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Owner’s Manual





Always follow the basic precautions listed below to avoid the possibility of serious injury or even death from electrical shock, short-circuiting, damages, fire or other hazards. These precautions include, but are not limited to, the following:

If you notice any abnormality

• If any of the following problems occur, immediately turn off the power of the amplifier.

- Unusual smells or smoke are emitted.

- Some object, or water has been dropped into the product.

- There is a sudden loss of sound during use of the product.

- Cracks or other visible damage appear on the product.

Then have the product inspected or repaired by qualified Yamaha service personnel.

Do not open

• This product contains no user-serviceable parts. Do not attempt to disassemble the internal parts or modify them in any way.

Water warning

• Do not use the product in humid places. This product has IPX5 compliant waterproof performance and can be used outdoors.

However, avoid a humid environment where water droplets such as condensation may form inside the product. If liquid such as water gets inside, it may cause electric shock, fire, or malfunction.

• The speaker hanging bracket Gripple Kit cannot be used outdoors. It also cannot be used indoors in places where it may get wet or be splashed with water. The metal fittings may rust and the speaker may fall, resulting in injury.

When using in such a place, make sure to use other suitable general-purpose metal fittings.

Fire warning

• Do not place any burning items or open flames near the product, since they may cause a fire.

Hearing loss

• Before turning the power of the amplifier on or off, make sure that all volume levels are set to the minimum. Failing to do so may result in hearing loss, electric shock, or device damage.

• When turning on the AC power in your audio system, always turn on the power amplifier

LAST, to avoid hearing loss and speaker damage. When turning the power off, the



Please keep this manual in a safe place for future reference.

This product is a hanging pendant speaker. Do not use for any purposes other than the one intended. Those who are unfamiliar with handling or those who can not handle according to this manual, should be supervised by responsible persons to ensure safety. Always consult a professional installer if the product installation requires construction work.

power amplifier should be turned off FIRST for the same reason.

Location and connection

• It is the responsibility of the installer to use a support system which has sufficient wind load strength to comply with the applicable codes and standards.

• Do not install the product in an unstable position or a location with excessive vibration, where it might accidentally fall down and cause injury.

• Assemble and install in the manner instructed in the manual. Falling may result in injury or damage.

• Always consult a professional installer if the product installation requires construction work, and make sure to observe the following precautions.

- Choose mounting hardware and an installation location that can support the weight of the product.

- Attach the two wires as described in this manual.

- Avoid locations that are exposed to constant vibration.

- Use the required tools to install the product.

- Inspect the product periodically.

Improper installation can cause accidents and serious injuries.

Handling caution

• Confirm that the finished installation is safe and secure. Also, carry out safety inspections periodically. Failure to observe this may cause devices to fall and result in injury.


Always follow the basic precautions listed below to avoid the possibility of physical injury to you or others. These precautions include, but are not limited to, the following:

Location and connection

• Keep this product out of reach of children. This product is not suitable for use in locations where children are likely to be present.

• Do not place the product in a location where it may come into contact with corrosive gases or salt air. Doing so may result in malfunction.

• Do not use the speaker’s carrying band for suspended installation. Doing so can result in damage or injury.

• Use only speaker cables for connecting speakers to the speaker jacks. Use of other types of cables may result in fire.

Handling caution

• Do not insert your fingers or hands in any gaps or openings on the product (ports.).

• Do not rest your weight on the product or place heavy objects on it.

• When choosing a power amplifier for use with this product, make sure that the output power of the amplifier meets the following conditions:

- When using a low-impedance connection, make sure that the output power of the amplifier is lower than the power capacity of this product.

- When using a high-impedance connection, be sure that the total rating of the transformer taps of the speakers does not exceed the output power of the amplifier.

If the output power is not appropriate, malfunction or fire may occur.

• Do not input excessively loud signals that may result in clipping in the amplifier or cause the following:

- Feedback, when using a microphone

- Continuous and extremely loud sound from a musical instrument, etc.

- Continuous and excessively loud distorted sound

- Noise caused by plugging/unplugging the cable while the amplifier is turned on

Even if the output power of the amplifier is lower than the power capacity of this product

(program), damage to the product, malfunction or fire may occur.



