Ikea 303.923.32 UPPFRISKANDE Wall Mounted Extractor Hood Instruction manual

Ikea 303.923.32 UPPFRISKANDE Wall Mounted Extractor Hood Instruction manual | Manualzz
Please refer to the last page
of this manual for the full list
of IKEA appointed Authorized
Service Centre and relative
national phone numbers.
Safety Information
Product description
Control panel
Cleaning and maintenance
Safety Information
Before first use
Your safety and that of others is
Remove cardboard protection
pieces, protective film and
adhesive labels from accessories.
Check the appliance for any
transport damage.
To avoid any damage do
not place any weights on the
appliance. Do not expose the
appliance to atmospheric agents.
This manual and the appliance
itself provide important safety
warnings, to be read and
observed at all times.
This is the attention symbol,
pertaining to safety, which
alerts users to potential risks to
themselves and others.
All safety warnings are preceded
by the attention symbol and the
following terms:
DANGER: indicates a
hazardous situation which, if
not avoided, will cause serious
WARNING: Indicates a
hazardous situation which, if
What to do if ...
Technical data
Environmental concerns
not avoided, could cause serious
All safety warnings give specific
details of the potential danger/
warning present and indicate how
to reduce risk of injury, damage
and electric shock resulting from
improper use of the appliance.
Carefully observe the following
Precautions and general
• The electrical installation and
the electrical connection must
be carried out by a qualified
technician according to the
manufacturer’s instructions
and in compliance with the
local safety regulations. Do not
repair or replace any part of
the appliance unless specifically
stated in the user manual.
• The appliance must be
disconnected from the power
supply before carrying out any
installation work.
WARNING: Failure to install
the screws or fixing device in
accordance with these instructions
may result in electrical hazards.
• Earthing of the appliance is
compulsory. (Not possible for
class II hoods identified by the
symbol on the dataplate).
• Do not pull the power supply
cable in order to unplug the
• The electrical components must
not be accessible to the user
after installation.
• Do not touch the appliance
with any wet part of the body
and do not operate it when
• This appliance can be used
by children aged from 8 years
and above and persons with
reduced physical, sensory or
mental capabilities or lack of
experience and knowledge
if they have been given
supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliance
in a safe way and understand
the hazards involved. Children
shall not play with the
appliance. Cleaning and user
maintenance shall not be made
by children without supervision.
• All other maintenance services
must be carried out by a
specialised technician.
• When drilling through the wall
pay attention not to damage
electric connections and/or
• Air vents must always discharge
to the outside.
• The manufacturer rejects all
responsibilities for any damage
caused by improper use or
wrong settings.
• Appropriate maintenance
and cleaning ensure the good
working order and the best
performance of the appliance.
Regularly clean all stubborn
surface dirt to avoid grease
build up. Remove and clean
or change the filter regularly.
This must be completed in
accordance with the “Cleaning
and maintenance” instructions
• Never flame cook food (flambé)
under the appliance. Using free
flames might cause fire.
• Failure to observe the
instructions for cleaning the
hood and replacing the filters
may result in a fire.
• Exhaust air must not be vented
through a flue used for removal
of fumes produced by gas
combustion appliances or other
combustible materials, but must
have a separate outlet. All
national regulations governing
extraction of fumes must be
• There shall be adequate
ventilation if the hood is being
used at the same time as other
appliances using gas or other
combustible materials. The
negative pressure of the room
must not exceed 4 Pa (4x 10-5
bars). For this reason ensure
that the room is well ventilated.
In case of doubts, please consult
an autorized service assitance
center or similar qualified
• Do not leave frying pans
unattended when frying, as the
frying oil may catch fire.
• Before touching the light bulbs,
ensure that they are cold.
• Do not use or leave the hood
without the light bulb correctly
fitted, as this may cause electric
• The hood is not a work surface,
therefore do not place any
objects on top of it or overload
• During all installation and
maintenance operations wear
appropriate working gloves.
• This appliance is not suitable for
outdoor use.
WARNING: when the hob is in
use, accessible parts of the
hood may become hot.
Installation and connection
In the event of problems, contact
the Authorized Service Centre. To
prevent any damage, only remove
the appliance from its packaging
at the time of installation.
Preparing for installation
WARNING: this is a heavy
product; the hood should only
be lifted and installed by two or
more people.
The minimum distance between
the hob and the bottom part of the
hood must not be less than 65 cm
for burning gas or other fuels and
50cm for electric cookers.
