Philips Pro Line - Office Business Systems

Philips Pro Line - Office Business Systems
dictation solutions
From the No. 1
in professional dictation
Taking dictation
to the next level
We believe in the power of simplicity. Our solutions are developed to
make your dictation workflow user-friendly and improve your day-to-day
working life by streamlining the communication between the author and the
typist. With speech-to-text solutions from Philips, the needs of all users
in a dictation environment are met. Our outstanding reputation for quality
and reliability has made us number one in the professional dictation market.
Philips is the only full solution provider for all speech-to-content needs,
such as software, hardware, and services. Practical technology, sophisticated
yet simple, allows you to enhance your working environment and simply
work smarter.
Dr. Thomas Brauner,
CEO of Speech Processing Solutions
Table of contents
Mobile dictation
Pocket Memo voice recorder
Pocket Memo meeting recorder
Stationary dictation
SpeechMike Premium USB dictation microphone
SpeechMike Air wireless dictation microphone
SpeechMike USB dictation microphone
Software and solutions
Dictation recorder app
SpeechLive cloud dictation solution
SpeechExec dictation workflow software
Enhance your solution
From the No. 1
in professional dictation
Professional dictation on the go
Pocket Memo
Pocket Memo voice recorder
DPM8000 series
Pocket Memo voice recorder
Committed to your business
3D Mic system for
best audio quality
motion sensor
The Philips Pocket Memo digital recorder sets new standards in advanced functionality and style.
The ergonomically shaped light-weight metal body is ideal for working over longer periods of time,
and the intuitive one-thumb operation offers unparalleled user-friendliness. Coupled with a docking station
for uploading your files, going from your voice to your text document has never been quicker.
slide switch
Product highlights
3D Mic system for best audio quality
Extended battery runtime
The breakthrough 3D Mic technology uses
the built-in microphones to always deliver
best recording results: an omnidirectional
microphone offering 360 degree sound pickup, ideal for the recording of multiple sound
sources such as meetings, and a unidirectional
microphone optimized for voice recording
and accurate speech-recognition results.*
The high-capacity Li-ion battery can be
easily charged through a standard micro
USB jack. The integrated light and motion
sensors guarantee extended battery life.
The smart technology adjusts the brightness
of the display and switches automatically
into stand-by mode when the device
is idle, ensuring that your recorder will
always be ready to work when you are.*
Large, high-resolution
color display
Ergonomic design
Wear-free slide switch
The quick-response and ergonomic
slide switch is designed for singlehanded
operation of all recording and playback
functions, allowing easy and quick file editing
(insert, overwrite, append). It operates with an
optical sensor, making it wear-free and durable.
Large, high-resolution color display
The large full-color display offers sharp
images, making it easier to see everything
at first glance. The clear user interface is
optimized for easy, intuitive operation.
Classic mode
Many users still love their analog devices for their
simplicity and userfriendliness. The optional
classic mode gives the user the look and
feel of working with an analog device while
retaining the advantages of digital technology
and keep focused on the essentials.
Integrated barcode scanner (DPM8500)
The integrated barcode scanner enables you
to link client or patient data to a recording by
simply scanning over a barcode, even from a
monitor. This ensures reliable assignment of client
or patient IDs and speeds up your workflow.
Motion sensor
The built-in motion sensor increases battery
life by automatically switching into standby
mode whenever the device is idle. Once the
Pocket Memo is picked up again, it’s ready
to record within seconds. It also senses
when the device is placed on a desk or held
in the hand and selects the microphone
accordingly to suit the recording situation.*
Available versions
Robust, brushed
stainless steel housing
DPM7800 | 8000 |
8100 | 8500
High data security
Recordings can be encrypted in real time using
the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
with a key length of 256 bits. AES provides
a very high degree of security and has been
approved in the USA for the most highly
classified government information. The device
itself can be assigned a PIN code to protect
against unauthorized use or file playback.*
Remote configuration & maintenance
The Philips Remote Device Manager
software allows IT administrators to centrally
manage, configure and update dictation
hardware from Philips, saving valuable time
and resources. Managing device settings
for individuals, groups and teams or the
whole organization is easily done remotely.*
Docking station
Robust and ergonomic design
The stable and superior docking station
provides speedy charging and automatic
transfer of your recording to your computer.
With an optional foot control connected, the
docking station enables hands-free recording
and transcription even without a computer.*
The asymmetrical and ergonomic shape fits
perfectly into your hand. Its slim and lightweight
design maximizes comfort, even when working
over longer periods of time. The brushed
stainless steel creates a robust and highly
durable protective shell around the device.
