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 1. Product Name
Heliocol Swimming Pool Solar Heating System
2. Manufacturer
Heliocol USA, Inc.
927 Fern St. Suite 1500
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
(800) 506-1994
(407) 831-1941
Fax: (407) 831-1208--
[email protected]
www heliocol.com
3. Product Description
The Heliocol Swimming Pool Solar Heating
System uses the sun's energy to heat commer-
ciol ond residential swimming pools. Heliocol
solar collector systems heat thousands of gal-
lons of water to temperatures under
95 degrees F (35 degrees C) by dirculating the
water through solar collectors. Pool tempera-
ture is set using an automatic controller.
Using the existing pool pump, pool water is
directed by a controlled valve to the solar
collectors. Pool water enters the bottom of
the solar collectors and rises to the top
through the individual collector tubes. As the
water flows through the collector, it is heated
by the sun's radiant energy. The water then
returns to the pool. This cycle is repeated until
the pool is sufficiently warmed by the sun and
the desired temperature is reached.
In some climates, the swimming pool can
naturally reach uncomfortable temperatures
during peak summer months. The Heliocol
system can dissipate excess heat in the pool
by circulating the water through the collectors
at night.
Heliocol solar collectors can be installed on
the roof, on the ground, on racks or in any
area near the pool that provides the proper
exposure, orientation and tilt toward the sun.
Heliocol ponels are made of polypropylene
with special ultraviolet inhibitor additives. The
polymer material has been tested in autho-
rzed labs and proven stable against the
effects of sustained UV radiation, extreme
Competition pool edited! wih Soler panels
weather conditions and aging. It is also certi-
fied for use as a plastic for foodstuffs contact
applications and is highly durable against cor-
rosion and scaling: chlorine, bromine, iodine,
HCL and other swimming pool chemicals; and
salt and sea water,
The solar collector panel consists of individual
riser tubes that allow for expansion and con-
traction to help eliminate cracks and leaks, опа
minimize wind effects on the panel to create
mechanical stability, Spacer bars prevent panel
distortion and riser tube abrasion over time due
to thermal expansion. Fins add strength to the
unit while preventing differential thermal expan-
sion and system distortion.
An overmolding process connects the spacer
bars, riser tubes and fins to the manifold header,
eliminating welds and resulting in a panel that is
one plastic unit, All parts are rounded to avoid
stress concentration or the risk of bursting at
high pressure. Collector panels are modular to
enable fast, firm connections between them
and allow any desired absorption area for any
roof type. Parts and fittings are plastic and
allow simple connection between panels and
standard plumbing pipes.
The Gator Clamp mounting hardware and
PPC panel camps are manufactured using a
proprietary formula of polypropylene. Both are
unique components exclusive to the Heliocol
collector system. The Gator Clamp mounting
assembly allows the collector header to be
mounted at variable points for a secure con-
22 51 00
Heliocol USA, Inc.
nection to trusses or beams.
The PPC panel cilomp assembly allows the
internal gasket between the flanged headers
to compress when fully engaged, thus forming
a perfect watertight seal. This eliminates the
common practice of employing a rubber hose
connection between collectors and the unsight-
ly gap between them. The result is a smaller
footprint for the overall system, since PPC panel
clamps are 1" (264 mm) wide and rubber hose
couplings are 4" (102 mm) wide,
Heliocol offers several swimming pool solar col-
lector models that vary according to size, vol-
ume capacity, recommended flow rate, BTUs
generated per day and other parameters. See
Table 2 for system model comparisons.
* HC-50 - Volume capacity 3.7 gal (14 1)
* HC-40 - Volume capacity 3.1 gal (12 L)
* HC-38 - Volume capacity 3 gal (11.4 1)
* HC-30 - Volume capacity 24 gal (2.9 1)
* HC-125 - Volume capacity 0.93 gal (35 1)
HC-10 - Volume capacity 0.78 gal (2.9 1)
Black Terracotta
n= 0.828 -18.52 (T-To)/l n = 0.727 - 15,59 (T-Ta)/
Note: Units of (T-To)A are (m? *C/ Watt)
n = 0.828 - 3.26 (Ti-Ta) n = 0,727 - 2.75 (Т-То)
Note: Units of (T-Ta)/l are (nr-ft2 *F/ BTU)
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> Construction Data
22 51 00
Heliocol USA, Inc.
=. . Вы -
Tr Pra
* (FE
yas — Tra atar
NE ee AT Ea
The surface area of a Heliocol solar heating
system can range from 50% - 120% of the
pool's surface area, depending on the pools
geographic location, roof orientation, pool
configuration and heating requirements. See
Table 2.
