Hello and welcome to the world of Zen12!
My name is Karl Moore, and it’s my honor and privilege to introduce you to this powerful
audio meditation program.
Over the coming several pages, I’ll share everything you need to know to fully understand,
appreciate and utilize the Zen12 program to change your life.
From the very first time you listen, you’ll experience less stress and greater relaxation. You’ll
set yourself up for a day of enhanced focus, creativity and happiness.
You’ll also enjoy longer-term benefits too, such as increased brain power and better health.
And it all starts by listening to a simple 12 minute MP3.
Your journey to self-development couldn’t be easier, and it starts right here.
Thank you for deciding to discover Zen12 for yourself.
Here’s to an amazing experience –
Karl Moore
PS. Want a more interactive way to learn how to get started with Zen12? If you’re a
Premium member, you’ll find a special 1-hour training call with myself in your download
area. Try listening to that to enhance your experience!
Meditation is an incredibly powerful tool.
According to Psychology Today magazine, over 10 million Americans regularly practice
meditation, and that number is on the rise.
The benefits of meditation are astonishing. Over 3000 scientific studies at independent
universities and research institutions since the 1970s have studied the phenomenon, with
staggering results.
The most obvious benefit of meditation is the immediate sense of relaxation and stress relief
it brings. Allowing a period of time to quieten the mind each day enables you to let go of
anxiety and enhances your state of wellbeing.
Over time, experienced meditators begin to access still deeper states of mind, unlocking
even greater benefits.
A regular meditator can expect the benefits of meditation to continue for many hours
following the session. The calm, focused state of mind achieved during meditation will often
last for the remainder of the day, as well as assist in achieving a sound sleep. Serotonin
levels also increase during meditation, helping to improve mood levels instantly.
There are many dozens of powerful longer-term health and brain power benefits too.
Not only that, but meditation has long been regarded as one of the real keys to personal
(For more information on the benefits of meditation, including research papers from
Harvard, Yale, MIT and more, please read “A Brief Overview of Meditation Studies” later in
this user manual.)
Yet with so many incredible benefits, you have to ask yourself – why aren’t even more
people meditating right now?
Meditation holds an incredible number of gifts for those that decide to pursue it.
However, most potential meditators are put off by poor experiences. They’ve attempted
meditation and failed, and it’s usually down to one of just a handful of problems.
Heading that list is time. Most people just don’t find the time to meditate properly.
Genuine meditative practice takes 45-60 minutes per day. This helps you to gradually train
yourself to quieten your mind, and take your consciousness down into the deep states
required to feel the benefits of meditation.
In today’s fast-paced society, finding an hour a day often just isn’t possible.
Next on the list of problems facing the potential meditator is calming a chatty mind.
Many people start meditating and find themselves constantly battling with busy mental
chatter. They’re thinking about what’s next at work, what to buy for dinner that evening,
coming up with fresh ideas, reviewing their schedule – then they remember they’re
supposed to be meditating and wrestle back to stillness. Then it happens again, and again,
and they never manage to hit that “Zen” place. Many simply quit in frustration.
A third and similar problem is physical restlessness.
It’s common for individuals to simply be unable to sit still for any period of time. Naturally,
the body is used to moving, fidgeting, and generally keeping itself occupied. Moments of
stillness aren’t habitual for the new meditator, and the mind and body fight against them.
An individual keeps fidgeting, finding new places to itch, and all this movement ultimately
leaves the meditator feeling that they gained nothing from the session.
Other causes for people not meditating include constant disruptions from the physical
world, and an actual lack of awareness of the huge benefits that meditation can bring.
Thankfully, each of these problems has been addressed, and solved – with the advent of the
Zen12 meditation program.
Zen12 is a powerful new audio program that helps you to gain all of the benefits of meditation
– without any of the hassles.
Let’s explain.
Zen12 is an audio meditation program. That means you play one of the audio MP3s, while you
sit back, listen, relax, and “meditate.”