* DPM7800 | 7820: Docking station optional, not all DPM8000 series features supported
Slide-switch style:
(record, stop, play, fast rewind)
DPM7800 and 8000 include
SpeechExec Pro Dictate
workflow software
DPM8500 has a built-in
barcode scanner
DPM7820 | 8200 | 8300
Package contents
Pocket Memo digital
voice recorder
Docking station
(DPM8000 series)
Rechargeable battery
USB cable
Memory card
SpeechExec Pro Dictate
workflow software
(DPM7800, 7820, 8000 and 8200)
User manual
Slide-switch style:
(fast forward, record/play,
stop, fast rewind)
DPM7820 and 8200 include
SpeechExec Pro Dictate workflow
Pocket Memo meeting recorder
Pocket Memo meeting recorder
Capture your meetings
Let every voice be heard and important ideas remembered. The innovative Pocket Memo meeting recorder allows
you to capture everyone’s ideas in excellent audio quality, no matter where they are seated around the table.
The extendable 360° microphone system offers flexibility as well as ease of use.
Product highlights
360-degree sound pickup
Out-of-the-box solution
A 360-degree radius for a perfect recording
experience. Meetings with several speakers
can be captured easily and clearly.
The Pocket Memo meeting recorder delivers
excellent sound quality combined with
easy-to-use technology right out of the box.
Extendable solution
Easily extend the recording range of your
Pocket Memo meeting recorder by simply
connecting up to six meeting microphones.
Exchangeable memory card
Virtually unlimited recording capacity thanks
to an exchangeable memory card.
Automatic download via USB
Innovative meeting microphones
The innovative boundary layer design of
the included meeting microphones uses
the sound pressure of the table to provide
excellent sound and recording quality
with a 360-degree sound pickup radius.
When plugged in, the Pocket Memo voice
recorder automatically downloads your
audio files directly onto the computer.
Elegant metal carrying case
An elegant metal carrying case guarantees
highest mobility and safe transportation.
Wire storage
Built-in wire storage in the 360-degree
microphones allows you to adjust the length of
the cable to perfectly suit your needs, making
sure your desk always looks tidy and professional.
Package contents
DSS Pro, PCM and MP3 recording
SpeechExec software
SpeechExec software organizes the workflow
of dictation files and resulting documents
between author and transcriptionist and
allows you to monitor the status of your work.
DSS format was developed for use in digital
voice recorders, permitting a high compression
ratio with excellent voice recording quality,
while enabling you to store additional
information in the file header. The PCM
format allows stereo recording in CD-like audio
quality whilst the MP3 recording is the common
audio format for consumer audio storage.
Pocket Memo digital voice recorder DPM8000
Docking station
Memory card
Power supply
Rechargeable battery
Remote control
USB cable
Splitter cable
SpeechExec Dictate software
Metal carry case
Quick start guide
Best-in-class recording
SpeechMike Premium USB dictation microphone
LFH3500 und LFH3600 series
SpeechMike Premium
Available versions
Best-in-class recording
The SpeechMike Premium takes dictation to a new level. May it be the free-floating studio quality
precision microphone, a microphone grille with optimized structure, built-in noise-reduction pop
filter, antimicrobial surface or the world’s first motion sensor in a stationary digital dictation device –
the SpeechMike Premium sets the new standard.
Integrated pop-filter
decoupled microphone
Product highlights
Push-button operation
Free-floating de-coupled microphone
Up to 60 cm / 23 inches barcode scanning
The microphone in the new SpeechMike
Premium is decoupled from its housing for
the most incredible crystal clear recording
performance ever to be delivered by a
desktop dictation device. The completely
redesigned microphone suspension guarantees
that almost no background, touch, click,
air or structure-borne noise is recorded.
This technique is derived from studio
microphones to make sure there are no sound
distortions whatsoever – and to guarantee
outstanding speech recognition results.
Link client or patient data to a recorded file
simply by scanning a bar code (SpeechMike
Premium barcode devices only). The scanned
information is automatically attached to the
dictation file, streamlining the documentation
process. All identifying information is entered
accurately, increasing security and potential
for cost savings. With the SpeechMike
Premium, it’s possible to scan barcodes
from up to 60 cm / 23 inches distance, twice
the distance compared to its predecessor.
Integrated pop filter
The microphone area of the SpeechMike
Premium is made of many different layers to
make it sound as clear and original as possible.
