi) . Also,
a similar app for Android platform (in English) has been developed by NIC
which can be downloaded from the Rajya Sabha Website. The apps can be
installed on the Apple iPAD and Android devices as follows:
Procedure to install the Rajya Sabha Business application on iPAD
• Click on App store
• Type ‘Rajya Sabha’ under Search
• Selct English/Hindi version of the app
• Click on Install
Note: Users must have the Apple UserID and Password to install the
Procedure to install the Rajya Sabha Business application (English
version) on Android devices
Go to Rajya Sabha Website(
Click on ‘Rajya Sabha Business application’ given at right bottom of
the main page
Download the apk file and click on Install
Alternatively, Members can get these software applications
downloaded/embedded on their Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab devices
by NIC personnel available in Computer Centre (Room No.64-G, First Floor,
Parliament House). Members can also contact Shri N.S. Arneja, Senior
Technical Director, NIC (at Tel. No. 23034829 or e-mail: [email protected]) for
resolution of their queries in this regard.
Using these applications Members can access the latest List of
Business, Papers Laid on the Table of the House, latest Parliamentary Bulletins,
Questions Lists, Members Birthdays and other useful information on their
IT Sections (H&S)
Provision of Wi-Fi connectivity at select locations in Parliament Complex
for the use of Members of Parliament
Members are informed that Wi-Fi facility has been installed in Central
Hall, Members' Reading Room (Parliament House) and Members' Reading
Room (Parliament Library Building) through MTNL Broadband for use of
Hon'ble Members of Parliament.
For any query/assistance, Members may kindly contact Members' Query
Booth (Room No. G-127, Parliament Library Building, Telephone
No. 23035055).
IT Sections (H&S)
Use of new domain to access the sansad e-mail allocated to Members
Members are informed that the National Informatics Centre (NIC)
which provides official e-mail services, has advised that the website
‘’ be used for accessing the e-mails instead of the website
Members may note that there shall be no change in the e-mail
addresses i.e. [email protected] that have been allotted to them.
In case of any difficulty/clarification Members may kindly contact
NIC Cell, 64-G, Parliament House, New Delhi-110001 at Tel No: 23034907,
23034829 or at e-mail:[email protected] For reactivation of email account and
change of password, Members may contact at Tel No: 23034392 or at
[email protected]
IT Sections (H&S)
Procedure to reset/change NIC e-mail password
Members are allocated official e-mail addresses by NIC under
‘’ domain and the same are displayed along with Members’ name,
addresses and contact details on Rajya Sabha Websites. Members also use these
accounts for their e-mail requirements. Members have the option of changing
passwords of their e-mail accounts as per their choice. The Procedure to change
passwords for NIC e-mail accounts is as follows:
(a) For Operating System Windows 7
Use Internet Explorer/Google Chrome
Open email site:
Put your username & Password
Click on Option (left side bottom)
Click on change password (three input boxes will appear in
right pane)
One is for current password
Next is new password &
Last one is to confirm your new password
Click on Save Preferences
(b) For Operating System Windows XP
• Use Google Chrome
• Rest of the Procedure is same as above
An image representation of the screen that will appear for changing
password is as follows:
The Password policy that needs to be followed is as follows:
Password must be of at least 8 characters.
Password must not be the same as the previous 3 passwords.
Password must contain Uppercase, lower case, number and Special
Password must not contain dictionary word.
If the password is not set correctly, a message will be flashed "The
password you entered does not follow the password creation policy.
Please try again."This implies that the password needs to be set again
as per the guidelines stated above.
Members are also apprised that in case they forget their
passwords, they can get a new password in the following two ways:
Call NIC person (Room No. 105, Parliament House) at phone no: 23035030 or
23034392 between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM or send email at [email protected])
The new Password will be sent to the Member’s registered mobile number.
Alternatively, NIC Support team at CGO Complex , Lodhi Road, New Delhi
can be called up at phone no.: 24360088 (24 *7) .
The new Password will be sent to the Member’s registered mobile number.
Members are also informed that for security reasons the practice of
sending the reset/new password for email accounts on NIC server
(i.e. to the NIC coordinator or on the alternate email address of
the user has been discontinued by NIC. For enhanced mail security reset/new
password for email accounts are now sent to the user on his/her mobile only as
an SMS. NIC has already sent an email to all users to update their mobile
numbers in NIC email repository. Members who have not updated their mobile
numbers are requested to do the same on priority basis. Members may register
their mobile number either by visiting to the site : or may ask
the Support team through E-mail using NIC email Account to update their
mobile number in their email profile. The Procedure for updating the mobile
numbers in NIC e-mail account/NIC repository by Members themselves is as
Visit the site
Click on update Mobile no.
Use your e-mail address/password to Login
Follow the instructions on the screen to update your mobile number
Members are also informed that as per NIC policy, in case an email account is not used for a period of more than 90 days, it is deactivated
by the NIC server. In view of this, Members are requested to use their NIC
e-mail accounts regularly so that it is not deactivated.
