Welcome Guide
Welcome Guide
Table of Contents
Basics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Voicemail. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
What Affects Your Charges . . . . . . . . 14
Understanding Your Bill. . . . . . . . . . . 18
Helpful Information. . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Troubleshooting Tips. . . . . . . . . . . . 30
Wireless Safety . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34
Thank You For Choosing Long Lines Wireless
We would like to welcome you to the Long Lines family and thank you
for your purchase and loyalty. We pride ourselves on providing the best
customer service experience and appreciate having you as a customer.
Your Personal Information
Your Phone #_____________________________________
Voicemail password_______________________________
Price Plan_ ____________________________________
Estimated first bill $____________
Pro-rate minutes ________________ (1st month only)
For more information on our Terms & Conditions
visit us at www.LongLines.com
Before making your first call, your phone battery must be fully charged. Please
reference your phone’s user manual for proper charging procedures. Your phone service
will be activated at a Long Lines Wireless retail store or an Authorized Retailer
location. The following instructions will make using your new phone even simpler.
Placing a Call (local and long distance)
1. Turn on your phone by pressing the power button
2. Dial the 10-digit phone number (area code + 7-digit number)
3. P
ress TALK/SEND (depending on your handset) to complete the call
Receiving a Call
To receive a call, your phone must be turned on. When it rings,
press TALK/SEND (depending on your handset) to answer the call.
If your phone is a flip style, you can open the phone to answer the call.
Ending a Call
To end a call, simply press PWR/END (depending on your handset).
If your phone is a flip style, you can close the phone to end the call.
Call Waiting
A “beep” tone will be heard when you are receiving another call
while you are already on the line. To activate the Call Waiting feature:
1. Press
4 3 #
2. Press TALK/SEND to complete the activation
Press TALK/SEND to put the first party on hold and answer the
incoming call or to alternate between the two calls.
Call Waiting cont...
To eliminate disturbances during important calls, deactivate the
Call Waiting feature by:
1. Dialing #
2. Press TALK/SEND to complete the deactivation
Call Forwarding
When the Call Forwarding feature is activated, calls will be directed
to a designated number and not to voicemail. To automatically
transfer your calls to another number:
1. Press
2 1
+ 10-digit number + #
* *
(10-digit number to which you wish to have your calls forwarded)
2. Press TALK/SEND to complete the Call Forwarding activation
To deactivate the Call Forwarding feature, simply press
Three-Way Calling
Three-Way Calling allows multiple people to participate in one
1. Dial the 10-digit number of the first party
2. W
hile you are on the call, go to MENU , then choose NEW
3. D
ial the 10-digit number of the second party you would like
to conference in and press OK
4. P
ress the LINK/CONFERENCE (depending on your handset) to
connect all three parties
The Voicemail feature will answer calls to your wireless phone when you are
talking on the phone, can’t answer the call or are unable to access the network.
As long as your phone is turned on and you are on the network, it will alert
you when you have a message waiting.
Setting Up Your Voicemail
Follow the steps listed below to complete the initial setup of your
Voicemail feature.
1. Dial 712-333-6245, then press TALK/SEND
2. Press #
3. Dial the last four digits of your wireless phone number
4. Press 9 Mailbox Setup
5. Press 4 Auto Log-in
6. P
ress 1 Enable your Auto Log-in (complete your Voicemail setup
by ending the call)
Accessing Your Voicemail
To access your Voicemail from your wireless phone:
1. Press and hold 1
To access your Voicemail from another phone (landline):
1. Dial 712-333-6245
2. Enter your 7-digit mailbox number
3. E
nter your 4-digit password followed by #
Changing Your Password
Your password can be any series of up to 16 digits you choose. You
will be unable to access your mailbox without this password, so be
sure to choose one you can remember.
Changing Your Password cont...
To change your password:
1. Press and hold 1 (to access your Voicemail)
2. Press 9 Mailbox Setup
3. Press 2 Change Your Password
4. Enter new password, then press #
5. You will be prompted to verify your password
Changing/Recording Your Personal Greeting
Your Voicemail greeting can be recorded and customized to
personally greet your callers.