One of those is a fleece inserted above and
below the microphone capsule. The fleece
filters out sound distortions such as pop and
hiss noise, guaranteeing perfect results even if
dictating closely into the microphone.
Integrated motion sensor
Being on the cutting edge of technology,
the Philips SpeechMike Premium comes with
an integrated motion sensor, making it the
first stationary dictation device that can be
controlled by the movement of your hand. It
detects when it’s put on the table, mutes the
microphone, and once it is picked up again,
it unmutes the microphone. There are plenty
of situations where this feature can be greatly
beneficial; just think of an incoming phone call
or someone stepping in your office. In addition
to that, custom events can be programmed, e.g.,
to pause and to continue the recording.
Optimized control panel with tactile
buttons and ergonomic zones design
Philips is the creator of the ergonomic
zones design. SpeechMike Premium has
been tested and proven by users to have the
most comfortable fit in the human hand.
The dictation zone is optimized to keep
thumb movement to a minimum. The buttons
needed for the actual dictation functions
are placed centrally, in the area most
convenient for the thumb, guaranteeing
perfect ergonomics and non-fatiguing
usage for the user. Less frequently needed
function buttons are clearly arranged above
and below. All buttons used are formed to
give as much tactile feedback as possible
A polished, pearl metal coloured housing
Metal microphone grille
with optimized structure
Slide-switch style
(record, stop, play, fast rewind)
The housing of the SpeechMike Premium is
made of high-class polymers. It is enhanced
with a polished surface, the material includes
a pearl metal additive providing a high
quality metallic effect, making it nonsensitive to touch noiseand fingerprints.
Ergonomically shaped rear housing
with command key
As the rear of a dictation microphone is as
important as the front, Philips put an emphasis
on shaping it in a way so that it perfectly fits
the human hand and reduces unintentional
use of buttons. The trigger and the “command”
button on the rear housing are engineered to
be exactly where they need to be. There has
never been a desktop dictation device that is as
ergonomic as the SpeechMike Premium.
Slide-switch style
(fast forward, record/play,
stop, fast rewind)
Antimicrobial housing and buttons
The SpeechMike Premium’s housing and
buttons are made of antimicrobial synthetics,
guarding it against all kinds of germs.
Antimicrobial materials work against a wide range
of different microorganisms such as bacteria
(e.g. pneumococcal bacilli and multiresistant
microorganisms such as MRSA), viruses (e.g.
HIV, influenza, etc.), fungi (e.g. Aspergillus
niger), or algae. The antimicrobial effect on the
SpeechMike Premium lasts for at least five years.
Push-button operation
Integrated barcode scanner
Metal Microphone Grille with
optimized structure
A well-engineered microphone grille is
able to make a high-end microphone as in
the new SpeechMike Premium stand out
even more. The hexagonal holes used for the
metal grille feature three times more open
surface than its predecessor, engineered
to provide crystal clear recordings.
Slide-switch style
(record, stop, play, fast rewind)
Integrated barcode scanner
SpeechMike Premium USB dictation microphone
LFH3500 und LFH3600 series
Comfortable one-thumb
operation of all dictation features
with programmable keys
Control your computer and
applications with
the integrated stainless
steel trackball
4 programmable
function keys for
personalized working
Product highlights
Laser-scanned steel trackball
The SpeechMike Premium includes a built-in
high-precision stainless steel trackball. Self
lubricated and abrasive resistant Teflon bearings
guarantee a smooth operation over the entire
lifetime. In combination with a laser scanner and
self-cleaning features, the trackball is as precise
and durable as never before. On top of that, the
trackball can even be taken out of the device
for cleaning, if this should ever be required.
Wear-free metalized slider with
ergonomic surface
The SpeechMike Premium with slide-switch
comes with not just any normal slider. This tactile
slider is softly ribbed and ergonomically
shaped, enabling extended comfortable usage.In
addition, our engineers implemented a millionfold
proven contactless slider detection, making it
completely wear-free for an extra-long lifetime.
Mac and Windows compatible
SpeechMike Premium is compatible with
Mac and Windows operating systems, as
well as virtual environments such as Citrix,
VM Ware and Hyper-V. It can be configured
using SpeechControl, the convenient
Philips hardware management tool.
Larger speaker area
The SpeechMike Premium trackball allows
the user to click a double click as well as
use it to drag and drop on their desktops.
In playback mode, the trackball even works
as volume control. Philips SpeechMikes
are the only desktop dictation devices that
offer this rich and versatile functionality.
