to view the enhancements history

to view the enhancements history
The Band Leader software update history
Complete variable list for Document Merge can be found at
-----------------------------------------------version 5.6.1 Enhancements
-----------------------------------------------1) Added functionality to load email parameters from previous mailings for quicker resends.
2) Added prompts for users to be aware of the limits many internet providers impose on the
number of emails you can send within a single day.
3) In the Miscellaneous Income window we designate all sales imported into the Band Leader
from our Point Of Sale software as "cash" transactions. The Band Leader does not distinguish
between the different types of financial instruments physically distributed to recipients from
Merchandise Sales.
4) Added the facility to subtotal imported sales transactions, from our POS software, by "Event
Name, Source, and Category". If user chooses this subtotal option, the detailed transaction
information is still available in the POS system as long as a "new sale" has not yet been
5) Added a menu option on the Gig Manager View menu to "Show Gigs for Selected
Ensemble". When checked the Gig List shows only those gigs that use the same ensemble as
the currently shown gig. The Ensemble dropdown list is disabled while this option is checked.
To restore the list to show all gigs, or show only gigs for another ensemble, FIRST uncheck
the menu option.
version 5.6.1 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1) Fixed the income type designation (i.e., Cash, Check, or Other) on recalled transactions in
the Miscellaneous Income window.
2) Fixed an error that halted the Google calendar file program if no "Performers" had been set
3) Corrected an error in the Pay By Check feature that disabled recording of payment if only
one Player, Staff, or Expense appeared on the gig.
-----------------------------------------------version 5.5.2 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1) Fixed an error that restricted recording a payout of a gig in certain circumstances.
-----------------------------------------------version 5.5.1 Enhancements
-----------------------------------------------1) Added upto 180 user customizable fields on the Gig Manager window. These can be
allocated into 15 groups of 12 fields each. Each group can be assigned a name of your
choosing. Also these fields can be used to embellish web calendars, and can be included in
your customized documents printed out by the Document Generator. See the updated
complete list of variables at:
Double click one of the 180 label descriptions to change it. Double click one of the 15 rule tabs
to change the tab's description. Any changes are reflected on all gigs. Hovering the mouse
pointer over one of the 180 label descriptions displays the corresponding "subvar" name for
use on your custom documents.
The new customizable fields are found by clicking the Additional Rules button on the Rules tab
of the Gig Manager window.
-----------------------------------------------version 5.4.3 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1) If there is a “Deposit Required By” date in the Gig Manager window then it will copy onto
the Document generator field “Deposit to be received by” when the Document generator
screen shows up.
2) Fixed the "Auto Fill" function of a variety of data fields all over the system to allow storage
of shorter names closely resembling ones that had already been stored.
-----------------------------------------------version 5.4.1 Highlights of enhancements
-----------------------------------------------1) Revised the Web Calendars routine to require that Performers be setup first before
generating Web Calendars. For generating individual player schedules a separate performer
must be setup in advance AND it requires that "BandLeaderPlayerSchedules" be used as the
named subfolder for the performer. Only one performer using "BandLeaderPlayerSchedules"
as the named subfolder may exist per FTP host.
A couple of changes have been made to the "Create Web Calendars" window. When the
performer for individual player schedules is selected the option to show Pay Amounts is
displayed, and the list of ensembles is hidden.
2) Centered the heading on the Web Calendars. This was accomplished by changing
commands in the following two Cascading Style Sheets (i.e., CSS files) that were a part of the
original installation of the software and can be found in your installation folder:
If you HAVE NOT previously customized the above two CSS files on your website you should
place a check mark in the box next to "Send default calendar Style Sheets with upload" the
next time you generate and post web calendars. This only needs to be done once for the
change to be reflected on your website.
If you HAVE changed commands in either of the above two CSS files, in an effort to customize
the look of your on-line web calendars, please contact our customer support department if you
need any help centering the heading. DO NOT place a check mark in the box next to "Send
default calendar Style Sheets with upload" as it would set the format of your web calendars
back to the factory default style.
3) Engagement calendars were revised for individual players/staff. Individuals now publish a
link to their engagement calendars that includes a "CodePhrase" in the URL. Each player
wanting to take advantage of this must have their specific "CodePhrase" as the third part of
the UserDefined password string on their setup window. The updated format of the string must
be as follows:
The string values are separated with semi-colons and no spaces are allowed. Those that do
not want to use this feature must have the pipe symbol (|) as their codephrase as shown
Assuming that one player uses the CodePhrase "willyboy", and your Engagement Calendar
list file was named "ecalendarList.php", the URL for his public access engagement calendar is:
The look of the engagement calendars can be customized using CSS commands given in the
"TBL_MonthPages.css" file.
4) Added a new "Gig List" link on the Web Calendars that opens up a Gig List, in text format,
for easy cut and paste to various social media event calendars.
5) On the Internal calendar (Activities menu) the length of the Rehearsal memos has been
increased to 80 characters, and the length of the Miscellaneous memos has been increased to
90 characters. The longer memo lengths will carry over to the OnLine calendars.
-----------------------------------------------version 5.4.1 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1) Fixed the Notes link on the Web Calendars so that Calendar notes, rehearsals, and
vacation days BY ENSEMBLE appear on the web calendars.
-----------------------------------------------version 5.3.3 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1) Corrected issue with the reminder note not displaying a space between date and message.
2) Separated the requirement that a checkmark was needed to include Talent, TaxID, and Pay
Amount for document templates containing the &MULTI& subvar. A checkmark is still required
if you wish to include that information in the &PLAYERSLIST& subvar.
3) Fixed an issue with the Web Calendar generator for single ensembles.
-----------------------------------------------version 5.3.2 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1) Fixed a problem selecting songs for the setlist under certain circumstances.
version 5.3.1 Highlights of enhancements
-----------------------------------------------1) A new field on the Song Setup window allows for production notes to be associated with a
song. When the song is included in a set list you may check the "Misc Notes" box and print the
set list with only the production notes. This application might work good for assigning a lighting
plot, or show script to the songs in the order they appear in the show/set.
2) Included a creation date/time notation on the web calendars. This helps visitors to know
when the calendar was last updated.
3) Enhanced the pop up window on Web Calendars to allow users to copy text from it into
other social media.
-----------------------------------------------version 5.3.1 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1) Fixed an error that would pop up when trying to save the first Ensemble in the database.
2) Fixed an error that selected all variables to be included in the "&PLAYERSLIST&" subvar,
when printing a document for Multiple recipients, regardless if they had been chosen to be
included in the document or not.
3) Repaired the "Refresh Set List" routine so song durations show up if they had not been
entered prior to the set creation.
-----------------------------------------------version 5.2.4 Highlights of enhancements
-----------------------------------------------1) A new option on the Tools menu allows you to Unlock a Paid Gig. When a gig is
"unlocked" the payout information, specified in the Gig Manager window and recorded when
the gig was locked, is erased and the gig status is reset to "Booked". Miscellaneous expense
payout information, specified in the Gig Manager window and recorded when the gig was
locked, is reversed. Any adjustments to payments made by check need to be dealt with
separately as they are independent of the Gig Manager. To reverse, or void a check, enter the
check number and respond to the prompts.
2) Users can open up a paid/locked gig in the Gig Manager window by right clicking the gig
button on the Calendar.
3) The Document Generator will now produce multiple copies of documents created in the
.RTF or .HTM formats if the &MULTI& subvar is included in the document text (see below in
enhancement #12 of version 5.1.1 highlights for more information about the &MULTI&
4) The system now includes Income entries from miscellaneous sources, that are linked to a
gig, in the Amount Collected field on the Gig Manager window.
5) New Income entries cannot be linked to Paid/Locked gigs.
6) Tax ID on Player setup is not limited to Social Security number format.
7) The Gig Income for Tax Year report has been modified to clarify that the income displayed
on the report is accumulated ONLY from either 1) entries made through the Income Entry
window, or 2) the final amount collected on Paid/Locked gigs.
8) Added a prompt to preview the Email Errors report after an email campaign has finished.
-----------------------------------------------version 5.2.4 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1) Fixed an error caused by viewing a contact in Contact setup when the contact was used on
a gig and that gig was open in the Gig Manager window.
2) Fixed the Master Player List subvar in the Document Generator.
3) Fixed the Expense Entry window to retain data for a new expense if the window lost focus
prior to saving the entry.
4) Fixed a bug that delected the Venue selected from the drop down box, of the Gig Manager
window, if the user afterwards clicked the City, State, Zip box.
5) Fixed an error that kept generated documents from displaying when completed if template
was in the .RTF or .HTM formats.
6) Fixed a bug that prevented using the "Start Over" function that allows a user to erase all
information in the databases and start over from the beginning as if from a fresh install.
7) Fixed an error that did not display the Event Name on a Gig Related Income entry when the
Income Entry widow first opens.
