Panasonic PT-AE300, Projector PT-AE200 User manual

Panasonic PT-AE300, Projector PT-AE200 User manual



Home Cinema Projectors PT-AE200/PT-AE300


Home Cinema Projectors PT-AE200/PT-AE300

Powerful projectors bring you the true home cine



P T - A E 2 0 0

For those who wish to have large-screen dynamism at home, the PT-AE200 Home

Cinema Projector is the solution. Your favourite cinema and exciting sports scenes will stun you with the immediacy of largescreen power from the native 16:9 LCD panel. This slim, stylish and compact projector can provide breathtaking, largescreen images anywhere in your home, whether it be your living room or even children's play area. Enhance your visual entertainment with the Panasonic Home

Cinema Projector, the PT-AE200.

ma experience thriftily or taken to the highest level



P T - A E 3 0 0

For dedicated videophiles, Panasonic introduces the high-performance PT-AE300, a Home Cinema Projector that delivers smooth, film-like images that are not only powerful, but also faithfully recreate the most delicate and beautiful of scenes. While having all the features of the AE200, this enhanced projector goes even further with extended features such as Panasonic's patented Smooth Screen technology, highresolution LCD panels and many more. The

PT-AE300—the choice of video connoisseurs.


Home Cinema Projectors PT-AE200/PT-AE300

A proficient model for

Standard Home Cinema Projector


a true home cinema experience

Simply point the PT-AE200 at a screen and your living room is transformed into a movie theatre, concert hall, or stadium. Emotional movie scenes, the energy of a music concert, and the excitement of a stadium crowd are presented to you by the advanced features of the PT-AE200, such as a native 16:9 wide-screen LCD panel, high brightness and contrast, and many more. With its 6 picture modes, you can enjoy beautiful images perfectly suited to each source. The quiet fan noise of 28

dB* will not intrude on your watching pleasure, and the extra short-throw

lens can provide large-screen excitement in any size of room. Operation is easy with the back-lit multi-function wireless remote controller, and the SD memory

card allows fast and easy slide shows.

Enhance your home visual entertainment with the PT-AE200.



A wide range of features enables the PT-

AE200 to reproduce high quality images from sources such as DVD. A new optical system provides the high contrast ratio of 700:1 and vivid colour reproduction across a wide range, while Panasonic’s

10-bit gamma correction produces the most accurate of image gradation. Enjoy the best images available from high quality sources.



Hardly audible at 28 dB*, the fan noise won't intrude on the quietest of scenes, further adding to the flexibility of placing the PT-AE200. It can deliver a 100-inch (2.5 m) diagonal 16:9 wide-screen image from the incredibly short distance of 3.1 m.

Weighing less than 2.9 kg and measuring just 28 x

27.9 cm, the PT-AE200 is easy to move, so use at home parties and many other events is simplicity itself!

* In low mode.



With the diverse range of input terminals, projection of images or pictures is simplicity itself. Even enjoying surfing the internet and playing games on a large screen is easier. A newly added

SCART socket provides you with even more convenience. Other terminals include component video, S-Video, composite video, and 15-pin D-sub PC

IN. Now complete with a convenient SD memory card slot, you can enjoy slideshows of JPEG pictures in the style of the slide projector, or even movies in MPEG-4 format.


Home Cinema Projectors PT-AE200/PT-AE300

A high-end projector

High-end Home Cinema Projector


bred to produce film-like quality

More than just powerful, the PT-AE300 presents you with all the sensitivity of movie scenes and the emotions associated with concerts. It is packed with technologies aimed at achieving the quality of film. Panasonic-

developed Smooth Screen technology produces smooth film-like picture quality that will remind you of your last cinema experience. From the flash of summer sun on colourful clothing to the dazzling lights of a concert performance, all will appear as vividly striking images delivered by the superb brightness of 800

ANSI lumen and high contrast ratio of

800:1. You can even customize the colours to your exact desire with 294 mode settings.

Film-like quality—it is what the PT-AE300 was bred to realize.