Compared to its predecessor, the SpeechMike
Premium is equipped with a double sizedspeaker area that enables it to play back
recordings in clear and crisp quality.
Four configurable function buttons
Smart, backwards compatible firmware
One of the biggest advantages of the
SpeechMike Premium is that it is fully
backwards compatible. Customers can upgrade
from their previous model without installing
additional software. For integrators, this
means no changes need to be implemented
and the existing software development
kit (SDK) can be used. The SpeechMike
Premium can be configured with the Philips
Remote Device Management software and
SpeechControl, works with SpeechExec workflow
software and even includes a compatibility mode
for the second generation of SpeechMikes.
Drag and drop enabled clickable trackball
With four freely configurable function
buttons placed at the lower area of the
control panel, the SpeechMike Premium can
be further personalized for any user and
application. Work the way you want –
a benefit that only a Philips SpeechMike offers.
shaped body
Detachable cable
decoupled microphone
Now freely configurable instruction key
The Philips SpeechMike Premium is the
most advanced dictation microphone to
date – and to give the user even more
room to personalize their devices, Philips
has added an instruction key at the top
of the control panel – of course fully and
freely user configurable, especially useful for
programming speech recognition commands.
SpeechMike Air wireless dictation microphone
LFH3000 series
SpeechMike Air
Boost your productivity
Wireless operation
The Philips SpeechMike Air is specifically designed to meet the tough challenges of document-intensive
professions. It represents the perfection of desktop dictation, no longer restraining it by a cord. The pure, timeless
design, its outstanding ergonomics, and the sophisticated functionality in conjunction with superb recording
quality make it a milestone in professional dictation.
one-thumb operation
of all dictation features
Control your computer
and applications with
the integrated stainless
steel trackball
Available versions
3 programmable
function keys for
personalized working
Product highlights
Wireless dictation
Integrated trackball
On top of the unparalleled wireless user
experience, the SpeechMike Air features high
connection reliability, low power consumption,
and an expedient data transfer rate. The AirBridge
and AirPort form the interface between
SpeechMike Air and the PC. The AirPort docking
station provides convenient charging of
the dictation microphone, while the AirBridge
serves as the PC connection. Voice data
is encrypted and securely transferred
from up to 33 feet away. While traveling
or at home, simply attach the AirBridge
to your laptop and continue working.
The SpeechMike Air offers an integrated
trackball that allows the user to easily navigate
through documents and files without using
a mouse. The trackball uses a laser sensor
that allows precise cursor movements. It
contains an integrated confirmation button
for simple control of PC functions and can
also be used to control playback volume.
Push-button operation
Crystal-clear playback
The advanced built-in front speaker and
the integrated sound card guarantee crystal
clear playback of your dictation files.
Geared for speech recognition
SpeechMike Air can also be used to control
Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition
software. Each device comes with the necessary
SpeechControl software and features
pre-configured buttons for direct control.
The superior microphone reduces background
noise and is optimized for speech recognition.
Slide switch style
(record, stop, play, fast rewind)
Package contents
Ergonomic zone design
Designed with three ergonomic zones, it has
been tested and proven by users to have the
most comfortable fit in the human hand. The
dictation zone is optimized to keep thumb
movement to a minimum and allows for blind
operation. The buttons needed for the actual
dictation functions take up the greatest amount
of space in the central area of the device. Less
frequently needed function buttons are clearly
arranged above and below.
Noise-canceling microphone
Ready for integration
Philips provides a SDK for speech, office, and
business application developers that allows
for convenient programming of interfaces when
integrating the SpeechMike into professional
information and dictation solutions.
SpeechMike Air wireless
dictation microphone
AirPort docking station
AirBridge receiver module
Philips power supply LFH9146
2 rechargable Philips AAA
batteries LFH9154
USB cable
Slide switch style
(fast forward, play / record, stop,
fast rewind)
Philips SpeechMike USB dictation microphone
LFH3200 series
Antimicrobial surface
Boost your productivity
Comfortable one-thumb
operation of all
dictation features with
programmable keys
The professional SpeechMike USB microphone takes stationary dictation to a new level. It delivers enhanced speech
recognition capabilities, an antimicrobial surface for improved hygiene, and refined ergonomics for easy operation.
Control your computer
and applications with
the integrated trackball
3 programmable
function keys for
personalized working
Available versions
Product highlights
Antimicrobial surface
Crystal-clear playback
The antimicrobial surface is important for
use in a clinical environment. This feature
was achieved by adding a substance to the
plastic that impedes the reproduction of
microorganisms, thus improving hygiene.