8) Repaired the Delete Income Entry function for Gig Related transactions.
9) Repaired the Gig "Record A Payout" function to confirm that the Amount Collected needs to
equal the Amount Needed.
10) Added a message to advise the user to manually adjust the Amount Collected field, in the
Gig Manager "Money Matters" frame, if the "Deposit Received Date" is blanked out.
11) Fixed an error that occured when the user opened up the Gig Manager window when all
gigs had been paid/locked.
12) Fixed an error on the Payouts report that did not print the Payee's name if a Miscellaneous
expense was paid, or partially paid, using the Pay By Check feature.
13) Repaired the Expense Entry window to show the UnPaid balance after posting a payment
in the same window.
14) Repaired a bug that crashed the program if user selected not to save a new expense
category when added in the Expense Entry grid.
-----------------------------------------------version 5.2.2 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1) Revamped the Agent selection, and commission percentage, process so that the
commission amount is only automatically calculated when the rate is not zero. To override the
calculated commission amount set the rate to zero. This was also causing trouble when trying
to save the quote after removing an agent.
2) Corrected the problem that displayed "Quoted" gigs, created in the Quick Gig Setup, on the
Calendar of "Booked" and "Pencilled In" gigs. "Quoted" gigs have their own calendar.
3) Revamped the Document Generator to search for the subvar &PLAYERSLIST& in a
document template prior to deciding if it would compile the list or not.
4) Repaired the Equipment Proposal Invoice document generator to allow an invoice to be
generated without being linked to a gig. Opened up all Invoice header fields (i.e., Event Name,
Company, Customer Name and Address, and Customer Tax#) for input. Note: If the proposal
is linked to a gig only the fields that are included in the template are opened for input.
-----------------------------------------------version 5.2.1 Highlights of enhancements
-----------------------------------------------1) Extended the functionality of Quick Gig Entry to include the option to add Quotes.
2) Expanded the internal calendar to allow user to display gigs that are in a "Quoted Only"
status. You may choose to view Quotes for all ensembles or all venues, or a single ensemble
or venue. If viewing a calendar for venues Booked, Penciled In, and Quotes show up on the
same screen. Quotes are shown in orange colored boxes.
3) Added a field to the Ensemble setup that allows a Band Leader to be assigned to the
Ensemble. When selecting an Ensemble for a gig, any Band Leader already named for the gig
is replaced with the Band Leader for the Ensemble.
4) Added the following subvars to the Document generator:
&CONTCAT& - will provide the Contact's Category only if the contact selected for the gig is
your contact database.
&AG1NAME& - Agent 1 Name
&AG1FNAME& - Agent 1 First Name
&AG1LNAME& - Agent 1 Last Name
&AG1ADD1& - Agent 1 Address 1
&AG1ADD2& - Agent 1 Address 2
&AG1ADD3& - Agent 1 Address 3
&AG1ADD4& - Agent 1 Address 4
&AG1CTY& - Agent 1 City
&AG1ST& - Agent 1 State
&AG1PROV& - Agent 1 Province
&AG1ZIP& - Agent 1 Postal/Zip Code
&AG1CNTY& - Agent 1 Country
&AG1PH& - Agent 1 Voice Phone
&AG1COMM& - Agent 1 Commission Amount
&AG2NAME& - Agent 2 Name
&AG2FNAME& - Agent 2 First Name
&AG2LNAME& - Agent 2 Last Name
&AG2ADD1& - Agent 2 Address 1
&AG2ADD2& - Agent 2 Address 2
&AG2ADD3& - Agent 2 Address 3
&AG2ADD4& - Agent 2 Address 4
&AG2CTY& - Agent 2 City
&AG2ST& - Agent 2 State
&AG2PROV& - Agent 2 Province
&AG2ZIP& - Agent 2 Postal/Zip Code
&AG2CNTY& - Agent 2 Country
&AG2PH& - Agent 2 Voice Phone
&AG2COMM& - Agent 2 Commission Amount
&AG3NAME& - Agent 3 Name
&AG3FNAME& - Agent 3 First Name
&AG3LNAME& - Agent 3 Last Name
&AG3ADD1& - Agent 3 Address 1
&AG3ADD2& - Agent 3 Address 2
&AG3ADD3& - Agent 3 Address 3
&AG3ADD4& - Agent 3 Address 4
&AG3CTY& - Agent 3 City
&AG3ST& - Agent 3 State
&AG3PROV& - Agent 3 Province
&AG3ZIP& - Agent 3 Postal/Zip Code
&AG3CNTY& - Agent 3 Country
&AG3PH& - Agent 3 Voice Phone
&AG3COMM& - Agent 3 Commission Amount
5) File names, of the documents generated for a gig, are included in a journal entry posted to
the Journal tab of the Gig Manager window.
6) Added to facility to select an Ensemble when entering a gig using the Quick Setup function.
If a Band Leader has not been assigned to the Ensemble the default Band Leader will be used
for the gig.
7) The Event Name drop down list in the Pay by Check module can now be sorted in four
ways: By GigDate Ascending, By GigDate Descending, By EventName Ascending, By
EventName Descending. The default is By GigDate Ascending.
-----------------------------------------------version 5.2.1 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1) Repaired the feature that overrides contact info on the Gig Manager if user wishes to use
the contact info already entered for the Venue.
2) Fixed the selection of Agents in the Gig Manager window.
3) Fixed an error that would crash the Proposal Profitability report in the Equipment Module
because of too long of Expense descriptions.
4) Fixed an error that would disallow printing the Equipment Proposal if the Gig Manager
window was open.
-----------------------------------------------version 5.1.1 Highlights of enhancements
-----------------------------------------------1) Added a Control Options flag to disable the restriction that requires every player or staff
member, included on the gig, to have a pay amount before a payout can be recorded. On the
Gig options tab of the Control Options window check the box if you want to allow a player to be
included on your gigs without pay.
2) Added the functionality for the user to customize the file name assigned to documents
created using the Document Generator. Customize the file name by selecting elements on the
Gig Options tab of the Control Options window. For example the user could have a generated
contract saved as:
"John Smith Wedding_06-12-2012_Contract 1_MyBand.rtf "
by pressing the element buttons in the following sequence; Event Name, Gig Date, Template
Name, and Ensemble Name.
3) Added the functionality to include the Ensemble name and player's talent, or staff service,
on the individual player web schedules if the user had selected "Show pay amounts on
4) The Email Manager can now send a single email message to a single recipient by typing in
an email address or selecting one from your "Address Book".
Leaving the "To Email" box blank returns the Email Manager to Multiple Recipient mode.
5) A button on the Document Generator will open the Email Manager window in Single
Recipient mode and allow the user to attach the recent document to an email message
directed to the Contact of record on the Event.
6) The Create Web Schedules function now creates and transfers an index.htm file to the web
along with the schedule pages. This adds more security to the web site.
7) Enhanced the &DOCNUM& subvar to be a combination of the Event's internal ID number
plus the auto incrementing document number. This way all documents printed for a certain
event will all have the same prefix.
8) Added 12 additional User Defined fields to each Gig. Click the "Additional Rules" button on
the "Rule" tab of the Gig Manager window. To change the field's description double click the
colored box. A change in the field's description affects all gigs.
9) Added 24 additional subvars to the Document Generator to accomodate the user defined
Additional Rules (12 are for the descriptions (named &QAR1N&, &QAR2N&, &QAR3N&, etc.)
and 12 are for the corresponding data (named &QAR1&, &QAR2&, &QAR3&, etc.). Please be
aware that changes to the description of an Additional Rule (as noted above) may also effect
the verbage that is printed on a document template merge.
10) You can now inquire of, or add, a player directly from the Player tab in the Gig Manager
window by first clicking a player's name (already listed on the gig) and then clicking the "Player
Maint" button. Same applies for staff members on the gig.
11) You can now enter a string of "Black Out Dates" for players that will be checked each time
you include a player on a gig. A specific format for the string is required. List specific dates
individually. Separate a consecutive range of dates with a dash (-). Place a comma between
the date ranges. For example (In the USA) the Black Out Date string "7/2/2012, 10/12/2012 10/16/2012, 11/15/2012" designates that the player is unavailable on 7/2/2012, from
10/12/2012 through 10/16/2012 and on 11/15/2012. The same functionality is available for
12) The Document Generator can now create a separate document for each Player and Staff
on the gig. This feature requires that the new &MULTI& subvar appear somewhere in the
document template. The &MULTI& subvar itself gets removed in the newly created
documents. Four more subvars have been added to the system and can be used to print
"recipient specific" information in the body of the output documents (for example this will
accomdate the need to print Artist Agreements for confirmed Players and Staff on the gig):
&ARTISTNAME& - Prints the First, Middle Initial, and Last Name of the Player or Staff on
the gig.