To avoid the possibility of malfunction/damage to the product or damage to other property, follow the notices below.

Handling and maintenance

• Do not expose the product to excessive dust or vibration, or extreme cold or heat, in order to prevent the possibility of panel disfiguration, unstable operation, or damage to the internal components.

• Be sure to observe the amplifier’s rated load impedance, particularly when connecting speakers in parallel at low impedance.

Connecting an impedance load outside the amplifier’s rated range can damage the amplifier.

• When using a high-impedance speaker connection, make sure the audio signal is passed through an 60 Hz or above high-pass filter before being input to the speakers.

• Do not touch the speaker driver unit, since it might cause malfunction.

• When placing the grill face down on the ground, always place it on a flat surface with the protective sheet attached.

• Do not place vinyl, plastic or rubber objects on the product, since this might cause alteration or discoloration of the panel.

• When cleaning the product, use a dry and soft cloth. Do not use paint thinners, solvents, cleaning fluids, or chemical-impregnated wiping cloths, since this might cause alteration or discoloration.

Yamaha cannot be held responsible for damage caused by improper use or modifications to the product.


About this manual

• The illustrations as shown in this manual are for instructional purposes only.

• The company names and product names in this manual are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

About disposal

• This product contains recyclable components.

When disposing of this product, please contact the appropriate local authorities.


Unpack the contents and confirm that all the following items are included.

• Speaker × 1

• Gripple Kit × 1 (Gripple Fastener × 2, Wire (About 6 m) × 2, Setting Key × 1)

A kit for hanging the speaker. The usage and safety precautions are explained in the attached

“GRIPPLE Kit Installation Guide.” Please be sure to read before use.

• Back Cover Set × 1

• Euro Block × 1

• Cushion Seal × 1

• Owner’s Manual (this manual) × 1

• GRIPPLE Kit Installation Guide × 1

* Speaker cable is not included.

General Specifications


System Type



Coaxial 2 way, Bass reflex type

LF: 16 cm Cone

HF: 2.5 cm Soft Dome

LF: 20 cm Cone

HF: 2.5 cm Soft Dome

Frequency Response *1

(-10 dB)

Coverage Angle *1

Crossover Frequency

Nominal Impedance



70 V

100 V

Power rating


Sensitivity *1 (1 W, 1 m)

Maximum SPL *2

(Calculated, 1m, Peak)





55 Hz – 20 kHz


75 W

150 W

300 W

93 dB

118 dB

3 kHz

8 ohm

60/30/15/7.5 W

60/30/15 W

57 Hz – 20 kHz


90 W

180 W

360 W

94 dB

120 dB





Water and Dust proof




Included Accessories

⌀ 341 × H 379

5.7 kg

⌀ 356 × H 434

7.2 kg

Euroblock (4 pin) × 1 (input: +/-, loop-thru: +/-)

Min. wire size AWG 24 (0.2 sq)

Max. wire size AWG 12 (3.5 sq)

Full-range power limiting to protect network and transducers

VXH6B Black painting

(approximate value: Munsell N3)

VXH6W White painting

(approximate value: Munsell N9)

VXH8B Black painting

(approximate value: Munsell N3)

VXH8W White painting

(approximate value: Munsell N9)

VXH6B Black powder coating

(approximate value: Munsell N3)

VXH6W White powder coating

(approximate value: Munsell N9.3)

VXH8B Black powder coating

(approximate value: Munsell N3)

VXH8W White powder coating

(approximate value: Munsell N9.3)

IP45 (when waterproofing the cover hole)

1 pc / packaging

Gripple Kit × 1

Euro Block (4 pin) × 1

Cushion Seal × 1

Back Cover Set × 1

Owner’s Manual × 1

GRIPPLE Kit Installation Guide × 1

*1: Full-space (4π)

*2: Calculated based on power rating and sensitivity

Suitable for installation with NFPA 70, National Electrical Code

The contents of this manual apply to the latest specifications as of the publishing date. To obtain the latest manual, access the Yamaha website then download the manual file. The dimensions are shown in

“Dimensions” on the back side of the manual.

