Q: The image on the projection screen flickers.
A: Check to make sure the refresh rate on your PC is set between 60 Hz and 75 Hz. It is also recommended that
you use the AC Adapter, if a laptop is used.
Q: The projector is running but there is no image.
A: Check to see if the lamp is properly in place.
Refer to the lamp installation procedure in your user guide and re-install the lamp.
The lamp may need to be replaced.
Q: What is the recommended resolution to set my PC?
A: SVGA (800 x 600) or XGA (1024 x 768)
Q: The image displayed is not “square?”
A: If the top part of your image is smaller than the bottom image, or if your image on the bottom is smaller than the
top, the projected image is then “keystoning.”
To correct this, use the digital keystone correction found in the menu by the following procedure,
Press Menu
Locate “Keystone,” most likely found under “Image I” Sub-menu
Select/Highlight “Keystone”
Press Left and Right buttons to perform keystone correction, until the image displayed is square.
Q: Can I block any of the vents on the projector?
A: No, none of the vents on the projector can be blocked, since they are there to provide proper ventilation of the
projector. Blocking of vents can cause malfunctions to the projector. There must be a sufficient amount of
air space around the projector.
Q: Can I make the image from the projector smaller or larger?
A: Yes, the image from a projector can be made smaller or larger using the zoom dial or the projector can
physically be placed closer to the screen or farther away.
Q: Why does my image look stretched?
A: Check the aspect ratio setting for the projector.
To check aspect ratio, perform the following,
Press Menu
Locate “Aspect ratio”, this can usually be found in sub-menu “Image-II”
Select/Highlight “Aspect Ratio”
Using the Left/Right buttons, you can select the aspect ratio
When your image looks correct, you have chosen the correct aspect ratio
Q: How can I keep the projector from scanning all the sources? I want to keep it on one source only.
A: Use the Source Lock option in the on-screen menu.
Q: What does the offset percentage represent?
A: The percentage is actually a ratio: It is the ratio of the distance from the horizontal line extended from the centre
of the projector lens to the top of the image and to the height of the image. For example, if the top of the image is
78 inches higher than the centreline and the image is 60 inches high, the offset is 78/60 = 1.3/1 = 30%.
Q: Can I connect a DVD player or Cable Box to my projector?
A: Yes, you can! Most DVD Players or cable boxes have an S-Video or Composite output. You can connect via SVideo or Composite cable from the DVD player or cable box to the projector. It is recommended to connect via
scart (RGB) connection via adapter, if this is available.
Q: Can my projector display *HDTV?
A: Yes, Optoma projectors are able to accept HDTV signal (*720p/*1080i/*1080p) via the component/DVI/HDMI.
Check to make sure the projector has *HDCP capabilities on the DVI/HDMI port.
Q: Can I play video games using my projector?
A: : Yes, most video game systems either output via composite or S-video, and either type will be able to connect
to your projector. It is recommended to connect via component (RGB) connection, if this is available.
Q: Can my projector be mounted on a ceiling?
A: Yes, the projector can be installed onto a compatible ceiling mount. Once installed, you will need to make sure
the image is in its proper orientation by accessing the menu system.
For quick and easy setup, an Optoma Ceiling Mount is recommended.
To Access Menu system,
Press Menu
Select/Highlight “Projection” -- this will most likely be found in the “”Management” Sub-Menu
Using the “Left/Right” buttons, you can select the orientation of the image, until it is correct.
Q: How do you turn “Source Lock” ON and OFF
A: “Source Lock” will detect one source automatically
The projector must have the image from that source showing
Press Menu
Locate “source lock” this can usually be found in “Management” Sub menu
Select “Source Lock” ON
Repeat to turn this option off,
if “Source lock” is ON and you would like to view a different source press the
source button twice on the proctor or remote this will then search for any other
connectivity. When you start the projector again this will still have the “Source Lock”
Q: How will an HDTV signal look on a native 576i/p projector?
A: As long as the projector indicates that it is HD compatible, the quality will be somewhere in between a true 720p
display and an SD picture, but closer to HD than SD.
Q: On the back of some projectors there is a small slot with a picture of a lock with a “K” inside. What is
this connection for?
A: This is not a connection, but rather is the slot for Kensington projector locks
Q: I have my projector hooked up to my progressive scan DVD player via component connection, but the
image has a reddish/purplish tint (or no picture). Composite and S-Video connections are fine. (Or vice
versa: S-Video connection with no image but component is fine.) What’s wrong with the projector?
A: Nothing is wrong with the projector. Some DVD players do not automatically detect what type of connection is
being used, so the connection must be manually changed for the DVD player to send out the correct type of signal.
Consult your DVD player’s manual for instructions on how to change the output signal type.
Q: Is there anything I can do to keep my projector in tip-top shape?
A: Clean the vents from any accumulated dust by vacuuming the unit. Be careful not to scratch the projector. Clean
the front lens with camera optic cleaning supplies. Do not use any abrasives or harsh chemicals at any time on
your projector or lens. Replace the lamp when needed or when the image is less bright than desired.
Q: Sometimes my projector’s Remote cannot operate the projector. I've checked the batteries and they are
new. Is there something else I can do?
A: If the projector is mounted close to a fluorescent light source, try turning the fluorescent light off and using the
remote. If the problem still exists, try controlling the projector with the projector controls.
Q: When I try to play a video file from my laptop PC, the projector does not display the actual video on the
projector screen. How can I get the projector to properly display the video files?
A: The laptop PC will need to be toggled to direct the entire video signal to the projector. The laptop screen will be
blank when this happens. Depending on the make of Lap Top PC the commands may vary.
Press the Fn
and F7
The “F” Key may vary depending on the make and model of the Laptop PC.
Please consult your Laptop PC user manual or call there customer help line.
together, repeat until the image shows.
For further technical assistance please call 01923 691 865, Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm.
* check compatibility of projector
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