Free Match Series R410A Multi VFR System-Indoor Unit

Free Match Series R410A Multi VFR System-Indoor Unit
Installation and Operation Manual
Free Match Series R410A Multi VFR
System-Indoor Unit (For European Union)
Multi Variable Air Conditioners
Cassette Type Indoor Unit
This instruction is suitable for the following model:
Please read this manual carefully before the installation and operation of this product.
User Notice
◆ When operating, the entire capacity of the cooperating indoor unit should be not larger than
150% of outdoor unit. Otherwise, it will cause the shortage of cooling (heating) capacity.
◆ A Breaker(or fuse) need to be installed in every indoor unit, and the capacity should
in according with indoor unit’s electrical parameter; all the indoor units are required to be
centralized controlled by a total Switch, this Switch can cut off the electric power supply in case of
emergency. The Breaker(or fuse) on each indoor units have the function of short circuit prevention
and abnormal overload avoiding, it should be connected in normal situation. The total switch
controlling the power supply of all the indoor units. Before clearing and maintenance job being
carried out to the indoor units, it is very important to turn off the total power supply switch.
◆ In order to turn on the units successfully, the main power switch should be opened 8 hours
before the operation.
◆ After receiving the turn off signal, every indoor unit will continue to work for 20-70sec to
make use of the rest cool air or the rest heat air in the heat exchanger, while preparing for the next
operation. And this is normal.
◆ When the selected operating mode of the indoor unit are clash with the operating mode of
the outdoor unit, the malfunction light will blink after 5s on the indoor unit or remote controller
showing that the operation clash, then the indoor unit will stop. At this time, change the operation
mode of the indoor unit to the one that would not clash with the outdoor operating mode to make
the operation normal. The cooling mode is not clash with the dry mode, while the fan mode is not
clash with any mode.
◆ The appliance shall not be installed in the laundry
◆ An all-pole disconnection switch having a contact separation of at least 3mm in all poles
should be connected in fixed wiring
◆ Information regarding transport/storage temperature (-25-55°C) is missing
◆ Main switch provided by end user: main switch handle should be black or gray, it can be
locked in “OFF” position with padlock
◆ The main disconnection device should be explained in user manual and the height should
be recommended at 0.6-1.7m. over current protection is required(EN 60947-3, EN 60947-2)
◆ The cooling range of the unit is the outdoor environment temp.-5~48°C DB, the heating
range of the unit( only for the heat pump type unit) is the outdoor environment temp. -15~27°C
This product must not be disposed together with the domestic waste. This product has to be
disposed at an authorized place for recycling of electrical and electronic appliances.
Thank you for your selecting of TOYOTOMI air conditioner, please read this usage and
install instruction carefully and keep it well in order to use this unit correctly.
Safety Information............................................................................................ 1
Install Of The Cassette Type Indoor Unit......................................................... 2
Constitutes and Names of Parts of Cassette Type Indoor Unit ..................... 11
Working Temperature Range.......................................................................... 12
Operation Method When Meeting An Emergency ...................................... 13
Malfunction Debarring.................................................................................... 14
Maintenance Method...................................................................................... 16
Safety Information
Safety Information
Please read this manual carefully before use this unit, and operate it correctly according to the guide in
this manual.
Please take specially note to the meaning of these two marks:
Warning!: This mark means that it may cause casualty or badly heart if the operation is incorrect.
Note!: This mark means that it may cause casualty or property loss if the operation is incorrect.
◆ Do not adopt fuse with unsuitable capacity or adopt iron thread instead of fuse, otherwise malfunction
or fire may happened.
◆ Cut down the main power switch immediately if malfunction (such as smell the burning odor etc.)
◆ Maintain ventilation to prevent oxygen leakage in room.
◆ Don’t insert finger or stick like things into discharge vent or outlet grill.
◆ Please make sure that the unit is installed in the place that can bear the weight of it adequately. If the
place is not strong enough, the air conditioner may drop and cause casualty event.
◆ Don’t spray or smear any oil paint or insecticide on the surface of unit, otherwise, fire may be leaded.
◆ Do not refit the conditioner. Please contact the agency or prefect ional personnel to repair or move the
An all-pole disconnection switch having a contact separation of at least 3mm in all poles should be
connected in fixed wiring.
◆ Please check and make sure that the cord, drainage pipe and tubes are connected in the correct way to
prevent leakage of water, refrigerant, electric shock or fire.