Installing the Speaker

Before hanging the speaker from the ceiling structure, ensure that the strength of the ceiling structure is sufficient.


When installing the speakers, turn off the power amplifier.


The example illustrations in this manual are of the VXH6B.

Pre-installation (Preparation of the Cable)

For cables attached to the Euroblock plug, strip the insulation as shown in the figure and connect them.

About 7 mm

Compatible cable:

Min. AWG24 (0.2 sq)

Max. AWG12 (3.5 sq)


Do not plate core wires by soldering if the cable uses stranded wire.

Doing so will cause the wire to break.


Suspend the Speaker


Thread the two included wires through the hole in the back cover.


Thread the wire through one of the oval holes on both the left and right sides of the Gripple fastener.


• The direction in which the wire is passed is fixed. If you pass it through the wrong hole or direction, the wire will fall off and the speaker will fall.

• Be sure to use the included wire.

Gripple fastener


Snap the hook onto the center hole in the hanger bracket on the back of the speaker.


Connect the Wiring to the Connector


Thread the speaker cable from the power amplifier through the back cover.


Adjust the position (height) of the speaker. To raise it, pull the cable further forward. To lower it, hold the speaker so that it does not fall, and insert the setting key into the small hole on the left and right sides of the

Gripple fastener that you want to release, and press it. The wire in the oval hole on the plugged side is unlocked, allowing the wire to move in the opposite direction and lowering the speaker position.


Insert the setting key into the correct hole. If you insert in the wrong place, the wire may fall off and the speaker may fall, resulting in serious injury.

To raise To lower


After loosening the terminal screws of the Euroblock plug with a flatblade screwdriver, insert the cable into each terminal and tighten the screws.

Terminal screw



Euroblock plug

Flat-blade screwdriver

Use a flat-blade screwdriver with a blade less than 3 mm.

Less than 3 mm

Setting key

Back cover



Secure the second wire to a sturdy structure that is different from the structure you wired in step 3, using the same procedure as for the first wire. Snap the hook onto either the left or right hole of the hanger bracket on the back of the speaker. After adjusting the height, cut off the excess wire.

From amplifier or previous speakers

To subsequent speakers


Plug the connected Euroblock plug into the socket in the speaker.


Set the Line Voltage/Impedance and Power


Select the line voltage/impedance (100 V, 70 V, 8 Ω) and power tap for a 100 V, 70 V line distributed system, by rotating the tap selector switch on the back side of the speaker with a flat-blade screwdriver. When using the speaker with high-impedance connection, select the position where wattage is indicated by the line (100 V, 70 V). Do not select the

“×” setting when connecting to a 100 V line. When using it with low impedance connection, select the 8 Ω position.

The illustration indicates the setting at

60 W for a 100 V line and 30 W for a 70 V line.


Make sure the amplifier is switched off before operating the tap selector switch. If the setting is incorrect, it may cause malfunction of the speaker and amplifier.


Attach the back cover with the included screws.


Hang the threaded wire through the ceiling structure and thread it through the oval hole on the other side of the Gripple fastener.


Confirm that the finished installation is safe and secure by shaking or pulling lightly.

If not installed securely, it can fall and cause injury.


(The following installation is not evaluated by UL.)

• When using outdoors, fill the hole in the center of the cover with a cushion seal, pass the speaker cable through the notch and the support wire through the slit, and then fill the gap with an compatible sealant (*) to prevent water from entering.

Cushion seal

Support wires

Speaker cables

Example when using max. of 4

Notch Slit

In use

• The Gripple kit cannot be used outdoors. It also cannot be used indoors in places where it may get wet or be splashed with water. If you want to use the speaker in such a place, make sure to use other general-purpose metal fittings (*).

* An outdoor compatible sealant and general-purpose metal fittings are not included. Please use appropriate materials in consideration of the installation situation.

• Protection Circuit

This speaker system has an internal protection circuit that shuts off the speaker unit when an excessive input signal is applied. If the speaker unit emits no sound, reduce the volume level of the amplifier immediately. (The sound will return automatically in several seconds.)

