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GL Phone User Manual
Chapter 1
Introduction ----------------------------------------------------------------
Chapter 2
Keypad ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Chapter 3
1. How to Connect the Cables? --------------------------------------2. Connection Setup -------------------------------------------------a. Integrated Router/DSL Modem --------------------------b. DSL Modem Connection ----------------------------------c. Direct Internet Connection -------------------------------Final Step -----------------------------------------------------------
Chapter 4
Becoming Familiar with LCD/LED -----------------------------------------
Chapter 5
911 Registration -----------------------------------------------------------
Chapter 6
Making Telephone Calls ---------------------------------------------------1. Handset, Speakerphone and Headset Mode ---------------------2. Multiple SIP Accounts and Lines ----------------------------------3. Making Calls -------------------------------------------------------4. Answering Incoming Calls ----------------------------------------5. Call Hold -----------------------------------------------------------6. Call Waiting and Switching Between Calls -----------------------7. Call Transfer ------------------------------------------------------8. Conference Calls --------------------------------------------------9. Checking Messages and Message Waiting Indicator ------------10. Mute and Delete --------------------------------------------------11. Speed Dial ----------------------------------------------------------
Chapter 7
Star Command Services and Messages -----------------------------------
Chapter 8
Using Voicemail ------------------------------------------------------------
Chapter 9
Frequently Asked Questions -----------------------------------------------
Gold Line Group
180 West Beaver Creek Road
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4B 1B4 Canada
Tel: 647.438.3800
Fax: 905.709.1910
Chapter 1
Gold Line Group is proud to announce its revolutionary new product, Gold Line IP
Phone (GL Phone); a state-of-the-art IP based telephony service that is used with
your Internet connection.
GL Phone is a telephone that operates over Internet rather than over telephone lines.
It is a voice over IP (VoIP) telephone service that converts voice into IP packets and
vice versa. Because it is VoIP, telephone calls are very cost effective and can be
made from wherever an Internet connection is available.
When you subscribe to GL Phone for the first time, you will receive a package
containing the following items:
Phone (IP Phone + Handset)
Power Adaptor (Input: 100-240V~,
50-60Hz, Output: +5 VDC, 1.2A, 6W)
Network Cable (RJ-45)
Handset Cord
Chapter 2
Figure 3
Lines 1-4
4 Line keys with LED, can be
extended to 11 Lines with the
use of 7 Speed Dial keys on the
Speed Dial/
Extended Line
7 Speed Dial keys with LED that
can also be configured to use for
When phone is in MENU
mode: Goes to previous
When phone is Active:
Increases handset/
speakerphone volume
When phone is Idle:
Increases ring volume
When phone is in MENU
mode: Goes to next item
When phone is Active:
Decreases handset/
speakerphone volume
When phone is Idle:
Decreases ring volume
Shifts cursor to left
Shifts cursor to right
Enters MENU mode when phone
is IDLE. Also operates as ENTER
key when in MENU mode
Transfers active call to another
Establishes 3-way conferencing
10. Message
Retrieves voicemails
11. Mute/Del
Mutes an ACTIVE call or deletes a
key entry, call log, voice mail, etc
12. Hold
Temporarily puts an ACTIVE call
on hold
13. Speaker
Allows hands-free conversation
14. Send
Dials a new number or redials the
last number dialed. After entering
the phone number, pressing this
key forces a call to be made
immediately before timeout
Chapter 3
1. How to connect the cables
Step 1
Take the IP Phone and handset out of the package. Connect the handset
to the IP phone by plugging one end of the handset cord into the socket
on the left side of the IP Phone and the other end of the handset cord into
the socket in the lower end of the handset. (Figure 1)
Figure 1
Step 2
Plug the power adaptor into the power socket of the IP Phone. (Figure 2)
Figure 2
2. Connection Setup
Three Ways of Connection Setup
There are 3 different ways to setup and connect the GL Phone, depending on
your Internet connection type.
a. Integrated Router/DSL Modem Connection
If you have an integrated router/DSL modem, connect the devices as shown
in the diagram below. Remember that there is no need to change the
configuration of your IP Phone.