Heliocol solar collectors are available in Black
and Terracotta. See Table 1 for color-based
* Economical - Reduces or eliminates pool
heating utility bills without additional oper-
ating costs
* Provides year-round pool heating in warm
climates and extends the swimming season
in colder climates
Low collector head loss rate reduces pump
* Can be mounted to any roof type with the
Aligator Clamp and Mounting Pad, which
minimizes or eliminates roof penetrations ond
prevents moisture buildup under collectors
* Comprehensive 12 year full warranty (10
years outside the United States) protecting
all manufacturer parts
* Con be used in conjunction with an existing
pool heater
* Solar panel material is guaranteed not to
cause pool discoloration
* Con sustain hurricane force winds fo 180 mph
(290 km/hour)
* The amount of solar heat absorbed is
dependent on the number of solar collec-
tors in the system
* As with any pool heating system, use of a
pool blanket is recommended to help
reduce heat loss
* Panels should be installed so that they are
accessible but do not receive direct foot
* Heliocol solar collectors should face south;
Heliocol Collector
or west of due south will not significantly
decrease performance as long as shading
is avoided
4. Technical Data
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and
Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) - ANSI/
ASHRAE 96 Method of Testing to Determine the
Thermal Performance of Unglazed Fat-Plate
collector efficiency graph. however, an orientation to 45 degrees east Liquid-Type Solar Collectors
Collector Model HC-50 HC-40 HC-38 HC-30 HC-125 HC-10
Size, nominal 4 x 25 4 x D5 4x0 4x6 Tx 25 7x 05
Width 47" (120 cm) 47" (20 ст) 47" (120 em) 47" (120 cm) 11.75" (30 cm) 11.75" (30 cm)
Length 152.1" (386 cm) 127" (323 cm) 115" (292 cm) 91" 231 cm) 1515" (385 em) 127" (323 cm)
Area (ft?) 50 f12 (4.465 md) 415 fi2 (388 m2) 378 ft2 (3.52 m2) 30 ft? (2.77 m?) 122 ft2 (11mA 102 ft? (0.9 md)
Manifold diameter 2" (51mm) 2" (51 mm) 2" (51 mm) 2" (51 mm) 2" (51 mm) 2" (51 mm)
Number of spacers 2 10 9 7 12 0
Weight, dry 22 b (1 kg) 19 lb (85 kg) В № (62 Ка) 15 lo (68 kg) 5.5 lo (25 ka) 4.75 Ib (22 kg)
Weight, wet 53 lo (24 kg) 45 Ib (205 kg) 43 lo (196 kg) 35 lo (158 kg) 1325 № (6.01 Ко) 1125 b (6.1 ka)
Volume capacity 37 ga (MU) 3199! (2) 30 gal (N41) 24 gal (91) 093 gal (351) 078 gal (291)
Working pressure 60 psi (62 bar) 90 psi (62 bar) 90 psi (62 bar) 90 psi (62 bar) 90 psi (62 bar) 90 psi (62 bar)
Burst pressure 270 psi (18.6 bar) 270 psi (186 bar) 270 psi (186 bar) 270 psi (186 bar) 270 psi (184 bar) 270 psi (18.6 bar)
Recommended flow rate 5 GPM (18,9 L) 4 GPM (15.1 L) 4 GPM (15.11) 3 GPM (114 1) 125 GPM (4.7 1) 1 GPM (38 L)
BIUs/day 47,400 39,400 36,024 28,440 11,850 9850
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Data*, Al Rights Reserved. > Construction Data
Heliocol PPC Panel Clamp eliminates unsightly
gops between collectors - Top & middle
Gator Clamp mounting assembly - Bottom
Heliocol USA, Inc.
Woter temperature 68 degrees F 104 degrees F MO degrees F
(20 degrees C) (40 degrees C) (60 degrees C)
Maximum recommended operating pressure 120 psi (8 bar) 90 psi (6 bar) 60 ря (4 Баг)
Burst pressure 360 psi (25 bor) 260 psi (18 bar) 200 psi (M bar)
ASTM International (ASTM)
+ ASTM D635 Standard Test Method for Rate
of Burning and/or Extent and Time of Burning
of Plastics in a Horizontal Position
+ ASTM D1929 Standard Test Method for
Determining Ignition Temperature of Plastics
* ASTM D2843 Standard Test Method for
Density of Smoke from the Burning or
Decomposition of Plastics
International Organization for Standardization
* ISO 9001:2000 Certified
* ISO 9002 Certified
Texas A&M University System - Wind Tunnel Test,
Test Number 9413, College Station, Texas, USA.
NOTE: Compounded polypropylene is certified
as a plastic for use with potable water and for
foodstuffs contact applications in Austria,
Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany,
Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway,
Portugal Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The
Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Contact
Heliocol USA. for a list of specific standards.
A sample of a Heliocol plastic solar collector
wos tested for gaseous combustion products
and was analyzed by a mass spectrometer. A
copy of the test method and results can be
obtained by contacting Heliocol USA, Inc.
* City of Los Angeles Research Report RR-4508
- USA.
* Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC.) certi-
fied, Horida - US.A.
* INMETRO, Catholic University of Minas Gerais
- Brasil
* Solar Rating and Certification Corporation
(SRCC) certified - USA.