The advanced built-in front speaker and
the integrated sound card guarantee
crystal clear playback of your dictation files.
Geared for speech recognition
The SpeechMike features preconfigured buttons
for direct control of Dragon NaturallySpeaking,
the voice recognition solution from Nuance.
Noise-canceling microphone
The advanced microphone design with
an optimized frequency response rate
cater for the best speech recognition results.
Ready for integration
Philips provides a SDK for speech, office,
and business application developers that
allows for convenient programming of
interfaces when integrating the SpeechMike
into professional information and dictation
Push-button operation
Ergonomic zone design
Designed with three ergonomic zones, it has
been tested and proven by users to have
the most comfortable fit in the human hand.
The dictation zone is optimized to keep
thumb movement to a minimum and allows
for blind operation. The buttons needed
for the actual dictation functions take up
the greatest amount of space in the central
area of the device. Less frequently needed
function buttons are clearly arranged above
and below. The trackball uses a laser sensor
that allows precise cursor movements.
It contains an integrated confirmation button
for simple control of PC functions and can
also be used to control playback volume.
Slide-switch style
(record, stop, play, fast rewind)
Package contents
SpeechMike USB dictation microphone
CD-ROM containing software and user manual
USB cable (connected to the device)
Slide-switch style
(fast forward, play/record, stop,
fast rewind)
and solutions
Dictation recorder app
LFH7400 and LFH0740 series
Dictation recorder app
Productivity on the go
The Philips recorder app is designed to fit perfectly with the Philips SpeechExec software suite.
Recording, editing, and sending dictation files from your Smartphone offers mobile flexibility and reduces
document turnaround times.
Product highlights
Loctation independent
Photo attachments
The Philips recorder app turns your
Smartphone into a wireless digital dictation
recorder. Record dictation files at home, in
the office, on a plane, or anywhere you need
to record and send voice files. The ability
to send dictation files through wireless
transfer decreases turnaround time and
dramatically increases personal productivity.
Attach a photo directly to your dictations
to increase the accuracy and validity
of your dictation files. Attached photos
are directly tied to your recordings.
Easy-to-use touch screen control
The display shows the most important recording
functions for convenient and intuitive operation.
Additionally, users can prioritize a recording,
define a keyword and a category, or simply edit the
recording name. The clear user interface makes
it fast and easy to find what you’re looking for.
It guides you through the dictation and upload
process quickly and intuitively.
Priority setting
With the included priority-setting option, urgent
recordings can be prioritized. This guarantees
that important dictation files will be identified at
a glance and get processed and delivered first.
Express Recorder Mode
Shake, record, send: the Express Mode
is quick and easy. Shake to record, and
shake again to save your recording or have
it sent immediately to your SpeechExec
Mobile Server (only available for iPhone).
Flexible file routing
The Philips dictation recorder routes files to
their defined target destinations using either
Philips Mobile Server, BlackBerry Enterprise
Server or SpeechLive. Customers have the
choice of either hosting their own server
or take advantage of the Philips Dictation
Hub service which provides a Mobile
Server hosted by Philips. By supporting up
to five Mobile Server settings at different
locations, the Philips dictation recorder app
guarantees highest flexibilty when dictating
in different environments (e.g. when a person
works at several different companies).
With SpeechLive, dictation files can be sent
from anywhere in the world, at any time.
* Not all features are available for BlackBerry 24
** Only available with SpeechLive
Optional encryption
To avoid people accidentally getting access
to your audio files, the highly secure Philips
dictation recorder app optionally offers the
capability to encrypt dictation files. The file
transfer is also encrypted via SSL technology.
Option to connect with SpeechLive and take
dictation workflow to the cloud, with all its great
benefits. Dictations can be safely uploaded
and downloaded from anywhere in the world.
End-to-end double encryption protects
recordings from unauthorized access.
SpeechLive works seamlessly with all
Philips input devices, connects with
SpeechExec software and adapts to
your company’s working structure.
Connect to SpeechExec
With the Philips dictation recorder
app you can send recordings to your
SpeechExec solution via email, FTP,
SpeechLive or directly to your company
network. The audio files will automatically
appear in your transcribe to-do list.
Professional recording control
The Philips dictation recorder app takes full
advantage of the touch interface. It offers
editing functions such as insert, overwrite,
and append for professional recording control.