b. DSL Modem Connection
If you connect to the Internet through your telephone line (DSL modem),
connect your IP phone as shown below. One RJ-45 cable connects the DSL
modem to the LAN port in your IP phone and another RJ-45 cable connects
your PC or LAPTOP to the internet through the PC port/socket of your IP
To configure your IP Phone using a DSL Modem connection, please call GL Phone
customer service and follow the instructions provided by one of the representatives.
c. Direct Internet Connection
If you connect to the Internet directly through a wall jack via a RJ-45 cable,
simply connect the wall jack to the LAN port of your IP Phone and connect
your PC to Internet via another RJ-45 cable through the PC port of the IP
Phone. Remember that there is no need to change the configuration for this
type of connection.
Final Step
Within 10 seconds after connecting the cables and configuring the IP Phone,
the following patterns will appear on the LCD display:
Grandstream Logo
HTTP Provisioning
Telephone Number &
IP Address
Chapter 4
Becoming Familiar with LCD/LED
GL Phone has a numeric LCD of 64 (rows) x 131 (columns) in pixels. Below is the
display when all segments are illuminated:
When phone is in an idle state, the backlight is off. When there is a call, the
backlight will turn on automatically to bring the user’s attention to the LCD. In
addition, if Voicemail is configured and there is a Voicemail waiting, the red LED will
LCD Icon Definition
Network Status Icon:
Blinks when an Ethernet link failure occurs or if phone is not properly
OFF if IP address or SIP server is not found
ON if IP address and SIP server are located
Phone Status Icon:
OFF when the handset is on-hook
ON when the handset is off-hook
Speakerphone/Headset Status Icon:
Blinks when phone rings
OFF when speakerphone/headset is off
ON when speakerphone/headset is on
Handset and Speakerphone/Headset Volume Icons:
0-7 scale to adjust handset/speakerphone volume
Time Icon:
AM for morning
PM for afternoon
Numerical Numbers and Characters:
A, b, C, c, d, E, F, G, g, H, h, I, L, n, O, o, P, q, r, S, t,U, u, Y
Real-time Clock:
Synchronized to Internet time server
- 10 -
Chapter 5
911 Registration
GL Phone service does not support traditional 911 or E911 access to emergency
services. We offer a feature known as "911 Dialing" which is a limited emergency
calling service that differs from traditional 911 or E911 emergency services calling.
You should familiarize yourself with the contents of this page and follow all necessary
requirements and directions. Failure to do so could result in unavailability of 911
Our “911 Dialing” feature is not automatic. In order to activate the “911 Dialing”
feature, you must take affirmative steps to register the address where you will be
using your GL Phone. You must do this for each GL Phone number that you obtain.
When you move your GL Phone to another location, you must register the new
location through our web page. If you do not register your new location, any calls
you make using the 911 dialing feature may be sent to an emergency centre near
your old address. When traveling with your GL Phone, you should be aware that the
call center that answers 911 calls will only have access to your previously registered
addresses; therefore, you must be able to provide the 911 call center with your
current location.
We contract a third party to use the address of your registered location to determine
the nearest emergency response centre. They then forward your call to a general
number at that centre. When the centre receives your call, the operator may not
have your address and/or phone number. You must therefore provide your address
and phone number in order to get help. You hereby authorize us to disclose your
name and address to third-party service providers, including, without limitation, call
routers, call centers and public service answering points, for the purpose of
dispatching emergency services personnel to your registered location.
Please be aware that GL Phone requires an internet connection at all times in order
to operate. Therefore, any interruptions to your internet connection and/or power
failure will result in unavailability of the service, which will include 911 dialing. Please
visit our Terms of Services for complete details about 911 calling, its requirements
and limitations on liability.
How to Register
1. First type the address below in the address bar of internet browser
2. Click on the Registration on the left bar
3. Enter you pin number
4. On new page, provide your First Name, Last Name, Street Number, Apt/Suite,
Street Name, Town/City, Province, Postal Code
5. Read the 911 Terms of Service and click on “I Agree”
6. Click on Submit
- 11 -
Terms of Service
By accepting the Terms of Service, the Customer acknowledges and understands the
♦ 911 Services are not automatically set for this phone service and it is the
responsibility of the Customer to activate such services.