Before installation also check the
minimum distances stated in the
manual of the cooker.
If the installation instructions for the
cooker specify a greater distance
between cooker and hood, this
distance must be observed.
Electrical connection
Make sure the power voltage
specified on the appliance rating
plate is the same as the mains
This information can be found
on the inside of the hood, under
the grease filter. Power cable
replacement (type H05 VV-F)
must be carried out by a qualified
electrician. Contact an authorized
service centre.
If the hood is fitted with an electric
plug, connect the plug to a socket
complying with current regulations,
located in an accessible place.
WARNING: if no plug is fitted
(direct wiring to the mains), or
if the socket is not located in an
accessible place, a qualified
electrician should install a
standardised double pole power
switch that will enable complete
isolation from the mains in case of
category III overvoltage conditions,
in accordance with wiring rules.
The hood has been designed to be
installed and used either as a “Extraction
installation”, or as a “Recirculation
Extraction installation (see symbol
in installation booklet)
Cooking steam is sucked and channelled
outside the house through a discharge duct
(not supplied), fitted to the hood steam
Ensure that the discharge duct is correctly
fitted to the air outlet, unit using an
appropriate connection system.
Important: If already installed, remove the
charcoal filter/s.
Recirculation installation
(see symbol
in installation booklet)
The air is filtered through one or more the
charcoal filters, and then resent into room.
Important: Ensure appropriate air
circulation around the hood.
Important: If the hood is supplied without
charcoal filters, these must be fitted before
the hood can be used. Filters are available
in IKEA shops.
The hood should be installed away from
particularly dirty areas, windows, doors and
heat sources.
The accessories for wall fixing are not
included because walls made of different
materials require different types of fixing
accessories. Use fixing systems suitable for
the walls of your home and the weight of
the appliance. For more details, contact a
specialized dealer.
Keep this booklet for future consultation.
Product description
1 Chimney.
2 LED light.
3 Control Panel.
4 Grease filter.
Control panel
A Motor OFF button
B Extraction power 1 selection button.
Speed 1 - very quiet
C Extraction power 2 selection button.
D Extraction power 3 selection button.
E Extraction power 4 selection button.
Timed for 5 minutes, after which the hood returns to the speed set previously
F Light ON/OFF button.
You can adjust the light intensity by pressing and holding the button
Note: Please note that you will experience a 5 second delay when switching the hood directly
into extraction power 1 mode (from any other speed) due to electronics control of the product.
Cleaning and maintenance
- Never use steam cleaning equipment.
- Disconnect the appliance from the power
IMPORTANT: do not use corrosive or
abrasive detergents. If any of these products
accidentally comes into contact with the
appliance, clean immediately with a damp
Clean the surfaces with a damp cloth. If it
is very dirty, add a few drops of washing
up detergent to the water. Finish off with a
dry cloth.
IMPORTANT: do not use abrasive sponges or
metallic scrapers or scourers. Over time, these
can ruin the surface.
Use detergents specifically designed for
cleaning the appliance and follow the
manufacturer instructions.
IMPORTANT: clean the filters at least monthly
to remove any oil or grease residuals.
To clean the grease filter
The metal grease filter has an unlimited life
and must be washed once a month by hand
or dishwasher at low temperature and with a
short cycle. With cleaning in a dishwasher the
grease filter may become dull; this does not
effect its filtering capacity.
Grease filter maintenance:
1. Unplug the appliance or disconnect the
power supply.
2. Remove the grease filters: pull the spring
release handle, then remove the filter
3. After cleaning the grease filter, remount in
reverse order ensuring the entire extraction
surface is covered.
4. Open the two filter shells
5. Pull out the two circular mats
6. Proceed in reverse order to fit the new
7. Refit the grease filters.
Unlike traditional charcoal filters, this charcoal
filter can be washed and reactivated.
Care and cleaning long life Charcoal filter
• The anti-odour filter shall be washed and
regenerated every 3-4 months (or more
frequently if the hood is subject to intensive
use), up to a Max. of 8 regeneration cycles
(in case of particularly intensive use it is
recommended that you do not exceed 5
Regeneration procedure:
• Wash in the dishwasher at a MAX
temperature of 70° or hand wash in hot
water without using abrasive sponges (do
not use detergents!)
• Dry in the oven at a MAX temperature
of 70° for 2 hours or dry at room
temperature, standing the filter in a
vertical position to facilitate drainage.