Available versions
Philips dictation recorder
for iPhone
Philips dictation recorder
for BlackBerry
Philips dictation recorder
for Android
LFH7455 Enterprise Mobile Server
license for BlackBerry OS 5.x to 7.x
LFH7456 Enterprise Mobile Server
license for BlackBerry 10)
LFH7430 Enterprise Mobile Server
license for iPhone
LFH0743 License for Dictation Hub
LFH7457 Enterprise Mobile Server
license for Android
LFH0747 License for Dictation Hub
LFH0745 License for Dictation Hub
(BlackBerry OS 5.x to 7.x)
LFH0756 License for SpeechExec
Dictation Hub (BlackBerry 10)
SpeechLive cloud dictation solution
The complete cloud dictation solution
Philips SpeechLive allows you to access your dictations independent of where you are, guarantees maximum
protection and stands for a reliable and always available solution. Record your dictations anywhere, at any time
and get your finished documents in three easy steps. Hours and hours of valuable time are used every month for
typing all kinds of reports, leaving you less time to spend on more important things. Since the average person can
speak seven times faster than they can type, Philips has created an innovative solution for you to speak your
reports and turn them into documents in no time. Just like having your own personal assistant.
Product highlights
Constant file access
Flexible subscription
Access all your dictation files anywhere, anytime.
Even without Internet access, you can still
work in local mode and synchronize all your
dictation files when you are online again.
SpeechLive adapts to suit the needs of your
business by giving you the opportunity
to adjust the number of users at any time.
SpeechLive offers flexible subscription
options, making sure the solution always
fits your budget requirements.
Easy implementation
Optional transcription service
SpeechLive can easily be implemented into
your existing workflow, allowing you to be
productive as quickly as possible. Continue
using your workflow even in mixed enviroments,
where not all users have access to SpeechLive.
SpeechLive can be integrated seamlessly with
your local SpeechExec software installations.
Philips SpeechScribe - the cutting-edge
transcription service that now does the
typing for you. Get finished documents in
three easy steps. First speak, second send,
third, receive the finished document. It is as
easy as that and saves you valuable time,
increasing the efficiency of your work life.
Tired of typing
SpeechScribe is your personal assistant in the cloud
Part of Philips dictation solution
Securely stored online
SpeechLive offers highly secure online storage,
keeping your files safe from unauthorized
access. The solution works with maximum
connection security using the HTTPS
protocol. All stored data is automatically
encrypted and server mirroring keeps your
data reliably secured and available anytime.
SpeechLive works seamlessly with Philips Pocket
Memo voice recorders, SpeechMike dictation
microphones and Philips dictation recorders
for Smartphones. Together with SpeechExec
software, SpeechLive creates a complete
workflow, making speech-to-text even easier.
Simply dictate your reports or notes on your dictation recorder for
Smartphones, on your Pocket Memo voice recorder, or on your SpeechMike
dictation microphone. No need to learn complicated commands as
required for speech recognition. With SpeechScribe you can stick to your
speaking habits and your natural flow and get perfect results. SpeechScribe
will understand what you mean.
Easy set-up and local support
Double encryption in real time
To avoid unauthorized access, dictation files are
encrypted in real time. The highest encryption
standard available is used to protect your
data, even during upload and download.
For maximum security files can be encrypted
for a third time with an individual encryption
key if recorded in the DSS Pro format.*
Backup and restore function
The automatic backup function protects
your data against accidental loss. Your
dictation files are always safe, even if your
computer crashes, you suddenly lose Internet
connection or unintentionally erase your data.
Anytime web access with
SpeechLive dictation manager
Access your dictation workflow conveniently
via your Web browser and start managing all
your dictation directly. SpeechLive dictation
manager does not require software installation,
but offers dictation workflow benefits and
functionalities that you are used to.
Independence from local infrastructure
Excellent workflow management
With SpeechLive you are ready to go - no
local server infrastructure is required. Enjoy
the full benefits of the solution right away,
no matter if you are a one-man business
or run a company with several employees.
Your files are always available independent
from changes to your IT environment.
Adapt the solution to your company’s way of
working. Administrators can easily define authors
and typists, as well as assigning the workflow
from anywhere in the world, to balance
workload. With the advanced business package
you can individually assign typists to each author,
ensuring confidentiality and efficiency.
* Only available with SpeechLive
Setting up SpeechLive is quick and easy.
The fast and intuitive installation process
ensures you are ready to go within minutes.
If needed, authorized SpeechLive partners
will offer local support and assistance.
Send your dictations to the SpeechLive cloud, where SpeechScribe will do
all the work for you. Our professional transcribers process your dictations
promptly, saving you valuable time and increasing your efficiency. You can
assign priorities to receive important dictations even faster.
