Anton user manual

Anton user manual
Instructions for use
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1. Remove the top cover.
3. Add 5 to 10 drops essential oil (or pure essential oil blend) in
the water tank.
- To clean the ultrasonic oscillator at the bottom of the water tank when
needed ( see problems solving), use a cotton bud impregnated with
4. Put back the top cover.
2. Fill the tank with water up to the max level. Use fresh
clean water (tap water is fine, temperature under 100°F).
User manual
1. Aromatic Mist Outlet
2. Top cover
3. ON / OFF Bouton
4. Bottom
Important: Always turn off the device and unplug the electrical power
before cleaning the device. Never use a sharp object to clean it.
- Empty the water tank before wiping it out using a clean and soft damp
cloth. You can use a gentle detergent if needed. Always rinse and dry well
before using the device again or storing it.
Product Description
How to clean the aroma diffuser ?
5. Plug the cord to the diffuser and
then plug the adaptor to a wall
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