MTI Whirlpools WOBN 14-1/2 in. Plastic Lift & Turn Drain Specification

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MTI Whirlpools WOBN 14-1/2 in. Plastic Lift & Turn Drain Specification | Manualzz

Designer Collection Tub Options -

Accessories & Hardware

Drain and Overflow Kits

Drain & Overflow Kits for Acrylic Tubs

MTI has a variety of drains kits available for each tub. Drains and overflows are not installed at the factory.

Please specify tub model when ordering drain kits separately.

For information on drain & overflow kits for Boutique Collection tubs, see individual tub specification sheets.

Lift & Turn

• Simply lift and turn the drain to open. Turn and release to close.

Chrome (WOC) $86

White (WOW) $132

Brushed Nickel (WOBN) $160


• Push down on the drain to open. Push down again to close.

Chrome (WOTTC) $194

Brushed Nickel (WOTTBN) $202

Polished Nickel (WOTTPN) $264

Special Finishes* (WOTTSF) $514

Cable Driven

• Turn the overflow control knob clockwise to open the drain, then counterclockwise to close the drain.

White/Bone/Biscuit/Almond (WOCDW) $256

Chrome (WOCD) $258

Brushed Nickel (WOCDBN) $280

Polished Nickel (WOCDPN) $389

Oil-Rubbed Bronze † (WOCDOR) $396

Brass (WOCDBR) $380

Special Finishes* (WOCDSF) $550

NOTE: When ordering a cable drain, you must specify the tub model with which it will be used to ensure that you will receive the correct cable length.

Slim-Line Overflow with Toe-Tap Drain

• Sleek, low-profile integrated overflow. Measures only 6.5" wide by 1" tall.

• Allows for overflow to be positioned slightly higher than conventional types for a deeper soak.

• Overflow is factory-installed and available for specific Designer Collection tubs only.

See individual tub specification sheets for availability.

Slim-Line Overflow with Toe-Tap PVC Drain

Chrome (SLOTC) $359

Brushed Nickel (SLOTBN) $359

Slim-Line Overflow with Toe-Tap Solid Brass Drain

Chrome (SLOTBC) $679

Brushed Nickel (SLOTSBBN) $679

Toe-Tap PVC drain shown above.

Also available in Solid Brass.

Ships separate from tub for field installation.

* Allow 2-4 weeks lead time for Special Finishes. Send sample for matching.

† Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. MTI has selected a finish that is compatible with many available.

If an exact match is desired, submit a sample and MTI will match it. Special Finishes lead-time and upcharge will apply.

Note: Proper drain installation is the responsibility of the installer. MTI's tub warranty does not cover drain leakage.

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