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Electronic Candle – User’s Manual
Plug the power cable of candle into a socket (230V). The light will be controlled by the switch.
When the Electronic Candle is turned on, all the lamps will be on at first and then after 10 seconds they
will all be off but one remain turned on. (Lamps Power-on)
On the back of the Candle there are following commands:
For resetting the candle. For example, after the religion activities, one can turn off the Candle by
pressing the button (for a few seconds), only one lamp will be on and the rests are off (Lamps
Time (Choose time duration of lamps)
For choosing the preferred time duration of lamps turn-on, from the moment that the coin is inserted.
Time duration available: 20 – 40 – 80 – 160 Minutes.
The turn-off of the lamps will be followed as the same order of turn-on.
Manual / Automatic
In the mode of “Man”, for every coin inserted, one lamp will be turned on in random order.
In the mode of “Auto”, for every coin inserted, one lamp will be turned on in random order until almost all
the lamps are on, then the following coins inserted will turn on one lamp and at the same time turn off
another lamp in random order.
In case the Electronic Candle does not work please check the FUSE first, if necessary, replace a new
one with the same parameter.
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