&ARTISTAMT& - Prints the pay amount for the Player or Staff on the gig.
&ARTISTTALENT& - Print the talent, or service, the Player or Staff is hired for on the gig.
&ARTISTSOCIAL& - Prints the social security number of the Player or Staff on the gig.
13) The calendar now allows you to display all dates for a selected Ensemble or a selected
Venue. Click the "Ensemble/Venue" button to select a single identity.
14) Added the functionality to include the 12 Additional Rules in the generation of individual
player web calendars. Place a check in the box next to the rule to include that rule in the
PopUp window on the calendar when you hover over a gig. If a rule is left blank for a specific
gig nothing will print on the calendar for that specific gig.
15) Added new reports: "Deposits Outstanding" sorts the Deposits due descending by their
Due Date and notes if they have been received or are still outstanding.. The "Budget Report"
shows the Amounts Quoted, and lists the Player, Staff, Contacts, Leader Fees and Expenses
for each gig. It gives you the options to print the report for Events, or a specific Player, Staff,
Agent, or Leader. Both reports allow you to select the range of dates you want to consider,
and elect whether you want to print the standard report or export the data to a CSV text file.
16) The Add Reminder function now allows you to link a reminder with an Event/Gig. If linked,
the event name and date will prepend itself to the beginning of the reminder text, and doubleclicking the reminder text on the ToDo list will open up the gig manager window with that event
selected for viewing.
-----------------------------------------------version 5.1.1 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1) Repaired the Posted Check Listing and the Check Advances In and Out reports that were
not subtotaling the entries by Bank ID as originally designed.
-----------------------------------------------version 4.9.3 Highlights of enhancements
1) Allows a recorded payout to be corrected by using a "Reversal Gig" that contains negative
-----------------------------------------------version 4.9.2 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1) Fixed an error in the Control Options that would not allow the program to start if the option
to "verify postal codes" was turned off and then on again.
-------------------------------------------------------------------version 4.9.1 Highlights of enhancements
-------------------------------------------------------------------1) The Document Generator has added the following sub/embed variables to find and replace
data in Document templates:
&PURFNAME& = First name of Purchaser on the Gig. Defaults to First name of Contact if
Purchaser is blank.
&PURLNAME& = Last name of Purchaser on the Gig. Defaults to Last name of Contact if
Purchaser is blank.
2) Changed the &PURNAME& sub/embed variable to print the Contact's name if Purchaser is
blank. name will print as First name then Last name.
3) Increased the length of City names ( in Player, Staff, Contact, Venue, and Fan setup) to 50
4) Increased the length of Ensemble names to 50 Characters.
5) The Gig Manager window added "Venue" and "Purchaser" to it's column headings.
6) Added a tab on the Ensemble setup window to accomodate the need to keep notes
pertaining to the Ensemble.
-----------------------------------------------version 4.9.1 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1) Fixed an error in the Mail Generator if a recipient's "State" was longer that 2 characters.
This caused the procedure to fail and return the message that "no recipients were found".
2) Fixed an error that displayed the wrong Gig Times on Web Calendars if nothing was
selected in the Gig times matrix on the Gig Manager window.
-------------------------------------------------------------------version 4.8.5 Highlights of enhancements
-------------------------------------------------------------------1) Introducing the Fan Email Collector module.
Install it on your laptop and locate it on your merch table so fans can
join your email list by typing in their email addresses themselves.
When finished with the evening you can automatically import the
fan information into The Band Leader and export it to outside
email delivery systems. Only $10 with purchase of the update.
2) The Document Generator now generates a Document number for each type of Document,
and makes a journal entry on the Event recording the date, time, and document number.
Document numbers are automatically incremented, however the user can reset
the starting document number at any time. Use the reset feature with caution.
(See variable below to embed the Document Number into your template.)
3) The Document Generator has added the following sub/embed variables to find and replace
data in Document templates:
&DOCNUM& = Document Number - Digits only (Contract #, Letter #, or Proposal/Invoice #)
&DEPOSITQUOTED& = Amount of Deposit Quoted
&BALDUEAFTERDEP& = Amount Quoted less Deposit Quoted
&GIGDATELNG& = a long description of Event Start through End Date
(for example: "Thursday (April 28, 2011) through Sunday (May 1, 2011)"
&GIGDATELNGSING& = a long description of all consecutive dates within the
Event Start and End dates.
(for example: "Thursday (April 28, 2011), Friday (April 29, 2011), Saturday (April 30, 2011),
and Sunday (May 1, 2011)")
&ATTIRE& = a phrase from the Gig Manager window describing the attire for the event
&CONTFIRSTNAME& = The Contact's first name only.
&CONTLASTNAME& = The Contact's last name only.
4) The Document Generator has been expanded to find and replace sub/embed variables
in MS Word document Headers and Footers. The variables available are listed below.
5) The Document variables &CONTNAME& and &LEADERNAME& has been changed so that
the names appear in the format of First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name.
For example, instead of "Smith, John E." you will now see "John E. Smith".
6) The characters "&TBL_PB&" have been internally reserved within the document
7) A new subvar &PLAYERSLIST& is available, in the body of document templates.
The players list compiles a line for each player (and optionally each Staff member)
on your event and includes this information as a single chunk of data.
The Document Generator allows you to configure the line to include the following:
The Player's name, Instrument, tax ID, and Pay Amount.
8) The "missing photo, message for Player, Staff, and Contact images has been replaced
with a message in the Photo box that doesn't require action.
9) The Venue Name field on the Gig Manager window has been enhanced to find your venue
based on a few characters typed in. If the characters match that of a venue the dropdown
pointer positions itself at that venue. This should make scrolling the drop down easier to locate
your venue in the list.
If the Venue is not found then the user is asked if they want to add a new venue.
If they choose to add, and save, the new venue the user is returned to the Gig Manager
10) Web Calendars can now be generated for individual players and staff.
Players must be confirmed on the gigs. Individuals will be required to
enter a username and password to gain access to their pages on the web.
Usernames and Passwords are kept in a password file created automatically and transfered to
the appropriate folder on your web site. (For more information regarding this password file
contact our customer support).
This password file uses the information stored in the User Defined Field 'Other4'
on the Misc tab of the Player and Staff setup windows. The entry must be in the
format of username;password with no spaces. No duplication of usernames is allowed.
Passwords must be numbers and characters only. No punctuation marks.
Vacation, rehearsal, and Memo notes are not available on the individual calendars.
It is sugggested that you create a separate "Performer" entry to contain your
website logon parameters, and use that Performer when generating calendars for individuals.
In order for this feature to run correctly your website must be PHP enabled.
IMPORTANT NOTE: When the password file is hosted on your website make sure the
file has the following permissions (Our support department or your web host representative
can guide you.):
Owner: Read, Write, Execute
Group: Execute Only (no read or write)
Others: Execure Only (no read or write)
This ensures that no one can view the password file except you.
On a "Unix" based host the command would be 'chmod 744 zbl_pwc.txt' (to produce rwx-x--x)
View the following link for more information on setting permissions if you wish to do this
11) Gig Attire and player pay amounts have been added to the Web Calendars
generated for individual players and staff (See above.)
-----------------------------------------------version 4.8.5 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1) Added a character detection routine to replace the quotation mark in any
text field that would be available on the web Calendars. The quotation mark
was causing the HTML code to display the pages incorrectly.
2) Fixed an error that crashed the program if a Performer entry was incomplete.
-------------------------------------------------------------------version 4.8.1 Highlights of enhancements
-------------------------------------------------------------------1) This update provides a feature that allows users to enter income from Gig
earnings, Deposits, and other sources (i.e., Royalties, Merchandise Sales,
etc.). Two new reports are Income and Expense Summary for a desired Tax year,
and an Income entry listing. Income can be associated with a single
person/Entity or it can be assigned to a Gig where it would be available
to distribute to any one on the gig.
With this functionality you could create a "distribution" event/gig that
handles the payout of misc income and with the new checkbox on the
Gig Manager window you can elect to, or not to, "Show this Event on Gig Calendar".
Income transactions will be summarized and displayed in the Gig Manager window
in the new 'Amount Collected' field (see #5 below), or in the 'From Kitty Account'
field, depending on how the user chooses the transaction to be designated as.
If both a Deposit Amount and Date Depost Required have been entered for a gig
an income transaction is 'Linked to a gig as earnings' the system will compare
the total of the 'Amount Collected' against the depost amount required and
post a date in the 'Deposit Received Date' field when the Deposit requirement
has been fulfilled.
The new Income Entry feature can be found under the Activities menu.
2) You can now automatically import merchandise sales data from our Point of Sale
module. The export/import uses an exchange file (posex.bls) that can be
placed on a stick drive and carried between systems if desired.
The sales entries in the exchange file are summarized and are automatically
imported when the user visits the Income Entry window (see #1 above).