See Table 2. 3 and 4.
* Maximum smoke density 71, ASTM D2843
* Smoke density rating 49.7%, ASTM D2843
* Self ignition temperature 715 degrees F
(379 degrees C), ASTM D1929
* Hosh ignition temperature 625 degrees F (329
degrees C), ASTM D1929
* Average rate of burning 0.68" (17 mm) per
minute, ASTM D635
+ Classification CC2, UBC 52-4
Heliocol's high efficiency solar absorbers transfer
hundreds of thousands of BTUs (units of heat)
from the sun into swimming pool water without
creating any pollution or greenhouse gases.
Heliocol systems are licensed to be marked with
the Green Label in accordance with the
Standards Institution of Israels requirements for
products that have a reduced impact on the
5. Installation
Deliver products in manufacturer's original,
unopened, undamaged containers with identifi-
cation labels intact. Store materials protected
from exposure to harmful environmental
conditions ond at temperature and humidity
conditions recommended by the manufacturer,
Verify that site conditions are acceptable
for installation. Do not proceed with installation
until unacceptable conditions are corrected.
Heliocol systems are installed by certified pro-
fessionals and can usually be installed in a day.
All that is required to install the system is simple
plumbing from the solar panels to the existing
pool pump. Refer to the Heliocol "Swimming
Pool Solar Heating System Installation Manual"
for detailed installation instructions.
* Use extreme caution when working on or
around a roof or pool area
* Avoid hazards such as overhead electrical
wires or loose shingles
* Do not allow extension cords to lie in the
pool or in standing water
* Wear shoes with proper tread to prevent
sipping on ladders or sloped roof systems
* Disconnect all power to the pool when
instaling an automatic control system
e. SPEC-DATA" and MANU-SPEC? are tegsiered rodemara of Read Essvier Inc. Tha ten part SPECDATA formo! conforms to the editorial style
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Construction Data
© Heliocol USA, Inc.
Water temperature HC-50 HC-40 HC-38 HC-30 HC-125 HC-10
Cool - 95 degrees F 46,00 Btu/day 38,900 Btu/doy 35,100 Btu/day 27,900 Btu/day 11525 Btu/day 9,725 Btu/day
(35 degrees C) 48,600 kJ/day 41000 kJ/day 37,000 kJ/day 29,400 kJ/day 12.150 kJ/day 10.250 kJ/day
Medium - 122 degrees F 16.500 Btu/day 4.000 Btu/day 12600 Btu/day 10.000 Btu/day 4125 Btu/day 3500 Btu/day
(50 degrees C) 17,400 kJ/day 14.700 kJ/day 13,300 kJ/day 10,500 kJ/day 4350 kJ/day 3675 kJ/day
Performance 9. Technical Services
* Use pressure rated Schedule 40 or greater
PVC pipe
* Use РУС Schedule 40 or greater pressure
rated fittings to match the PVC pipe
+ Clean each PVC joint, fitting and pipe end with
PVC cleaner or primer prior to cementing
Installation must comply with the requirements
of all applicable local, state and federal code
6. Availability & Cost
Heliocol solar heating systems are sold through
a global network of authorized dealers,
To locate a dedler, contact a Heliocol cus-
tomer service representative at (800) 506-1994
or via email at [email protected] Or, visit
the “Locate a Dealer” section of the Heliocol
website at www.heliocol.com.
Consult the manufacturer for detailed pricing
7. Warranty
Heliocol is the only solar collector manufacturer
that grants a full 12 Year Parts and Labor
Warranty (10 years outside the USA) on all of its
manufacturer components. Heliocol guaran-
tees that all Heliocol solar collectors and com-
ponents will be free from defects in materials
and workmanship under normal use and ser-
vice, During that time, should a Heliocol solar
collector or component exhibit a manufactur-
ing defect, Heliocol will repair or replace the
part without charge for parts or labor to the
customer, Heliocol solar collectors are also war-
ranted against internal freezing, when installed
in accordance with Heliocol's installation instruc-
tions. Complete warranty terms and conditions
are available from the manufacturer, For details,
consult Hellocol USA, Inc.
8. Maintenance
The Heliocol solar pool heating system requires
very little to no maintenance.
Technical assistance, including more detailed
information, product literature, test results,
project lists, assistance in preparing project
specifications, customized energy analysis for
pool heating and DHW projects and arrange-
ments for application supervision, is available
by contacting Heliocol USA, Inc.
10. Filing Systems
* Additional product information is available
from the manufacturer upon request.
SPEC-DATA" and MANU-SPEC* ara regsiered rodemana of Reed Bsevier Inc, The ten part SPEC-DATA formot conforms To the editorial shia
a J of The Construction Specifications Institute ond 5 used wiih their permission, The manufocturer k resporstle for technical ocouracy, €2008 Reed Construction Data*, Al Rights Reserved,
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