Charcoal filter maintenance (if the hood is
installed in recirculation installation)
1. Pull out the plug or disconnect the power
2. Remove the grease filter
3. If the carbon filters are already fitted (two
filters that cover the protective grilles for the
motor impeller) and have to be replaced,
turn the central handle anti-clockwise to
unlock them.
Lamp maintenance
The hood is equipped with a lighting system
based on LED technology.
The LEDs guarantee an optimum lighting,
a duration up to 10 times as long as the
traditional lamps and allow to save 90%
electrical energy.
For replacement, contact the Authorize Service
Centre listed in the last page
What to do if ...
Possible cause
The appliance does not
There is no mains
electrical power
Check for the presence of mains
electrical power.
Turn off the appliance and restart it to
see if the faults persists.
The appliance is not
connected to the
electrical supply.
Check if the appliance is connected to
the electrical supply.
Turn off the appliance and restart it to
see if the faults persists.
You are using the
first speed, which is
deliberately very quiet
Check carefully to make sure the motor
is actually working
The hood’s suction level is The suction speed is too
not enough
The light does not work
Check the suction speed and adjust as
The grease filters are
dirty 4
Check that the filters are clean
If not, clean the filters in the dishwasher.
The anti-odors filters are
Check that the anti-odour filters are
properly washed as recommended
The air vents ar e
Check the air vents for any obstructions
and remove as necessary.
The LED is broken 2
For replacement, contact the Authorized
Service Centre.
Before contacting the Authorized Service
Switch the appliance on again to see if the
problem has disappeared. If not, switch it off
again and repeat the operation after an hour.
If your appliance still does not work properly
after carrying out the checks listed in the
troubleshooting guide and switching the
appliance on again, contact the Authorized
Service Centre, clearly explaining the problem
and specifying:
• the type of fault;
• the model;
• the type and serial number of the appliance
(given on the rating plate);
• the Service number (the number after the
word SERVICE on the rating plate inside the
Technical data
Type of product
Total height in extraction installation version min-max
Total height in recirculation installation version min-max
Total power
Number & Power
Installation minimum height - gas hob
Installation minimum height - elec hob
Product Weight
Product Information compliant to commission regulation (EU) No 65/2014 - UK SI 2019 No.539
Lamps info
Wall mounted hood
750 - 1030
735 - 1090
Model identifier
Annual Energy Consumption - AEC Hood
Energy Efficiency Class
Fluid Dynamic Efficiency FDE Hood
Fluid Dynamic Efficiency Class
Light Efficiency - LE Hood
Light Efficiency Class
Grease Filtering efficiency Hood - GFE Hood
Grease Filtering efficiency Class
Minimum Airflow in normal use
Maximum Airflow in normal use
Air Flow at intensive/boost setting
A-Weighted Sound Power Emission at minimum speed
A-Weighted Sound Power Emission at maximum speed
A-Weighted Sound Power Emission at Intensive or boost speed
Power consumption off mode-P0
Power consumption in stand by mode -Ps
Product Information compliant to commission regulation (EU) No 66/2014
Time increase factor - f
Energy efficiency index - EEIhood
Measured airflow rate at best efficiency point -QBEP
Measured air pressure at best efficiency point -PBEP
Maximum Airflow - Qmax
Measured electric power input at best efficiency point - WBEP
Nominal Power of the lighting system - WL
Average illumination of the lighting system on the cooking surface - Emiddle
The technical information is situated in
the rating plate on the internal side of the
db(A) re 1pW
db(A) re 1pW
db(A) re 1pW
Environmental concerns
Disposal of packing
The packing material is 100% recyclable and
is marked with the recycle symbol
. The
various parts of the packing must therefore be
disposed of responsibly and in full compliance
with local authority regulations governing
waste disposal.
Scrapping the product
- This appliance is marked in compliance
with European Directive 2012/19/EU, Waste
Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).
- By ensuring this product is disposed of
correctly, you will help prevent potential
negative consequences for the environment
and human health, which could otherwise
be caused by inappropriate waste handling
of this product.
The symbol
on the product or on the
accompanying documentation indicates that
it should not be treated as domestic waste but
must be taken to an appropriate collection
centre for the recycling of electrical and
electronic equipment.
Scrapping of household appliances
• This appliance is manufactured with
recyclable or reusable materials. Dispose of
it in accordance with local waste disposal
regulations. Before scrapping, cut off the
power supply cable.
• For further information on the treatment,
recovery and recycling of household
electrical appliances, contact your
competent local authority, the collection
service for household waste or the store
where you purchased the appliance.