They can be listed on the same reports as above.
3) You can now change the registrant's name that prints on all reports.
See "Alternate Registrant" on the Tax Info tab of Control Options.
4) The Denomination Distribution (Gig Manager window) is now calculated
on the Amount Needed.
5) An Amount Collected box has been added to the Money Matters frame on the
Gig Manager window. Income transactions posted from the new feature
described in #1 above are summarized in this box. You can enter a
value here as well, however an amount entered here cannot be less than
the amount summarized from Income transactions.
This field can also be selected as a column in the Gig Manager list frame.
6) The restriction has been lifted that required a BOOKED gig to have an
Amount Quoted that exceeded the total of any monies to be paid out on
the gig. From this version forward the Amount Quoted, combined with
any amount from the kitty, is still used to calculate commissions,
equal pay to players, and pay percentages. However it is NOT used to
approve if a payout can be recorded. The 'Amount Collected' must be
equal to or greater than the monies to be paid out before the payout
can be recorded.
7) You are now able to remove mistakes made in the naming of Cities, States,
Provinces, Countries, User Defined field values, Equipment Descriptions, Makes,
Performer Names, Bank IDs, Universal Deduction Descriptions, and more.
The 'Remove Misc Payees/Vendors' option on the SetUp menu has been changed
to 'Remove Cities, Provinces, etc.' and is the place to remove the mistakes.
8) A new feature allows you to require a UserName and Password to start up
The Band Leader software. Enter your information on the Misc Tab of the
Control Options window. DO NOT FORGET THIS!! A reset can only be done
in our shop.
If you've previously had a UserName and Password required to access the
Control Options window this will have to be re-entered as the update
has erased the existing password file.
9) The setup windows for Players, Staff, and Contacts now provide a space to
display a photo of the person. For best results your photos should be
124 pixels high and 124 pixels wide.
10) Set Lists may now be printed in one, two, or three column formats.
-----------------------------------------------version 4.8.1 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1) Fixed the display of gig Deposit Amount and Contract Amount on documents
created from the Document Generator.
2) Fixed the display of Amounts 'To Kitty' and 'From Kitty' in the list frame
of the Gig Manager window.
3) Fixed a bug when trying to save/recall an income entry transaction.
-------------------------------------------------------------------version 4.7.1 Highlights of enhancements
-------------------------------------------------------------------1. Have added the facility to list your databases of players, staff, contacts,
venues, and fans within a given number of miles/kilometers. The feature was
also added to the email generator so you can send email to recipients within
a mileage radius of a zipcode you supply. As of this release the feature
is only good for USA, Australian, and UK postal codes. Users must run the
"Replace Existing Zip Code Data" function in the Control Options, after the
update is complete, to activate this feature.
Activation requires a postal code database file.
The update to version 4.7.1 contains these database files from Free sources
but does not copy them onto your system:
USA-ZipCodes471.csv (
Aust-ZipCodes471.csv (
UK-ZipCodes471.csv (
No warranty is given of their completeness or accuracy, however they are
good start to help you utilize the functionality of the feature.
More complete databases are available for purchase from a variety
of sources on the internet. The import file must contain ZipCode, Latitude,
Longitude, City, and Country for it to be compatible with The Band Leader software.
If you have any questions regarding the importability of a database please contact
our support department for help.
2. The system now allows the setup of "Performers" through the Control Options
window. All FTP and EMail login data is stored by Performer. This way
you are able to create Web Schedules, Web Calendars, and send email out
for separate performers keeping all their web pages separate.
The new feature also allows you to combine gigs for any number of
ensembles into the web pages/emails created for a performer.
Video tutorials will soon be available on to illustrate this.
3. Reversed the restriction that excluded expenses owed to miscellaneous
vendors from those that could be selected on the Expenses tab of the
Gig Manager window. (This restriction was introduced in version 4.3.1)
4. Estimated Expenses are now added to, and removed from, the gig
by double clicking a colored box on the Expenses tab of the Gig Manager
5. Also, you can now enter an Actual Expense and assign it to the gig you
are viewing by double clicking a colored box on the Expenses tab of the
Gig Manager window. Added quick payee lookup to this function.
6. Increased the size of the Gig Link URL field on the Gig Manager Web tab
to 250 characters so that you could link to a google maps URL on the Web
Calendars feature.
7. The text in the Contract Specs box in Gig Manager is now included in the
pop up window for the "Work" style of the web calendars feature.
Logon onto for an example.
-----------------------------------------------version 4.7.1 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1. Fixed errors writing the gig times to Google Calendar export file taking
into consideration the UTC TimeZone function of iCal formatting.
2 Repaired the column headings, on the list frame of setup windows, that
would show distorted if the number of records to display was greater than
the list could display at one time.
3. Fixed an error on Expense Entry that crashed system if user had not saved
changes to an entry before clicking the "Show List Options" button.
-------------------------------------------------------------------version 4.6.3 Highlights of enhancements
-------------------------------------------------------------------1. Added CSS functionality in the Create Web Calendars feature.
The file named TBL_CalList.css controls the styles for the CalendarList.htm,
and the file named TBL_MonthPages.css controls styles for all the individual
monthly pages. The same holds true for Work Calendars: the files are
named: TBL_WorkCalList.css and TBL_WorkMonthPages.css.
All four are loaded into the installation folder by the software update.
Each time your website is updated via FTP, by The Band Leader,
these four files are uploaded along with the new calendar pages.
The Band Leader does not edit these files. Testing your changes to these files
before uploading them to your website is the sole responsibility of the user.
2. Extended the limit length of Email messages to 50,000 characters.
-----------------------------------------------version 4.6.3 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1. Corrected the display of Contact Name, and Contact Phone, columns in the
Venue setup list frame.
2. Fixed error received when removing the "Set 1" label from a new set list.
3. Fixed errors in generating a calendar interface file for Google Calendars.
4. Repaired the email function to remove formatting tags from messages that
had Bookings appended to them.
-------------------------------------------------------------------version 4.6.2 Highlights of enhancements
-------------------------------------------------------------------1. ReVamped the Expense Entry window to make it easier to add expenses
and assign them to gigs. The new window presents a grid-like look and
allows you to copy information down the grid using "click and drag".
New Misc Payees can be added on the fly without having to visit a
separate window.
2. New feature allows removal/deletion of Misc Payees.
3. New feature to "Make a copy" of an existing set list (so you don't
have to start from scratch if you wish only to make a few changes).
-----------------------------------------------version 4.6.2 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1. Repaired the display, and sort, of the Gig Mileage field if selected as one
of the columns.
2. Repaired the display, and sort, of the Gig Personal Expenses fields if
selected as one of the columns.
3. Fixed the following fields on the Players, Staff, Fans, Venues, Contacts,
and Equipment set up windows so that there could be a "blank" in the field
if there had been information entered there previously:
City, State, Zip, Province, Country, User Defined fields 1-4
4. Fixed display of values for Player Pay Percentage column.
5. Fixed display of the Email manager window when displayed on larger screens.
6. Fixed display of the main window's Background image when selected from
Control options window.
7. Fixed Mileage report to reflect change in Gig Manager window display (above).
8. Repaired many issues with the Repetoire Set List maker, including:
a) addition of a new printable Set List that allows many more songs per page,
in whatever font you choose.
b) increased window height
c) Pointer remains at the position a new song is added instead of being
reset to the top of the list.
d) Enhanced "Show Song Duration" functionality on Set List Maintenance to allow
Set Lists created without Song Durations to automatically be updated if
Song Durations are added to the repetoire at a later date.
e) able to see changes to the Set List name without having to close and re-open
the window.
-------------------------------------------------------------------version 4.4.1 Highlights of enhancements
-------------------------------------------------------------------1. Added a warning to the user to explain that a column displaying a
dollar amount cannot be selected as the first or last column on the
left frame of the SetUp/Entry windows.
-----------------------------------------------version 4.4.1 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1. Fixed an error generated in Equipment Item Setup when a change
was being made to an item without having selected a category first.
-------------------------------------------------------------------version 4.3.3 Highlights of enhancements
-------------------------------------------------------------------In addition to the update a new add-on module is available to
record payment of earnings to your players, staff, and contacts
by check. The new module will search for gigs that the payee
has not received payment for, and provides 5 new reports to document
the payments and deductions.
1. Pay By Check module added 5 new reports:
Check Stub
Gig Services Not Paid
Posted Check Listing
Universal Deductions Withheld
Check Advances In and Out
2. Reversed the restriction that excluded expenses owed to miscellaneous
vendors from those that could be selected on the Expenses tab of the
Gig Manager window. (This restriction was introduced in version 4.3.1)
3. Estimated Expenses are now added to, and removed from, the gig
by double clicking a colored box on the Expenses tab of the Gig Manager
4. Also, you can now enter an Actual Expense and assign it to the gig you
are viewing by double clicking a colored box on the Expenses tab of the
Gig Manager window. Added quick payee lookup to this function.