♦ It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that his/her family and
other potential users of this Service are aware as to how to use the 911
♦ It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that the Provider is
aware of his/her current address at all times.
♦ The Customer acknowledges and understands that calls made using this
911 service will be routed to a Call Center, Public Safety Answering Point
or Emergency Local Service and that it is the Customer's responsibility
that accurate and detailed information, including but not limited to the
EXACT LOCATION of the Customer is provided to the 911 router and that
failure to do as such may significantly increase the response time for the
emergency service to be provided or may result in the failure of 911
services to the Customer.
♦ The Customer acknowledges that 911 Services may not be available on a
24/7 basis.
♦ 911 services are only available for Customers who have subscribed to our
prepaid LD services and can make calls to non-GL ipfones. Service is NOT
available if the Customer has ONLY subscribed to basic IP-to-IP calling.
♦ The Customer further acknowledges that the Provider cannot be held
liable for any interruptions in phone service for any reason whatsoever.
♦ Acceptance of the Services provided by the Provider to the Customer shall
be deemed acceptance of the terms and conditions as to the availability of
911 Services as provided hereunder and as to the limits of liability
imposed hereunder.
- 12 -
Chapter 6
Making Telephone Calls
1. Handset, Speakerphone and Headset Mode
Handset can be switched between speaker (hands-free) and headset mode.
However, when the Headset is plugged in, speaker mode will automatically switch
to headset mode. To switch between modes, press either the hook flash in the
handset cradle or the speaker button.
2. Multiple SIP Accounts and Lines
GL Phone can support up to 4 independent lines and up to 11 concurrent audio
channels arbitrarily assigned to these phone numbers and can be used in any
combination. Speed dial numbers configured must be associated with a specific
phone number.
Each of the 4 LINE buttons (1-4) is “virtually” mapped to each phone number.
When phone is off hook and user chooses an idle line, the name of the line (as
configured in the web interface) will be displayed on the LCD while a dial tone is
played out. For example, if the 4 phone numbers are named FWD, SIPPHONE,
BROADVOICE, and PBX respectively and all are active and registered, user will
hear dial tone and see “FWD” when LINE1 is pressed, “SIPPHONE” when LINE2 is
pressed, “BROADVOICE when LINE3 is pressed, and “PBX” when LINE4 is
Upon choosing one of the four lines for an outgoing call, the LED indicator will
light up in solid red color. User can switch to a different line before dialing a
number by pressing the same LINE button one or more times. If user continues
pressing that line, the selected account will circulate among the registered lines.
For example, when LINE1 is pressed, LCD displays “FWD”. If LINE1 is pressed
again, LCD displays “SIPPHONE” and the subsequent call will be made through
If a phone number is configured and registered, all incoming calls for that
number will attempt to use its corresponding LINE if it is not in use. When the
“virtually” mapped line is in use, the next available LINE will flash in red color
(from Left to Right, then Top to Bottom).
LINES 5 to 11 cannot be picked like LINES 1 to 4. Lines are picked automatically.
When an incoming call arrives while all 4 lines (1-4) are in use, LINE5 will be
selected. When all 4 LINES (1- 4) are in use and user places an active call on
hold, user can on-hook and off-hook to activate the next available LINE (LINE5 or
the next available one). When any of the 7 functions keys are associated with a
call, they function as LINE keys; otherwise they function as speed dial keys. (So
when speed dial key #1 is used as LINE5, you cannot use speed dial #1, but
speed dial keys 2-7 still work). A line is defined as “ACTIVE” when it is making or
receiving a call and its corresponding line LED is lit up in solid red.
3. Making Calls
There are three ways to make phone calls:
1. Off hook the Handset/Speaker/Headset or select a LINE by pressing an
available LINE key. The corresponding LED will light up in solid red. Enter
phone number and press the SEND key.