Panasonic’s patented Smooth Screen technology takes the projector image to a higher, film-like level. When an LCD projector shows images on a large screen, black lines can appear between the pixels. This phenomenon—called the chicken wire effect—is minimised in the PT-AE300 by

Panasonic-developed Smooth Screen technology. This reduces the gaps between pixels inherent with conventional projectors to give images a smooth texture, so they become closer to those you enjoy at the movie theatre.

PT-AE300E: Smoothly textured images, as in a movie theatre

Conventional: “Chicken wire” effect



The stillness of the musicians, the darkness of the unlit stage before the final crescendo, images from concerts to sports events are sharper and more detailed with deeper blacks than ever, thanks to the high contrast ratio of 800:1 and the superb brightness of 800

ANSI lumens. And they are faithfully reproduced by the high-resolution 960 x 540-pixel wide LCD panels. It is also equipped with a high-quality de-interlacer that differentiates between the moving and still parts of images with high precision to realize a crystal clear image. The PT-

AE300 brings you whiter whites, blacker blacks, and more vivid natural images for your ultimate viewing pleasure.



You can choose exactly how you wish the PT-

AE300 to present your images. Fine tuning of projected images is possible through 294 picture quality settings, black/white level gamma correction, or colour temperature fine adjustment. The image can be positioned anywhere using vertical/horizontal keystone correction. Various connections are available, now including a SCART socket plus an SD memory card slot.

The PT-AE300 is also equipped with a digital video interface (DVI), which accepts digital signals directly for clearer images.


Home Cinema Projectors PT-AE200/PT-AE300

Dynamic power packed in a co

Smooth Screen technology— realizing film-like quality

When an LCD projector shows images on a large screen, you can sometimes see grid lines—known as “chicken wire”—between pixels. With Panasonic’s patented Smooth Screen technology, use of a special double refraction crystal makes those lines thinner and lightens their colour. You can see the results in the PT-AE300’s clear, sharp, smooth images.

The Double Refraction Crystal Device

Crystal device

Divided pixels

Covers a wider colour reproduction area

To cover the "High-Definition area" described in colour reproduction standards, the AE200 and AE300 use an originally developed optical system intended specifically for cinema viewing. This enables reproduction of an unprecedented wide range of colours. The green of the forest, the red of a rose, the blue of the ocean,




High-Definition and vibrant skin—by projecting vivid colours and subtle hues, you can view pictures reproduced in all their original richness of colour.




10-bit digital gamma correction for rich expression of gradations

10-bit digital gamma correction for rich expression of gradations

Traditional LCD panels characteristically saturate, resulting in blurred dark and bright areas. The AE200 and AE300 are equipped with a Panasonic-developed 10-bit digital gamma correction circuit that operates in the opposite direction. By correcting linearly from dark to bright the ideal gradation is realized, leading to the most delicate image reproduction possible. Natural colours, like those of skin and hair, or the vibrancy of a brightly coloured dress, are delivered with smooth shading and accurate image gradation.

Corrected every 10 bits signal level signal level

Pixel on LCD panel

High brightness, high contrast

Specially developed by Panasonic, a new optical system realizes images with the incredible brightness of 800 ANSI lumen, and provides the high contrast ratio of 800:1*. Together this results in deeper blacks and sharper, more detailed images. You get whiter whites, blacker blacks, and vivid, natural colours in everything you watch, from nature programmes to cartoons and animation.

* Applies to the PT-AE300. The PT-AE200 offers a brightness of 700 ANSI

lumen and contrast ratio of 700:1.

Picture reproduction with large-stepped brights, and blurred darks signal level

10 bit digital gamma correction

Ideal picture reproduction with the correction of the


High-resolution wide LCD panels

The PT-AE300 uses three of the new, high-resolution, 960 x 540pixel wide LCD panels, for sharp, beautiful images from DVD and other sources. Thanks to the brightness of 800 ANSI lumen and high

800:1 contrast, you can enjoy movies with natural colours and clear detail.

