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Panasonic Timer
Replacement Kit
- Instructions for replacing Crouzet 1K Hour Timer with a Panasonic Timer Important Safety Instructions
Read all warnings and instructions in this
manual. Save these instructions.
Follow these instructions exactly as written to ensure
proper operation of the timing unit.
Improper grounding, setup, or usage of the system can
cause electric shock.
• Turn off and disconnect power at main switch
before disconnecting any cables and before
servicing equipment.
• Connect only to grounded power source.
• All electrical wiring must be done by a qualified
electrician and comply with all local codes and
Note: 1L1 / 1L2 / 1L3
= 120VAC / 50/60Hz / 1 phase
= 220VAC / 50/60Hz / 1 phase
= 24VDC
See Installation Instructions, page 2
Installation Instructions
Programming Guide
Read Installation Instructions before programming
1. Remove and DISCONNECT all power to unit.
1. Turn power switch OFF.
2. Carefully pull old Crouzet timer unit out of the 11 pin
connection terminal.
2. Remove timer module from socket.
3. Remove screws/plates in order to gain access to 11
pin connection terminal wires. Keep these parts for
4. Use the following steps to reconfigure.
Boxes are provided to check-off each step as it is
a. Remove jumper wire between
terminals 10 & 11 (120VAC units only).
3. Locate and open Dip Switch cover on side of
module. Position Dip Switches ON or OFF to select
time range and input mode (add or subtract).
4. Reinstall module.
5. Turn power switch ON.
6. Press and hold the SET/LOCK button. Then press
either UP or DOWN on the right most, UP/DOWN
7. Release the SET/LOCK button. This will display the
current operation mode.
b.Remove wire between terminals 2 and 5.
8. If “Pu-C” is not displayed, press UP or DOWN to
cycle through operation modes until “Pu-C” is displayed. This ensures that timer cycles continuously.
c. Move old terminal 1 connections to
terminal 11.
9. Use UP/DOWN buttons to increment T1 and T2 setpoints.
d. Swap old terminal 2 connections to
terminal 10 and old terminal 10
connections to terminal 2.
T1 is lubricator ON time.
T2 is lubricator OFF time.
10. Use SET/LOCK button to toggle between T1 and T2
set points.
11. Press RESET button to save and restart program.
e. Move old terminal 5 connections to
terminal 10.
Cycle progress is displayed on upper half of screen.
Corresponding T1 and T2 setpoints are displayed
on lower half of screen.
f. Move old terminal 3 connections to
terminal 9.
To lock keys and prevent accidental changes, press
and hold SET/LOCK button. Then press either UP
or DOWN on left most UP/DOWN button. Repeat to
unlock keys.
5. Replace screws/plates removed during
6. Carefully push new Panasonic timer unit into the 11
pin connection terminal.
7. Reconnect and supply power to unit.
All written and visual data contained in this document reflects the latest product information available at the time of publication.
Graco reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice.
This manual contains English. MM 313120
Graco Headquarters: Minneapolis
International Offices: Belgium, China, Japan, Korea
Copyright 2008, Graco Inc. is registered to I.S. EN ISO 9001
4/2008, revised 9/2008
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