- 13 -
2. Off hook the Handset/Speaker/Headset or select a LINE by pressing an
available LINE key. The corresponding LED will light up in solid red. Press the
SEND button to redial the last number called.
3. Off hook the Handset/Speaker/Headset or select a LINE by pressing an
available LINE key. The corresponding LED will light up in solid red. Press a
Speed Dial key to call a preset number.
• The number being dialed will be displayed on the LCD as a dialing tone is
played out.
• If the phone number is not followed by pressing the “SEND” button, there will
be a 4 second pause before the call is initiated.
Answering Incoming Calls
There are two ways to answer incoming calls:
1. When receiving a call, the corresponding LINE will flash in red. Taking
Handset/Speaker/Headset off hook will enable user to hear the calling party.
2. When receiving second or additional incoming calls, user will hear a stutter
Call Waiting tone, while the call is sent to the corresponding LINE or to the next
available LINE as described in Section 2.
Call Hold
To put the other party on hold while in a call, press the “HOLD” button. User can
resume the conversation by pressing the corresponding LINE again. If user is
already in conversation and presses another available LINE for making or
receiving other phone calls, the current call will automatically be put on HOLD.
Call Waiting and Switching Between Calls
GL Phone can support up to 11 lines. By switching to another line to make or
answer calls, the ACTIVE call is automatically placed on HOLD.
When receiving second or more incoming calls, user will hear a stutter Call
Waiting tone, while the call is sent to the corresponding LINE or to the next
available LINE as described in Section 2.
Call Transfer
GL Phone supports both BLIND and ATTENDED Transfer:
1. Blind Transfer: When in conversation, press “TRNF” button after hearing a
dial tone, dial the preferred number and press the “SEND” button. This will
transfer the other party on the corresponding LINE to the dialed number.
2. Attended Transfer: When in conversation with an “ACTIVE” LINE, press
“TRNF” button, and then press the preferred LINE that is on “HOLD”. If there is
no call on HOLD, user will need to make a call and thus automatically put the
current ACTIVE LINE on HOLD.
Conference Calls
GL Phone supports 3-way conferencing. With one LINE ACTIVE and another LINE
on HOLD, pressing the CONF button followed by pressing the LINE that is on
HOLD will join the three parties together in a conference.
If after pressing the “CONF” button, a user decides not to conference anyone,
pressing CONF or the original LINE button will cancel the conference and resume
the conversation.
If the conference holder wishes to end a conference, pressing the HOLD button
will break the conference and place both parties on hold. User can then talk to
each individual party by selecting the corresponding LINES.
- 14 -
9. Checking Messages and Message Waiting Indicator
When GL Phone is on-hook, pressing the MSG button will trigger the phone to call
the Voicemail center. If a line is selected first, the Voicemail Account configured
for that line will be dialed. The MWI (Message Waiting Indicator) LED will blink in
red when there is a message waiting.
10. Mute and Delete
When in conversation with an ACTIVE line, pressing “MUTE/DEL” will mute the
conversation. You can hear the other party but the other party will not be able
hear you. Pressing the button again will resume the conversation. When dialing a
number, pressing “MUTE/DEL” will delete the last entered digit.
11. Speed Dial
There are 7 speed dial buttons, each which can be configured with a different
number to dial. If there is an incoming call while all 4 LINES (1-4) are in use, the
speed dial buttons will function as regular phone lines.
- 15 -
Chapter 7
Star Command Services and Messages
GL Phone, like other telephone services, provides many different services for its
users. All these services are available by default in the factory settings of the phone.
Commands start with * and are followed by one or two numbers or characters. For
ease of use, these services are activated and deactivated using almost the same
procedure. For instance, call waiting is activated by *68 and is deactivated by *78.
Dial *99 to reset all star commands to the default mode.
Feature command
Customer Service
24/7 customer service
Customer Service
Balance check through
star commands
At this time you
have # dollars and #
cents available for
this call.
