Congratulations on your purchase of this SuperSpeed USB 3.0 external enclosure for SATA
2.5”/SSD SATA 2.5" hard disk drive. This enclosure provides a fast and easy way to add more
storage space to your computer. It is also compliant with USB v2.0. It installs without extra
driver with Windows 2000/ XP/VISTA/7.
Please read this manual carefully before using this device.
System Requirements
Hardware: Desktop or laptop computer with USB port, USB 3.0 port recommended
Operating system: Windows 2000/ XP/VISTA/7
Hard disk supported: tested with 750 Go, might support larger capacity
Note: to enjoy USB 3.0 SuperSpeed up to 5 Go/s, your computer must be equipped with built-in
USB 3.0 ports or a USB 3.0 host adapter card, otherwise data transfer will be only 480 Mo/s
maximum in USB 2.0
Packing Contents
‘USB 3.0 to 2.5"SATA HDD enclosure
‘User manual and USB cable
Hardware Setup
Unscrew the little screw on the bottom of the enclosure part in silver color. Keep it in safe place.
Pull out the bottom part. Insert your hard disk on the enclosure with the SATA electronic part
without forcing; take caution to the right direction otherwise the hard disk will not fit, you cannot
mislead. Screw the enclosure.
-Connect the enclosure to your computer by USB cable
‘The computer should now detect the new hardware and automatically install the driver. It will
be seen as a removable device. You can go to the next step to format the hard disk.
You should use AC adapter to power up the enclosure before plugging the USB port
Format your Hard Drive
For an un-partitioned or un-formatted new drive, it normally does not automatically appear in
“My Computer” the first time. Please follow these steps: right click on "My computer”, Choose
“Manager” then choose “disk manager”. The operating interface will show on the computer,
Subarea Format following the operating interface. Go to “My Computer”, locate the removable
disk, right click on it, and select “format” from the drop-down list, follow the instructions to
complete the formatting process.
By this method to format your drive it will result in a single partition in largest drive capacity,
which is also highly recommended.
The PWR Led lights blue when the external box has HDD and is functioning. The HDD Led
lights red, it shows that the hard disk is functioning normally. It is flashing whenever there is
data transfer. Caution: this enclosure does not support Windows 95/98SE/NT because it has
not the right driver for these operating systems. Each time before unplugging the SATA HDD
enclosure from your computer, you should stop the hardware from the system tray (located at
the right-bottom comer of your computer screen). Close all active windows and running
applications. If you directly pull out the USB cable without STOP operation, it may cause data
loss or hardware damage.
Use advice
-Do not use the enclosure near heat source or water source
-Put the device on flat and stable surface
-Whenever you intend to not use it for a long time, unplug it.
-It is not advisable to let the enclosure working 24/24 hours
-Do not unplug the device when you are transferring data or when the LED is blinking.
-If you install hard disks of capacity of more 200 Go, you should unplug the enclosure after
using for several hours because it is prone to heat easily
-Manipulate carefully the device. A drop can lead to a failure of the hard disk and possibly a
failure of the device itself.
Q: 1 can't find the drive under my computer.
A: Please make sure your drive is correctly installed, also if it is formatted
Q: After plugging the USB port, the drive is not spinning at all.
A: This usually means the AC adapter is not connected yet, so there is no power
Q: After installing the drive. Why it is still recognized as “Unknown device”
A: Pull out the external enclosure and reconnect it. Check that your HDD is formatted.
Otherwise check if your HDD is not defective.
Q: Can | use external USB hub?
A: Yes, USB hub works in the same way as the computer USB ports. Check that it is powerful to
powered the hard disk or adds external power supply to the hub
Q: My computer doesn’t have USB 3.0 port, Can | use USB 3.0 host adaptor?
A: USB 3.0 host adapter works in the same way as the built-in USB ports.
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