There are 12 levels in the entire Zen12 program, starting at just 12 minutes each. Each level is
designed to be listened to for around a month before you move onto the next.
Every single MP3 in the Zen12 series contains special “brainwave” sounds. These are tiny little
pulses which help to influence your brainwaves, taking you down into a deeper state of
With each level, these brainwave tones get lower and lower, helping you to access deeper
and deeper states of meditation, and bringing about greater results.
Combined, this all helps to overcome the problems typically associated with meditation.
To start, time is no longer a barrier. Each session lasts just 12 minutes, and you don’t even
have to listen every day. Just fit Zen12 into your schedule when you can.
Mental chatter and physical restlessness also fade away, as the brainwave sounds
automatically calm the mind and body, slowing everything down naturally and effortlessly.
Not only that, Zen12 speeds up the meditation process, by taking brainwaves down to a deep
state, which would usually only be reached after a full hour’s worth of meditation. That means
you get the benefits of an hour’s advanced meditation, all in just 12 minutes.
The results are also instant. You immediately feel less stressed, as your anxiety, worry and
problems just melt away. You’ll find yourself feeling more relaxed. You’ll feel happier. And
you’ll finish the session with a calm, focused, creative mindset that stays with you the rest of
the day.
There are also longer-term cumulative benefits too, as mentioned earlier.
Zen12 uses brainwave science to deliver all the benefits of meditation, without any of the
hassle. It’s meditation as it should be.
Many users have termed Zen12 “next generation meditation,” and often say that the program
actually “meditates for them” – a credit to the effortless nature of the program.
For every level in the Zen12 program, there are four different “flavors” for you to choose from,
depending on your mood in the moment.
You first have the Relaxation mix, which contains soothing spa-like background music. Then
you have the Sounds of Nature, which vary from countryside sounds to babbling brooks.
There’s also White Noise (technically Brown Noise), which is a sort of fuzzy sound that blocks
out background distractions. And finally there is a Guided Meditation mix, which opens with
a brief guided meditation taking you down into a meditative state, against a relaxing audible
With Zen12, you just listen to the ‘flavor’ you most prefer in that moment. If you’d like to be
talked into a deep meditative state, listen to the Guided Meditation session. If you’d prefer to
listen to Relaxation music, simply opt for that version.
The brainwave science employed in each flavor remains exactly the same. It’s just the style of
the audio that changes.
If you’re unsure, we suggest you opt for the Relaxation or Guided Meditation mix.
It’s also worth noting that the audio for each level is completely unique. For example, the
Guided Meditation exercises and matching audio are unique for each of the 12 levels.
To access your materials for the Zen12 program, simply visit the official website download
area at:
When prompted, enter your credentials.
You’ll then be taken to a page that looks a little like this:
Here, you’ll be able to download everything you need to get up-and-running with Zen12.
You’ll find links for the quick start guide, and this user manual, all in PDF format. You’ll also
find download links for each Zen12 level, in each of its four flavors.
Toward the bottom of the page, you’ll also find several bonus gifts that have been included
with your order.
We advise that you start the program by downloading all of the Level 1 audio MP3s. Listen to
them, try them out, and discover the magic for yourself.
Note: During your first month as a member, only the first three levels will be unlocked. This is
to help avoid abuse. After one month has passed, all levels will be unlocked.
Using Zen12 really couldn’t be easier. It’s simple – you just hit play, sit back, and relax!
For your first listening experience, download the four different flavors of Level 1. Briefly skim
through each of them and decide which you’d prefer to listen to.
If you’re ever unsure, opt for the Relaxation mix. Alternatively, try the Guided Meditation
session. They’re both pretty safe bets.
Then, transfer the MP3 to your MP3 player (such as an iPhone), burn it to an audio CD, or
simply keep it on your computer. Then sit back, relax, and hit play.
There are no crazy rules to follow here. You don’t have to adopt the lotus position, you don’t
have to chant, you don’t even have to wear headphones.
You just hit play, sit back, and relax!