Check Voicemail
Access to voicemail
option with a personal
Enter your password
A list of services will be
*41*speed dial number*1(area
Speed Dial
*41* speed dial number*011+(country
Speed dial number is
between 0 to 99
Message you hear
The Speed Dial you
specified was set
Activate Duration
Activate or deactivate
Credit Balance
announcement of credit
Announcement is ON
balance at the start of
or OFF
each call
Send all Calls to
All calls will be
Send All Calls To
forwarded to voice
Voicemail is ON or
mailbox without ringing OFF
Call Forwarding is
ON or Call
Forwarding is set to
Calls to callee’s principal
a chargeable
number are forwarded
number. Please
to another number
ensure that your
account has enough
If the callee doesn’t
answer a call, call is
forwarded to another
number or to voicemail
Forward No Answer
is ON or Forward No
Answer is set to a
chargeable number.
Please ensure that
your account has
enough funds.
If the callee is busy on a
call, a second incoming
call is forwarded to
voicemail or another
Forward Busy is ON
or Forward Busy is
set to a chargeable
number. Please
ensure that your
account has enough
*61*1(area code)+number*#
Call Forwarding
*61*011+(country code)+number*#
Forward No
*62*1(area code)+number*#
*62*011+(country code)+number*#
*63*1(area code)+number*#
Forward Busy
*63*011+(country code)+number*#
- 16 -
Feature command
Do Not Disturb
Callee rejects all
incoming calls by
forwarding calls to
Call Id Block
Caller’s phone number
Caller Id Block is ON
is hidden from the callee or OFF
Anonymous Call
A call with a blocked id
is rejected by callee.
Call Id Block/per
Message you hear
Do not disturb is On
Anonymous Call
Rejection is ON or
Caller’s phone number
is hidden if command is
entered before
telephone number
*67+1(area code)+number*#
*67+011+(country code)+number*#
Alerts of incoming calls
and allows switching
between calls
Call waiting is ON or
Call Waiting
Dial Last Missed
Dial Last Received
English Language
Language is set to
French Language
Language is set to
Reset Services
Reset the services to
default settings
- 17 -
This is for
initialize to default
Chapter 8
3 (Advanced options)
Using Voice Mail
1 (Send a reply)
3 (Hear the msg envelop)
5 (Repeat)
5 (Leave a msg)
6 (Next msg)
* (Return to main menu)
Date & Time
7 (Delete)
Date & Time
4 (Previous msg)
8 (Forward To another user)
3 (Advanced options)
9 (Save)
5 (Repeat current msg)
* (Help)
6 (Play the next msg)
# (Exit)
7 (Delete)
8 (Forward to another user)
0 (New msgs)
1 (Old msgs)
2 (W ork msgs)
Enter your
3 (Family msgs)
4 (Friend msgs)
9 (Save)
* (Help)
* (Exit)
1 Prepend the msg
Enter the
2 Forward without
0 (New msgs)
# (Exit)
1 (Old msgs)
* (Help)
2 (Work msgs)
5 (Leave a msg)
# (Exit)
3 (Family msgs)
4 (Friend msgs)
* (Return to main menu)
# (Exit)
1 (Record your unavailable msg)
2 (Record your busy msg)
3 (Record your name)
Mail Box
1 (Accept)
4 (Record your temporary greeting)
2 (Listen)
5 (Change your password)
3 (Rerecord)
* (Return to main menu)
1 (New Messages)
2 (Change Folders)
Enter new Password #
3 (Advanced options)
0 (Mail Box Option)
* (Help)
# (Exit)
- 18 -
Enter new Password #
Chapter 9
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Q: What are the customer service access numbers?
A: You can contact a customer service representative from your GL Phone by
dialing *0. If you are calling from a phone other than GL Phone, please
use the following access numbers:
Toll free: 1.866.709.4545
Local Toronto: 1.647.438.3800
2. Q: I cannot access the Internet through the PC port of my GL Phone.
A: Check your Internet connection and also check the connections at the back
of the GL Phone. Make sure all cables are connected properly.
3. Q: What is the minimum Internet bandwidth necessary to use the GL Phone?
A: The minimum bandwidth to place a call is 32 Kb/s. This means that you
can use slow internet connections to operate your GL Phone.