◆ The main power must connectable to the earth in order to assure the conditioner earthing effectively
and to prevent electric shock. Please don’t connect the earthing line with the gas pipe, water pipe, lightening
rod or the connecting line of telephone.
◆ The air conditioner should be turned off at least after 5 mins’ operation; otherwise it would affect the
duration of the unit.
◆ Don’t let the children operate the air conditioner.
◆ Please don’t operate the unit by wet hand.
◆ Please turn off the main power of the unit before cleaning the conditioner or change the filter.
◆ Please cut off the main power if the conditioner will be used for a long time.
Install Of The Cassette Type Indoor Unit
Install Of The Cassette Type Indoor Unit
★ Schematic diagram of installation spaces
★ Select install location of the indoor unit
1. Obstruct should put away from the intake or outlet vent of the indoor unit so that the airflow can be
blown though all the room.
2. Make sure that the installation had accord with the requirement of the schematic diagram of installation
3. Select the place where can stand 4 times of the weight of the indoor unit and would not increase the
operating noise and oscillate.
4. The horizontally of the installation place should be guaranteed.
5. Select the place where easy drain condensated coagulated water, and easy connect with outdoor unit.
6. Make sure that there are enough space for care and maintenance. Make sure that the weight between
the indoor unit and ground is above 1800mm.
7. When installing the steeve bolt, check if the install place can stand the weight 4 times of the unit’s. If
not, reinforce before installation. (Refer to the install cardboard and find where should be reinforced)
There will be lots of lampblack and dust stick on the acentric, heat exchanger and water pump in dining
room and kitchen, which would reduce the capacity of heat exchanger, lead water leakage and abnormal
operation of the water pump. The following treatment should be taken under this circumstance:
1. Ensure that the smoke trap above cooker has enough capacity to obviate lampblack to prevent the
indraft of the lampblack by the air conditioner.
2. Keep the air conditioner far from the kitchen so that the lampblack would not be indraft by the air
★ Important notice:
◆ To guarantee the good performance, the unit must be installed by professional personnel according
with this instruction.
◆ Please contact the local TOYOTOMI special nominated repair department before installation. Any malfunction
Install Of The Cassette Type Indoor Unit
caused by the unit that is installed by the department that is not special nominated by TOYOTOMI would not deal with
on time by the inconvenience of the business contact.
780( Gaps between hoisting screw rods)
840( Indoor unit)
890*(Ceiling opening)
950( Decorated surface boards )
★ Dimension of ceiling opening and location of the hoisting screw (M10)
Refrigerant pipe
Hoisting screw (X4)
680(Gaps between hoisting screw rods)
840( Indoor unit )
890(Ceiling opening )
950(Decorated surface boards )
Fig.2 Install dimension of mode
◆ The drilling of holes in the ceiling must be done by the professional personnel.
Installation stands for main body of the unit
Above 20
Notes: The dimension for the ceiling openings with * marks can be as large as 910mm. But the
overlapping sections of the ceiling and the decorated surface boards should be maintained at no less than
★ Main body of hoisting air conditioner
1 The primary step for install the indoor unit.
◆ When attach the hoisting stand on hoisting screw, do use nut and gasket individually at the upper and
lower of the hoisting stand to fix it. The use of gasket anchor board can prevent gasket break off.
2 Use install cardboard
◆ Please refer to the install cardboard about the dimension of ceiling opening.
◆ The central mark of the ceiling opening is marked on the install cardboard.
Install Of The Cassette Type Indoor Unit
◆ Install the install cardboard on the unit by bolt (3 piece), and fix the angle of the drainage pipe at the
outlet vent by bolt.
3 Adjust the unit to the suitable install place. (Refer to the fig.3)
4 Check if the unit is horizontal.
◆ Inner drainage pump and bobber switch are included in the indoor unit, check if 4 angle of every unit
are horizontal by water lever. (If the unit is slant toward the opposite of the coagulate water flow, there may be
malfunction of the bobber switch and lead water drop.)
5 Backout the gasket anchor board used to prevent gasket break off and tighten the nut on it.
6 Backout the install cardboard.
● Please do tighten the nuts and bolts to prevent air conditioner break off.
★ Connection of the refrigerant pipe
◆ When connect the pipe to the unit or backout it from the unit, please do use both spanner and torque
wrench. as shown in fig.5.
◆ When connect, smear both inside and outside of the flare nut with freeze motor oil, screw it by hand
and then tighten it with spanner.
