KitchenAid KUID308ESS 17-7/8 in. 35 lbs. Ice Maker Specification

KitchenAid KUID308ESS 17-7/8 in. 35 lbs. Ice Maker Specification | Manualzz
Ice Maker
Electrical: A 115 Volt, 60 Hz., AC only, 15- or 20-amp electrical
supply, properly grounded in accordance with the National
Electrical Code and local codes and ordinances, is required.
It is recommended that a separate circuit, serving only your ice
maker, be provided. Use a receptacle which cannot be turned off by
a switch or pull chain.
IMPORTANT: If this product is connected to a GFCI (Ground Fault
Circuit Interrupter) equipped outlet, nuisance tripping of the power
supply may occur, resulting in loss of cooling. Ice quality may be
affected. If nuisance tripping has occurred, and if the condition of
the ice appears poor, dispose of it.
Water: A cold water supply with water pressure between 30 and
120 psi (207 and 827 kPa) is required to operate ice maker. If you
have questions about your water pressure, call a licensed, qualified
To ensure proper ventilation for your ice maker, the front side
must be completely unobstructed. The ice maker may be closedin on the top and three sides, but the installation should allow
the ice maker to be pulled forward for servicing if necessary.
Installation of the ice maker requires a cold water supply inlet of
⁄4" (6.35 mm) OD soft copper tubing with a shutoff valve or a
Whirlpool supply line Part Number 8212547RB, and a Whirlpool
approved drain pump, Part Number 1901A, only to carry the
water to an existing drain.
Choose a well ventilated area with temperatures above 55°F
(13°C) and below 110°F (43°C). Best results are obtained
between 70°F and 90°F (21°C and 32°C).
The ice maker must be installed in an area sheltered from the
elements, such as wind, rain, water spray, or drip.
When installing the ice maker under a counter, follow the
recommended opening dimensions shown. Place electrical and
plumbing fixtures in the recommended location as shown.
11¹⁄₂ "
(29.2 cm)
(86.4 cm)
34¹⁄₂ "
(87.6 cm)
3¹⁄₂ " 9"
(8.9 cm) (22.9 cm)
(60.1 cm)
28¹⁄₂ "
(72.4 cm)
C. 15" or 18" (38.1 cm or 45.7 cm)
A. Recommended location for
depending on model
electrical and plumbing fixtures.
B. Floor level
Check that the power supply cord is not damaged, or pinched or kinked between the ice
maker and the cabinet.
Check that the water supply line is not damaged, or pinched or kinked between the ice
maker and the cabinet.
Check that the drain line (on some models) is not damaged, or pinched or kinked between
the ice maker and the cabinet.
Check that the ice maker door is not flush with the front of standard cabinets to avoid
problems with opening the ice maker door.
Choose a location where the floor is even. It is important for the ice maker to be level in
order to work properly. If needed, you can adjust the height of the ice maker by changing
the height of the leveling legs.
(4.8 cm)
1" (2.54 cm)
(58.4 cm)
2" - 1¹⁄₂"
(5 cm - 3.8 cm)
A. Drain hose
B. 1" (2.54 cm)
air gap
C. PVC drain
D. Center of drain should be 23"
(58.4 cm) from front of door,
with or without the 3⁄4" (1.91 cm)
panel on the door. The drain
should also be centered from
left to right (7 5⁄16 " [18.56 cm]
from either side of the ice
Gravity Drain System
Connect the ice maker drain to your drain in accordance with all state and local codes and
ordinances. If the ice maker is provided with a gravity drain system, follow these guidelines when
installing drain lines. This will help keep water from flowing back into the ice maker storage bin and
potentially flowing onto the floor, causing water damage.
Drain lines must have a minimum of 5⁄8" (15.88 mm) inside diameter.
Drain lines must have a 1" drop per 48" (2.54 cm drop per 122 cm) of run or 1⁄4" drop per 12"
(6.35 mm per 30.48 cm) of run and must not have low points where water can settle.
The floor drains must be large enough to accommodate drainage from all drains.
The ideal installation has a standpipe with a 1 1⁄2" (3.81 cm) to 2" (5.08 cm) PVC drain reducer
installed directly below the outlet of the drain tube as shown. You must maintain a 1" (2.54 cm)
air gap between the drain hose and the standpipe.
IMPORTANT: A drain pump is necessary when a floor drain is not available. A Drain Pump kit, Part
Number 1901A, is available for purchase.
Drain Pump System (on some models)
Connect the ice maker drain to your drain in accordance with the International Plumbing Code and
any local codes and ordinances.
The drain pump discharge line must terminate at an open sited drain.
Maximum rise 10 ft (3.1 m)
Maximum run 100 ft (30.5 m)
If the drain hose becomes twisted and water cannot drain, your ice maker will not work.
It may be desirable to insulate the drain line thoroughly up to the drain inlet. An Insulation Sleeve
kit, Part Number W10365792, is available for purchase.
Do not connect outlet end of drain tube to a closed pipe system to keep drain water from backing
up into the ice maker.
Because Whirlpool Corporation policy includes a continuous commitment to improve
our products, we reserve the right to change materials and specifications without notice.
Dimensions are for planning purposes only. For complete details, see Installation
Instructions packed with product. Specifications subject to change without notice.
Ref. W10541636C
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