Energy saving tips
• Switch ON the hood at minimum speed
when you start cooking and kept it running
for few minutes after cooking is finished.
• Increase the speed only in case of large
amount of smoke and vapour and use boost
speed(s) only in extreme situations.
• Replace the charcoal filter(s) when
necessary to maintain a good odour
reduction efficiency.
• Clean the grease filter(s) when necessary to
maintain a good grease filter efficiency.
• Use the maximum diameter of the ducting
system indicated in this manual to optimize
efficiency and minimize noise.
Declaration of conformity
This appliance has been designed,
manufactured and marketed in compliance
- safety objectives of the “Low Voltage”
Directive 2014/35/EU;
- the eco design requirements of european
regulations n. 65/2014, and n. 66/2014 in
conformity to the european standard en
- the protection requirements of Directive
“EMC” 2014/30/EU.
Electrical safety of the appliance can only be
guaranteed if it is correctly connected to an
approved earthing system.
How long is the IKEA guarantee valid?
This guarantee is valid for five years from the
original date of purchase of your appliance at
IKEA Pty Ltd,
ABN 84 006 270 757 or at Cebas Pty Ltd, ABN
15 009 156 003. The original sales receipt,
is required as proof of purchase. If service
work is carried out under guarantee, this
will not extend the guarantee period for the
Who will execute the service?
IKEA Authorized Service Centre will provide
the service through its own service operations
or Authorized Service Centre network.
Contact IKEA for further information.
• If you encounter any trouble with
theappliance and wish to register a
servicecall or make a claim, please
refer toww.ikea.com.au for your local
store aftersales customer service center
phonenumber, online email and opening
timesor refer to the phone numbers
The principal address and contact details
in Australia are:
IKEA Authorized Service Centre at
www.IKEA.com.au or
• For Queensland, New South Wales
andVictorian customers please contact:
IKEA Pty Ltd
IKEA Service OfficeL1 Clock Tower, 630
Princes HighwayTempe, NSW 2044
Victoria:(03) 8523 2154
New South Wales: (02) 8020 6641
Queensland: (07) 3380 6800
IKEA Perth: (08) 9201 4532
IKEA Adelaide: (08) 8154 4532
• For Western Australian and SouthAustralian
cutomers please contact:
Cebas Pty Ltd
8c Sunray Drive,
Innaloo WA 6018 Australian
IKEA Perth: (08) 9201 4532
IKEA Adelaide: (08)8154 4532
What does this guarantee cover?
The guarantee covers applicable faults of
the appliance, which have been caused by
faulty construction or material faults from the
date of purchase from IKEA. This guarantee
applies to domestic use only. The products
have been designed and tested for domestic
purposes only and this guarantee does not
cover damage arising from use of the Product
in a commercial environment. The exceptions
are specified under the headline “What is
not covered under this guarantee?” Within
the guarantee period, the costs to remedy
the fault e.g. repairs, parts, labour and travel
will be covered, provided that the appliance
is accessible for repair without special
expenditure. Replaced parts become the
property of IKEA.
The guarantee exists only if the appliance
complies and is installed in accordance with:
• The technical specifications.
• The Assembly Instructions and usermanual
Safety Information.
IKEA’s guarantee is subject to Australian
Consumer Law - see Schedule 2 to
Competition and Consumer Act, 2010. This
guarantee is in addition to (and does not
exclude, restrict or modify in any way) any
non-excludable statutory warranties in
What will IKEA do to correct the problem?
IKEA appointed service provider will examine
the product and decide, at its sole discretion,
if it is covered under this guarantee. If
considered covered, IKEA service provider
or its authorized service partner through its
own service operations, will then, at its sole
discretion, either repair the defective product
or replace it with the same or a comparable
What is not covered under this guarantee?
• What is not covered under this guarantee?
• Normal wear and tear.
• Deliberate or negligent damage,damage
caused by failure to observeoperating
and maintenance instructions,incorrect
installation or by connectionto the wrong
voltage, damage causedby chemical or
electrochemical reaction,rust, abrasion
or scratching, corrosion orwater damage
including but not limitedto damage caused
by excessive lime inthe water supply,
damage caused byabnormal environmental
Damage caused from the use of
theappliance in a manner other thanthe use
for which it was specificallydesigned.
Damage caused by power
outages,electrical power surge or
impropersupply voltage via connection
to SupplyAuthority mains or alternative
Consumable parts including batteriesand
lamps, removable wire, glass andplastic
trays and other accessories.
