Owl Energy Saving Monitor

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of your electricity usage with the
OWL range of products.
OWL Standard Sensor
OWL Large Sensor
OWL Wireless Electricity Monitor (CM119)
Owl USB Connect (CM120)
is the original, portable wireless electricity monitor. It's designed to help you save
money,electricity and the environment. OWL features a NEW cumulative memory
function making it easier than ever to monitor electricity usage.
turns your Windows PC into a sophisticated real-time electricity monitoring system.
The OWL USB Connect works with your Owl Wireless Electricity Monitor 113 and
119 and your computer. Simply plug the USB into your PC and the information from
your Owl Electricity Monitor will be transmitted to your PC enabling you to track
your progress in saving money.
The OWL provides up to the second information on the amount of electricity you are
using in terms of power, cost and your carbon footprint. This means you can see in
real time the benefits of turning off electrical devices at home. Whether it’s turning
off at the plug rather than just using standby, or simply turning off a light, OWL shows
you the cash impact of changing your habits and behaviours which could amount to
savings of hundreds of pounds per year.
OWL comprises three elements:- the sensor, the transmitter and the display unit.
Installation is safe, quick and easy, with no electrical knowledge required. Batteries
are included.
OWL Wireless Electricity Monitor contains everything you need for a standard single phase domestic
installation. For 3-phase installations you will need additional sensors. For cable widths up to 10mm you
will need to purchase two additional standard sensors.For larger installations such as large houses or
light industrial property, with cable widths over 10mm and up to 17mm you will need to purchase three
additional large sensors, as the standard sensor will not fit.
What's In The Box: 1x Transmitter, 1x Display, 1x Standard Sensor, Batteries and
User Manual.
The OWL USB Connect will enable you to review your electricity usage from the OWL
Wireless Monitor, graphically view/plot your electricity usage and compare your
electricity usage week by week, month by month.
The software provides the facility to export the stored data as a comma separated
variable (.csv) file for independent analysis.
Please note that the USB Connect receiver contains no internal memory or power supply. It is powered
directly via the USB socket and the software will record received data on your PC whilst the programme
is running. Compatible with Windows XP and Vista.
What's In The Box: USB Receiver, USB Cable and CD.
OWL Wireless Electricity Monitor
OWL Standard Sensor
OWL Large Sensor
OWL USB Connect
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