Instructions for use

Instructions for use
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This stroller is suitable for twins - two babies or little children aged 0+ months and up and
each weighing not more than 15 kg. Each seat is equipped with 5-point safety harnesses to
assure your childrens’ safety as well as with adjustable canopy. Th back rest and the leg rest
can be adjusted in five and two positions respectively.
This stroller has been designed and manufactured in accordance with the Product Safety
Directive 2001/95/EU of the European Parliament and the Council and to European standard
EN 1888"Child care articles. Wheeled child conveyances. Safety requirements and test
methods" and the norms of the National Legislation including the Consumer Protection Law.
WARNING! Your child will be protected to a maximum extent only if you follow the guide-
lines and recommendations in this user's manual! Pay special attention to the warnings and
secure all necessary precautions in order to prevent possible serious injury or impairment of
your baby and to guarantee its safety! You are solely responsible for the safety of your child if
you don't follow exactly the instructions and safety recommendations in this manual! Make sure
that everybody who uses this stroller has read and understood this manual! Failure to follow
these warnings, instructions for assembly, use and maintenance may lead to serious injury or
impairment of the child!
1. Never leave your child unattended.
2. Using the stroller for children weighing more than 15kg each, or total of 30kgs will
cause overloading, tension and make the construction unstable, causing the stroller to
tip-over and injure your children!
3. This stroller is intended for use for twins! It is dangerous to carry more than two
children at a time in the stroller! It is dangerous to carry two children, who are not twins
and with big weight difference!
4. Use the sitting position of the backrest after he children turn 6 months. The sitting
position og the backrest is not suitable for children younger than 6 months.
5. The maximum load for the storage baskets is 2 kg for each basket. Do not
overload the storage baskets! The luggage in the baskets must evenly allocated. Do not
carry your baby in the storage basket!
6. For newborn babies use the most lying position of the backrest. Always attach the
canopies to the backrests to prevent the babies from slipping out the stroller and injuries!
7. Always fix the canopy to the back rest in order to avoid serious injury from falling
or sliding out from the stroller and injury!
8. The back rest position must be set only by an adult pushing the stroller! Do not
change the position of the backrests while the children are in the stroller!
9. Always keep the front bumper locked when the children are in the stroller. It is
dangerous to lift the stroller by the front bumper!
10. Always use the safety harnesses in order to prevent sliding our of the stroller!
Use the safety harnesses as soon as your children can sit unaided and when they are
able to push themselves up on hands and knees! Adjust their length according to the
height of your children in such a way that they firmly grip, do not change length and are
not twisted. Periodically check if the harnesses are well attached to the stroller and that
the buckles are well locked! The harnesses should not be torn or worn out, the buckles
must be without any damages in order to assure secure locking of the harness.
11. Any load attached to the handle, the backrest or on the side of the stroller will
affect its stability!
12. Do not place purses or other items in the stroller or on the canopies! Any load
attached to the handle, the backrest or on the side of the stroller will affect its stability!
Do not overload the stroller! It may tip over and injure the children.
13. Do not place items with strings around your child's neck and do not attach
additional stings to toys in order to prevent risk of suffocation.
14. Do not place additional mattresses when children are in lying position.
15. Any additionally placed mats on the seat and backrest will impede the effective
use of the safety harnesses and will reduce the safety and stability of the stroller! When
the stroller is sued for babies, the producer allows a mat only for the purpose of cover-
ing the harnesses in a way described in the user’s manual.
16. Initial assembly, folding, unfolding to be done only by an adult.
17. Do not allow the presence of children below 3 years at the time of assembly,
because the set contains small parts. Keep your children away from disassembled parts
in order to avoid injuries.
18. Check the stroller before each use. All parts must be well fixed and accessories
must be attached and fixed in desired position (canopy, foot rest, backrest, front
bumper). Discontinue using your stroller if you find any damages, loosen, worn out,
broken or missing parts! There is big risk of injury.
19. Before each use check the order of the parking device! Engage the parking
device always when the stroller is not in motion, especially when used one sloped
surfaces or when placing or taking out the children from the stroller!
20. Make sure the stroller is fully unfolded and all locking mechanisms are engaged
before placing the childred in the stroller in order to prevent the rest of injury due to
sudden folding of the stroller.
21. Fold and unfold carefully in order to avoid finger entrapment! Make sure the child
is at a safe distance when you make adjustments, fold or unfold the stroller.
22. Never lift, fold, fold, set and make adjustments or repair while the child is in it!
23. Keep the child away from moving or detachable parts!
24. Do not adjust the back rest while the child is in the stroller! The back rest must
be adjusted by an adult only!
25. Do not allow your child to stand in the stroller, hang, or climb on it!
26. Do not let children play with the stroller! It is dangerous for children or animals
to play or run near the stroller or underneath it
27. Do not use the stroller near sources of heat, water pools or other dangerous
places! Keep away from fire! Consider the risk of injury to the child from strong sources
of heat open fire, grills, gas plates and others. In case of unforeseen contact or proxim-
ity to source of flame, the carer must quickly take the child away from the product
before it is injured.
28. Never use the stroller on stairs or escalators! You may suddenly lose control of
the stroller or your child may fall out and get hurt! Use extra care when going up or
down a step or curb!
29. Do not use near pools, hot surfaces or areas that may be hazardous to a child!
30. Do not make any changes or modifications to the stroller’s construction — they
may endanger the child’s safety! Use only spare parts and components recommended by
the producer. Failure to do so releases the producer from liability for the product’s safety.
