MicroBoards Technology HCL Autoloader Specifications

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MicroBoards Technology HCL Autoloader Specifications | Manualzz


Pioneers in the fi eld of disc technology, Microboards Technology has a long history and considerable expertise when it comes to delivering innovative, high-quality products and solutions customers can count on. The Microboards HCL

Autoloader is one of those products because nothing else off ers the same capacity, reliability, and throughput as the

HCL Autoloader. When you need to burn a lot of CDs, DVDs,

Blu-ray Discs, or even LightScribe CDs or DVDs, the HCL

Autoloader is the simple choice for large automated runs.

Available in multiple recorder confi gurations to fi t anyone’s time requirements or budget, each system features a staggering 1,000-disc capacity. Innovative solutions to common industry problems are corrected in the HCL Autoloader, including a disc counter that tracks the number of good/bad discs. Store and queue multiple jobs for uninterrupted disc production. Don’t let a bad batch of discs slow down your production! A sticky disc separator option provides an added layer of insurance by helping separate those annoying sticky discs, which normally is a fatal error for unworthy automated production systems.

Disc Capacity: Up to 1,000 Discs (depends on media type)

Drive Confi gurations: CD/DVD: 4 or 8; Blu-ray: 4 or 6; LS: 4 or 8

Hard Drive Options: 500 GB

Approximate Throughput/Hr.: 4 Drives: 20-48 DVD / 28-68

CD, 6 Drives: 30-66 DVD / 42-90 CD, 8 Drives: 40-72 DVD / 56-

104 CD, for Blu-ray and LightScribe info, call 800.646.8881

Max Writing Speed (Blu-ray HCL): BD-R: 8x; BD-RE: 2x; BD-R

DL: 4x; BD-RE DL: 2x; DVD-R: 16x; DVD-RW: 6x; DVD+RW: 8x;

DVD+R: 16x; DVD+R DL: 4x; DVD-R DL: 4x; CD-R: 40x; CD-RW:


Max Writing Speed (CD/DVD, LightScribe HCLs): DVD-R:

24x; DVD-RW: 6x; DVD+R: 24x; DVD+RW: 8x; DVD-R DL: 12x;

DVD+R DL: 12x; CD-R: 48x; CD-RW: 32x

Buff er Memory: 128 MB

Partition Naming: Up to 8

characters per partition

Account Management:

Auto Counter:

Display: 20x2 LCD

Power Supply:

500 W max


(standard) or 64 (premium)

Up to 9,999 per title

Input: 90 ~ 240 AV,


CD/DVD 4 Recorders: HCL-4000

CD/DVD 8 Recorders: HCL-8000

Blu-ray 4 Recorders: HCL-BD4000

Blu-ray 6 Recorders: HCL-BD6000

Blu-ray 4 Recorders: HCL-BD4000

LightScribe 4 Recorders: HCL-LS4000

LightScribe 6 Recorders: HCL-LS6000

LightScribe 8 Recorders:


800.646.8881 microboards.com


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