405+460_GDUM-CL-TL27(User Manual for The Light

405+460_GDUM-CL-TL27(User Manual for The Light
Thank you for purchasing The Light.
The instructions described below have been designed to provide necessary information for successful
operation, daily maintenance and safety for use of this unit.
- Introduction
- Contents
- Features
- Application
1. Safety Information
Notes and reference
Installation and Connection
2. List of Components
3. Parts and Functions
4. Installation and Connection 09
5. Direction for Use
6. Selection of Curing Modes
7. Maintenance
- Cleaning and sterilization
- Maintenance and replacement of the Battery
8. Trouble Shooting
9. Specification
10. Accessories
11. Warranty
- Variety of curing modes
- Easy-to read OLED screen
- Enhanced capacity battery
- Lithium-ion battery
- Interchangeable lithium-ion battery
- Chargeable battery alone
- Automatic sleep mode
- Polymerization of light-cure catalyst containing dental materials with a wavelength spectrum
of 400 ~ 490 nm.
The Light Overview
1. Safety information
It is important to understand the following information to use this product safely.
Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may result in
serious injury or death.
Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may result in
minor/moderate injury or in damage of property
Notes and References
Notes and References used in this manual are shown below.
Indicates that potential malfunctions may occur if the description is ignored.
Supplementary information to facilitate better operation.
Installation and Connection
- The adaptor should be disconnected from the charger before connecting the power cable
to prevent an electric shock.
- Keep away from sources of ignition to avoid fire or explosion.
- Protect the handpiece, charger, and battery from any liquid to avoid electric shock or
functional error.
- Place the charger on a flat and stable surface. Do not drop handpiece or charger in order to
avoid internal defect that may cause overheating or fire.
- Do not place the electrical cord near a gas burner or sources of heat.
Should the cord catch on fire, replace with a new one to avoid short-circuit.
- Do not use or leave the unit in areas of high temperature or exposed to direct sunlight;
internal circuit defect may cause overheating or fire.
- Securely connect the dust-free power plug to the outlet.
Use this device in well ventilated areas. Overheating may cause fire.
- Do not touch the terminal areas of charger or battery with fingers or conductive objects,
such as metal wire or safety-pin. It may cause electric shock or fire.
- Do not use any charger other than supplied. It may result in electric shock or fire.
- Do not plug the power cord with wet hands. This may result in an electric shock.
- In case of fluid leak from battery or partial discoloration/deformation of the handpiece,
immediately discontinue use.
- Place the battery in correct direction when charging. Wrong directed placement may
cause malfunction, explosion, or fire.
- In case of partial discoloration of the charger, immediately disconnect the power plug
and repair the charger.
- In case battery fluid contacts the eye, immediately flush with copious amount of clean
water and seek medical attention.
- Do not use this product on patients with a history of cataract, retinal damage or allergic
reaction to light.
- Do not use this product on a person with a pacemaker as it may cause malfunction of
the pacemaker.
- Avoid exposing the light on intraoral soft tissue as it may affect the soft tissue.
- Do not put the battery on the charger upside down. This may cause an explosion or fire.
- Disconnect the power cord by grasping the power plug to avoid injuries or burns.
- Avoid damage or use of unnecessary force on the power cord. This may cause an electric
shock or fire.
- Should battery fluid contact the skin or clothes, immediately wash it off with copious
amounts of water to avoid skin damage.
- Take the battery out of the handpice if it won't be used for more than 1 week.
- Connect the power plug only when battery is being charged. Insulation degradation may
cause electric shock or fire.
- Do not use this product for any purposes other than dental use.
- Use only the battery supplied to avoid fluid leak or explosion.
- Never disassemble or overhaul the product. Unusual performance may cause injuries,
electric shock, or fire.
- Ensure that charger and battery are always separated from the handpiece prior to cleaning.
- If the OLED screen malfunctions, remove the battery from the handpiece and reinsert it.
2. List of components
Please check the contents described below when removing the contents from the original packaging.
Disposable cover
Power cable
User manual
3. Parts and Functions
Disposable cover
ⵐ Start button
ⵒ Control button
ⵓ OLED screen
ⵑ Mode button
Power cable
① Handpiece
ⵐStart button : Operation and Turn On/Off
ⵑMode button : Curing mode select
ⵒ Control button : Curing time select
ⵓ OLED screen : Display device state
② Disposable cover (Approx.100pcs)
③ Battery
④ Charger : Charge battery. Display charging process
⑤ Adapter
⑥ Power cable
4. Installation and Connection
Refer to the information supplied on safety precautions during installation and connection.
1. Connection between Adapter and Charger
1) Securely insert the power cable with 100~240V
power outlet.
2) Connect power cable with adapter.