To change/record your personal greeting:
1. Press and hold 1 (to access your Voicemail)
2. Press 9 Mailbox Setup
3. Press 1 Greeting Options
4. Press 4 Record Your Greeting
5. Press # End Recording Function
6. Press 1 Listen to Greeting
7. Press 2 Save Greeting (must be saved to be active)
8. Press 3 Delete Greeting
9. Press 4 Re-record Greeting (then follow numbers 3–5 again)
Main Menu
Press 1 Listen to Your Messages
Press 7 Current Date and Time
Press 9 Mailbox Setup
Press 0 Repeat Instructions
Messages Menu
Options in Message Retrieval Menu:
Press 1 New Messages
Press 2 Saved Messages
Return to Main Menu
Listen to Messages:
Press 1 Play or Re-play Message
Press 2 Save Message
Press 3 Delete Message
Press 4 Save Message as New
Press 5 Reply to a Message
Press 6 Forward Message
Press 7 Skip Back 3 Seconds
Press 8 Pause or Continue Message
Press 9 Skip Forward 3 Seconds
Return to Main Menu
The costs of your calls will depend on your calling plan and may be based
on when you call, the length of your call, the location you’re calling to or the
location you’re calling from.
Your Calling Plan
Your Long Lines Wireless contract and calling plan will determine
your monthly rates and charges. This includes your monthly
allowance of minutes, as well as when roaming and long distance
charges may apply. Your calling plan may include various features
that have been outlined in this guide, or you may elect to use them
at additional charges if they are not included in your calling plan or
Wireless contract.
Where You Are Calling
Depending on your calling plan, if you are calling from the
Regional calling area you can call to anywhere in the United
States at regular rates without incurring roaming charges. If your
calling plan includes Nationwide minutes, you can call outside the
Regional calling area to anywhere in the United States at regular
billing rates. If your calling plan does not include Nationwide
minutes and you call from outside the Regional calling area you will
incur additional roaming charges.
Length of Your Call
If your calling plan includes unlimited calling, the length of your
call will not affect your monthly billing. If your calling plan allots
you a designated number of minutes per month and you exceed
those minutes, you will incur additional charges on your bill.
Your Location
The Regional calling area is the geographic area shown on your
coverage map that roughly extends as far North as Sioux Falls,
South Dakota; as far South as Omaha, Nebraska; and covers most
of Iowa reaching as far East as Fort Dodge. The calls that are made
from this area are billed at regular rates depending on your calling
plan. If you have chosen unlimited Regional calling, any calls made
from this area will not count against your Nationwide minutes. If
you make calls outside of the Regional calling area, you may be
charged more per minute or incur a roaming charge depending on
your calling plan.
Depending on the type of billing option you selected and the number of Long
Lines services you have, you may get a separate or combined statement.
Your First Wireless Bill
In addition to the standard billing that you will receive every
month, your first month’s bill may also include:
• A one-time activation fee
• Current partial-month charges prorated from activation to your
billing date
• Costs for equipment and accessories you purchased
Looking At Your Bill
A Important messages issued by Long Lines Wireless.
B Balance from your previous bill with payment received
D Total charges for the month, with details listed on page 3
of your bill.
E Overall total amount due that factors in any past due
F Gives your total amount owed for the month with your
payment due date.
C Past Due amount owed; this will only be listed if your
account balance is past due.
G You will need your invoice number if you wish to set up
an account online at www.LongLines.com.
H Any additional charges or credits will be listed here.
I Your call summary listed by phone number. Text messages
are listed separately.
J Your Wireless calling plan charge, listed by phone number.
This is also where you would see any partial month
K Any additional features or lines that you have added to
your phone, like a messaging plan, will be listed here with
the additional cost shown.
L If you have a Long Lines Wireless Family Plan, each
phone number will be listed out with additional features
and line charges.
M This is your account total before taxes and surcharges.
N This is a detailed list of the taxes and surcharges that we
are required by law to bill to all customers.
O This is your account total for this month’s charges,
including taxes and surcharges.