5. Added quick payee lookup to the Expense Entry setup window.
-------------------------------------------------------------------version 4.3.1 Highlights of enhancements
-------------------------------------------------------------------1. If the number of Email recipients is greater than the number you
are allowed to send in one mailing, the system will track, in an
Email Log, who has been sent the mail so you can conclude the mailing
at a later time. A menu option is provided to Purge Email Log an is
recommended at the conclusion of your mailings.
Note: The system does not save the message text nor link a
message text with the Email ID stored in the Email Log.
2. A Song List report has been added.
-----------------------------------------------version 4.3.1 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1. Fixed error in Export Recipients file that caused email address to
be blank.
2. Fixed inconsistency between Player and Staff setup where invalid
"Sex" value had be entered.
3. Fixed the tabbing order at the six row on the Players 1 tab of the
Gig Manager window.
4. Aligned the Phone numbers on the "Purchaser/Contact" tab of the
Gig Manager window with those on the Miscellaneous tab of the
Control options.
5. The Gig Type field wasn't being read correctly when chosen to be
included as a column heading on the Gig Manager window.
6. Fixed the Gig Info Sheet to reflect the amount of Deposit Received.
7. Fixed error in Expense Template List that incorrectly
displayed template if no Staff or Estimated Expenses were included.
(this requires report ExpTempl2.rpt to be included in update.)
8. Allow user to remove a venue from an expense template.
9. The Personal Expenses report call in some versions was pointing
to the wrong file. This has been corrected by including the
personal1.rpt file in this update.
10. The Gig Type field on the Venue tab of the Gig Manager window
will now function the same as the Sound Check and Load In times
allowing you to override the value on the Venue setup if a Venue
is selected on the Venue tab.
11. Gig Openings list date sort fixed to work like the Gig list date sort.
12. Fixed Gig Openings list to reflect changes of Gig Date on the entries.
13. Made a decision to exclude expenses owed to miscellaneous vendors
from those that can be selected on the Expenses tab of the
Gig Manager window. These expenses cause unexplained errors
on the Gig Manager window.
-----------------------------------------------version 4.2.5 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1. Fixed an error that would restrict printing a gig contract if there were
no Contacts, or Venues, entered into your system.
-------------------------------------------------------------------version 4.2.4 Highlights of enhancements
-------------------------------------------------------------------In addition to the update a new add-on module is available to
manage equipment and/or any production proposals. The module
provides the ability to add any kind of "item" to a gig and track specific
expenses against the amount you had submitted as your bid price/quote.
Each gig can have many different proposals and each can be assigned
a separate expense account to report profitibility.
These "items" can be setup as individual pieces or kits of other "items".
New reports include Proposal requirements (checklist), Equipment Invoices,
Master Listings, and Proposal Profitibility.
The equipment module can be used in many ways to track side production
proposals relating to a gig. See
for more ideas. Existing users can add the new module to their systems
for only $25.00 USD. This special is not available on the website. Contact
[email protected] directly.
-----------------------------------------------version 4.2.4 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1. Fixed a display issue in the Gig Times matrix of the Gig Manager window
when the number of consecutive days, a gig runs, is greater than 1.
-------------------------------------------------------------------version 4.2.2 Highlights of enhancements
-------------------------------------------------------------------1. Contract templates can now be created in the WebPage (.htm) format
and MS Word (.doc) format. This new feature allows users to put
the sub vars in tables, and align the data in the cells, to keep
it better contained.
2. A new report "Gig Schedule by selected Player" allows you to
print a different schedule of dates for each player. If you wish
to include pay amounts on the report they must be entered manually
on the gig.
3. Contacts can now be sorted into Categories. Add categories on the
Contact setup window.
4. Added the capability to send HTML email. Note: In this enhancement it was
necessary to change the name of the bookings.html file to bl_bookings.htm.
Links from your website to the bookings.html file MUST BE changed to
reflect the new name.
5. The Email generator is not restricted to work with only MAPI compliant
email clients (I.E., Microsoft Outlook). Now you simply need a valid
SMTP server name, user account, and password, and you can send mail.
6. In addition to the powerful email grouping functions, messages can now be
sent to players and staff for only the gigs they are scheduled on.
The message can included venue address, directions, hype, gig times, and
player pay amounts. Gigs can either be "penciled in" or "booked".
7. Web Calendars now have a pop-up box that displays gig time, directions,
and extra hype when a visitor hovers over a gig on the calendar.
8. The "work" style of web calendars can now be password protected.
A username/password file easily maintained by yourself is stored on your
website and referred to by web calendars that are generated by The Band
Leader program. (You website must be PHP enabled.) Print the notes
during the update process for more info.
9. The Control Options window can now be password protected.
10. The "Contract Options" tab on the Control Options window has been renamed
to "Document Templates" to accomodate the default Equipment Invoice and
Equipment Proposal templates.
11. Special options tab of Control Options contains a command button
to erase all journal text in case the file is corrupted. If you
wish to "save" some journal text you can do a backup and we can
extract the data and slam it into your emptied file.
12) The new Equipment Proposals module provides a more elaborate contract
and invoicing feature. The following subvars are available to those
who add the new module to their systems:
&PurTaxID& - Customer Tax Account (i.e., ABN)
&INVNUM& - Invoice Number
&CUSTCOMP& - Customer Company
&PONUM& - Customer PO Number
&REFERENCE& - Reference
&INVDATE& - Invoice Date
&PAYTERMS& - Payment Terms
&PAYMETH& - Payment Method
&SALESTAXNAME& - Sales Tax Name (i.e., Nevada - for Showing this separately)
&SLSTAXRATE& - Sales Tax Rate
&SLSTAXAMT& - Sales Tax Amount (automatically calculated)
&OTHERTAXNAME& - Other Tax Name (i.e., GST - for Showing this separately)
&OTHTAXRATE& - Other Tax Rate
&OTHTAXAMT& - Other Tax Amount
&SHIPPING& - Shipping/Handling
Proposal Details Formats:
(Must be formatted with a proportional font, i.e. courier)
&PROPDETAIL1& - Shows Org Prices
&PROPDETAIL2& - Shows Org Prices and Adjusted Prices
&OTHERAMOUNT& - Misc OtherAmount
&INVTOTAL_WT& - Invoice Total (includingTax)
&INVTOTAL& - Invoice Total (without Tax)
&SERVDESCR& - Invoice Service Description (brief)
-----------------------------------------------version 4.2.2 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1. Updated the State fields on Player, Staff, Contacts, Venues, and Fans setup so
that no error will be generated for state codes over 2 characters.
2. Fixed the Mileage and Personal Expenses report. An error in the report
database prevented it from running on some systems.
3. Fixed report writer error that occured when an apostrophe character was
included in any of the criteria ranges.
4. Fixed listview sorting of GigDate and Deposit Required Date in the
Gig Manager window.
5. Fixed an error generated when user wanted to add an unpaid expense to the gig
when there were no unpaid expenses in the system.
-------------------------------------------------------------------version 4.1.3 Highlights of enhancements
-------------------------------------------------------------------1. The Band Leader version 4.1.3 can be used on the new
Microsoft Vista operating system.
2. For those individuals keeping track of their mileage
you may now enter it on the Gig Manager window for each
gig and choose to display it as a column heading.
3. The Gig Manager window now provides three (3) fields to
enter simple personal expenses. These values are not
deducted from the Gross Amount prior to calculating pay
for the players (as are the group expenses). These
fields are found on the revised Payment Specs tab
(now called the Misc Financial tab) of the Gig Manager
You are able to assign whatever description you wish to
the three fields. This can be done in the Control Options
4. A new report allows you to print the amounts you have
entered for Mileage and Personal Expenses on each gig
based on a range of Gig Dates.
5. The Gig Calendar has been expanded allowing for longer
gig names on the colored buttons. The length of a gig
name can now be up to 22 characters long.
6. Ticket Prices, Best Time To Call, Load In time, and Sound
Check time that come into the gig from the Venue, can now
be overridden on the gig.
If the override is 'cleared' from the gig the default
from the Venue will reappear. When the user overrides
the Venue's default, on the Venue tab of Gig Manager window,
the value entered appears in BOLD lettering.
7. The Contract/Letter generator is now called the Document
generator and can be found under the Reports menu. It has
been expanded to allow you to merge gig information with
web page templates (HTML files). The same set of substitution
variables is available for creating these web pages. (Web page
templates must have a filename extension of .HTM)
There is a new training video posted on our website that
gives a quick overview of the Document Generator and
how it is used to create contracts. The same process applies
to creating web pages.
-----------------------------------------------version 4.1.3 Bug Fixes
----------------------------------------------1. Fixed a bug that generated an error if you deleted a phrase
from the Gig Manager booking journal.
