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Underfloor Heating Thermostat
User Manual
Roma Colour Touch Screen Thermostat
* This Thermostat is a digital touch screen thermostat, which is
designed for electric floor heating or water heating systems.
Using the 4.3inch colour touch LCD display, the thermostat can be
easily operated and understood. The thermostat is fully programmable
to automate your heating or can be used in a simple manual mode.
* With five modes, these instruction will show you how to set your
system to work in accordance with your life style. This is done by
pre-setting your preferred temperatures into the 5+1+1 days easy
programmable function
» Simple regulation which sends commands to the heating
system according to a pre-selected temperature variation. The
thermostat control algorithm also includes an anticipation function
which reduces the discrepancy between the thermostat reading
and the temperature at the centre of the room.
* Choose from three (3) sensor setting: Air temperature, Floor
temperature and ambient (a combination of both air and floor sensors
working together). Air is controlled through the built in air temperature
sensor and floor is controlled via the included external floor probe.
Thermostat Features
* 4.3inch Colour Touch Screen Operation
* Adjustable Screen Brightness For On And Sleep Modes
* Electric Heating System ( Max. 16A) or Water Heating
System Max.3A)
* Adjustable Comfort Mode, Economy Mode, Party Mode, Holiday
Mode and Program Mode Control
* 5+1+1 Days Programmable settings
* External and Internal Sensors
* Clock and Day Display
* Temp. Calibration
* Temp. Protection
* 86""86mm mounting
Technical Data
* Voltage: 230V, 50/60Hz
* Load: 16A Max)
* Temp. Setting Range: 5 - 355 °с
* Ambient :0 - 50°c
« Sensor: NTCIOK. 39500hms at 25:c
* Accuracy: - 0.5 °c
* Protection Class : IP30
Screen and Display
10 &
6 5
5 4
14:40 MON
| | | Cl le
18 19 20 21 22
] ON/OFF Button Use to turn on/off Thermostat
2 Mode Button Use to Choose Working Mode
3 Menu Button Use to Select Menu Settings
4 Down Button Decrease Temp. or Other Parameters
5 Up Button Increase Temp. or Other Parameters
6 Floor Temp. Show Floor (External Probe) Temp.
7 Room Temp. Show Room (Internal Air) Temp.
8 Set Temp. Set Temp (Range: 5-35°C)
9 Mode Icon Show Current Working Mode
10 Time Current Time & (Parameter Settings See P8)
11 Day Of Week Show Current Week Day
12 Heating Icon Will Show When Heating Is On / Off
13 Date & Time Button Set Weekday and Time
14 PRG. Program Schedule Check 5+1+1 Days Heating Schedule
15 Pre-Set Mode Temps Use to Pre-set Mode’s Working Temps
16 Language Select Button Select language (EL Units Only)
17 Hi / Low Protection Temp Set Max / Min Temps
18 Comfort Mode Button Pre-Set comfort Mode Setting
19 Economy Mode Button Pre-Set Economy Mode Setting
20 Party Mode Pre-Set Party Mode Setting
21 Holiday Mode Button Pre-Set Holiday Mode Setting
22 PRG. Mode Button Pre-Set Programme Mode 5+1+1
Schedule Setting
My Schedule
Press Menus Button, then press E
you can then review the set
weekly schedule. Touch a column
to select and make any changes to
the 5+1+1 day schedules.
For example, if you want to edit
the Sat. schedule, touch the Sat.
column. You can then select each
of the 6 time zones separately. Use
temps for each zone. .
1. In all columns there are six periods. Using the green à
v button to select the periods. You can then change the periods
selected, (the selected period is Fay ticked like this).
2. After the period is selected, you can set the time, H = hours, M =
minutes and temperature by pressing fal and LA buttons.
3. After new schedule is set, simply press “APPLY” to save the new
Edit Date and Time
Press Menu button, then press KZ
you can now edit date & time with
Por [72 buttons. Once set simply
press” APPLY” to save the changes.
Mode Pre-set Temp Settings
Press Menu button, then press EA you
can now pre-set the mode working
temps with the E and LA buttons.
Once set simply press ” APPLY” to
save the changes.
Max Temp Protection Settings
Press Menu, then press 3 you can
now select and enter you protection
settings. Both high & low temps can
be set using the << and >> buttons.
Once set simply, press “APPLY”
to save the changes.
Date & Time
Settings Page 3
LowProtect Max: © 4
LowProtect Min :
HighProtect Max :
HighProtect Min :
High Protection: When set, the thermostat will turn the heating down
/ off automatically if the external floor temp (floor probe temp) exceeds
the max set temp. This is important if any part of the floor or floor
covering has a recommended max permitable working temp.
low Protection: If set and when the thermostat is OFF, the thermostat
will automatically turn the heating on if the air temp (internal Room
temp) falls below the Low set temp. The low set temp will then be
maintained until the thermostat is turned on. This is helpful to stop
pipes freezing and furnishings being damaged by the cold.
Languages Select (EL Units Only)
Press Menu button, then select Mode Settings
icon to enter languages page. English
Selecting the language you want ‘Netherlands
and press "APPLY" to save it. pe
Parameter Settings
Depending upon how you want to use the thermostat, the parameter
settings may need to be chnaged to suit your requirements. To view
or change the ParameternSettings you must, Within 3seconds after turning
thermostat OFF(bottom right hand corner), press and hold the time
(top left hand corner of screen), for 2 seconds. This will bring up the
parameter setting pages. You can set the desiredvalue by pressing
"«" or ”»" ,and go to other pages by pressing “Pre” or “Next”. Once
you have finished press the Home button to confirm settings and exit..
Temp. Off set
Dead Zone
Set Point Max.
Set Point Min.
NTC (I = Air Temp, E = Floor Temp, |+E = Ambient Temp)
low Protection Max.
Low Protection Min.
High Protection Max.
High Protection Min.
Backlight Off Time After Operation
Backlight Brightness When In Standby Status
Relay Delay Time
Relay Output
Restore Factory Settings.
SC =357C
SE =35°C
l only. E only, | € E.
5°C -90°C
35 - 1805
1% - 100%
Os- 250s
Normal(no); Inverted(nc)
Wiring Diagrams
lo] 1]
Non / ый 230V/AC
Electric Heating System
Water Heating System
— 9
В Y |
Zu Volt free
= a
23 = JAC 3600W @230Vac
Voltage-Free System
Using a flat screw driver carefully open the thermostat. (See fig 1),
connect the heating, power supply and floor probe cables to the
correct terminals tightly, (See Fig 2). Once wired fix the back plate
to the wall securely through firing locations (See fig 3)
Dimension (mm)
130 31 119 |
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