Xbox One Arbiter 4 installation instructions

Xbox One Arbiter 4 installation instructions
Start by taking apart the controller (check out our disassembly video at To make install much easier I recommend removing the
main rumble motor wires, and potentially the trigger motor wires too.
Make sure that the connections on the Arbiter 4 chip are solid and not dry joints. It is easy to make dry joints that appear good
but break very easy. If you get dry joins the chip will not work.
Also make sure that you have no joins between each pin on the chip.
Start by scraping off the carbon on the B button as shown here.
Then place the Arbiter 4 board over the controller and line up the gold pads with the pads of the 2 black connector blocks as
accurately as possibly. You can hold down the board with tape or tack while you make your first few connections.
For the main black connectors, solder the pins that are labelled. They are the Sync on the left side, and the PWR, A, Y, BK, X, RB
and GND pins. It does not matter if you connect the other pins however they are not required.
Be careful not to join pins together. Using solder flux really helps for this step.
Next solder the B button pad at the top right to the copper you exposed earlier by
removing the carbon from the B button pad.
Check all of you connections are solid before proceeding.
The final step is to attach the wires for the RT, R3, LED, SIG, L3 and LT pads. Your board
should come pre-attached with wires on the pads, but if not attach wires to each gold
pad before turning the board over.
Note that for the RT and LT connections, the bottom pin of the resistor (left) and capacitor (right) are joined, so you are ok to connect the wire going over both pins like we
For close up connection points see below.
Once done build up and test. The controller must be synchronised and connected to an Xbox One console before it will work. Once connected the guide LED should be solid
on. Now tap the sync button and the LED should flicker rapidly several times. If that works you are ready to test based on the User Manual
If you get no response at all, check the connections are good and not dry. It is easy to get a dry joint for power or ground that look ok but break if you pull them slightly. If
you do not have good connections the chip will not work.
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