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12 CH 500m RF Wireless Remote Control Firework Ignitor System
Package Include:
1 x Ignitor: S12PS1-ANT1 (12 Channel / AC 220V / AC 110V / DC 12V)
1 x Transmitter: CB-12L
1 x User manual
Wireless control, easy to install
It can ignite various kinds of electric fireworks directly, or ordinary fireworks through fireworks electric igniter, which reduces accidents like skin burn
and accidental explosions.
One ignitor can light several fireworks at the same time.
The ignitor can be remotely controlled from any place within a reliable distance; wireless signal pass through walls, floors and doors.
More reliable than fixed code:The transmitter use EV1527 Learning code, which is up to 1 million codes, reducing code collision and unauthorized
code scanning possibilities.
Transmitting Frequency: 315MHz
Working distance of transmitter and ignitor: 500M /1500ft (theoretically)
Model No.: S12PS1-ANT1
Channel: 12 CH (Each channel can ignite about 25 fireworks simultaneously.)
Length of External Telescopic Antenna: 65mm / 170mm (stretch)
With test function, voltage indicator and manual operation mode
Power Supply (Operating Voltage): AC 220V / AC 110V or DC 12V battery
Plug Type: American standard plug, British standard plug, Australian standard plug or European standard plug (provide)
Power Output: 36V~50V
Waterproof case
Case size: 28CM*23CM*10CM
Weight: 2KG
Model No.: CB-12L
Button: 12 buttons
Remote Control Distance: 500m / 1500ft (theoretically)
Encode: EV1527 Learning code (up to 1 million codes, reducing code collision)
Unit Size: 135mm x 42mm x 25mm
Power Supply: 1 x 23A -12V battery (included, can be used for 12 months)
Remote Controller Learning:
1. Press and hold the code button on the ignitor. When the LED lamp of code button flashes, press any buttons of transmitter. If the LED lamp of
corresponding output terminal shines, it means that learning is successful.
2. One ignitor can only learn one transmitter simultaneously.
3. Test transmitter: Switch to “Test” position and press button 1 to 12 on transmitter. The LED lamps of corresponding output terminals will shine.
1. Insert ignitor plug into AC 110V/220V power supply.
2. Switch to “Test” position, and turn on power. The voltage is above 36V in the Voltmeter.
3. Connect fireworks to the black/red terminals in series or in parallel. (Suggest the series connection)
4. The LED of test indicator shines after fireworks connection, it means that the connections are correct.
5. After test, switch to “Fire” position, press corresponding buttons on ignitor or buttons on transmitter to ignite fireworks directly.
1. The connection circuit should not be short circuit, otherwise the ignitor will burn out.
2. Please use fireworks produced by the same manufacturers if it is connection in series of fireworks. Fireworks cannot be ignited because of
different resistances of fireworks’ igniters produced by different manufacturers.
3. The different performance of firework igniters, degree of thickness of wires and distance of circuit will influence volume of firework when
fireworks are ignited by of each set simultaneously.
4. Switch off main switch of the ignitor when you do not use. Do not shake ignitor strongly.
5. Do not press “Fire” position when you pull up the plug from socket. The firework will be ignited by residual amount of electricity in ignitor.
6. Switch to “Off” position and “Test” position when you do not use this product.
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