◆ Refer to form 1 to check if the wrench had been tightened (too tight would mangle the nut and lead
◆ Examine the connection pipe to see if it had gas leakage, then take the treatment of heat insulation, as
shown in the fig.5.
◆ Only use median sponge to entwine the wiring interface of the gas pipe and heat preservation sheath of
the gas collection tube.
Install Of The Cassette Type Indoor Unit
Smear freeze motoroil
Median sponge (attachment)
(entwine the wiring interface
with seal mat)
Thread fasten(x4)
Torque wrench
Heat preservation
sheath of liquid inlet
tube (attachment) (for
liquid tube)
Flare nut
Wiring interface
Gas collection tube
Liquid inlet tube
Heat preservation
sheath of gas collection
tube (attachment)(for
gas tube)
Form 1: The tightening torque needed for tightening nut
Surface thickness(mm)
Tightening torque (N·m)
≥ 0.5
15-30 (N·m)
≥ 0.71
30-40 (N·m)
45-50 (N··m)
60-65 (N·m)
70-75 (N··m)
★ Drainage hose
1. Install the drain hose
◆ The diameter of the drain hose should be equal or bigger than the connection pipe’s. ( The diameter of
polythene pipe: Outer diameter 25mm Surface thickness ≥ 1.5mm)
◆ Drain hose should be short and drooping gradient should at less 1/100 to prevent the formation of air
◆ If drain hose cannot has enough drooping gradient, drain raising pipe should be added.
◆ To prevent bent of the drain hose, the distance between hoisting stand should is 1 to 1.5m.
◆ Use the drain hose and clamp attached. Insert the drain hose to the drain vent, and then
tighten the clamp.
◆ Entwine the big sponge on the clamp of drain hose to insulate heat.
◆ Heat insulation should be done to indoor drain hose.
Install Of The Cassette Type Indoor Unit
Sponge (gray)
Drain hose
Below 4mm
Drain stepup pipe note
◆ The install height of the drain raising pipe should less than 280mm.
◆ The drain raising pipe should form a right angle with the unit, and distance to unit should not beyond
◆ The slant gradient of the attached drain hose should be within 75mm so that the drain hole doesn’t has
to endure the unnecessary outside force.
◆ Please install the drain hose according to the following process if several drain hoses join together.
2 Check the smoothness of drain after installation.
◆ Check the drain state by immitting 600cc water slowly from the outlet vent or test hole.
◆ Check the drain in the state of refrigerating after installation of the electric circuit.
Install Of The Cassette Type Indoor Unit
★ Electrical wiring
Note:The power of the entire indoor unit must be connected in outdoor unit.
◆ About the electrical wiring, please see the circuit diagram attached with the unit.
◆ All the installation of electrical wiring must be done by professional personnel.
◆ Please do take the earthing treatment.
Wiring method of connection unit and controller
◆ Connection wiring (communication):
① Open electric box cover(1), drag the wiring (communication)from the rubber plug A, and impact them
well individually by impact fastener.
② Wiring according to the indoor side circuit diagram.
◆ Fix the impact fastener after connection.
◆ Entwine the small sponge on the electric wire ( do entwine it to prevent condensation)
◆ Impact tightly by impact fastener after connection and then fit on the electric box (1) and (2).
◆ Connect the wiring (communication) through the piping hole of the chassis and the bottom of the
appliance upward, then connect the brown wire to the Terminal board “3”;black wire(the communication wire)
to the Terminal board“2”;blue wire to the Terminal board“N(1)”.and connect the earthing wire to the screw
terminal on the electric box.
Install Of The Cassette Type Indoor Unit
★ Install the panel
1. Set the panel to the indoor unit body by matching the position of the swing flap motor of the panel to
the piping position of the panel to the piping position of the indoor unit as shown by fig.13.
2. Install the panel
① Install the panel on the indoor unit temporarily. When install, hang the latch on the hook that is located
on the opposite side of the swing flap on the panel of the indoor unit. (2 positions)
② Hang the remaining 2 latches to the hooks on the sides of the indoor unit.(Be careful not to let the
swing motor lead wire get caught in the sealing material.)
③ Screw the 4 hexagon head screws under the latches in about 15mm. (The panel would rise)
④ Adjust the panel by turning it toward the direction pointed by the arrow as shown in fig.13, so that the
adjust board connect the ceiling well.