Time is money and SpeechScribe frees your time to do what really matters
like building the business, acquiring clients and increasing revenue.
In addition, you will also have more time for yourself, family and friends.
Once your dictation is transcribed, SpeechLive automatically sends finished
documents back to you, making your work life easy offers the maximum
protection in online storage, keeping your files safe from unauthorized
access. Thus, your data is securely uploaded and downloaded using the
highly secure HTTPS protocol and a 256 bit encryption, guaranteeing a fully
protected workflow all the times.
The SpeechScribe transcription service is available in English, German and French.
SpeechLive cloud dictation solution
Anytime web access with Philips SpeechLive dictation manager
for maximum productivity
Simpilcity & highest security
Be productive no matter where you are, with Philips SpeechLive dictation manager.
Simply access your SpeechLive dictation workflow conveniently via your Web browser and start managing
all your dictations directly.
Sending dictation files via SpeechLive is as easy as sending them by e-mail,
but as safe as it can possibly get. Compared to other, insecure methods
for sending sensitive dictation files, SpeechLive was particularly designed
for this purpose. While e-mail messages might be attacked by hackers,
due to unencrypted data being sent via an unencrypted connection,
SpeechLive encrypts data all the way from the client to the cloud storage.
Other cloud storages, not dedicated to dictation, might use single encryption
during upload, but then security measures end. SpeechLive offers double
encryption, protocol for file transfer. For maximum security files can be
encrypted for a third time with an individual encryption key if recorded in the
DSS Pro format.* On top of that, highest safety standards are guaranteed by
always up-to-date security certificates.
Convenient Web browser access
Access all your dictations anywhere you are and be productive
whenever you need to be. Simply log-in to your SpeechLive account
via your browser and have all your recordings ready, straightaway.
Full dictation workflow functionalities without software
Have your whole dictation workflow comfortably and easily take place via
your Web browser. No need to install software and stick to one hardware
only. Upload and download dictations, set file priorities, send recordings
to your assistant or SpeechLive transcription service and receive written
documents back. You can do all that either from home or on the go,
you have the flexibility.
Integrated online player
Log-in to your SpeechLive account and listen to all your dictations
right away with the integrated playback option. No need to
download or update software, the SpeechLive online player will
automatically be updated for you and is always at your disposal.
User-friendly interface and intuitive operation
SpeechLive dictation management was designed to be user-friendly and
intuitive in its operation, guaranteeing an outstanding user experience.
The innovative user interface clearly displays all recordings and the smart
button design allows users to start working intuitively without explanation.
Be productive on the go
with the included Philips dictation recorder app
• Unencrypted data is sent over
an unencrypted connection
• Risk of hacker attacks
and loss of data
The Philips dictation recorder app is part of each SpeechLive subscription. The app is designed to work
seamlessly with SpeechLive dictation workflow solution. Record, edit and send dictation files directly
from your smartphone and reduce document turnaround times. You can even send dictations directly
to the transcription service to maximize your productivity.
• Risk of data leakage
• Standard firewall with limited
or no security certificates
• Not dedicated to dictation workflow
• Single encrypted upload to an
unencrypted cloud storage
• Slow reaction time
• No instant status update
• Highest security standards by always
up-to-date security certificates
• Dedicated dictation workflow
• Additional individual file encryption
• Advantage of additional professional
speech-to-text services
• Fully scaleable storage
SpeechExec dictation workflow solution
Dictation workflow solution
Philips SpeechExec is a full dictation workflow solution. It makes sending and organizing your dictation files to your
transcriptionist or speech recognition solution easy. SpeechExec software saves you time, allows you work more
efficiently and be more productive.
Product highlights
Dictation workflow solution
The smart dictation workflow solution links
authors, typists, managers, and administrators,
facilitating communication, individual workflow
settings, and organizational flexibility.
SpeechExec Enterprise enables you to
transcend all geographical boundaries,
securely connecting headquarters with its
subsidiaries, branches with home offices,
and mobile users with their typist. The Philips
dictation recorder app turns your smartphone
into a wireless digital dictation recorder.
Central administration*
Data security and backup
Increase your organization’s productivity
by managing users, licenses, and system
settings remotely. The central administration
function facilitates the configuration
of users, workflow, work list columns-,
filters- and job information.
File encryption, password-protected login,
and secure file transfer allow only authorized
individuals to access your documents.
The optional automatic backup function
protects your data against accidental loss.