Play the music at a comfortable volume. If you can, try staying upright while you listen – and
yes, that includes relaxing on a couch. This upright position helps ensure you keep
conscious while listening, and don’t drift off to sleep. If you can, use headphones or earbuds,
but don’t worry if you prefer not to. Gently listen to the audio, and focus on your breathing
if you find yourself distracted.
And that’s all you have to do... giving yourself space to chill out while you listen.
As you listen, you’ll soon start to feel yourself beginning to really relax into the moment.
Allow everything just to happen exactly as it does. Don’t fight or resist anything. Just be in
the moment.
That means if you want to itch, then itch! If you want to reposition your body, then do it. If
you find your thoughts drifting away, acknowledge the fact, allow it to be, and then gently
return your focus to the audio, or your breathing. If you find yourself desperate to write
something down, perhaps an idea that just comes to mind, then do that, and return to the
audio. And don’t at any point feel frustrated: no time spent listening to these sessions is
wasted. You’re simply removing the anxiety around relaxation by confronting it head-on,
rather than trying to ignore it.
So, listen to the audio, and allow everything to happen just as it does.
You’ll find that as you listen, your worries, fears, anxieties, stresses, problems, all just seem
to melt away. You’ll find yourself being more in the moment, and feeling more relaxed.
You’ll start to find a calm, still place inside, where things just seem to quieten down. It’s
relaxing, and deep, and peaceful. And when you stop worrying about the whole process,
you’ll find this to be a great place to simply let go and really indulge in the moment.
As the session progresses, the brainwave audio will take you deeper and deeper. Then,
toward the very end of the session, it will gradually ‘reset’ your brainwave patterns to a
more awakened state.
The sense of peace, calm and serenity you achieved during the session will remain with you
throughout the day. You’ll find that your mind is peaceful yet fully focused. Many people call
this being in “The Zone.”
You’re able to think with your whole brain, and be completely creative and switched-on,
while still remaining blissfully unflappable.
You may also notice following the session that your mood has increased, as the meditation
session triggers the brain’s release of serotonin.
So – you’ll feel happier, less stressed, more chilled out, more focused, more creative – and all
just by listening to a relaxing 12-minute MP3.
It doesn’t get much simpler than that, does it?
A quick side note.
We’ve found that around 10% of individuals that use the Zen12 program don’t experience
these benefits immediately. This is typically caused because they become analytical of the
process, or are a little unnerved by the unusual “tone” sounds in the audio.
If that sounds like you, don’t worry. Zen12 is built on science, and produces replicable results
every single time. It’ll work for you. Just continue giving it a go. After a few more listens,
your brain will accustom itself to the sounds of the audio, and allow your mind and body to
relax into the session.
Also, remember that Level 1 is our starter level. It goes deep, but it isn’t the deepest. It’s an
ideal introduction to meditation. If you’re not seeing results after a few listens, shift to Level
2 and see how that works. Advanced meditators with six months or more experience
typically begin on Level 7.
Using the entire Zen12 program really is a breeze. And there are no rules to try and hold you
back. We want you to gain the very best results from the program.
In brief, here’s how to use the program:
1) Listen whenever you can
Once a day is great. If you can’t do that, try to listen a few times a week as a minimum.
If you’re having problems with time, set your alarm 12 minutes before its normal time and
listen before you get out of bed. Make sure you sit up however to ensure you don’t fall back
to sleep!
2) Every month, move to the next level
Every level takes you to a deeper state of meditation, which further enhances the results you’ll
So, Level 2 will take you even deeper than Level 1, giving you greater mental control, and
allowing you to enjoy more relaxation, more stress relief, and set yourself up for an even more
awesome day.
Shifting levels is optional. If you’re happy at your current level, stick with it. If you want to
progress, move forward. If you want to move levels every week rather than every month, do
that. If you feel you should slow down, then slow down.
Once you’ve finished the entire 12 levels, you can continue to listen as you deem fit.
Most individuals continue cycling through the last few levels, listening once a day, or as
For variation, some people enjoy cycling through the entire program again. Others decide to
shift to try out a complementary brainwave meditation program, such as the Brain
Evolution System, which uses 30-minute MP3s.
