Far Infrared Sauna Blanket (NBS-02)

Far Infrared Sauna Blanket (NBS-02)
Far Infrared Sauna Blanket
Thermotherapy is widely used in the field of hairdressing and physical therapy. Its
infrared ray conduct heat energy into skin deeply (3-5cm) , it can quickly promote
metabolism, increase blood and lymph circulation in order to dilatation vessels,
increase the capacity rate of oxygen in blood, strengthen activity of lymph system,
and effectively eat deleterious cells and toxin, so that the fattiness which exist
excessively in body and is caused for body being lack of exercise can be broken up
and burned, flowing out body with dilative sweat gland.
The effect will be better in therapy exaggerating fat and cellulite tissue, if using
some medication of losing weight in the process of therapy.
(1) Dissolve fat: Infrared ray makes a direct action to the cell fat structure dissolve
and liquefy the fat
(2) Eliminate fat: Infrared ray can release a great deal of blood and lymph, promote
the metabolism, speed biochemistry reaction, consume AIP, make catabolism of
fat C
(3) Shrink fat: Infrared ray rise the temperature of local tissue, enlarge the pore,
outflow the sweat, moisture of the fat cell enter into the cell, greatly lessen the
volume of fat cell
(4) lymph detoxin: heat can enlarge the capillary vessel, speed blood circulation,
promote metabolism material and the dissolved fat enter into the blood;
accelerate the lymph circulation, get rid of toxin
(5) Relax muscle hyperkinesia: Heat energy generated by infrared ray can lessen the
tensility of muscle, relax the muscle
WARNING: 65-69 is much hot
expand the blanket, connect the blanket to the main machine
client lies into the blanket
Connect the cable A, Cable B to the main machine.
Put "POWER" button on, the screen display default parameter, time is 30 minutes,
temperature is 50℃, the instrument is in awaiting situation.
),When showing digits flash, press(
) keys to set service time
(0-99minutes) ,And then press( ) to set temperature ( 0-69degree). Press (
) key
again to start the instrument.
6. While time and temperature need to be changed, Press (
) key ,then press
) ,When showing digits flash press(
) keys to adjust working time and
temperature .
7. Press (
) key pause.
8.When Indicator light, which under the temperature screen will shows red color while
heating, turn green color while at the status of heat preservation.
9 .In case cable A or cable B not connected with the main machine, the temperature
screen showing “no”, if connect it the main machine, screen
shows curren temperature.
10. Attention: The temperature intensity should be adjusted according to client's
actual feeling
11. After operation, power off, pull out the plug
12. Clean the blanket, keep it dry
1. Smear the weight losing cream on body area.it will be better if
wrap the body with fresh pellicle then use the machine for treatment
2. If the trated area has sense obstacle,properly reduce the temperature to avoid
3. the body parts have serious circulation problem should not be effected by this
4. During treatment,the beautician should carefully observe the response of
clients,asking for their feeling, avoid overheat and cause scald
5. The operation time should not more than 45 minutes per one treatment.
6. Packing towel for client, it will be sweating heavy in the process of operation.
7. Turn off the power after using it, and clean it.
8. Please fold it up after the heat releasing
9. Don’t fold the blanket when machine start working.
10. Pleas don’t use it, if the outer and proof cloth (PVC) is broken
11. Please don’t use it when you are sleeping.
The treament should not apply to the following people:
1. easy to bleed
2. high fever
3. heart disease
4. phthisic
5. artery disease
6. acute infection
7. pregnant
Accessories packing list
Main machine
Power line
Voltage: AC □110V □220V □230V □240V
Blanket size: 177(L)*80(W)cm
Time adjust: scope: 0-99minutes
Temperature scope: 0-69degree
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