home energy checklist - the Environment Centre

home energy checklist - the Environment Centre
Energy efficient homes are warmer, healthier and
cheaper to run!
Energy efficient means the house has improvements
like loft and wall insulation, double glazing, a
modern heating system and draught proofing.
Efficient homes are easier to keep warm and should
have lower heating bills than less efficient homes.
Many homes in Southampton are old and inefficient
so it is worth checking before you sign a contract.
Since 2008, if you are renting a house you should
be shown the Energy Performance Certificate, which
will give you an idea of energy efficiency and cost
of bills.
You can ask the letting agent or landlord for the
Energy Performance Certificate or check it on this
website, with your postcode:
What is the rating on the Energy Performance Certificate? A-rated
houses are the best and G-rated the worst, though the average rating
for a UK property is a D.
Does the house have double glazing? Double glazing helps to
reduce heat loss, draughts and damp.
What type of heating system is there? Gas is cheaper than electric.
Does the gas boiler have a valid gas safety certificate? Gas boilers
should be checked annually to ensure they are safe.
If there are electric storage heaters is the house on a cheaper tariff
such as Economy 7? These tariffs allow you to use electricity
overnight when it is cheaper. It is also useful to have a user manual
for the heaters.
Are there any damp and mould patches or condensation on
windows? These can be signs of poor insulation and bad ventilation.
They are also bad for your health.
Is there an extractor fan in the kitchen and bathrooms? This will help
remove moist warm air from cooking and showering, so you are less
likely to get condensation and mould.
Does the house have working Carbon Monoxide and Smoke
detectors? You should smoke alarms upstairs and downstairs and a
CO detector near to any gas appliances. Check that they are
working properly.
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