2. Fixed a bug that generated an error if you clicked the
"Paste" button on the "Select Contacts" pop up window
from the Gig Manager Agents tab when there were no
Organizations set up on your system.
3. Repaired a situation where an error was generated when
you removed a player from a Mail Group while he was the
selected player on the left side frame.
4. Fixed a problem that caused the Gig Sheet report to
re-print the last gig selected instead of the gig
currently shown in the Gig Manager window.
5. Repaired a situation that caused a gig payout to abort
if there were group expenses on the gig. The payouts
that were not recorded will still display the green
warning message below the Event Description box in the
Gig Manager window. You will need re-run the record
payout function on these gigs.
6. Web Calendars were not showing the correct date/day
associations in the International Version. This is now
7. Repaired the Left frame of the Setup windows for Players.
Staff, Contacts, and Fans that generated an error if
you had selected to see only those in a particular
Mail Group and the last of those had been deleted.
8. Repaired an Email address selection by Mail Group error
that had been introduced in version 3.8.1.
Note: If your version is less than 4.0.0 you must have our support department
convert your datafiles, and update your software. There is a small fee for this service.
-------------------------------------------------------------------Version 3.8.1 Highlights of enhancements
-------------------------------------------------------------------Apple Users:
A new product called "Parallels Desktop for Mac" is gaining
respect from Apple users that need a way to load and run
windows based applications (like The Band Leader) on their
Mac systems. Spread the word around. (
1. You can calculate payouts to players based on percentages of gross
pay less any commissions, expenses, staff and leader fees, or
kitty donations.
A new gig loads the last used percentage scheme as a default.
Percentages entered on the player's entry override those entered
for him/her on the Gig Manager window.
The pop-up menu for Pay Methods (Gig Manager window) now includes
the option to use percentages.
2. You can assign all Fans, Players, Staff, and Contacts
to as many as 50 e-mail groups. You are also able to display only
those who belong to a certain mail group on the left side of the
setup screen.
3. Address fields have been added to accomodate lengthier
international addresses.
4. You can assign a "duration" value to each song in your
repetoire. This can be used to compile the duration of each
set list.
5. You can now print Entertainment Invoices using the Contract/Letter
generator. The following substitution variables have been added.
&DEPOSITRECDATE& = Date the Gig Deposit was received.
&GIGQUOTEDATE& = Date the Quote was prepared.
&VENUEDIRECTIONS& = Directions to the Venue.
&VENUEMAXCAP& = Maximum capacity of the venue.
&CONTADD3& = Contact's Address 3.
&CONTADD4& = Contact's Address 4.
&CONTCITY& = Contact's City.
&CONTSTATE& = Contact's State.
&CONTZIP& = Contact's Zip/Postal Code.
&CONTPROV& = Contact's Province.
&CONTCOUNTRY& = Contact's Country.
&VENUEADD3& = Venue's Address 3.
&VENUEADD4& = Venue's Address 4.
&VENUECITY& = Venue's City.
&VENUESTATE& = Venue's State.
&VENUEZIP& = Venue's Zip/Postal Code.
&VENUEPROV& = Venue's Province.
&VENUECOUNTRY& = Venue's Country.
&LEADERADD3& = Leader's Address 3.
&LEADERADD4& = Leader's Address 4.
&LEADERCITY& = Leader's City.
&LEADERSTATE& = Leader's State.
&LEADERZIP& = Leader's Zip/Postal Code.
&LEADERPROV& = Leader's Province.
&LEADERCOUNTRY& = Leader's Country.
6. You can now generate and download a file containing your gig
schedule to your iPod and/or PDA that uses the Vcal format.
7. City, State, Province, Zip, and Country on Setup Windows
offer suggestions when you begin typing.
-----------------------------------------------Version 3.8.1 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1. Transaction dates for payouts to Staff, Commissions, and
Leader fees changed to reflect selected Payout date.
2. Calculated commission amounts were not being stored
correctly, thus not displaying in the columns.
3. Purge Payout date was not comparing correctly to
transactions in the Pay History file. Transactions
can now be purged.
-------------------------------------------------------------------version 3.7.1 Highlights of enhancements
-------------------------------------------------------------------1. Users can now store and reference their active dataset in a
folder/drive other than the one set up when the program was
initially installed. This allows the following two flexibilities:
a) The dataset can be placed on a network drive.
b) The dataset could be stored on a removable, or
external, media for easy portability.
2. English speaking foreign countries, using a decimal monetary
system are now able to use The Band Leader. Their regional
settings will determine whether to display dates in either
the mm/dd/yyyy, or dd/mm/yyyy format.
3. Added calendar buttons on the report windows to make date
range selections easier.
For users printing contracts with The Band Leader:
Version 3.7.1 has changed the subvar &COMPWORDED&.
This subvar no longer includes the words "(U.S. Dollars)"
at the end of the phrase. If you wish for these words
to print after the contract amount you will have to
add them to your contract templates.
-----------------------------------------------version 3.7.1 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1. Corrected a crash situation when entering and escaping from
the first "Song" and "Set List".
2. Reduced the font size of the Date Labels on the calendar grid
of the Gig Manager window to accomodate lengthly date displays.
3. Fixed the button allowing users to close the Help window
from the "Confirm Promo Mailing" utility.
4. Darkened the color of selected entries in the ToDo list.
5. Fixed error received when generating web schedule and web
calendar updates on systems where user had not set up at
least one musical ensemble.
6. Fixed a problem with the sort capability of the Gig Manager
window when two date columns were chosen to view.
-------------------------------------------------------------------version 3.6.5 Highlights of enhancements
-------------------------------------------------------------------1. The Web Site Schedule update now allows the Gig Time
to be included in the listing for booked gigs.
-----------------------------------------------version 3.6.5 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1. Fixed an intermittent problem occuring with the Web Site
Schedule update that warned "File Already Open" - Error 55
-------------------------------------------------------------------version 3.6.3 Highlights of enhancements
-------------------------------------------------------------------Notice: Some inquiries have asked if The Band Leader can
export Contact information to PDA's or Cell Phones.
Yes. A CSV file can be exported from The Band Leader
however it's up to the software handling the transfer
to the portable device to find the file and update
the device. The Data Pilot software (from Susteen, Inc.),
for Cell Phones and Palm devices, is an example of one
that seems to be able to import data from a CSV file.
-----------------------------------------------version 3.6.3 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1. Corrected the variable name that allows you to personalize
a SALUTATION on emails.
2. Fixed the player confirmation checkboxes when importing a new
ensemble into a gig.
3. Fixed error received when coming back to the Positions Open
list from Player Setup window.
4. Repaired the way the Positions Open list is cleaned up
after a gig date has passed.
-----------------------------------------------Version 3.6.2 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1) Changed the warning message text when accidentally clicking the
"Purge Payout Information" button and no data had existed to purge.
2) The dialog window to warn user that a window needed to be closed before
a delete could be performed was not displaying correctly.
3) The confirmation checkboxes on the Players tab of the Gig Manager
window were not being automatically checked when an ensemble was
4) Fixed errors received in the Organization setup window when there
were no Contacts in the system.
-------------------------------------------------------------------version 3.6.1. Highlights of enhancements
-------------------------------------------------------------------Version 3.6.1 introduces the ability to track and manage what players
have been contacted and confirmed for your gigs. This feature would
appear to be very helpful to Band Leaders who put together many
unique ensembles to fill "casual" gigs, or for managers who just
need to fill the entertainment needs of a small venue.
By activating the feature, on the Gig Options tab of the Control
Options window, you can switch the list view in the Gig Manager
window from listing gigs to listing openings.
Once you update your software to version 3.6.1 you will not be able
to restore from backup datasets made prior to the update. For this
reason it is EXTREMELY important to perform a data backup IMMEDIATELY
AFTER applying the update. The data backup utility is found
under the File menu of The Band Leader main window.
We have put the new enhancements through rigorous testing.
Despite our best efforts sometimes users find things that we didn't.
If you should find a bug please report it immediately, and an
update will be posted on the website, as soon as possible.
1) The facility to add, edit, delete, confirm talents required
for any specific gig, to a list that displays on the screen
and will print to a report. This list allows many players to
be added to the list for the same talent, and next to each
a status identifying their committment to the gig. A "pick
order" is also included to keep track of who should be offered
the gig first, second, etc.
If the feature is activated a button appears on the Players
Tab of the Gig Manager window that allows the user to toggle
between listing gigs or listing openings in the left side frame
in the window.
2) A new report has been added to print the Positions Available.
If the user has selected to Track Gig Openings a menu option
appears, in the Gig Reports, section to allow this report to
be printed.
3) When deleting a player from a gig (Players tab on the Gig Manager
window) a warning message asked "Do you wish to delete this
Player? ". It now asks "Do you wish to delete this line?".