⑤ Tighten the screws until the thickness of the sealing material between panel and indoor unit reduced to
Install Of The Cassette Type Indoor Unit
1. Improper screwing of the screws may cause the troubles shown in fig.14.
Air leak
Air leak from ceiling
Water condensatation, water drop
2. If gap still exist between ceiling and decoration panel after tightening the screws, readjust the height of
the indoor unit. (As shown in fig.15)
If the raising lever and drain hose are
not affect, can adjust the height of
indoor unit by the hole on the corner
of panel.
Gaps are not allowed
Install Of The Cassette Type Indoor Unit
※ After fixing, be sure no gap left between the ceiling and the panel.
3. Wiring of the decoration panel (Fig.16)
Connect the joints for swing flap motor lead wire (at 2 places) installed on the panel.
At body
At body
At pane
At pane
Constitutes and Names of Parts of Cassette Type Indoor Unit
Constitutes and Names of Parts of Cassette Type Indoor Unit
Working Temperature Range
Working Temperature Range
Working Temperature Range
Indoor side state
Outdoor side stae
Dry bulb
temp. ℃
Wet bulb
temp. ℃
Dry bulb
temp. ℃
Wet bulb
temp. ℃
Rated Cooling
Max. cooling
Min. cooling
Rated Heating
Max. heating
Min. heating
- 15
- 16
Operation Method When Meeting An Emergency
Operation Method When Meeting An Emergency
When wireless remote controller is lost or damaged, the following method could be adopted to control
cassette type indoor unit:
◆ When the unit is turned off, press AUTO button on corner outer cover Ⅱ , then the unit begin operate
in cooling with the fan run in high speed. The temp. will be set to 26 ℃ automatically.
◆ When the unit is turned off, press TEST button on the corner outer cover Ⅱ , then the unit begin
running in heating and the fan is running in high speed. The temp. will be set to 20 ℃ automatically.
◆ When the unit is running, press AUTO button on corner outer cover Ⅱ , then the unit stops running;
under the running state of heating, press TEST button on corner outer cover Ⅱ , then the unit stops running.
Prevent using the operating method for meeting an emergency when the wireless remote controller could
be used in normal. There are 3 lights on corner outer cover Ⅱ , red for power, green for running, and yellow
for timer.
Malfunction Debarring
Malfunction Debarring
◆ Cut down the main power switch immediately if malfunction (such as smell the burning odor etc.)
happened, and then contact service center. If the abnormal state is maintained, the unit may be damaged or
electric shock or fire may be happened.
◆ Do not refit the conditioner. Please contact service center to repair or move the conditioner.
★ Check the following items before contacting maintenance center
Air conditioner doesn’t
run at all
Remedial Measures
Blow of fuse or breaker
Change fuse or close breaker
Power cut
Restart when there is power supply
Don’t connect with power
Connect power well
Low batteries of wireless remote
Wireless remote controller exceed
remote control area
Air conditioner runs but
Blockage in inlet or outlet vent of
stops immediately
indoor or outdoor unit
Blockage in inlet or outlet vent of
indoor or outdoor unit
Improper of temp. setting
Low setting of fan speed
Incorrect of wind direction
Abnormal cooling or
Door or window opened
Direct sun burn
Change new batteries
Signal could be received within 8m
Clean out blockage
Clean out blockage
Adjust settings in wireless remote
Adjust settings in wireless remote
Adjust settings in wireless remote
Hang curtain or jalousie before
Too many people in room
Too many heater in room
Filter blocked by dirt
Clean filter
Malfunction Debarring
★ Instruction
If problem still cannot found out after above checking, please contact service center and instruct
phenomena and model.
★ The following circumstance are not malfunction
Air conditioner doesn’t
Start up unit immediately after turned
The overload protects switch makes it
run after 3 minutes delay.
When opening power
Mist is blown from air
Noise is heard from air
When cooling
Run for about 1 minute without other
The high humidity air in room is
cooled rapidly
Slight click sound heard once begin
Sound of initialization for electric
expand valve
Hissing sound heard continuously
The sound for gas refrigerant flowing
when cooling
in the unit
Hissing sound heard when staring or
The sound for gas refrigerant stops
Slight hissing sound heard when
running or after running
Creak sound heard when running or
after running
Dust be blown for air
Started up after long time’s doesn’t
Sound for running of drainage system
The grating sound caused by expands
of panel and other parts for the
change of temperature
Dust in indoor unit be blown out
This is because when air conditioning,
Odor gives out from air
When running
odors or cigarette smoke from the
room that was sucked in is discharged
★ After-sales Service
When having quality or other problems when purchasing air conditioner, please contact the local service
Maintenance Method
Maintenance Method
When air conditioner won’t be used for a long time, please cut off the main power supply of air
◆ Do turn off the unit and cut off the main power supply when cleaning the air conditioner, otherwise
electric shock or harm may happen.