The main thing to remember with Zen12 is that it works around you. There aren’t any crazy
rules to follow. Just follow what feels right for you, and let the results speak for themselves.
If you’re a regular meditator with over six months experience, some of the earlier Zen12
levels may not prove much of a challenge.
You already know how to take yourself down into those deep meditative states with relative
ease, and that’s why we recommend such individuals begin the program at Level 7.
Gauge how you feel, and then decide how to proceed. If you think everything seems right,
then just continue with Level 7 until the following month, and then shift up to Level 8.
If it all seems a little too deep for you, shift down to Level 6. Or if it seems too slow, shift up
to Level 8. Follow how you feel. As a more advanced meditator, you’ll know whether you’re
on the right level.
As the Zen12 program progresses, some of the later levels are slightly longer, to provide a
deeper experience. Level 8 lasts 14 minutes, Level 9 lasts 15 minutes, Level 10 lasts 17
minutes, Level 11 lasts 19 minutes, and Level 12 lasts for 20 minutes.
Zen12 can be an amazing experience.
It takes all of the stress out of meditating. It basically meditates for you. All you have to do is
hit play, sit back, and listen.
But how does Zen12 actually work its magic?
Every single level in the Zen12 program contains special brainwave sounds, which help to
influence your brainwaves – helping taking you down into a deep state of meditation
And this all happens due to an area of science known as “brainwave entrainment.”
Let me explain.
Your brain is a fascinating, three-pound organ. It contains a staggering 100 billion brain cells,
and can process thoughts at thousands of miles per second. It contains left and right
hemispheres, each dealing with specific functions, and its cortical networks can rewrite
themselves, effectively remapping the mind, as required.
All of those brain cells talk to each other using little spikes of electricity.
Overall, this activity generates a mild electrical field – a frequency pattern – which can be
detected using an EEG machine.
These frequencies are the ‘signature’ of what’s happening inside your head.
For example, right now, you’re awake and consciously reading this user manual. That means
your brainwaves are operating in a range we call Beta, which is 12 to 30 Hz. (Hertz [‘hz’] is just
another way of saying ‘cycles per second.’)
When you fall into a deep sleep tonight, your brainwaves will likely drop down into the Delta
range, which is typically 0.1 to 4Hz.
So, these frequencies and their patterns are the signature of what’s going on inside your head.
This also applies when we meditate. We know the exact brainwave ‘signature’ of someone
who is in deep meditation. Their brainwave patterns go deeper and deeper, all while the
person remains awake and conscious.
The more advanced the meditation, the deeper the brainwave frequencies, and the greater
the benefits you see in your life.
The problem is that it takes years of patient meditative practice to reach those deeper states
on your own.
That’s where Zen12, and the science of brainwave entrainment, comes in. Brainwave
entrainment provides a ‘cheat’ – a quick method of achieving those deeper frequencies,
without requiring years of extensive meditative practice.
Let’s discover how this ‘brainwave entrainment’ stuff actually works.
Your brain is great at playing “follow the leader.” If you expose it to a particular frequency, it
copies that frequency.
So, think of it this way. When you strike a tuning fork at a particular frequency, and hold a
second tuning fork next to it – the second one starts vibrating at the same frequency as the
The brain works in exactly the same way.
By exposing it to stimuli (such as an MP3 audio file) containing a specific encoded frequency,
the brain copies that frequency, and brings about that state of mind.
Expose the brain to a frequency of 4Hz, for example, and over time, you’ll gently be taken
down into a deep state of meditation.
That’s exactly what happens with the Zen12 audio meditation program.
Each level contains specific encoded frequencies. (To be technical, isochronic tones blended
with other entrainment techniques.)
As the sounds influence the brainwaves, they naturally quieten the mind and body. This helps
reduce mental chatter and restlessness, effortlessly.
It also takes the brain down into a deep state of meditation, dissolving stress and anxiety, and
increasing relaxation levels.