Payment options
Long Lines Wireless provides additional ways to pay your bill each
month, other than mailing your payment in. You can pay:
• in any of our retail store locations
• online at www.LongLines.com
• over the phone, by calling Customer Care at 712.271.4000 or
toll-free at 1.866.901.5664
Why does my bill still show a charge when I have
free months of service with my promotional offer?
The charges that you are seeing on your bill are the taxes and
surcharges that we are required by law to bill our customers. Your
promotional free month credit will appear in the Other Charges
and Credits section on the top of page 3 in your billing statement.
Why don’t I see a detailed list of my Wireless cell
phone calls?
A detailed breakdown of your Wireless calls are only shown on
your bill when you have exceeded your allotted calling plan minutes.
A summary of your usage is given in each billing statement. If you
would like to view a detailed list of your calls each month, you can
create an account online at www.LongLines.com (you will need
your invoice number, found on the top of page 3 of your billing
statement to complete the account set up).
I made a partial payment last month due to a
credit I received and now my bill is showing a
Past Due Balance.
The Past Due Balance is based on your Previous Balance and the
Payment Received amount. So if you did not pay your full balance,
due to a credit you were receiving, you should see the Past Due
Balance shown in black, usually with a negative amount. The
payment received will be listed at the top of page 3 of your billing
statement and your Total Due amount on page 1 of your billing
statement should reflect the correct price. If not, please contact
Customer Care at 712.271.4000 or toll-free at 1.866.901.5664.
What are all these taxes I have on my bill?
Your calling plan will include sales, excise and other taxes and
surcharges that we are required by law to bill to customers. They
will be based on the taxes and surcharges applicable to the street
address you provided to us. If you are tax-exempt, you must
provide us with copies of your exemption certificates and pay for
any filings we are required to make. Your bill also will include a
Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee of $1.25 per month for each phone
line. This fee is to help offset the costs of government surcharges
and fees imposed on Long Lines Wireless and costs associated with
government regulations and mandates on our business including,
for example: number pooling, number portability, E-911 service
and federal and state Universal Service Fund charges.
The following is important information about emergency and directory
assistance, accessing your account and answers to frequently asked questions.
Emergency Services
When you are in an emergency situation, don’t hesitate to call for help.
Dial 9
You will not be charged for making a 911 emergency call from
your Long Lines Wireless phone.
Directory Assistance
For Directory Assistance:
Dial 4
Depending on your calling plan, you may see additional charges.
Long Lines Wireless offers this FREE feature to all of our
customers, to provide an easy and convenient way to check your
Text 2
5 (BAL) for your account balance and due date
Text 7
3 (PAID) for the date your last payment posted
Prepaid customers text 3
expiration date
7 (EXP) to check their
Customer Service
To speak to one of our Customer Care representatives, contact
us at 712.271.4000 or toll-free at 1.866.901.5664. If you are
calling from your Long Lines Wireless phone, just dial 6 1 1
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I change my calling plan? You have the option to change to any qualifying Long Lines
Wireless calling plan anytime for no additional fee. You may have
to purchase a new phone or extend the term of your Agreement to
take advantage of a new calling plan. Can I buy my phone from somewhere else?
You may purchase your phone somewhere else, but it must comply
with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations and
be compatible with our GSM/GPRS network and your calling plan.
Can I cancel my services?
You may cancel your Long Lines Wireless service for any
reason within 14 days after acceptance without paying the Early
Termination fee by:
• I nforming Long Lines Wireless you want to cancel service
eturning the phone in “Like New” condition with all
components in original packaging
aying for all service fees and charges incurred up until the
end of the day in which we terminate the service
Contacting Long Lines Customer Care
ial 6 1 1 + TALK/SEND from your Long Lines
Wireless phone
all 712.271.4000 or toll-free at 1.866.901.5664
• Online at www.LongLines.com
• Write us at:
Long Lines Wireless
501 Fourth Street • P.O. Box 67
Sergeant Bluff, Iowa 51054
If you experience problems with your wireless phone or reception, try these
troubleshooting tips. If you still have difficulty, we can help! Call us at
712.271.4000 or toll-free at 1.866.901.5664. If you are calling from your
Long Lines Wireless phone, just dial 6 1 1 + TALK/SEND.