Internal or external damage as a resultof
excessive use of cleaning products
orcleaning agents.
Non-functional and decorative partswhich
do not affect normal use of theappliance,
including any scratches andpossible color
Accidental damage or blockages causedby
foreign objects, eg. coins, underwires,nails,
buttons or jewellery, or substancesand
cleaning or unblocking of filters,drainage
systems or soap drawers
Damage caused by vermin, insects orpets.
Note – internal or external abinettransport
damage must be reportedwithin 7 days of
purchase date.
Damage to the following parts:
ceramicglass, accessories, crockery and
cutlerybaskets, feed and drainage pipes,
seals,lamps and lamp covers, screens,
knobs,casings and parts of casings. Unless
suchdamages can be proved to have been
caused by production faults.
Cases where no fault could be foundduring
a technician’s visit.
Any consequential loss due to
• Repairs not carried out by our
appointedservice providers and/or an
authorizedservice contractual partner or
where nonoriginal parts have been used.
• Repairs to parts or systems caused
byunauthorized modifications made
• Repairs caused by installation which isfaulty
or not according to specification.
• Problems caused by incorrect orinadequate
venting of the appliance.
• The use of the appliance in a nondomestic
environment i.e. professionaluse.
• Transportation damages. If a
customertransports the product to his home
oranother address, IKEA is not liable forany
damage that may occur duringtransport.
However, if IKEA delivers the productto the
customer’s delivery address, thendamage to
the product that occursduring this delivery
will be covered byIKEA.
• Cost for carrying out the initialinstallation
of the IKEA appliance.However, if an IKEA
appointedAuthorized Service Centre or
its authorizedservice partner repairs or
replacesthe appliance under the terms
of thisguarantee, the Authorized Service
Centreor its authorized service partner
willreinstall the repaired appliance or
installthe replacement, if necessary.
• The benefits conferred by this
expresswarranty are in addition to all
otherconditions, warranties, guarantees,
rightsand remedies expressed or impliedby
the Trade Practices Act and similarState and
Territory laws and all otherobligations and
liabilities on the partof the manufacturer
or supplier andnothing contained herein
shall restrict or modify such rights, remedies,
obligations or liabilities.
How country law applies?
Our goods come with guarantees that Our
goods come with guarantees that cannot be
excluded under the Australian Consumer Law
You are entitled to a replacement or refund for
a major failure and for compensation for any
other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage.
You are also entitled to have the goods
repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of
acceptable quality and the failure does not
amount to a major failure.
This guarantee is not intended in any way to
limit or exclude such rights and remedies that
you may have under law.
You can find out more information about
the Australian Consumer Law on the ACCC
website: www.accc.gov.au
Area of validity
The IKEA guarantee applies only to products
purchased and installed in AUSTRALIA .
What you must do to make a claim under
the guarantee
To make a claim under the guarantee contact
IKEA Authorized Service Centre at the above
address, the IKEA catalogue or refer to www.
ikea.com.au for your local store customer
service phone number, online email and
opening times. Please describe the problem
that you are facing with the appliance in detail
along with your product article number (8 digit
code) and date of purchase at the time of call
Please do not hesitate to contact the
dedicated Authorized Service Centre for
IKEA appliances to:
1. Make a service request under
2. Ask for clarification on installation of
theIKEA appliance in the dedicated
IKEAkitchen furniture.
3. Ask for clarification on user manualcontents
and specifications of the IKEAappliance.
To ensure that we provide you with the best
assistance, please read carefully the Assembly
Instructions and/or the User Manual section of
this booklet before contacting us.
How to reach if you need our service
The IKEA Authorized Service Centre will assist
you on the phone with basic trouble shooting
for your appliance at the time of warranty call
Please refer to the IKEA catalogue or www.
ikea.com.au or to below phone numbers and
select your local store .
Victoria: (03) 8523 2154
New South Wales: (02) 8020 6641
Queensland: (07) 3380 6800
IKEA Perth: (08) 9201 4532
IKEA Adelaide: (08) 8154 4532u
Please describe the problem that you are
facing with the appliance in detail along
with your product model number, serial
number, date of purchase at the time of call
Please also always refer to the IKEA article
number (8 digit code) and 12 digit service
number placed on the rating plate of your
Kindly keep all these details and original
invoice of purchase handy during the
service technician’s visit to enable him
to carry out the job. It is your proof of
purchase and required for the guarantee
to apply.
LIB0153432A Ed.06/21
© Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2021
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