• Air blowing out of the bass reflex ports is normal, and often occurs when the speaker is handling program material with heavy bass content.







Unit: mm


Information for users on collection and disposal of old equipment:


This symbol on the products, packaging, and/or accompanying docu ments means that used electrical and electronic products should not be mixed with general household waste.

For proper treatment, recovery and recycling of old products, please take them to applicable collection points, in accordance with your national leg islation.

By disposing of these products correctly, you will help to save valuable resources and prevent any potential negative effects on human health and the environment which could otherwise arise from inappropriate waste handling.

For more information about collection and recycling of old products, please contact your local municipality, your waste disposal service or the point of sale where you purchased the items.

For business users in the European Union:

If you wish to discard electrical and electronic equipment, please contact your dealer or supplier for further information.

Information on Disposal in other Countries outside the European Union:

This symbol is only valid in the European Union. If you wish to discard these items, please contact your local authorities or dealer and ask for the correct method of disposal.


Verbraucherinformation zur Sammlung und

Entsorgung alter Elektrogeräte


Befindet sich dieses Symbol auf den Produkten, der Verpackung und/oder beiliegenden Unterlagen, so sollten benutzte elektrische Geräte nicht mit dem normalen Haushaltsabfall entsorgt werden.

In Übereinstimmung mit Ihren nationalen Bestimmungen bringen Sie alte

Geräte bitte zur fachgerechten Entsorgung, Wiederaufbereitung und Wie derverwendung zu den entsprechenden Sammelstellen.

Durch die fachgerechte Entsorgung der Elektrogeräte helfen Sie, wert volle Ressourcen zu schützen, und verhindern mögliche negative Auswir kungen auf die menschliche Gesundheit und die Umwelt, die andernfalls durch unsachgerechte Müllentsorgung auftreten könnten.

Für weitere Informationen zum Sammeln und Wiederaufbereiten alter Elektrogeräte kon taktieren Sie bitte Ihre örtliche Stadt- oder Gemeindeverwaltung, Ihren Abfallentsorgungs dienst oder die Verkaufsstelle der Artikel.

Information für geschäftliche Anwender in der Europäischen Union:

Wenn Sie Elektrogeräte ausrangieren möchten, kontaktieren Sie bitte Ihren Händler oder

Zulieferer für weitere Informationen.

Entsorgungsinformation für Länder außerhalb der Europäischen Union:

Dieses Symbol gilt nur innerhalb der Europäischen Union. Wenn Sie solche Artikel ausran gieren möchten, kontaktieren Sie bitte Ihre örtlichen Behörden oder Ihren Händler und fra gen Sie nach der sachgerechten Entsorgungsmethode.


Informations concernant la collecte et le traitement des déchets d’équipements électriques et électroniques


Le symbole sur les produits, l'emballage et/ou les documents joints signi fie que les produits électriques ou électroniques usagés ne doivent pas

être mélangés avec les déchets domestiques habituels.

Pour un traitement, une récupération et un recyclage appropriés des déchets d’équipements électriques et électroniques, veuillez les déposer aux points de collecte prévus à cet effet, conformément à la réglementa tion nationale.

En vous débarrassant correctement des déchets d’équipements élec triques et électroniques, vous contribuerez à la sauvegarde de précieuses ressources et à la prévention de potentiels effets négatifs sur la santé humaine qui pourraient advenir lors d'un traitement inapproprié des déchets.

Pour plus d'informations à propos de la collecte et du recyclage des déchets d’équipe ments électriques et électroniques, veuillez contacter votre municipalité, votre service de traitement des déchets ou le point de vente où vous avez acheté les produits.

Pour les professionnels dans l'Union européenne :

Si vous souhaitez vous débarrasser des déchets d’équipements électriques et électro niques, veuillez contacter votre vendeur ou fournisseur pour plus d'informations.

Informations sur la mise au rebut dans d'autres pays en dehors de l'Union euro péenne :

Ce symbole est seulement valable dans l'Union européenne. Si vous souhaitez vous débarrasser de déchets d’équipements électriques et électroniques, veuillez contacter les autorités locales ou votre fournisseur et demander la méthode de traitement appropriée.