My phone won’t turn on or power up.
• Press and hold the power button.
• Check that the battery is properly connected.
• Make sure your battery is fully charged.
ry plugging your phone into its charger. If your phone is
still not powering up, the battery might be dead and you may
need to replace the battery
I can’t place or receive calls.
ake sure you have pressed the TALK/SEND button after
you dialed your number.
heck that the “No Service” indicator is off and that you’re
receiving a signal.
ry to remove your phone battery and then place it back in.
ong Lines Wireless may have put restrictions on your
service. Call us toll-free at 1.866.901.5664 from your
landline phone.
My phone display says “No Service.”
urn your phone off and then turn it back on. If your phone has been disconnected from the network for some reason,
this should reconnect it.
• I f “No Service” stays on, you may be in a weak coverage
area. Try your call again from another area.
• I f “No Service” stays on in an area where you think you
should get reception, call us toll-free at 1.866.901.5664
from your landline phone or travel back to a service area and
dial 6 1 1 + TALK/SEND from your wireless phone.
I have poor quality while I’m indoors.
nclosed structures can affect wireless signals. Try moving
around the building or space to find the best signal, usually
getting closer to a window or entrance will help.
My call was dropped.
call may be dropped or disconnected due to poor signal
strength or poor weather conditions.
heck your phone’s battery power level, charge your phone if
the battery is low.
A recording says my “call cannot be completed as dialed.”
heck the phone number you dialed. Make sure you have
dialed a 10-digit phone number (area code + 7-digit number)
when calling local or long distance.
• I f your call still won’t go through, contact Long Lines
Customer Care at 712.271.4000 or toll-free at 1.866.901.5664.
I hear a beeping sound.
our battery may be low, check your battery power level.
• I f you have the Call Waiting feature, someone maybe be
trying to reach you. Press TALK/SEND to answer the
second call. Press TALK/SEND again to return to the first call.
ou may have a voicemail or text message in your mailbox.
Check your phone’s startup guide for instructions on message
I hear a fast busy signal.
• Try turning your phone off and back on.
• Retry the call, the network may just be busy.
• I f the problem persists, contact Long Lines Customer Care at
712.271.4000 or toll-free at 1.866.901.5664.
Using Your Wireless Phone Responsibly
Put your safety and the safety of others first by using your phone responsibly while
driving. The following safety tips are just a few reminders on how to be safe:
hen you are behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, safe and
responsible driving is always your first priority.
o not manually dial or look up phone numbers while
driving. Try to use the voice activation or speed dialing
features of your phone to access frequently called numbers.
ven with the use of a hands-free device, using a wireless phone
can increase your risk of distraction while driving. Consider
turning your phone off and sending calls to voicemail.
riving at night, in heavy traffic or in bad weather conditions
can also increase your risk of distraction. Turn your phone
off and allow calls to go to voicemail to reduce this risk.
• I f you do choose to talk while driving, please use a handsfree device.
Fraud Prevention
Long Lines Wireless wants to prevent unauthorized phone usage and protect
your privacy at all times. Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself:
eport a lost or stolen phone to the police and Long Lines
Wireless immediately.
•When your phone is not in use, lock the phone using your
lock code.
ever leave your phone unattended, especially in your office
or car.
lways report suspicious calling activity when reviewing
your monthly bill. If we conclude that the calls are in fact
fraudulent, you will not be held responsible.
nly have your phone serviced at a Long Lines Wireless
retail store or Authorized Agent location.
FCC Rules and Regulations
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires all wireless phones
to be operated according to rules and regulations set forth by them and under the
supervision of the licensee.
Failure to comply with the following regulations can lead to severe
o person shall knowingly transmit any false signal or
distress communication.
o person shall willingly interfere with any radio
communication or signal.
• “ Listening in” on conversations intended for others or
divulging any information obtained is ruled unlawful.
A complete list of the FCC Rules and Regulations can be found at
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