Take the clock out of the box

Take the clock out of the box
Take the clock out of the box with care, remove the back cover and insert 2 x 1.5V (D size) batteries (not
included) into position “1” and 1 x 1.5V (C size) battery into position “2” as shown in drawing A
Place the external figurine (with magnetic sheet on the base) onto location as shown in drawing B (model 3025
= Juliet; model 3027 = freedom bird)
Only for model 3025 (Romeo & Juliet) –
• Take the terrace out of the box with care,
• Take off the protective sheet on the double sided tape,
• Insert the terrace to the main housing ensuring the 4 pins on the terrace and holes on the house are fitting
each other
To Set Time:
Use one finger to sweep the minute (long) hand softly and slowly, following clockwise direction until the correct
time is set
To Test Hourly Chime and Figurine Movement Function:
Press the button “3” as shown in drawing A, the clock will perform the relevant sound of the clock (the figurine
does not move at this moment); model 3025 (Romeo & Juliet) gives music sound, model 3027 (Freedom) gives
bird sound
During normal operation, there’s hourly chime
Turn the volume button “4” as shown in drawing A to reach desired volume of the hourly chime
Press the button “5” as shown in drawing A, the figurine moves (the hourly chime does not sound at this
During normal operation, the figurine moves out of the main housing once every hour, together with the hourly
To Turn Off The Hourly Chime and Figurine Movement Function:
Turn the switch to OFF on button “6” as shown in drawing A, the hourly chime as well as figurine movement
function stops until the button “6” is switched back to ON position
Remarks - the clock running operation remains unaffected
Light Sensor Function:
A built-in light sensor is placed on the lower right corner of the main housing
During dark or dim light environment, the hourly chime and figurine movement functions will be turned off
automatically even if the ON/OFF button is set to ON
Remarks - the clock running operation remains unaffected
Avoid exposing the clock to direct sunlight or high intensity lighting
Protect the clock from extreme humidity and temperature changes
Do not turn the hands (minute/long hand) anti-clockwise otherwise this will damage the clock movement /
Take away ALL batteries when clock is not in use
At time of
• clock not running on time or
• the volume of hourly chime turns lower than normal or
• the figurine does not move
Please change ALL batteries
It is necessary to sweep away dust once in a while around the area of light sensor as shown in drawing C since
dust may accumulate to affect the light sensing function; also please ensure no object blocks the front area of
the light sensor
Warranty - EN
Further to your purchase of this NeXtime clock, reading the time will become something special again. Like all
NeXtime clocks, this clock was created as an addition to your interior design. With our 40 years of experiences in
clock making and our strong team of designers, the Dutch design brand NeXtime ensures much more than just
accurate time. You can find the whole NeXtime collection on our website at www.nextime.eu. All NeXtime designs are
copyright protected.
For optimum life of your NeXtime clock you should adhere to the instructions in the user’s manual. The quality of each
and every NeXtime clock and your satisfaction are very important to us. Should you have any questions or remarks
regarding this product, you should contact the shop or place of purchase.
ENVIRONMENT: The packaging of this clock can be recycled as used paper. We advise, however, that you save the
packaging in case it is needed for shipping the product. Damaged or empty batteries should be returned to a
collection point for old batteries. Never treat old batteries as household waste. Contact your local authority for more
information on the correct disposal method for this product.
WHAT TO DO IN CASE OF MALFUNCTION: If your clock malfunctions, please first take a look at the user’s manual.
If the instructions given cannot solve the problem, please contact the shop / dealer where you purchased it.
THE WARRANTY EXPIRES DUE TO: Incorrect use, incorrect connection, leaking and/or wrongly inserted batteries,
the use of parts or accessories which are not recommended, neglect, and through defects as a result of moisture, fire,
flood, lightning strikes, natural disasters and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Unauthorised modifications and/or
servicing by third parties. Incorrect transport of the product without adequate packaging and if the product is not
accompanied by this Warranty Card and a valid proof of purchase. Connection cables, plugs, and batteries are not
covered in this warranty. Every other liability for any consequential losses are excluded.
This NeXtime clock is covered by a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase. The final decision on repairs and/or
replacement under warranty is at the discretion of NeXtime or its distributor.
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