◆ It is forbidden to wash air conditioner by water rinsing, otherwise electric shock may happen.
★ Cleaning air filter
When the usage environment has lots of dust, air filter should be cleaned more frequently (about once 6
1. Open air inlet grille
Pull the 2 handle on air inlet grille at the same time with the direction showed by arrow in fig. 18, pull
down slowly. (Reverse when closing)
2. Disassembly air filter
As shown in fig. 19, pull the handle behind air inlet grille, raise it and disassembly. Then discharge the 3
purifier fixed on filter.
Fig. 18
Fig. 19
3. Clean
Adopts cleaner or water to wash filter; if the filter is too dirty ( like oil stain on it ), adopts warm water (
lower than 45℃ ) with neutral scourer to clean it, then dry it in the shade.
Note !
Do not clean the filter by hot water whose temp. is higher than 45℃ to prevent fade or deformation.
Do not burn it on fire or the filter would catches fire or deformation.
4. Install air filter
Fix the 3 purifiers on filter, install filter on the several bulges on top of air inlet grille, pull the handle
behind air inlet grille toward inside to fix filter. As shown in fig. 20.
5. Close air inlet grille (Refer to the 1st step)
Maintenance Method
Maintenance Method
Fig. 20
Fig. 21
★ Clean air inlet grille
1. Open air inlet grille (the same with the 1st step of Clean Air Filter)
2. Take out air filter (the same with the 2nd step of Clean Air Filter)
3. Take out air inlet grille
Open air inlet grille for an angle of 45°, as shown in fig. 21, rise it.
4. Clean
Clean it by pubescence brush, water and neutral cleaning, then throw water or dry it.
Note !
Do not use water above 45℃ to wash the panel to prevent fade or deformation.
5. Install air inlet grille (refer to 3rd step)
6. Install air filter (refer to the 4th step of Clean Air Filter)
7. Close air inlet grille (refer to the 1st step)
★ Install and change of air purifier
1. Open air inlet grille (the same the 1st step of Clean Air Filter)
2. Disassembly purifier
As shown in fig 22, disassembly air filter, screw out fixing bolts fixed on purifier on filter, then purifier
could be disassembly.
3. Take out the package sack of static fiber net filter, then install the filter in stand of purifier, and fix
purifier on air filter.
4. Install air filter (the same with the 4th step of Clean Air Filter)
Air filter
Purifier filter
Stand for purifier
Fix bolt of
Maintenance Method
Function and usage period for air purifying
◆ Could adsorb CO, CO2, benzene, aldehydes and odor of gasoline etc..
◆ Could adsorb deleterious material that is smaller than 1μm in air, as dust, pollen, bacteria, and virus.
◆ Usage period is 6 months to 1 year. If it is necessary to be changed, purchase new purifier in the
nearest TOYOTOMI special engaged maintenance center.
★ Clean Outlet vent and Surface Panel
◆ Clean the surface panel by soft dry cloth or wet cloth with neutral scourer.
◆ It is forbidden to clean surface panel by gasoline, benzene, diluents, cleansing powder etc..
◆ If the guide louver is too dirty, it may be removed to be cleaned. (As narrated below)
Disassembly and install of guide louver
1. Disassembly guide louver
Screw bolts in both end of guide louver to loose.
Note !
Do not wipe guide louver powerfully when cleaning, otherwise fluff on surface would fall off.
2. Install guide louver
Rotate guide louver slightly could install the protruding edge of both end into grooves on both end of
guide louver, and then tighten bolts.
★ Maintenance before or after usage season
Check before the usage season
◆ Check if there is blockage in inlet or outlet vent of air conditioner.
◆ Check if the earthing wire had earthed reliably.
◆ Check if the air filter had been installed well.
◆ In order to start up the air conditioner smoothly after long time’s turned off, turn on the main power
supply 8 hours before turning on the air conditioner.
Maintenance after usage season
◆ Clean filter and body of air conditioner.
◆ Cut off the main power supply of air conditioner.
◆ The cooling or heating capacity and sound level are tested before leaving factory.
◆ If the parameter changed, refer to the data offered on nameplate.
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