3) Connect adapter with charger
- Use only the original adapter supplied.
- When the adapter is connected with charger, red and blue light will blink.
- If red and blue light is not blinking when adapter is connected, it is a charger
2. Inserting Battery
ⴘCarefully insert the battery into the handpiece as
directed by the arrow.
ⴙThe battery turns with the arrow, as seen in image.
*Avoid forcing the Battery.
4. Installation and Connection
3. Charging
- Insert the handpiece into the vertical slot at
the front of the charger.
- Red light on : charging in progress
- Blue light on : charging process is complete
- If the remaining battery is extremely low, red light may flicker while
recharging, which is not a malfunction.
- It will take approximately 3~4 hours before the battery will be fully charged.
5. Direction for Use
1. Activating Handpiece
1) Press any button, then OLED screen will be on standby
mode and time display used last.
2) Select curing mode and time setting with mode button
and control button.
Initial Screen
Standby Screen
(last used mode & time)
- When Battery inserted, the unit is automatically turned on.
2. Start of exposure
Press Start button to start exposure with the selected mode.
- Press any button if you wish to end the curing process.
- Alarm during operating informs time passage.
3. Battery icon
This icon indicates the power remaining in the battery. Recharge or replace the battery when
"LOW BATTERY" sign appears on the display screen.
- Sleep Mode : If unit is left unused for a few minutes, all functions are
automatically transferred to sleep mode with a short beep.
Hold down start button for approximately 3-5 seconds to
shut off light. If you want to turn on, press any button.
- Set-up memory : The handpiece will record the setting used last.
6. Selection of Curing Mode
Curing mode can be set by pressing the mode button.
Various curing programs are available in this unit.
1. High Mode
Time setting: 5, 10 sec.
Quick polymerizing with high intensity
Intensity is more than 1,500mW/cm
2. Low Mode
Time setting: 10, 20, 30 sec.
Polymerizing with low intensity
Intensity is more than 650mW/cm
3. Soft Start Mode
Time setting: 20 sec. (fixed)
Special mode to avoid polymerization shrinkage
Intensity is 0 to 1,500 mW/cm
4. Pulse Mode
Time Setting: 10, 20 sec.
Special mode to avoid polymerization shrinkage
Intensity is 0 & 1,500mW/cm
7. Maintenance
Cleaning and disinfection
- Clean the handpiece and charger gently with clean, soft, lint-free cloth.
- Avoid using solvents which contain ethanol or acetone.
- Do not use sharp or pointed tools to clean as they may damage or scratch the plastic.
- Be careful not to spill any liquid into the device.
Maintenance and replacement of the battery
- Exposure to high room temperature may shorten the battery life and affect device performance.
Use the device in normal temperature.
- It is recommended for rechargeable battery to be charged immediately before use to maximize
- Remove the battery from the handpiece, if not being used for a long time.
- If the running time declines with a full-charged battery, replace the battery before use.
8. Trouble Shooting
If your curing light unit is not operating normally, please refer to the following points.
Cause and Solution
Control button does not work
If the control button is pressed with excess force,
it will not work. In such case press the button
Display screen does not work
If the battery is completely discharged or connected
incorrectly, display will not appear. Recharge the
battery or reconnect the battery to reset the device.
If the start button is pressed for a moment, power
will be turned off. Press any button again. Check
the battery connection again.
Power off while in operation
If the battery is completely discharged, device can
be turned off.
Recharge the battery.
Not able to charge
If the power cord or etc. is not correctly connected,
the battery can not be charged. If the battery or
handpiece is not properly placed on the charger,
the battery can not be charged.
* If the trouble is not settled after the above solutions, please contact GC America Inc. Customer Service.
(Phone: 800-323-7063)
9. Specification
Operation voltage
3.7 V
Wavelength range
400 ~ 490 nm
Dimensions (included Battery)
Approx. 232 x 26 x 26 mm
Weight (included Battery)
Approx. 130 g
Operation voltage
Approx. 110 x 105 x 68 mm
Approx. 100 g
Lithium Ion Battery
Nominal Voltage
DC 3.7 V
Approx. 75 x 25 x 25 mm
Approx. 52 g
Approx. 32 x 100 mm
Approx. 100 pcs by weight
Input voltage
AC 100 ~ 240 V
Output voltage
UL number
* This specification is subject to change without prior notice
Model name
510(k) number
10. Accessories
- Disposable cover (Approx.100pcs)
- Battery
11. Warranty
This product is shipped after strict inspection. Should the product have any problem under normal
usage within one year from the date of purchase, repair will be free of charge.
However, repair of consumables (disposable cover, battery, etc.) are not covered by the warranty.
For more information, refer to the warranty card attached.
Serial number check.
S/N : TL 07140001
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