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260W PV micro inverter
User Manual
System function
Power line carrier-current communication(Used in WVC
By using electric power as a carrier of AC alternating current,
can modulate high-frequency and carrier frequency (60KHz) in
AC wire transmission and can achieve the communication/
newsletter between inverters or between inverter and computer.
And it can transfer the power data and the brightness date of the
sunshine in the real-time. Also monitor all functions of inverter.
1. Carrier frequency:60KHZ(Frequency customizable)
2. Interface way:TTL level serial interface
3. Carrier rate:300BPS
4. Serial rate:9600BPS(Can customize according to
customer's request)
5. Modulation mode:FSK+DSSS
6. Newsletter distance:2Km
 6-grade power search
In overcast weather, the solar battery’s output current is
extremely tiny, then inverter will automatic open 6-grade power
search function.
1. The program can automatically open power adjustment for 6
2. The current direction can adjust from the maximum to the
3. In automatic adjustment process, we will see the LOW light
flashing. And the power will keep as a starting point, from
0 to the maximum output power, and it will restart at most
for 6 times, then locked in the maximum power, the ST
lamp long bright.
4. It need 10 minutes for 6-grade power search.
 Wide voltage input(22-60VDC)
Achieve wide voltage input.
1. DC voltage input:22-60VDC
2. Second level power variable voltage conversion
High-frequency two-way and one-way grid function
1. High frequency direct modulation, AC half wave synthesis
2. Two-way grid means: Load consume directly. And can reverse
AC current transmission.
Kinds of frequency output function.
1. It can apply to 50Hz and 60Hz frequency of AC.
2. Frequency range: 48Hz ~ 63Hz
directly connected to the solar panels (do not need to connect the
Using precise Dynamic differential pressure type MPPT function, APL
functions, the inverter automatically adjust the solar panels of
maximum output power,simply connect the solar panel to the grid
inverters. Do not need to connect the battery.
1. Differential pressure type MPPT: 0.1 V accuracy
2. Power lock: 10W (AC output)
AC 0 angle with high precision auto-detection
AC phase angle of 0 through isolation amplifier then input to the MCU
for high-precision detection and analysis. The phase shift rate is less
than 1%, thus achieve high-precision with phase modulation AC output
1. AC phase shift: < 1%
Beijing Multifit Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd
2. Over-zero protection: 0.2 VAC
3. AC switching: 50Hz / 60Hz
Synchronous High-frequency Modulation
In the process of the grid, usually adapt the same phase angle in parallel.
(ie, When the two-phase alternating current total is equal to 0.Use
switch to combination the two AC fusion) and the product is rectified
AC half-frequency AC to 100Hz first, then the machine use the high
frequency current in the circuit and semi-100Hz frequency alternating
current generated combination, to achieve high-frequency modulation.
1. Modulation synthesis: half wave and full-bridge modulation
synthesis (100Hz / 120Hz)
2. Synthetic way: MOSFET full-bridge
3. High frequency: 50KHz
Pure Sine Wave Output
Use SPWM directly to make pure sine wave output.
1. Output waveform: Adopt complementary PWM to push-pull pure
sine wave.
2. Generate means: enhancement-mode SPWM
Automatic Sensing Function Solar Luminosity
Use the latest luminosity perception operation technology. The different
illuminate angle and intensity of the solar panel will produce different
current output. Use advanced CPU to operate the different intensity of
illumination and the data can be directly displayed on the LCD. Then
you can visually see the sense of the strength of the sun unit. Used more
1. Luminosity sampling point :power sampling point
2. High precision AD sampling: integral AD sampling method
Power Automatically Locked (APL)
In different current fluctuations, we should use the MPPT function.
When the MPPT function adjusted to the maximum power point, the
product automatically powers locked in maximum power point, then
made the output power more stable.
1. Power lock: The biggest sampling point of MPPT.
Automatically Adapt To Different Load Power Factor
Adapt to any of the power load.
Constant Current, Constant Power
This product is constant current, constant output power, without any
overload, over-current phenomenon.
Automatically Shut Down When The Power Grid Fault
When the city power system is in failure, the inverter will automatically
turn off the output.
1. Current Limit Protection
2. Current limit
Stack Multiple Machines
Multiple small power inverters in parallel can achieve large output
High-Frequency High Conversion Rate
Adapt high frequency converter, the output more efficient.
Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
Because the current intensity and the voltage changes at any time, if
there is no power point tracking, there will be a lot of problems. In the
past time, usually adopt a solar controller, but this product uses
high-precision (MPPT) operation power, automatic and immediate
adjust the solar panels output power at the maximum output point, then
achieve a stable output purposes.
MPPT is for short of "Maximum Power Point Tracking". It means the
controller can sense the voltage of the solar panels on time, and can
track the highest voltage and current (VI).Then made the inverter
discharge to power grid with the highest efficiency.
The peak voltage (Vpp) of the solar panels is about 38V when it in
factory. And the environment temperature is 25 ° C. The reason of
setting this temperature(interestingly, different from the subjective
imagination, we ordinary people the conclusion may let us surprised) is
that when the weather is very hot, solar panels’ peak voltage will fall to
about 36 V while in cold weather, the peak voltage can achieve 43 V.
