Read Before Use

Read Before Use
Smiley Daisy Essential Oil Diffuser – Love In A Mist
Thank you for purchasing this diffuser. Please read the manual for tips on how to use it.
Read Before Use
 Do not fill over 100ml at any time.
 Do not switch on power when the tank is empty.
 Do not scratch the Ultrasonic vibration plate.
 Clean regularly using Maintenance instructions to avoid malfunctioning.
 Always unplug from power supply before maintenance.
 For hygiene reasons, after each use, pour away remaining water from the opposite side of the
air outlet and rinse properly.
 Essential oils can stain, after each use, wipe away with a soft cloth/paper towel/Q-tip.
 Only use the measuring cup provided to add water to the tank. Never fill directly from the tap.
 Do not let mist blow directly onto furniture, clothing, walls, etc.
 Keep away from direct sun, heat sources, air conditioners, or fans.
 Always keep on a stable, flat surface. Do not place on carpet, duvet, or any unstable areas.
 Keep away from electronics, such as TV’s and audio equipment.
 Do not tip the product; this may cause water to enter the mechanism and cause
 Use clean water only; do not use mineral water, sparkling water, etc.
 Never move product when in use.
 Do not touch any part of the product with wet hands.
 Keep out of reach of children and pets. Appliance is not to be used by children or people with
reduced physical, sensory, or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge unless
they have been given supervision or instruction.
 Keep electric cord clear of pathways, and do not pull forcefully at any point.
 If smoke or a burning smell is detected, unplug immediately.
Factors that affect this include water type, humidity, temperature, and air currents.
 The amount and intensity of mist produced will vary, but this is not unusual and should not be
considered as a fault.
Operation of the Diffuser
1. Put the product in an upright position, and
then remove the outer cover.
2. Connect the AC adaptor to the base of the
main body with the cable.
3. Open the (water tank) inner cover.
4. Use the measuring cup to supply water for
the water tank. 80ml is optimal for the first use.
Do not exceed water level over the
MAXIMUM line (100ml) on the water tank.
Do not refill water during operation.
5. Drop essential oil into the water tank in a
vertical manner. (About 3-4 drops of essential
oil per 100ml of water.)
6. Put the (water tank) inner cover back on
after the water tank has around 80ml of water.
7. Put the outer cover on when you are ready to
use the product.
8. Plug the AC adaptor to the power supply.
When you hear two beeps, it means the
diffuser is ready to use.
9. Press the MIST button (the button on the
right) once; you will hear a beep and the mist
will start dispersing in continuous mist mode.
When you press the MIST button a second
time, you will hear another beep and the
diffuser will start dispersing in interval mist
mode (30 seconds on/30 seconds off). When
you press the button the third time, you will
hear two beeps and the mist function will turn
off. When you press and hold the MIST button
for 2 seconds, the entire diffuser will turn off.
10. When you press the LIGHT button (the
button on the left), you will hear a beep and the
LED lights will rotate over time with various
colors. Press the button a second time and the
LED lights will be fixed. Press the button a
third time and it will change the brightness of
the light. When you press and hold the LIGHT
button, you will hear two beeps, and the LED
lights will be off completely.
After 3-4 days of use, follow the steps below to clean the diffuser:
1. Before any cleaning operation, switch the unit off and unplug it.
2. Fill the water tank with 30ml of water and one teaspoon of citric acid (sour salt).
 White vinegar or fresh lemon juice can be used as an alternative of citric acid
3. Let it soak for 5 minutes
4. Take one Q-tip and lightly scrub the ultrasonic vibration plate
5. Pour out the cleaning solution
6. Rinse with clean water
7. Wipe the oil residue around the tank with a soft cloth or paper towel
 Do not clean the product with detergent.
 Keep dry when not in use to avoid bacterial and mildew (fungus).
 Never immerse the unit in water or let water enter the air outlet.
When the product is not functioning normally, consider the following:
No power
•Please confirm whether the diffuser has power or not.
•Check if the AC adaptor is connected. In order to make sure, pull
the DC socket and reconnect.
No mist/abnormal mist
•When the product has no mist or has an abnormal mist spray, add
enough water into the water tank. If it exceeds 100ml, the mist
will not disperse as well.
•Clean the ultrasonic disc properly.
•Make sure there is no towel or soft fabric underneath the diffuser.
•There might be too much or too little water in the tank. Leave
only 80ml of water and try again
Water leakage
•Always make sure that the outer cover is properly installed.
Make sure the unit has not tipped over.
•If the temperature is too low or humidity is too high, the mist
might be irregular and might condense into water droplets that
can leak.
LED light not turning on
•If the LED lights did not light up when you press the light
button, the lights might be defective.
•Take note that the LED light turns off when the diffuser has shut
off automatically.
Model: Love In A Mist
Dimensions: 3.78 inches x 5.79 inches
Weight: approx. 13.79oz
Power: input/output AC 100 – 240V 50/60Hz/ DC 24V 650MA
Length of cord: approx. 67 inches
Electric consumption: approx. 13W
Time mode: continuous mist/intermittent mist (30 seconds ON/ 30 seconds OFF)
Mist rate: approx. 20ml/hr in continuous mist mode
Tank Capacity: 100ml
LED light: 6 bulbs
Material: aluminum alloy + porcelain + PP
Accessories: power supply, measuring cup, user manual
Ultrasonic rate: 2.4mhz
Smiley Daisy provides a hassle-free 180-day product replacement warranty for this product
(exclude the porcelain outer cover), which starts from the date of your purchase. Please keep
your sales receipt accessible in a safe place.
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