TPWLK "LOGISTIC" SERIES PALLET TRUCK SCALE Pallet truck scales, with built­in electronic weighing, which are reliable, easy to use, suitable for harsh work conditions. These are essential for one who needs to weigh accurately but save time also. Fitted with rechargeable extractable battery. Available also with a built­in printer as well as CE­M DOUBLE RANGE approved.
Maximum lifting capacity: 2000 kg. ●
Accuracy: +/­ 0.1% of the maximum capacity in the versions for internal use. ●
Accuracy: +/­ 0.05% of the maximum capacity in the "M" approved versions. ●
Fork dimensions 1150 x 550 x 85 mm. ●
Weighs about 125 kg. ●
Structure in extra thick steel and oven­fire painted mechanics. ●
Steering wheels and double loading poliurethane rollers. ●
4 shear­beam load cells, with IP67 protection degree. ●
Weight indicator in IP65 STAINLESS STEEL waterproof case, which is easy to clean and resistant to harsh and TPWLK pallet truck scale fitted with extractable battery. corrosive environments; large 25mm LCD display high contrast digits, which are clearly visible even in poor lighting conditions and with low temperatures, and OPTIONS ONLY AVAILABLE AT TIME OF ORDER
Extractable rechargeable battery. ●
Modem radio option box / WI­FI interface. ●
Alibi memory with time­date ●
2 inputs + 2 outputs configurable on gross or net weight. ●
Stainless steel forks / Parking brake. ●
Special steering wheels. ●
680 mm fork width (upon price estimate). ●
Special fork length from 850 to 1500 mm (upon price estimate). ●
Version with capacities and/or special divisions or high waterproof membrane keyboard, with 17 functional keys. ●
Configuration, calibration and diagnostics from keyboard or PC with DINITOOLS. ●
Power supply through extractable rechargeable battery mounted on the pallet truck column. ●
The operating time is of about 80 hours of continuous use or one month with the tipycal non continuous use, thanks to its auto switch­off function. ●
Programmable auto power saving function. ●
Battery level indication. ●
Equipped with 230Vac 50 Hz battery charger (recharging time is about 8 hours). resolution (upon price estimate). ●
Configurable RS232/C bidirectional port for connection to a printer, with customisable print format. ●
Configurable RS232/C bidirectional port for PC, modem radio or portable terminal. ●
IR input for remote control management. ●
Fitted with thermal printer in the TPWLKPR2 and TPWLKPMR2 versions, with Date&Time card. MAIN FUNCTIONS
Zeroing, Tare, Printing ●
High Resolution Weighing x 10 ●
Net/Gross or lb/kg conversion ●
Accumulation ●
Formulation ●
+/­ Checkweighing ●
Percentage weighing ●
Counting (Max. resolution of 1.500.000 divisions) ●
Hold and Peak ●
Set Point Control (with optional interface) Versions available Code
Max (kg)
d (kg)
CE­M 3000e (kg)
500 / 1000 / 2000
0,2 / 0,5 / 1
TPWLKMR2 1000 / 2000
0,5 / 1
500 / 1000 / 2000
0,2 / 0,5 / 1
1000 / 2000
0,5 / 1
TPWLKPMR2 Please take note that the column and the handle­bar require assembly. Options only available at time of order
WeiMonitor PC program for monitoring and recording in real time all the weighs executed on the connected scale.
Pair of stainless steel forks. TPWRAS
Antistatic driving wheels. RTV2
Set of Vulkollan steering wheels (nonstainable).
Set of Nylon steering wheels. TPWFRE
Parking brake system with command pedal mounted on steering wheels.
Additional extractable battery for using the scale 24/7. To be combined to the extractable battery mounted on the pallet truck column.
Alibi memory (fiscal memory, max 120.000 weighs) for approved transmission of the weight to PC/PLC. Real time clock integrated for print of the date/time.
Integrated WI­FI interface for wireless connection (through access point) to the company computer system.
Integrated 868 MHz radio frequency module on the indicator, complete of RS232 port. Max. functioning distance in appropriate environmental and installation conditions: 70m indoors, 150m outdoors. Up to 50 configurable channels.
868 MHz radio frequency module for PC, with PVC box and 1 m USB/mini USB connecting cable; power supply directly from the USB port. Max. functioning distance, in appropriate environmental and installation conditions: 70m indoors, 150m outdoors. 50 configurable channels. (OBRFUSB must be combined with another radio module).
Input/output interface with 2 optoisolated digital inputs and 2 Photomosfet outputs for management setpoints with programmable weight threshold (not combinable with ALMEM alibi memory option).
Custom­made printouts at our premises, for DFW series'indicators (functioning mode and print heading) connected to the TPR series printers or LP542S labeller. NET PRICE.
60 rolls of Linerless thermal sticker paper, 57mm x 21m size, 49mm outer diameter, 12mm diameter central hole.
Power adapter from Schuko to BS1363.
Printed technical manual (free, if downloaded from the web). NET PRICE.
Printed user manual (free, if downloaded from the web and available in the CD, fitted with the product). NET PRICE.
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