Now we back to contrast the difference of MPPT solar energy grid
inverter and traditional inverter. The traditional solar inverter is a bit like
the manual gearbox. When the engine speed increase, while the gearbox
gear don't increase at the same time, it will definitely affect the speed of
the car. For traditional inverter speaking, the parameter output power is
been set in factory. It likes a car have been fixed set on fixed 1 gears, no
matter how powerfully you trample accelerator, the speed of a car is
limited. While have the MPPT function it will be different, it is
automatically. It will automatically adjust the gears according to the
engine’ speed, so it can make cars in the most gears in a reasonable
efficiency standard operation. It means the MPPT controller can track the
maximum power point of solar panels in real-time then express the
biggest efficiency of solar panels. The higher the voltage, the more power
Recommend use solar panels
DC MAX input current
AC MAX output power
DC MAX Open-circuit input-voltage
DC input voltage range
MAX output power factor
DC input Reverse voltage protection
AC output voltage range
AC frequency range
Output current total harmonic distortion
AC Phase
Islanding protection
Output short circuit protection
Communication way
Standby Power
Night Power
Ambient temperature range
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Power System Disturbance
Network test
can be output through the MPPT. Thus improve the charging efficiency.
Theoretically speaking, using MPPT, the efficiency can be increased by
50% compared with the traditional inverter. But due to environmental
impact and various around energy loss, the ultimate efficiency can
improve 20%-30% according to our actual testing.
Stack using
In order to achieve higher power use requirements, this product can
be stacked. Such as: 4 micro inverter of 260W stacking can achieve
1040W. And the number of the stacking is unlimited.
DC input
Input voltage range: 22V to 60V
Solar Panel: Recommend using the power more than 30W and the standard
voltage of 36V PV panels.
Recommend using multiple solar panels. Solar panel in series will result in
high-input voltage which will exceed the working voltage range of the
AC output
Voltage range of the inverter whose output is 220V AC.: 190V - 260V,
Voltage range of the inverter whose output is 110V AC.: 90V - 160V,
Parameter table
(120V versions 90~160VAC)(230V versions 190~260VAC)
LED mode power instruction voltage instruction
AC frequency instruction over-voltage instruction
60KHz modulation,power line carrier-current communication
-25 ℃~60℃
0~100%(Indoor Type Design)
Indoor Type Design
EN50081.part1 EN50082.part1
EN61000-3-2 EN62109
DIN VDE 1026 UL1741
Packing and weight
Net weight
Gross weight
Size (L x W x H)
Package (L x W x H)
Inner box:31x12x8.5CM
Back of solar panel
Beijing Multifit Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd
Big box:54x33x51CM
Operation Instruction
1. Use the 4*10mm screws to fix the inverter on the holder of the solar
panel. Show below:
Finished all the connections, confirm the AC and DC connection is right.
The LED is red when the AC power is unconnected and the LED shows
like below when the AC power is connected. The LED shows like
A) Power failure display
LED in red:
1. Power cut off
2. Output failure
3. Power grid fault
4. DC low- voltage display(protection)
5. DC over-voltage display(protection)
6. Over temperature display(protection)
B) Power adjust display
1. LED in green, but flashing, it means power is in adjusting
2. LED in green and steady, it means the power is locked, and
the inverter works.
Single-phase connection
Connection electrical diagram of the solar inverter used in single-phase
power generation system, show below
2. Connect the two DC terminal of the PV to the inverter, positive to
positive, negative to negative. Show below:
3. Connection of AC output, connect the AC wire to the AC
waterproof plug. Show below:
Three-phase connection
Connection electrical diagram of the solar inverter used in three-phase
power generation system, show below
4. Connect the AC plug to the inverter’s AC terminal. Show below:
LED display
Beijing Multifit Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd
---Please connect the inverter following the operation instruction show
above. If have any question please contact with relative persons.
--- Non-professionals do not disassemble. Only qualified personnel may
repair this product.
--- Please install inverter in the low humidity and well-ventilated place to
avoid the inverter over-heating, and clear around the inflammable and
explosive materials.
--- When using this product, avoid children touching, playing, to avoid
electric shock.
--- Connected solar panels, battery or wind generators DC input DC power
supply cable.
System islanding operation: When the AC voltage power grid in the zero
value at the failure of the system shut down
Laboratory test results and waveforms
The following figure shows the grid voltage, grid current, system
transfer and island transportation MPP voltage waveform. In the
following oscilloscope images, waveforms’ color and have the
following meanings:
CH1 = yellow color is the solar microCH2 = green color is the solar micro-inverter input current
CH3 = purple color is the power grid voltage
CH4 = magenta color is the power grid current
Grid voltage and grid current
System islanding operation: power failure, the system shut down
Night mode: When the input voltage is less than the low-voltage threshold,
the system shut down
System islanding operation: When the AC voltage peak power failure the
system shut down
PV panels voltage ripple and current ripple
Accessories for product
1. One warranty card
2. One user manual
3. One certificate of quality
Beijing Multifit Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd
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