mp3 User manual

mp3 User manual
User manual
Start by selecting the material that
you would like to download.
For that purpose navigate among the
lessons, modules and activities listed on
the left (1) by clicking on the «+» or «‐» signs
and selecting the components in the list (2).
A description (3) of each lesson, module or
activity selected will be displayed on the
right‐hand side of the tool, either when you
select a component (2) or when you click on
the word (4) «Lesson», «Module» or «Activity».
When selecting a specific lesson or module,
you automatically select all its components(5).
If a component closes itself while you are
navigating in it, the content remains selected
and you may go on studying without any trouble.
If no selection has been done when clicking on
the next button, a message saying
"no selection made" will appear just above
the next button (6).
When the selection has been made and you
feel ready to validate it click on the button
«Next» (6).
The following screen will then appear.
Wait – just for a moment – while the component
that you have selected is being prepared by the
server to be displayed in a «.zip
.zip» type file called
After a short while you will be requested to
Start the download by clicking on the
button "Download" (7).
After clicking a window
ndow will appear automatically
asking you where the file should be stored
on your hard disk.
Select the place and wait until the download
has been completed.
You can follow the procedure on the progress
bar (8) and the display showing how much
percent hass been downloaded (9).
When pressed, the button "Back" (10) will
take you back to the components list page.
If the download is cancelled, the selection
of the item done previously will have to
be repeated.
You will now locate the "e‐Learning
file on your hard disk.
Double‐click on itt to open it, drag the mp3
files in a folder that you have created.
Now you can listen to them at your
convenience from the computer,
uter, use them
on the mp3 reader or burn them on a CD.
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