Qlima DFA4100 Premium Forced Air heater Product sheet

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Qlima DFA4100 Premium Forced Air heater Product sheet | Manualzz

DFA 4100

20 ft = 100

40 ft = 220

40 HQ = 274

W x D x H =

41,5 x 103,0 x 61,0 cm

Gross weight

27 kg

Dual fuel forced air heater

Product data sheet

Product category




Country availabilty

EAN code

Technical specifications

Heating capacity steps

Heating capacity (max.)

Fuel compatibility

Capacity tank

Consumption (max.)

Autonomy (max.)

Power supply


Power consumption

For rooms up to


Sound power noise level (SWL)

Protection class

Dimensions (w x d x h)

Net. weight


Dual Fuel Forced Air


DFA 4100

Orange / Grey

Denmark / Finland / France / Germany / Italy

/ Norway / Poland / Portugal / Slovenia /

Spain / Sweden / The Netherlands / United


8713508776118 dB mm kg years kW


W m² m³ l l/h h




Parrafin / Diesel




220 - 240~ / 50 / 1




645 manual



475 x 937 x 686



Package content

Dual fuel forced air heater, User manual

Accessories (not included)

Description EAN code

DFA 4100

Piëzo ignition

8 Temperature settings

Overheat protection

Moveable design

Closable cover

Extended autonomy

Dual fuel forced air heater


State of the art burning system: Due to the state of the art burning system, the heater starts operating almost instantly. In addition this Dual Fuel heater can operate by using either kerosene or diesel as a main energy source.

Thermostatic control: By means of the built-in eight step thermostat the desired temperature can be controlled easily.

Fan: By means of the strong built-in fan, the heated air is distributed in the room efficiently.

Efficiency: Because all heated air is distributed into the room, 99.99% efficiency can be achieved.

Safety: In order to make sure that the heater can be used in a safe way at all times, various systems are incorporated: *By means of micro-electronics

(photocell) the burning process is monitored permanently to check correct operation of the heater. *An overheat protector (bi-metal switch) is mounted inside the heater to stop the heater in case of potential unsafe circumstances.

*A fuse avoids dangerous situations in case of malfunctioning electric circuits.

Convenience: The large fuel tank ensures long autonomy and reduces replenishing to a minimum. A gauge indicates the fuel level clearly. The big filling opening makes it easy to put new fuel in the tank without spilling.

Display: Operating mode indication and assistance code indication by means of a display make it easy to operate the heater in an effective way.

Durability: The expensive tank construction of special plastic avoids rust of the tank wall. In addition condensation will not occur, so condensation water can never block the fuel flow, maximizing reliability. As a consequence required, regularly draining of condensation water from the tank is not necessary. No need to do this dirty job when using this heater. Automatically limiting downtime of the heater to a minimum and avoid waste of fuel.

Quality: Only first quality components are used to build this ‘Made in Korea’ heater under ISO9001 conditions, respecting the highest industrial quality standards.

Flexibility: By using the strong carrying handle, the heater can be moved quick and easy in order to get it running asap. .

Smart design: The smart design of the heater limits the number of hot parts and their surface to a minimum for maximum safety.


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