Información para usuarios sobre la recogida y eliminación de los equipos antiguos


Este símbolo en los productos, embalajes y documentos anexos significa que los productos eléctricos y electrónicos no deben mezclarse con los desperdicios domésticos normales.

Para el tratamiento, recuperación y reciclaje apropiados de los productos antiguos, llévelos a puntos de reciclaje correspondientes, de acuerdo con la legislación nacional.

Al deshacerse de estos productos de forma correcta, ayudará a ahorrar recursos valiosos y a impedir los posibles efectos desfavorables en la salud humana y en el entorno que de otro modo se producirían si se tra taran los desperdicios de modo inapropiado.

Para obtener más información acerca de la recogida y el reciclaje de los productos anti guos, póngase en contacto con las autoridades locales, con el servicio de eliminación de basuras o con el punto de venta donde adquirió los artículos.

Para los usuarios empresariales de la Unión Europea:

Si desea desechar equipos eléctricos y electrónicos, póngase en contacto con su vende dor o proveedor para obtener más información.

Información sobre la eliminación en otros países fuera de la Unión Europea:

Este símbolo solo es válido en la Unión Europea. Si desea desechar estos artículos, pón gase en contacto con las autoridades locales o con el vendedor y pregúnteles el método correcto.


Informações para os utilizadores relativas à recolha e eliminação de equipamentos usados


Este símbolo, presente em produtos, embalagens e/ou incluído na docu mentação associada, indica que os produtos elétricos e eletrónicos usa dos não devem ser eliminados juntamente com os resíduos domésticos em geral.

O procedimento correto consiste no tratamento, recuperação e recicla gem de produtos usados, pelo que deve proceder à respetiva entrega nos pontos de recolha adequados, em conformidade com a legislação nacio nal em vigor.

A eliminação destes produtos de forma adequada permite poupar recur sos valiosos e evitar potenciais efeitos prejudiciais para a saúde pública e para o ambiente, associados ao processamento incorreto dos resíduos.

Para mais informações relativas à recolha e reciclagem de produtos usados, contacte as autoridades locais, o serviço de eliminação de resíduos ou o ponto de venda onde foram adquiridos os itens relevantes.

Informações para utilizadores empresariais na União Europeia:

Para proceder à eliminação de equipamento elétrico e eletrónico, contacte o seu revende dor ou fornecedor para obter informações adicionais.

Informações relativas à eliminação em países não pertencentes à União Europeia:

Este símbolo é válido exclusivamente na União Europeia. Caso pretenda eliminar este tipo de itens, contacte as autoridades locais ou o seu revendedor e informe-se acerca do pro cedimento correto para proceder à respetiva eliminação.


Informazioni per gli utenti sulla raccolta e lo smaltimento di vecchia attrezzatura


Questi simboli sui prodotti, sull'imballaggio e/o sui documenti che li accompagnano, indicano che i prodotti elettrici ed elettronici non devono essere mischiati con i rifiuti generici.

Per il trattamento, il recupero e il riciclaggio appropriato di vecchi prodotti, si prega di portarli ai punti di raccolta designati, in accordo con la legisla zione locale.

Smaltendo correttamente questi prodotti si potranno recuperare risorse preziose, oltre a prevenire potenziali effetti negativi sulla salute e l'ambiente che potrebbero sorgere a causa del trattamento improprio dei rifiuti.

Per ulteriori informazioni sulla raccolta e il riciclaggio di vecchi prodotti, si prega di contat tare l’amministrazione comunale locale, il servizio di smaltimento dei rifiuti o il punto ven dita dove sono stati acquistati gli articoli.

Per utenti imprenditori dell'Unione europea:

Se si desidera scartare attrezzatura elettrica ed elettronica, si prega di contattare il proprio rivenditore o il proprio fornitore per ulteriori informazioni.

Informazioni sullo smaltimento negli altri Paesi al di fuori dell'Unione europea:

Questi simboli sono validi solamente nell'Unione Europea; se si desidera scartare questi articoli, si prega di contattare le autorità locali o il rivenditore e richiedere informazioni sulla corretta modalità di smaltimento.


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