This deep state also triggers the release of serotonin, boosting mood levels.
When the meditation state has finished, this serene and relaxed state continues to shine
through. The mind continues to work at its most optimum. You’re setup for a day of enhanced
focus, creativity and productivity.
And by creating brainwave MP3s that progressively access those deeper and deeper
frequencies (as with the twelve Zen12 levels), the listener is able to rapidly unlock those
deeper states of mind that would otherwise take years of meditative practice to enjoy.
Additionally, by consciously recognizing how to achieve those states, the listener is better
equipped to access them more naturally in future, providing greater mental control and
unlocking more of the brain’s potential.
Awesome, huh?
So, in brief:
Zen12 uses a science known as “brainwave entrainment.”
This involves using special tones to influence your brainwave patterns, taking them down into
a deep state of meditation. With each level, this process gets deeper and deeper, steadily
delivering greater and greater results.
And it all happens behind the scenes, whether you understand the science or not.
To learn more about the science behind Zen12, and to watch a brief explainer video, visit
There are 12 levels in the Zen12 program.
We split these into three parts. Firstly, the beginner phase (Levels 1-3), then intermediate
(Levels 4-6), then advanced (Levels 7-12).
With Zen12, you simply use each level for a month, then move on to the next. You can also
move forward whenever you feel ready, or stay with a particular level, if you feel so inclined.
This section provides a brief overview of each level, including technical information for
those that may be interested.
Level 1
Your whole meditation journey starts with a 12-minute session that takes you into a light
trance-like state. This session gently guides you from beta down to 10 Hz alpha, a frequency
associated with mood elevation, serotonin release, and pain control. It’s also the frequency
at which the earth’s core vibrates – the yin in traditional Chinese medicine. As the session
ends, it brings you back up to a low beta frequency helping you feel relaxed, refreshed, and
alert for the rest of the day. It’s a great start to your meditation adventure!
Guided Meditation Mix: This session transports you to a sandy beach. Its soothing seascape
sounds and relaxing music draw you away from the worries of everyday life, encouraging
relaxation and stress release.
Sounds of Nature Mix: Beach ambience.
Level 2
This 12-minute session takes you to the same 10 Hz frequency as Level 1, yet more quickly,
increasing your time in the targeted frequency to encourage deeper relaxation and stress
relief, helping to lift spirits and improve your mood. By this stage in the program, you’ll start
feeling more relaxed and happier in life overall, and you’ll be feeling great about the idea of
regular meditation.
Guided Meditation Mix: In this session, you are guided through an enchanted forest, where
you’ll hear the sounds of nature blended against a peaceful musical backdrop. You’ll have
time to explore this forest on your own before being returned in a relaxed, refreshed and
alert state.
Sounds of Nature Mix: Forest sounds.
Level 3
This level takes your brainwaves down to an even deeper 9.5 Hz, over the same 12-minute
time period. This is the exact halfway stage in the alpha range, the point where brainwave
activity slows down to encourage a sense of peace and well-being. You’ll be left feeling
refreshed, and in ‘The Zone’ – and by this part of the overall program, you’ll find yourself
feeling this way more and more often, whether you meditate during the day or not.
Guided Meditation Mix: This session guides you toward observing the night sky, as you
witness the stars flooding it with their twinkling, calming light, helping you to really let go
and relax more.
Sounds of Nature Mix: Ambient night sounds.
Level 4
This level takes you to 9.5 Hz even faster than Level 3, letting you enjoy the benefits of
being in an alpha state for longer, before being brought back to low beta. By achieving that
sense of peace more quickly, you’ll start training yourself to access those deeper states of
consciousness with greater ease. You’ll also start unlocking a stronger ability to tap into
your creative energies, on-demand. At this stage in the program, everyday stress and
anxiety dissolves instantly, you’ll feel happier and healthier, your focus is naturally stronger,
and others around you will have noticed a profound, positive change in your general
Guided Meditation Mix: This session teaches you a body awareness technique you can use at
any time to relax and reduce stress, with soothing music and the ambience of a passing
thunderstorm in the background.