4. Q: Will my service still work if I have a power loss or if I lose my Internet
A: No, the service will not work in these situations. It will be automatically
reconnected when your Internet connection is re-established or when
power is restored.
5. Q: Will my VPN (Virtual Private Network) work over the PC port of GL Phone?
A: Yes, VPN is fully compatible with GL Phone PC port.
6. Q: Does GL Phone work with my Satellite Internet connection?
A: Yes, all Internet connection types are compatible with GL Phone.
7. Q: How will I know if my registration has failed? What should I do in this
A: If you see the
blinking or is OFF, your registration has failed. Please
contact Customer Service to solve the problem.
8. Q: Is it necessary to test my 911 service?
A: No, there is no need to test 911 to make sure that the service is working.
Our technical department has tested the service thoroughly for your
9. Q: What is the difference between 911 and E911?
A: E911 is the capability of a carrier to send location information to public
safety answering points when a 911 emergency call is received. By FCC
regulations, carriers must eventually be able to track most of their calls to
within 150 feet. Rollout of these services is expected to be completed by
- 19 -
10. Q: If I live abroad, what happens to my 911 service?
A: Our system will automatically detect your location but the service will not
be accessible if you are not located in North America.
11. Q: How do I add an additional number with a different area code to my
A: Call our customer service for additional information regarding cost and
area codes available.
12. Q: What area codes do you offer?
A: For the time being we offer US and Canadian area codes. In the near
future, we will also offer European and Middle Eastern area codes.
13. Q: How will I be charged for call forwarding feature?
A: When you forward your telephone number to another phone number you
will be charged according to the rate of the forwarded phone number.
Remember that if you forward your phone to a GL Phone number, it is
absolutely free.
14. Q: Can I turn my call waiting off?
A: Yes. Enter *78# to deactivate the service.
15. Q: How can I find the rates and area codes for international calls?
A: Go to and click on “Rates”.
16. Q: Can I talk to other GL Phone subscribers for free?
A: Yes, talking with other GL Phone subscribers is absolutely free.
17. Q: Can I use the GL Phone overseas?
A: Yes, the GL Phone works wherever there is an Internet connection
18. Q: How do I access my voicemail account from my GL Phone?
Dial *4
Enter your password (your temporary password is the last 4 digits of
your GL Phone number)
Follow the instructions
19. Q: How do I set up my voicemail account?
A: Please refer to Chapter 7 of this manual.
20. Q: How do voicemail email attachments work?
A: When you receive a voice message, an email will automatically be sent to
your email account containing a .wav file. This file can then be played
using any audio player on your computer.
21. Q: How long will the phone ring before a call is forwarded to Voicemail?
A: The phone will ring for 30 seconds.
- 20 -
22. Q: Why are all my calls going to voicemail?
A: You may have activated the “send all calls to voicemail” service. Dial *53
to deactivate it.
23. Q: I forgot my Voicemail PIN. How do I get a new one?
A: Call our customer service center by dialing *0 or Toll-free number
1.866.709.4545. The representative will ask you some questions for
identification purposes and will give you a new temporary PIN.
24. Q: How do I activate and deactivate the GL phone services?
A: Please refer to Chapter 6 of this manual.
25. Q: Why are all my forwarded calls going to my GL Voicemail?
A: Your account has insufficient funds. Call customer service or go to to recharge your account.
26. Q: How many voicemail messages can I have in my mailbox at any one time?
A: There is no limit to the number of messages you are able to have.
27. Q: How can I personalize my Voicemail PIN?
A: Dial *4
Select the advanced options
Press 5 to change your PIN
28. Q: I have more than one telephone number assigned to my account. How
many voicemail accounts do I have?
A: Your voicemail is assigned to your unique GL Phone number. It is not
necessary to configure another account for you.
- 21 -
Gold Line Group
180 West Beaver Creek Road
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 1B4 Canada
Tel: 647.438.3800
Fax: 905.709.6901
- 22 -


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