User Manual
Please read over this manual before operation the light
Welcome to use BOB 1200W Follow Spot Light . In order to bring
safer and better service , please read this user manual carefully before
you run the light . Please follow the operation to avoid the injury to
body and the damage to the light .
Part A : Product Introduction
BOB 1200W follow spot light use the high quality aluminum shaped
board and iron board as the cover . With its latest cover design and
optical system design % 6 pieces strong fan ., it keeps its expected
high heat radiation and high brightness character . The advanced
electrical PCB drive the 3 pieces micro electrical motor for the
wash , strobe , dimmer zoom effect . The focus is adjustable , very
easy and quick to handle .
Part B :Operation
After open the box , please check if the item gets any damage during
the shipment . For example : the screw loosen , lens broken . After the
check , please follow the step below :
(1) Please set the light on the stand , adjust the scan angel .
(2) Connect the proper power and ground wire , and then turn on the
power .
(3) After the power on , the inside PCB will start its automatic
checking for 40 seconds . Only after the check , you can start the
operation .
(4) During the operation , please press the button according to its
function .
Part C :Notice
(1) The lamp belongs to HMI series . After the power on and light get
full brightness , the power can be turned off . After the power off
for several minutes for the lamp get cool , we can turn on the
power again . Otherwise the lamp’ life time will be shorten much .
(2) Please do not look the light direct to avoid eye injury .
(3) During the installation and maintain , please make sure the power
is off .
(4) Please do not use other lamp with different specification .
Part D : Technical Details
Power Supply : AC200V-220V
Power : 1300W
Frequency ; 50-60HZ
Anti Power : 1.5KV
Insulated Resistance : 7.2M
Distance :4M-6M
Safe standard : CE20/30 3rd Level
Strobe : 1 to 7 times per second
Working : Indoor
Size : 120*44*29CM
Weight : 42
Lamp : HMI1200W
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