More flexible colour settings

・Colour temperature adjustment (


3000 K)

・Three sets of picture adjustment settings can be stored in memory

Other image enhancements

・Digital Cinema Reality™: Reproduces images that are faithful to the original film source

・Noise reduction: Dramatically reduces ghosts and blurs

PT-AE300 Conventional

mpact case

Digital keystone correction

The PT-AE300 provides both vertical and horizontal keystone correction to compensate for image distortion when the projector is used at an angle to the screen. Vertical keystone correction compensates for distortion in the up-and-down direction, while horizontal correction compensates for right-to-left distortion. You enjoy distortion-free images when projecting from an angle of up to

30 degrees in any direction (up, down, left or right).

A variety of terminals including SCART

Use the PT-AE200/PT-AE300 with a DVD or video player, a PC, game machine, and more. A SCART terminal adds to your convenience.

The component video input terminals allow you to enjoy the full quality of images from high-end progressive scan DVD players. The

PC IN terminal can be used to connect a game machine and PC.

Other terminals include composite video, S-Video and many more.

The PT-AE300 is equipped with a Digital Visual Interface (DVI) that directly accepts digital signals from PCs.

Before keystone correction

Slim, stylish and compact

Measuring just 28 x 27.9 cm and weighing less than 2.9 kg, the PT-

AE300 is thin, compact and easy to carry. You can set it up just about anywhere—on a table, in an AV rack, or suspended from the ceiling

(using an optional ceiling mount).

Other convenient features

・Back-lit, multi-function wireless remote control

・7-language on-screen menu operation (English,

French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese)

After keystone correction

NOTE: The PT-AE200 features vertical (up-down) keystone correction only.

Easy projection with an SD memory card

The PT-AE200/PT-AE300 features an SD Memory

Card slot. Simply insert a card containing JPEG images or MPEG-4 movies taken with a digital still camera or digital video camera, and you can project them onto a large screen. Enjoy fast, easy slide shows without the need for connecting cables or other equipment.

SCART terminal : PT-AE200/PT-AE300 Digital Visual Interface (DVI) : PT-AE300

Quiet operation—only 28 dB*

A new, quiet fan lowers operating noise while reducing light leakage by the use of twin blades. Thanks to this special design, you can fully enjoy the beauty of the large-screen images with no distracting noise.

*In low mode.

100-inch (2.5 m) wide-screen images at a distance of 3.1 m

The extra-short-throw lens produces big images in small spaces.

For example, you can get a 100-inch (2.5 m) diagonal 16:9 widescreen image from a distance of just 3.1 metres. The image size ranges from 40 to 200 inches, with easy adjustment using the manual zoom.

PT-AE300E/AE200E Features at a Glance

LCD panel


960 x 540 pixels


858 x 484 pixels

Brightness 800 ANSI 700 ANSI

Contrast ratio

SmoothScreen technology

Digital keystone correction

Image mode selection

Gamma correction (white)

Gamma correction (black)

Colour temperature adjustment

Digital Cinema Reality™

DVI-D input

SD Memroy Card slot

Operation noise

Back-lit multi-function wireless remote

Extra-short throw zoom lens

Compact body (W x D x H):

28 x 27.9 x 8.5 cm

Lightweight: 2.9 kg



Vertical, horizontal

6 modes

7 steps

7 steps





28 dB










6 modes







28 dB




Home Cinema Projectors PT-AE200/PT-AE300

Double the power of your home cinema experience

Combine the PT-AE200 or PT-AE300 with a home movie theatre sound system, for example the SC-MT1, and your room becomes a dynamic movie theatre. The superb 5.1 ch surround system will envelope you with its overwhelming power. The unified design means that control of both projector and DVD player is possible using the remote controller of the MT-1. This is the ideal way to get the ultimate in sound. Let the system guide your way to the next level of home cinema experience.

Home Cinema Projector




DVD-Audio/Video Home Cinema System


(DVD Player, Speaker system)