Sounds of Nature Mix: Rain with distant thunderstorms.
Level 5
This level brings you into deep alpha by taking you to 9 Hz in the same 12-minute time
frame as the previous sessions. 9 Hz is usually present when you’re dreaming - although
you’ll be accessing it while conscious, thereby strengthening your mental abilities and
control. This session and frequency typically gives a feeling of effortless, euphoric
weightlessness – in addition to all of the regular, profound benefits of deep meditation. As
the session ends, it takes you back to low beta again, leaving you feeling refreshed and
invigorated. By this part of the program, you’ll have witnessed some of the many benefits
that regular meditation can bring, as well as how its powerful, positive effects compound in
your everyday life too.
Guided Meditation Mix: This session takes you to your special place, accompanied by a
background of dreamy, floating music, helping you enjoy a state of awesome and peaceful
Sounds of Nature Mix: Beach sounds at first, shifting toward a forest night.
Level 6
This level takes you back to the floating, dreamy frequency of 9 Hz even quicker, and keeps
you there longer. This 12-minute session marks the end of the intermediate level of the
program, helping you enjoy a distraction-free mind and the peace and tranquility that true
meditation can bring. By this point in the program, you’ll be experiencing powerful benefits
from your daily meditation – including greater happiness, stress-relief, relaxation, better
sleep, and a true feeling of self-growth.
Guided Meditation Mix: This session leads you through a cleansing spring shower
visualization process, helping literally wash away your stress and anxiety, and leaving you
feeling renewed and refreshed.
Sounds of Nature Mix: Spring shower.
Level 7
This 12-minute session marks the beginning of the advanced section of the program. It takes
you into deep alpha at 8.5 Hz, unlocking access to this more intense level of meditation. You
can expect to experience the tranquility and calm enjoyed by Zen monks, before the end of
the session returns you to your normal state of alertness. By this stage of the program, and
over the coming five levels, you’ll experience greater gains beyond just relaxation and stress
relief – including enhanced brain power, heightened creativity, greater energy levels, as well
as improved mental and physical health
Guided Meditation Mix: This session rests you gently in front of a lighted candle. You’ll begin
to get in touch with the deepest parts of your mind, while background sounds of Tibetan
bowls, chanting, and soothing music wash over you, and enable you to meditate freely and
Sounds of Nature Mix: Rain.
Level 8
This level takes you to 8.5 Hz alpha even quicker than the previous level, and keeps you
there longer. In this 14-minute session you’ll experience deep relaxation, heightened
imagination, and the potential for creative and intuitive thinking, before returning once
again to low beta. Sessions from this point forward steadily increase in their duration, to
allow you to access even deeper states of meditation.
Guided Meditation Mix: Enjoy a relaxing healing light visualization exercise, as the ethereal
background of music and wind sounds work to uplift your spirits.
Sounds of Nature Mix: Wind sounds.
Level 9
This is a 16-minute session that builds a bridge to the subconscious by taking you deep into
8 Hz alpha. This is the low end of the alpha state, the point at which you begin to drift below
the conscious mind, somewhere between sleep and wakefulness. The frequency is
conducive to creative problem-solving, mood elevation, and intuitive insight – and
continues to further your advanced meditation gains.
Guided Meditation Mix: This session leads you to a tropical beach, where you’re given time
to simply relax and soak up the atmosphere for all it’s worth.
Sounds of Nature Mix: Tropical beach.
Level 10
This session takes you to 8 Hz alpha even quicker, and adds another minute to the session,
so you experience extended exposure in the target frequency, making this level 17 minutes
in total. That gives you more time to enjoy deep relaxation and experience the calm,
inspiring sensation of being at one with yourself. Expect the powerful, compounded benefits
of meditation to be shining through in every area of your life.
Guided Meditation Mix: This session leads you to a relaxing meadow where the fresh air and
the ambience of the great outdoors allows your mind to empty, helping you regain a sense
of who you really are.