This change was necessary to make the new Positions Available
feature less confusing.
-------------------------------------------------------------------Version 3.5.4 Highlights of enhancements
This version of The Band Leader is the first version that is
"retail" ready, meaning that it soon be available at retail outlets
throughout the USA. For this reason a Startup code may be required
the first time you restart the program after applying the update.
This was the same procedure you went through when you first
installed The Band Leader on your computer. You can obtain a
Startup code from the website, or by contacting our support
department. Sorry for the inconvenience.
1) Over-Extended gigs (those where amounts paid out exceed the
amount quoted) can now be shown as BOOKED on the Calendar.
The "over-extended" amount must be entered into the box for
"from kitty account" in the Gig Manager window. If manual pay
amounts exceed all income on a BOOKED gig the gig status is
automatically switched to PENCILED IN.
2) Default Booking Journal and Contract Specs text can now be
created and automatically inserted into each new gig.
To create the default text follow these steps.
A) Create a new gig. Enter a description.
B) Enter the text you wish to be saved as the default
Booking Journal or Contract Specs.
C) Save the gig (Quoted Only).
D) Delete the gig.
On each new gig the default text will automatically be inserted.
To remove any default text delete it when performing step B above.
3) The calendar has been modified to allow display of gigs for all
ensembles at once. This is the default presentation unless a
preferred ensemble is set as the default on the Gig Options tab
of the Control Options window.
If you are using multiple ensembles it is recommended that you
devise a convention of naming your gigs so that the ensemble
is represented in the Gig Description. (For example, if you have
an ensemble named "Boogie Boys" and they are playing at Joe's Bar
you may want to enter a gig description of "BB Joe's". Currently only
11 characters are allowed on the Calendar gig button.)
4) The position of the window splitter bar on the Gig Manager
window is now remembered when you click the "Gig List" box.
5) Changed Gig Manager window to automatically assume that the date
portion of a gig time has advanced by one if the time is greater
than 12:00 am.
6) An Import module has been created. (It will be sold separately
from The Band Leader). It allows you to import Fans, Players,
Staff Personnel, Contacts, Song List, and Gigs from plain
comma delimited text files of less than 50 fields per record.
These test files can be exported from most softwares or
created from spreadsheet programs.
7) Increased the size of the Workability Ratings boxes on
the Player setup window (Styles Tab) so that you can
see all of the digits entered.
-----------------------------------------------Version 3.5.4 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1) Fixed program crash when clicking the Save Window position
option while on the ToDo list, and either of the Internet
reports windows. Save Window Position is not available on
either of these three windows.
2) Fixed a bug that crashed the program when the Quick setup
function was used to enter the very first Player, Staff, or
3) Fixed bugs in the system where program would crash if the
last character in a field was a space character and that
last character caused the field to be larger than the
it's allowed length.
4) Repaired a problem with the Expense entry window that would
crash the program if the user selected to show ONLY unpaid
expenses and there weren't any.
-------------------------------------------------------------------Version 3.5.1 Highlights of enhancements
-------------------------------------------------------------------Version 3.5.1 introduces some agency features to The Band Leader.
If you are managing, working in, many bands and want to keep separate
schedules/calendars for each group this update will instruct you
on the update procedures necessary.
Some of the new features require a little tweaking by you.
These instructions are contained in a file named UpdtNotes_3-5.txt
and this file will be copied into your Band Leader install folder
during the update.
We have put the new enhancements through rigorous testing.
Despite our best efforts sometimes users find things that we didn't.
If you should find a bug please report it immediately, and an
update will be posted on the website, as soon as possible.
The Band Leader's new Personalized Email feature works similar to the way Contracts are
printed. The email generator searches your Players,Staff, Contacts, and Fans for bits of
information associated with substitution variables ("subvars"), you've embedded into the
stored text message you wish to send. For example, if you embed the subvar for "City" into a
stored text message, and wish to send the message to all your Players, all players will be
searched for "City" and the information will be merged into your message. Missing information
is displayed in a report allowing you to make corrections.
A list of the email subvars is below. Embed them exactly as shown and treat them just as if
they were another word in your message.
----- sub var -------
------------ Purpose ------------
Full Name (Last, First Middle)
First Name only
Middle Initial only
Last Name only
Address 1
Address 2
Zip Code
Voice Phone Number
Email Address
Entry Type (i.e., Player, Staff, etc.)
Salutation (Fans and Contacts only)
Calendar enhancements:
Appointments scheduled on the ToDo list are now noted on the Calendar. A marker (a capital
letter "A") will appear to the right of the day number if there has been an appointment
scheduled for that day.
When you right click on the day number you are presented with a popup menu, and from there
if you select "View Appointments" the ToDo list will open.
The only way to clear the marker from the Calendar is to remove the appointment from the
ToDo list. Appointments are NOT Ensemble specific.
Review both of the following files for additional tips on using The Band Leader:
(Install Folder)\Forms\Letters\Letters_ReadMe.txt
(Install Folder)\Backups\Backups_ReadMe.txt
Items 1-10 below are related to the "agency" features added in this update.
1) The facility to assign an Ensemble ID to a gig has been implemented.
Assigning an Ensemble to a gig will initially load the gig with
players from the Ensemble. Selecting an Ensemble for an existing gig
will replace all existing players with players from the selected
ensemble and recalculate earnings. Player substitutions on the gig
do not change the original Ensemble.
2) A new column heading (Ensemble) as been added to the Gig Manager
list window so that gigs shown can be sorted by Ensemble.
3) The Calendar can now be displayed for a selected Ensemble.
A button has been added to the Calendar window to select the Ensemble
for which the Calendar will apply.
4) The Control Options window now allows selection of an Ensemble that
will be the first Ensemble shown when the Calendar is opened.
5) Calendar memos (vaction, rehearsal, and misc notes) created on the
calendar now specifically apply to the ensemble you were viewing
at the time they were created. In otherwords, for example,
vacation memos created for Ensemble "A" will not appear on the
calendar for Ensemble "B".
6) Gigs for the selected Ensemble are checked for "double bookings".
7) The Engagement Schedule Report now allows you to list gigs by
Ensemble. Print the schedule for only one Ensemble or a range of
8) The "Update/Create gig schedule on web page" option on the Internet
Reports menu allows you to select gigs by Ensemble.
9) The "Create Web Site Calendars" option on the Internet Reports menu
allows you to select gigs by Ensemble.
10) The Rehearsal/Calendar Memos report now allows you to list
memos by ensemble. Print the report for one Ensemble or a range
of Ensembles.
11) A drop down list has been added for Artist Name on the Song
set up window.
12) Added a "Styles" drop down list on the Song set up window. These
are the same as the "Styles" on the Player set up window.
Song Categories, in the Song set up window can now be used for
some of the distinctions suggested below:
Cover Material
Original Music
Original Arrangement
Copyright Requested
Copyright Secured
BMI Registered
ASCAP Registered
The above are only suggestions. Create categories that fit your
13) A new column heading has been added to the Song set up window
so that songs can be shown and sorted by Song Style, in addition
to Song Category.
14) A new "Fan Club" database has been added. Want to populate your fan
database electronically? For a very small fee we can set up your fans
automatically from text file lists or text file reports. Contact
customer support to find out more.
15) An Email Generator has been added. Two user defined selection fields
have been added to each of your Fans, Contacts, Players, and Staff.
In addition a "troupe date" has also been added to each of the above.
User can use all three of these new fields to select groups of
recipients when sending email.
On the Email Generator window you can also select a range of bookings
that will automatically append to an email you wish to send. Email can
be sent using messages typed "on the fly" or from stored messages.
Stored messages can contain substitution variables to make messages
personalized for each recipient, or a generic message can be emailed
to all recipients. Before personalized email is generated a report
can be displayed of missing information in your databases.
At this time the Email Generator only interfaces with MAPI compliant email
systems that must be already installed on your computer. (Microsoft Outlook,
and Microsoft Exchange are a couple examples of MAPI compliant email systems.)
However, the new Export Addresses feature will write out all your
address information in a text file format for easy import into other
You can also use the Export Addresses feature to create a text file
needed to import recipients into third party mail merge software.
To send email your email account's User Name and Password need to be
entered onto the Internet tab of the Control Options window.
Note: Due to the recent condemnation of HTML email, universal compatibility
issues, and recent viruses being spread around within HTML email The Band
Leader does not currently support the encoding for HTML email.
Be kind to your email recipients. Give them something they all can read.
16) A miscellaneous "Other Notes" box has been added to the Gig Manager
"Rules" tab. This can be used to include addtional contract provisions
in a contract if the substitution variable "&CSPECS&" is included on the
contract template you use. This new substitution variable does NOT
require information to be present (as many of the other variables do).