Automated workflow*
Fast document creation*
All work routing, definition of work groups, and
linkage between author and transcriptionist
are centrally defined within the system using
an intuitive interface. Set up a schedule to
determine which dictation files should be sent
when and to whom, and the files are reliably
transferred according to the predefined settings.
Record directly into predefined templates to
speed up the document creation process.
Use roaming profiles for workstationindependent speech recognition.
Speech recognition integration*
SpeechExec dictation workflow solutions from
Philips let you decide for yourself how you want
to work. Workstation-independent password
settings allow users to log on to any computer
within the company network and access their
settings and familiar working environment.
SpeechExec connects seamlesslywith
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional,
Legal, or Medical Practice Edition speech
recognition software to control the entire
document creation workflow within one single
application. The complete speech recognition
process is managed within SpeechExec.
Seamless integration
Active Directory sevices
The seamless integration into Philips digital
dictation solutions guarantees superb audio
quality, highly accurate speech recognition,
automatic download of dictation files onto the
computer, and easy hardware administration.
SpeechExec Enterprise supports Microsoft
Active Directory services for central and easy
administration of users and work groups.
Modular structure
Geared for Virtual Desktop solutions
SpeechExec Enterprise features modules
and functionalities that extend beyond
simple recording and transcription. With the
Statistics Module and the Workflow Manager,
SpeechExec Enterprise offers two optional
modules to adapt the software to every
professional dictation and transcription need
Support for Citrix, Windows Terminal Services,
and VMware environments allow on-demand
application delivery. SpeechExec can be
virtualized, centralized, and managed in the
data center and instantly delivered as a service
to users anywhere. SpeechExec Enterprise
has been successfully certified as Citrix-ready.
* May not be available in all versions
Available versions
Dictation workflow solution
Speech recognition integration
Central administration, Active Directory
and Virtual-Desktop solution support
Dictation workflow solution
Dictation workflow solution
Speech recognition integration
SpeechLive connection
Pocket Memo docking station ACC8120
Enhance your solution
The Pocket Memo docking station allows you to easily transfer
all your dictations to your computer as well as quickly charge
your device, so you are always ready to go. Combined with the
optional foot pedal LFH2210, it is possible to record hands-free
and even transcribe without a computer.
The big picture is only as good as the small details that make it up. Make the most out of
your solution with our premium accessories and make something great even better.
Pocket Memo WLAN adapter ACC8160
The innovative Philips WLAN adapter instantly sends your files
from the dictation recorder to your transcriptionist. Just dock the
recorder to upload your dictation files directly to the company
network using built-in WiFi. Administrators can easily deploy
automatic firmware updates for Pocket Memo voice recorders
via an easy Web browser interface.
Transcription-Headphones LFH0334
Lightweight under-the-chin style stereo headphones
designed to deliver excellent sound quality, with
soft ear cushions for wearing comfort, and a hanging
bracket that attaches the headset to a monitor.
360° Meeting microphone LFH9172
The perfect complement for digital conference recording
systems. The Philips meeting microphone delivers brilliant
sound quality, accompanied by outstanding ease of use.
Revolutionary technology in a straightforward form.
Foot pedal LFH2300 series
The ergonomic design of the new Philips foot pedal
range sets new standards in terms of usability in the
professional dictation arena. The development is based
on detailed research into the movements made during
transcription. Transcriptionists can stop and start playback
with only a slight movement of the heel, and without lifting
the foot unnecessarily, which both increases efficiency
and makes the device a pleasure to work with.
SDHC memory card LFH9004
Professional transcription set LFH7277
The Philips SD memory card combines massive storage
capacity and fast data transfer rates in a memory card no bigger
than a postage stamp. It is the ideal expansion option for your
Philips Pocket Memo voice recorder.
The transcription set is a digital document creation
solution specifically designed to make transcription
easy and intuitive. The ergonomic accessories and the
innovative SpeechExec Pro workflow software let you
manage your jobs easily. The set also allows you to
connect to SpeechLive and take your entire dictation
workflow to the next level.
Transcription set LFH7177
The transcription set is a digital document creation
solution specifically designed to make transcription
easy and intuitive. The ergonomic accessories
and the innovative SpeechExec workflow software
let you manage your jobs easily.
Li-ion battery ACC8100
With the new rechargeable lithium ion battery you can
record even longer now. No more buying of disposable
batteries is needed. Li-ion batteries can store a large
amount of energy in a very small, lightweight package.
They are quick-charging, safe and reliable.
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