8.5 cm

Rear view of the PT-AE300

28 cm

27.9 cm

Rear view of the PT-AE200


A s p e c t ra t i o D i a g o n a l i m a g e s i z e

1 6 : 9

4 : 3

4 0 ˝ / 1 . 0 m / 3 . 3 ´

6 0 ˝ / 1 . 5 m / 4 . 9 ´

8 0 ˝ / 2 . 0 m / 6 . 7 ´

1 0 0 ˝ / 2 . 5 m / 8 . 3 ´

1 5 0 ˝ / 3 . 8 m / 1 2 . 5 ´

2 0 0 ˝ / 5 . 1 m / 1 6 . 7 ´

4 0 ˝ / 1 . 0 m / 3 . 3 ´

6 0 ˝ / 1 . 5 m / 4 . 9 ´

8 0 ˝ / 2 . 0 m / 6 . 7 ´

1 0 0 ˝ / 2 . 5 m / 8 . 3 ´

1 5 0 ˝ / 3 . 8 m / 1 2 . 5 ´

2 0 0 ˝ / 5 . 1 m / 1 6 . 7 ´

1 . 2 m

1 . 9 m

2 . 5 m

3 . 1 m

4 . 7 m

6 . 2 m

1 . 5 m

2 . 3 m

3 . 0 m

3 . 8 m

5 . 7 m

7 . 6 m

m i n .

3 . 9 ´

6 . 2 ´

8 . 3 ´

1 0 . 2 ´

1 5 . 4 ´

2 0 . 3 ´

4 . 9 ´

7 . 5 ´

9 . 8 ´

1 2 . 5 ´

1 8 . 7 ´

2 4 . 9 ´













D i st a n ce t o s c re e n

1 . 4 m

2 . 2 m

2 . 9 m

3 . 7 m

5 . 6 m

7 . 4 m

1 . 8 m

2 . 7 m

3 . 6 m

4 . 6 m

6 . 9 m

9 . 2 m

m a x .

4 . 6 ´

























Ceiling mount bracket: ET-PKE300

Replacement lamp unit: ET-LAE300

Screen: ET-SR90CT

80˝—90˝ diagonal,

W x H: 1.8 x 1.8 m

(5.9´ x 5.9´)

Screen: ET-SR70CT

65˝—70˝ diagonal,

W x H: 1.4 x 1.4 m

(4.6´ x 4.6´)


Power supply

Power consumption

LCD panel

Aspect ratio:





100–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

180 W (0.5 W in standby mode with fan stopped)

0.7-inch diagonal polysilicon TFT wide panels (x3)

16:9 (4:3 selectable)

Opical shift






Contrast ratio



Projection size


Scanning frequency



Colour system

Audio output





DVI (PT-AE300E only)




SD Memory Card

Still pictures

Motion pictures

Digital keystone correction



Dimensions (W x H x D)


Fun noise

Operating environment



Supplied Accessories

1,555,200 pixels, 960 x 540 (x 3)

1,245,816 pixels, 858 x 484 (x 3)

Manual zoom/focus lens

F 2.0–2.3, f 22.0–26.2 mm

17:1 (fixed, 16:9 aspect ratio)

120 W UHM™ lamp

800 ANSI lumens* (high lamp power mode)

700 ANSI lumens* (high lamp power mode)

More than 90%

800:1 (full white/full black)

700:1 (full white/full black)

40˝–200˝ / 1.2–9.0 m (aspect ratio: 16:9)

Ceiling/desk, front/rear (menu selection) fH 30–70 kHz, fV 50–87 Hz

525i (480i), 625i (576i), 525p (480p),

750p (720p), 1125i (1080i)


2 W (mono)

RCA pin jack

DIN 4-pin

RCA pin jack x 2 (L, R)

DVI-D 24-pin

D-sub HD 15-pin

RCA pin jack x 3 (Y, PB/CB, PR/CR)


DCF compliant

MPEG-4 compliant (audio: G.726 compliant)

Vertical and horizontal


280 x 85 x 279 mm (including lens)

2.9 kg (6.4 lbs.)

28 dB (low lamp power mode)





C (32





20%–80% (no condensation)

• AC cord (3 m/9.9´) • Carrying bag

• AV cable (3 m/9.9´) • Wireless remote control

• Batteries for remote control • Lens cap

• User’s manual

Weights and dimensions shown are approximate. Specifications subject to change without notice. This product may be subject to export control regulations. UHM is a trademark of Matsushita Electric Industrial

Co., Ltd. PS/2, VGA and XGA are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation. Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. SVGA is a registered trademark of the Video

Electronics Standards Association. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of the various trademark owners. Projection images simulated.

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