3.5 TFT LCD Color Monitor " User Manual - ACB Auto

3.5 TFT LCD Color Monitor " User Manual - ACB Auto
3.5" TFT LCD Color Monitor
User Manual
Dear Customer
Thank you for purchasing this product.
For optimum performance and safety, please read this user manual carefully for
a thorough understanding of product installation and operation.Before connecting,
operating or adjusting this product, please read these instructions carefully.
Please keep this manual for future reference
1.Please install the monitor according to local regulation. Please
do not install themonitor in a way that it blocks the view of the
driver or takes away the space forthe driver to operate properly
in the car. Please also do not install the monitor in a way that it
blocks the air bag from operating properly. Please contact a
trainedtechnician for the installation of the monitor
2.During the operation of the monitor, try not to distract the driver
during driving. If one likes to adjust the function of the monitor,
it should be when the car is not moving and parked on the side
of the road
3. Please contact skilled technician for repair of monitor to
avoid short circuit, setting up fire or other types of danger
4. When replacing the fuse, please replace fuse with the same
specifications as before . Be careful not to short circuit
the system because it might cause accident to happen
5.Please dispose the monitor under local regulation.
1. Try not to expose the monitor during operation to sunlight over
a long period of time without the use of air conditioning
inside the car . High temperature inside the car can damage
the monitor during operation
2. Please use water and dry cloth to wipe off any dust from the
monitor. Do not use chemicals because it can damage the
Wiring Instruction
Power On / Off
GND (Black)
Increase Brightness
Decrease Brightness
Video II Input
Source Switching
Video I Input
ACC (Red)
Rear Camera Input
To Screen
DC 12V
Power Supply
Operating Voltage / Voltage Range: 12V / 9~28 V
Maximum Operating Current: 350mA
Standby Current: Less Than 1mA (ACC OFF)
Monitor Size And Operating System
Length of Monitor: 3.5 Inches
Operating System: PAL / NTSC auto switchable
Video Input
Input: 1Vp-p (Non Balanced 75 ohm)
Dimensions: 102mm x 98mm x 13mm
Weight of Monitor: 100g
Weight of Monitor, Accessory and Gift Box: 270g
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