M16 Electro Sight

M16 Electro Sight
M16 Electro Sight
Warning: Never attempt to look into the sun with this or any other optical enhancing device.
Doing so may cause severe and permanent eye damage. Always follow safe firearm handling
procedures when using or handling a firearm.
The BARSKA M16 Electro Sight is constructed of high grade
Alloys, it is built to withstand extreme shooting and is
extremely reliable. It is easy to use and is fast and
accurate. The M16 Electro Sight has an Illuminated
Reticle with 7 settings, allowing you to adjust the
intensity of the Reticle.
Your M16 Electro Sight has a built in standard
5/8 mount. This mount will attach your sight to
your firearm.
1. Loosen the clamp bolts on the mount. Turn
counter clockwise.
2. Now place the mount on the rail of the
the riflescope.
Standard Mount
3. Tighten the bolts but make sure that you do not
tighten them all the way.
4. Look through the sight and adjust it, by puling the sight forwards and
backwards. Do this until the full field of view is in focus.
5. Once your able to see the entire field of view tighten the mount all the way.
The M16 Electro Sight comes equipped with 2 LR44 button cell
batteries. Each battery has a voltage of 1.5 volts. The battery
compartment is located on the mount and is directly under the
eyepiece. (See example below )
LR44 Cell Batteries
Changing the Battery
When your M16 Electro Sight becomes dim or will not light at all:
1. Remove the battery compartment cap off, by twisting the
cap counter clockwise.
2. Once the cap is off and the old batteries have been
removed place the new batteries into the compartment
positive (+) side up.
3. Replace the cap back on and turn clockwise. Ensure
that you place the cap on tightly. This will help keep
Battery Compartment
moisture out of the Electro Sight.
Windage & Elevation
You can find the windage on the right side of the sight. This adjusts the
horizontal axis of the sight.
The elevation is located on the top of the sight. This adjusts the vertical axis of
the sight.
To access the windage and elevation turrets, remove the
caps that cover the turrets. Turn counter clockwise to
loosen the caps. Once the turrets are exposed, use a
small coin to turn the turrets.
Turn the turret counter clockwise to raise the reticle.
Turn the turret clockwise to lower the reticle.
Windage & Elevation
Turn the turret counter clockwise to make the reticle move to the right. Turn the
turret clockwise to make the reticle move to the left.
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