ABUS 4003318003530 C515 Safelex™ Universal Kabelverriegelung 5 m User manual

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ABUS 4003318003530 C515 Safelex™ Universal Kabelverriegelung 5 m User manual | Manualzz

C503 / C506 / C509 / C515 | Safelex™

Universal Cable Lockout User Manual

Material Content:

a. Safelex™ Universal Cable Lockout: b. A Cable of Appropriate Length:

C503 = 1 m (3ft.)

C506 = 2 m (6ft.)

C509 = 3 m (10ft.)

C515 = 5 m (15ft.)



1. Rotate the black locking lever to the left to place the hasp in the fully open position. This will set the internal locking mechanism to the maximum opening diameter to accommodate the cable.



3. Rotate the black locking lever back to the right and into the locked position. Pull the cable to the desired length. The cable cannot be removed from the locking device once the black lever is in this position.


2. Form a loop through the lockout

points and insert the cable through

the lockout device in preparation for

locking the cable into position.

4. Placement of the lock shackle into any one of the six holes will prevent the locking lever from being opened.

Stretch the cable to make sure it is as tight as possible between the locking points.

ABUS offers different cable lengths for this product. The cable can easily be removed and exchanged for a different cable by pulling it to the left of the hasp. If the cable is longer than necessary, it can be cut to the desired length using a bolt cutter or similar tool.


Product should only be used by personnel properly trained in lockout procedures. Product should only be used on the appropriate application (s).

Follow product instructions for proper application of each product. Properly trained personnel should check to ensure that product is secure and equipment will not operate. Failure to follow product instructions and warnings may result in serious bodily inury or death.

You will find additional notes and corresponding application videos to every lockout device following the link: http://www.abus.com/eng/Service/Videos/Industrial-safety


Subject to technical alterations. No liability for mistakes and printing errors.

© ABUS | D 58292 Wetter | Germany


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