Sounds of Nature Mix: Night sounds.
Level 11
This 19-minute session brings you to 7.83 Hz, the frequency of the earth's magnetic field – or
the yang in traditional Chinese medicine. Also known as the Schumann Resonance, this
frequency encourages increased blood flow to the brain, improved stress tolerance, and
pituitary gland stimulation. You’ll then move down even further to 7.5 Hz on the cusp of the
theta range to prepare you for the final level. At this stage, you will be well-aware that
meditation is paying huge dividends in your daily life.
Guided Meditation Mix: This session will set you serenely floating in the clouds, with a gentle
breeze behind you and calming music playing in the background.
Sounds of Nature Mix: Gentle breeze.
Level 12
The final 20-minute session brings you down to 7 Hz theta, a deep frequency often
recorded in Zen monks and expert meditators (using EEG machines), as well as being
associated with healing. This level will take you down to the deepest possible level, helping
you to remove the final block to true mental control, and allowing you to get in touch with
your true inner self. You’ll realize finally that you are the master of your own brain.
By this point in the program, you will have realized all the benefits of regular, deep
meditation – including total stress-relief, greater relaxation, enhanced creativity and
brainpower, better moods and happiness levels, sharper focus, superior sleep, and dramatic
improvements in overall mental and physical health. It simply doesn’t get any better than
this. Congratulations!
Guided Meditation Mix: This session guides you down a magical staircase to help you go
deep within yourself where you can enjoy unbridled serenity, luxurious peace, and all the
benefits of profound and rewarding meditation.
Sounds of Nature Mix: River water.
This is a unique moment in history.
Man has practiced meditation as we know it today for well over 1500 years. And to achieve
those deeper meditative states often took over 70,000 hours practice.
Then over 100 years ago, science began to unravel the mystery of brainwave entrainment,
and how we can use it to speed up this process.
And now, for the first time, we’re able to truly take advantage of those discoveries, and use
them to help advance our own state of being – all in a fraction of the time it has taken
anyone else in the history of mankind.
Zen12 is at the cutting edge of that science.
It can help you dissolve stress and worry, increase your relaxation levels, and set yourself up
for a day of enhanced focus, greater creativity, and more happiness – and all you have to do
is hit play.
Don’t waste this opportunity.
Dive into Zen12 and discover the power of this incredible program for yourself.
I wish you the greatest success!
Karl Moore
A Brief Overview of Meditation Studies
Meditation can help you let go of stress, enhance your relaxation, get into the zone, and
much more.
In this section, we’ll cast the anecdotal evidence to one side, and look at what a few of the
3000+ scientific studies into meditation have shown.
Let’s begin.
Research shows that meditating for just a few weeks has a measurable effect on the brain,
boosting the gray matter found in the hippocampus, the area responsible for learning and
memory, and reducing the gray matter in the amygdala, the area responsible for stress and
anxiety. That’s according to a scientific research paper published in Psychiatry Research:
Several studies, including those by research scientists Keith Wallace, David Johnson and
Paul Mills, investigated the effective relationship between meditation and IQ scores. They
found that meditation dramatically improved self-discipline and subsequent IQ (intelligence
quotient) scores.
The journal Emotion found that meditation improves your working memory, helping you
manage information, control emotions, solve problems, and glide through complex thought.
In short, meditation makes you more productive.
A notable study by Sara Lazar PhD at Harvard Medical School found that those who
meditate regularly have greater attention spans, sensory awareness, and emotional
Researchers at Leiden University in the Netherlands found that meditation helped people
become more creative, generate new ideas and come up with better solutions to problems.
Prashant Kaul and several others headed a study which found that this technique reduced
the need for sleep, without any negative effects on their regular activities, or
Dr Robert Keith Wallace published findings of his research in the International Journal of
Neuroscience, stating that this technique helps lower your biological age by 12 years, after
using the technique for just 5 years. In other words, you could potentially live 12 years
longer, by practicing meditation!