17) Appointments made on the Todo List are now signaled on the Calendar.
The Letter "A" displays to the right of the day number on the Calendar
if at least one reminder has been added to the ToDo list for that day.
These appointments are not ensemble specific as are the other memos
that can be created on the Calendar (i.e., vacation, rehearsal, and
miscellaneous memos). Right click the day number and select "View
Appointments" to open the ToDo list. When a reminder is removed from
the ToDo list it is also removed from the Calendar.
18) The ToDo List has been set to open "maximized" by default.
19) State codes have been added for the Canadian Provinces as listed below:
AB Alberta
BC British Columbia
MB Manitoba
NB New Brunswick
NL Newfoundland and Labrador
NT Northwest Territories
NS Nova Scotia
NU Nunavut
ON Ontario
PE Prince Edward Island
QC Quebec
SK Saskatchewan
YT Yukon
20) A checkbox is provided on the Control Options window (Special OPs tab)
that will allow substitution of the REPORTS DLL. It is used where
users experience a compatibility problem with a pre-registered
REPORTS DLL. This option must only be used under strict supervision
of our technical support department.
21) Added Sort Order settings in the Set Up windows, Gig Manager, and
Expense Log that will remember how you've sorted your columns
(Ascending or Descending).
-----------------------------------------------Version 3.5.1 Bug Fixes
-----------------------------------------------1) Fixed an error received from clicking the "Add Reminder" button on
the Contact Journal tab, or the Venue Journal tab, or the Gig Manager
Journal tab when there was no selections in the Who and What boxes.
2) Fixed an error received if user selected "Organization", as a column header
on the Contact set up window, when no organizations had been set up.
3) Fixed an error that showed up on the calendar in the rare case that a user
changed the number of consequtive days on a gig to a value less than 6
when the original value was greater than 6, then changed it back to the
original value. The symtom showed itself as two calendar gig buttons on
the start date for the same gig. The user can fix the calendar display by
switching the gig status in the Gig Manager window, then switching it back.
4) Fixed an issue that would cause the column headings, in the SetUp
windows, to incorrectly display the full column name.
5) Fixed an error on the Engagement Schedule report that would incorrectly
display the "through" date.
6) Fixed an error that would crash the system if you tried to select the same
column heading twice on any of the setup windows.
-------------------------------------------------------------------version 3.4.4 Highlights of enhancements
-------------------------------------------------------------------1) Added copy, cut and paste functionality to the Journals in Contact, Gig, and
Venue maintenance.
2) Added feature to handle more than 3 gigs per day.
-------------------------------------------------------------------version 3.3.1 Highlights of enhancements
-------------------------------------------------------------------Items 1-8 all deal with either the Expense Entry window or Expense Reports.
1) The Expense Entry window has been enhanced and simplified. A new
"List Options" feature provides the user different ways to include
or exclude expenses from the list. The user can now choose to view
only Paid expenses, only UnPaid expenses, Past Due expenses, Expenses
due in the next 30 days, or All Expenses.
2) Items in the Expense Category dropdown list are now sorted alphabetically.
3) The facility to Make Payments, or Generate Reverse Payments has been
simplfied. The process for entering, and paying an expense is described
Entering Expenses (Expense Entry Window)
1) Type in a expense descripiton.
2) Select a name from the "Owed To" drop down list of either
your players - signified with the letter (P) after their name,
your staff - signified with the letter (S) after their name,
your contacts - signified with the letter (C) after their name,
or you can type in a Vendor's name. If the Vendor's name hasn't
been used before it will automatically be added to the drop
down list for future use. Typing in the first few letters of a
the name will search the drop down list and display the full name.
3) Enter the expense amount, and select an expense category.
4) A new box for an "Invoice Number" is optional.
5) Click the SAVE icon on the tool bar and the expense has been entered.
Making a Payment (Expense Entry Window)
1) Click the "Make or Reverse a Payment" tab.
2) The UnPaid balance of the expense will automatically fill into
the Amount box. Verify the Pay To name, select a PayDate, and
click the "Make Payment" button to record the payment.
Reversing a Payment (Expense Entry Window)
1) Click the "Make or Reverse a Payment" tab.
2) Enter the amount you wish to reverse from a previous payment.
(You cannot reverse an amount that exceeds the amount you've
paid-to-date on the expense.)
3) Verify the Pay To name, select a PayDate, and
click the "Reverse Payment" button to record the reversal.
4) The Expense Transaction History report should show all Payments
and reversals for a given expense grouped together.
4) The following policies have changed:
1) If an expense is deleted, all payment and reverse payment transactions
relating to the expense are also deleted. It is advised that before
deleting an expense that the expense reports are printed.
2) If a user changes the expense category on an expense, all previous
payment and reverse payment transactions relating to the expense
will reflect this change. In effect they too are "re-classified".
5) A new field has been added to the Column Heading list for the Expense Entry window.
The Expense ID is an automatically generated unique number assigned to all
new expenses. By including it as a column on the Expense Entry window it
offers a solution to the problem of identifying which expense is which when
the descriptions are identical. Please take time now to set up columns
on the Expense Entry window and include Expense ID as one of them selected.
6) The name of the "Current Expenses Summary Report" has changed to
"Expenses Summary Report" and an Expense ID field has been added to
it. This helps to keep separate those expense descriptions that
tend to look the same on the report. The line item on the report
can easily be tracked back to the new Expense ID box in the Expense
entry window.
7) The name of the "Current Expenses Transaction History Report" has
changed to "Expenses Transaction History Report" and an Expense ID
field has been added to it. This helps to group expense transactions
on the report and easily identify those that belong together. As
expense descriptions can be identical to other expenses this new field
will sort the transactions correctly. The line item on the report
can easily be tracked back to the new Expense ID box in the Expense
entry window.
8) The Purge Paid Expenses function will now remove the expense itself and
all payment transactions relating to it if it is considered "Paid-In-Full"
as of the purge date you give it. If not, no information for that expense
is purged/removed.
9) This update to version 3.4.1 includes a supplemental program that will
automatically change the "pay date" on all gig payouts that have already
been recorded. The pay dates will be set to equal the "ending date" of
the gig. The user will be asked during the update if they want this
change to be made to their existing data. A dialog box will display
the progress as the supplement is running.
10) A brand new feature has been added to create HTML calendars. This feature
can be found under the Reports/Internet menu. The HTML calendars can be
run in two formats. The first format, The Engagement Calendar, creates
an HTML web page calendar for each month selected showing only booked gigs.
This would be good for general public visitors to your website.
The second format, The Work Calendar, creates an HTML web page calendar
for each month selected showing booked gigs, penciled-in gigs, vacation days,
rehearsal and note memo links. (Did you know you could show vacation days,
rehearsal days, and create notes on the existing calendar? Read up on it
under Memos in the User Manual.) This format is good for sharing knowledge
with other band members, having a "secret place" on your website for them
to go and get up to speed on what's going on.
The process if fully documented in the new version of the User's Manual
(Version 3.4.1). It is available now for download from the website.
11) Added the "Gig Date" to the Payouts Report.
12) Calendar shows vacation memo HELP in the legend area when adding
a vacation memo. The legend returns when the memo is complete.
13) The button color of a Penciled In gig (on the Calendar) that either
falls within the 'warning period', or who's gig date has past has been
changed to a deeper shade of BLUE to help distinguish it from BOOKED
gigs (GREEN button color).
14) In light of the fact that a gig can be BOOKED that doesn't pay money (i.e.,
a benefit, volunteer performance, or audition) the requirement of an
non zero Amount on the Quick Gig Setup window has been lifted.
15) The requirement of a phone number before you could add a Player, Staff
member, Contact, or Venue has been lifted.
16) Fixed a bug that would halt the program if the user was entering their first
item in a SetUp window, and before a SAVE they opened the Confirm Promo Mailings
window. Users who began using the Expense Entry window right away and mistakenly
clicked the Confirm Promo Mailings menu option would more than likely have
experienced the problem.
17) Fixed a bug that would halt the program if the utility that searches
the disk for the Windows Calculator did not find it.
18) The following quirk has been noted:
Applies To:
All SetUP windows
If a dollar amount is selected to be the right most column in your
left-side list view window it does not appear.
Select a non-dollar amount column for the right most column.
A fix for this issue may not present itself in the near future. The above
workaround will allow all dollar amount columns to show in the list window.
19) A 'Start Over' process has been developed. This allows new users to
play around with the system, enter in bogus test info, and get familiar with
features before using it for "real". This process will erase all
information in all the data files and return you to ground ZERO. This is also
fully documented in the new version of the User's Manual (version 3.4.1)
20) The social security box on the Player Quick Setup window has been fixed.
It was only allowing one character to be entered.
21) Fixed two errors on the Gig Quick Setup window: Gig Date validation, and
and an error that would halt the program when the user was trying to exit.
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