In case of problem, please contact the dealer or authorized service for advice or repair.
31. When the stroller is folded, keep it in a safe place out of reach of children! If not,
the child may push the stroller and hurt itself.
32. Do not store the stroller in wet environment for long!
33. Make sure the stroller is completely dry. Before using it.
34. Use the stroller only for the purpose it has been designed for!
35. The packaging of the product must be kept out of the reach of babies and
children at the time of and after unpacking. In this way you will avoid the risk of strangu-
lation and/or asphyxiation (choking) caused by entanglement of the packaging around
the child or external blocking of the respiratory tract through the child’s nose or mouth!
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WARNING! The stroller must be assembled only by an adult! The set includes small parts!
Do not allow the presence of a child younger than 3 years at the time of assembly! Keep
children at a safe distance during unfolding and folding as well as from detachable parts in
order to avoid injury.
Follow thoroughly the guidelines from the text and the corresponding figures. After
completing each operation, make sure that you have fulfilled the guidelines correctly and that
fixing is stable.
WARNING! Keep your hands from entrapment while completing each operation, especially
during folding and unfolding the stroller!
1. Release the folding lock as shown in fig.1.
2. Unfold the stroller by pulling the handle upwards (fig.2) until you hear the sound of the
locking mechanism.
3. Attach the front wheels with gentle pressure to the front tubes (fig.3).
4. Mount the back axis to the frame of the stroller as shown in (fig.4).
5. Follow the sequence À — B- C and D from fig.5 to assemble the back wheels.
6. Install the front bumper (fig.6).
fig. 5 fig. 6
WARNING! Before first use of the stroller, make sure that the wheels are correctly inserted
and fixed. Before use always make sure that the stroller is correctly unfolded and that the
locking mechanisms have been engaged to fix it in this position.
Always use the safety harnesses to avoid injury from sliding our or falling. After you lock the
buckles adjust their length to fit your children’s height in order to secure their safety. Use the
shoulder harnesses in combination with the waist harnesses.
It is mandatory to use the harnesses as soon as your children can sit unaided and can push
themselves on hands and knees!
Buckling the harness
Insert both fasteners securely into the clasp. Adjust each strap length as needed (fig.7).
Releasing harness
Press the fastener buckles and pull apart (fig.8).
WARNING! Babies younger than 6 months must be placed in the seat only when the
backrest is adjusted in its most lying position! Before placing the child in the stroller, you must
separate the shoulder and waist harnesses from the uniting buckle, take them apart to the
sides of the seat and cover them with a mat not thicker than 10mm as shown in fig.9.
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fig. 7
Lift up the lever of the front wheel to release it and start the swivelling mode. Push down to
lock it and the wheels will move only forward. (fig.10).
WARNING! When you use the stroller on uneven surfaces always set the front wheels to
forward moving position. The swivel function of the front wheels is recommended when you
use the buggy on even surfaces! These two possibilities provide easier movement and the
wheels will not wear out or damage fast.
The parking devices on the rear wheels block the movement of the stroller. Press down
with your foot the axis of the parking device to activate it (fig.11). Make sure the parking device
is engaged. The stroller must not move when slightly pushed. When lifting the axis up you will
release the parking device and the stroller will be able to move.
WARNING! You must always engage the parking device before putting in or taking out the
child in the stroller, as well as when folding or adjusting.
Set backrest in the desired position as shown in fig.12.
To adjust the position of the leg rest you must simultaneously push the two levers and move
the leg rest into the desired position (fig.13).
To attach the front bumper you must open the brackets at both ends, place the ends on the
metal tubes as shown in fig.14 and close the brackets. To remove the bumper, open the two
fig. 14
Use the fastening buttons to attach the footcovers.
1. Press down the locking mechanism located on the side of the strolleras in fig.15.
2. With your thumb push to the left the tab located in the center of the handle and at the
same time press it down to fold the stroller (fig.16).
3. Push the handle towards the front and lock the stroller by folding latch (fig.17 and 18).
WARNING! Do not fold or unfold the stroller while there is a child in it!
1. Regularly check all locking mechanisms, parking devices, belts and buckles, joints and
fixing mechanisms, as well as wheels to make sure that they function properly and are not
damaged or worn out.
2. Should you find loose connections, torn or broken parts, they must be repaired or
3. Parking devices and wheels wear out faster than other parts. Replace them when neces-
4. Regularly oil the moving mechanisms. If possible renew the rivets. It is recommended to
use silicone oil or silicone spray.
5. Dirty metal and plastic parts impede the normal functioning of the stroller. Clean them ad
after that oil.
6. Clean the fabrics, plastic parts and metal parts of the stroller with s damp cotton cloth or
sponge and mild soap.The fabric can be hand washed at 30°C.
7. Never clean with detergents, which contain abrasive particles, ammonia, bleach, or
8. Always leave the stroller after cleaning to fully dry before use or storage.
9. Always store your stroller indoors. You stroller may corrode due to environmental
influences, such as sea air, road salt, acid rain, etc., as well as storing outside.
10. Do not store your stroller in wet environment, you must first unfold it and leave it to dry
out. Mold may appear on it if you store it damp.
11. Too much sun exposure can make the plastic parts wear out faster and the fabrics fade
12. Do not place other items on your stroller when you store it, no matter if it is folded or
not — you may damage it.
13. In case of problems with normal use of the product, please contact the authorized
service for advice or repair.
14. A full check from the technician is recommended if you have stored the stroller for a
long period of time or want to use it for another child.
Shell: 100% polyester
Filling: 100% polyester
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