IT Sections (H&S)
Debate Portal of Rajya Sabha
Members are informed that Rajya Sabha Secretariat in association
with the National Informatics Centre (NIC) has created a repository of Rajya
Sabha debates since 1952 in searchable format and the entire database has been
placed on Internet through a new website of Rajya Sabha namely
2. In this Debate portal, all the printed volumes of Official Debates of Rajya
Sabha since its first sitting on 13th May, 1952 have been scanned and converted
into electronic form. The Digital repository of debates contains the Debates in
Text (pdf) format as well as Image (pdf) format so that it is possible to make
free text search on the debates as well as to keep the original format of the
printed debates intact. The Debates comprise Part I (Parliamentary Questions
and Answers) and Part II (proceedings other than Question and Answers).
3. As on date this Digital repository contains data from the 1st Session to
the 232nd Session of Rajya Sabha.
The main features of the Debate Portal of Rajya Sabha are as under:
Users can browse the Rajya Sabha debates by:o Question-Answer(Part-I)/Other Debates (Part-II) wise
o Debate Title wise
o Members Participated wise
o Debate Date wise
o Debate Subject wise
Users can make free text searches as the entire collection is built in
Users can also perform specific search using ‘Advanced search’ option
on Session number, Debate Date, Debate Type, Debate Title, Members
participated, Question type, Question number, Debate Subjects,
Questioner Name, Minister’s name, Ministry etc.
The free text search word gets highlighted in text PDF.
Users have the option to view either the text data (pdf) or Image (pdf).
3. Besides the repository being available at, it can also
be reached from the Rajya Sabha Websites ( and through the link Debates→Rajya Sabha Official
IT Sections (H&S)
Members’ Login Application
The facility of Members’ Login Application, which is a two way
communication channel between Members and Rajya Sabha Secretariat for
delivering information and documents to Members as well as sending
communications by Members, is available to Members. A new functionality
has been added in the Application for sending E-mail/SMS by the Members to
other Members of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) or on any other mobile number.
The Application provides the following:
(a) Inbox (Official) - Inbox contains any information/document sent by any
Section of the Rajya Sabha Secretariat to the Member.
(b) SMS
New – To send SMS to any other mobile number
Inbox – To see the SMS received
Sent – To see the SMS sent to other users.
(c) Send SMS/Email/Portal Messages to other Members – Members have
access to the E-mail/contact addresses in the text format. Using this facility
Members can send SMS/E-mail/portal messages to other Members of Rajya
Sabha. This Application is integrated with NIC’s SMS Gateway and messaging
(d) Submit Request- Using this, Member can submit following type of Online
Requests to the Rajya Sabha Secretariat:
(i) Change of permanent address, telephone nos. etc.;
(ii) Change of local address, telephone nos. etc.;
(iii) Change of delivery address and language (Hindi/English) for
parliamentary papers.; and
(iv) Any other communication to be sent to Secretary-General, Rajya
(e) Pay slip- Members can view their Pay-slip.
(f) Payment Details: Members can see the details of payments made to them
and sent to their Bank account.
(g) TA/DA Bills
(h) MTNL Bills
(i) NDMC Bills – Electricity and Water Bills
(j) Member’s Address and Label Printing– Using this option one can see the
Member’s addresses and can print Address Labels on envelopes.
(k) Part-II Bulletins- See the Part-II Bulletin and search a particular bulletin.
(l) Verbatim Debates – Through this, Members can download editable version
of the Verbatim Debates and after making correction, submit back to the
Secretariat, electronically.
(m) Committee Meeting Schedule: Members can view Committee Meeting
Schedule- date-wise, Week-wise, Month-wise etc.
(n) Forgot Password:
The software has been updated with following additional features:
Forgot password module for Members who lose/forget their
‘Member’s Login’ password and need a new password without assistance from
NIC. This utility can be accessed from the Homepage by clicking the icon
named ‘Forget Password’. The procedure to get a new password online is as
Enter userid or registered email address and enter image number
in the text box;
Click on submit button;
If the entered information is correct then OTP(one time password)
will be send on registered mobile number of the Member;
Enter the OTP in box;
Click on “submit OTP” button;
On successful entering the OTP, SMS with new password will be
sent on the registered mobile number; and
Enter login id and new password in “ login page” to access the
Member’s Login application.
(o) The user manual for use of Member’s Login application is also available on
the Homepage (
2. The Member’s Login Portal is a secured Web application for
information services delivery and inter-communication System integrated
with Mobile SMS and NIC’s E-mail messaging Service. In order to use the
Application, individual User-ID and passwords for each Member have been
created. Members who have not collected their User-ID and passwords for
the Application are requested to collect the same either personally or
through their P.As from NIC Cell, Room No. 64-G, Parliament House,
New Delhi (Tel. No. 23034829).
3. This Application can be accessed by Members from the address
( or it can also be accessed from the Rajya Sabha websites
( and case of any
difficulty/clarification Members may contact NIC Cell, 64-G, Parliament
House, New Delhi-110001; Tel No: 23034907, 23034829 or at
e-mail:[email protected]
Simultaneous Interpretation Service
Avoiding Disturbance in the sound system
It has been observed that some Hon. Members do not turn off the
volume knob of their earphones while leaving their seats, which causes
disturbance in the sound system in the House. Hon. Members are, therefore,
requested to turn the knob to the left while leaving their seats.
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