And the benefits continue.
A May 2012 study from experts at the University of Washington and the University of
Arizona used meditation with a large group of managers, and found they multi-tasked
better as a result, and were less stressed out than their control group counterparts.
A study from the Harvard Medical School showed that meditation increased levels of
oxygen in the blood supply to the brain.
Studies by Yale, Harvard, MIT and the Massachusetts General Hospital showed that
meditation increased gray matter in the brain, particularly in areas responsible for attention
and processing sensory input. They also found this technique slowed the brain’s natural
aging process.
Another study by Yale, Harvard and MIT found that meditation increased reaction speed,
correlated with overall intelligence levels.
Dr James Austin, a neurophysiologist, wrote in his best-selling book that meditation
positively ‘rewired the circuitry’ of the brain, the findings of which were confirmed by MRI
A 2012 meta-analysis study found that meditation reduces negative emotions, and assisted
learning, memory and self-realization.
Hundreds of research studies – such as one by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD of the University of
Massachusetts Medical School, found that this technique had a positive and dramatic effect
on the left frontal lobe – making those that used this technique significantly happier and
calmer than before.
Researchers in Wisconsin found that this technique helped increase electrical activity in the
brain’s left prefrontal cortex, an area associated with positive mood. The journal Neurology
found this technique helped individuals lessen depression and fatigue.
Another 2012 study by the journal P.L.O.S. ONE found that this technique helped people
become more flexible – getting themselves out of mental traps. Researcher Jonathan
Greenberg at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel said, "A married couple that
repeatedly gets into the same quarrels and arguments may be able to break the cycle and
look at things in a fresh perspective. Clinicians may be better able to offer new ways of
looking at a clinical situation. Negotiators may be better at finding novel ways to settle
disputes. Managers may be better able to think 'out of the box' and replace existing nonadaptive procedures with new and improved ones."
The benefits go on – and I’m just going to talk about a few others while I still can, to drive
home just how amazing meditation can be.
A 2007 study found that meditation dramatically improved attention span. The study’s lead
author Richard Davidson, professor of psychology and psychiatry at the University of
Wisconsin, found that people who used meditation could concentrate more, and were
better able to detect fast-changing stimuli (such as emotional facial expressions).
Researchers at UCLA used MRI scanners and found those using meditation showed higher
levels of gyrification, which they believed contributed to faster information processing. In
other words, meditation increases thinking speed.
Even the US Marines used meditation to prepare troops for war, as reported in 2010 in the
journal Emotion. It found those who used it enjoyed improved moods and better working
memory. They found it enabled individuals to stay alert and more in the moment.
Another study published in P.L.O.S. ONE found that this technique helped people to develop
more empathy, and improve relationships.
Hundreds of studies have shown that within minutes of using meditation, anxiety levels
reduce, and the stress hormone cortisol declines rapidly – and DHEA levels, responsible for
maintaining brain cells, rapidly increase.
And dozens of other studies have shown incredible benefits too. Such as the Journal of
Clinical Psychology, who reported that meditation increased intelligence and improved
mind-body co-ordination. Or the Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, who concluded
that this technique massively boosted self-confidence levels.
The International Journal of the Addictions reported that meditation reduced substance
abuse. The Journal of Counseling and Development reported that meditation decreased
And there are profound health benefits too.
Research published by the Mayo Clinic suggests that this technique can help with a range of
health issues – allergies, anxiety, asthma, binge eating, depression, fatigue, heart disease,
high blood pressure, pain, sleep problems and substance abuse.
A 2010 research study in Montreal found that this technique thickens the part of the brain
that regulates pain, lowering your sensitivity to it. That means it can help you reduce your
need for pain killers.
In a study presented at the American Heart Association annual meeting, it was reported that
this technique lowered the risk of heart attacks and strokes by a staggering 50%.
And it helps with what you might term PMS, PMT, menopause, or hot flushes.
Not to mention that research published in 2011 in the journal Psychomatic Medicine found
that meditation could actually enhance your sex life too.
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