the User Manual

the User Manual
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Operation Manual
Before operating the unit, please read the instruction completely
Basic precautions should always be followed when using an electronic unit,
including the following.
Please ensure that you read all instructions before using the unit.
DANGER To reduce the risk of electric shock
>Always unplug the unit immediately after using.
>Always unplug the unit before cleaning.
/p. W A R N ING
To reduce the risk of burns, fire, electric shock, or injury to people,
take the following precautions:
• Do not stand on the unit
• Always insert the power plug all the way into the outlet to reduce the risk of short-circuiting and
• Close and continuous supervision is necessary when the unit is used by people who are limited
in their ability to move around or to communicate with others.
• Only use the unit for the purpose described in this Operation Manual.
• The unit should never be left unattended when plugged in. Always unplug the unit when not in
• Do not use any accessories other than those recommended by the manufacturer.
• The unit should not be used by children. Keep children away from the unit. Always return the chair
back to the upright position and retract the calfrest completely to avoid injury. Make sure
that nothing is in the way when retracting the calfrest. Always switch the Lock Switch to the
Lock position when the chair is not in use.
• Keep power cords away from heated surfaces. Do not carry the unit by the power cord. Do not
allow pins, or moisture to get inside the plug. See Grounding Instructions.
• Always make sure all fabric covered surfaces are not damaged or ripped before
using the unit Please check other areas to ensure that the fabric has not been ripped. Ifyou
spot any damages, stop using the unit immediately no matter how small the damaged area might be
unplug the power cord and have the unit repaired at an authorized service center.
• Do not use the unit in bathrooms or other damp or humid places as it may cause electric shock
or cause the unit to malfunction. Do not spill liquid onto the control panel surface.
• Do not use the unit near heating appliances or with electric blankets
• Never block the air openings during operation and make sure that all air openings are kept free
of I inland hair. Do not drop or insert anything into any of the openings of the unit.
• Never operate the unit if it has a damaged power cord or plug. Return the unit to the nearest
authorized service center if it is not working properly, or the unit has been dropped or damaged, or
immersed in water.
• Do not use the unit outdoors.
• Do not use the unit in places where aerosol spray products are in use or where oxygen is being
• When unplugging the unit, turn off all controls and turn off the main power switch before
removing the plug from the power outlet. Do not use the unit with a transformer as it may lead to
malfunction or electric shock.
• Connect this unit to a properly grounded outlet only and use a surge protector to protect the electronics.
• To avoid electric shock or injury, do not attempt to open or disassemble any part of the unit on
• Do not repair power cord on yourown if it is damaged. Please contact our company or authorized
service dealer.
SAFETY PRECAUTIONS To avoid the risk of injury
• To prevent excessive massaging, do not use the unit for more than a total of 30 minutes
each session. Exercise extreme care when you use this mode in order to avoid back pain
or injury. Use only for short periods of time (no more than 30 minutes).
• Never put your fingers or feet in the space between the backrest and seat, the backrest and
the armrest, the seat and the cover under the armrest. Do not place your fingers or any part
of your body underneath the calfrest.
• Do not use the unit against bare skin. While thin clothing may increase effectiveness,
exposing the skin directly to the massage may irritate the skin.
• Do not use the unit while wearing anything hard on your head such as hair accessories, etc.
• Do not use excessively strong massage action on the back of the neck.
• Persons with any of the conditions listed below or who are undergoing medical treatment should
consult with their physicians before using the unit:
a) Pregnant women, people who are ill, or in poor physical shape.
b) People suffering from back, neck, shoulder, or hip pain.
c) People who have a pacemaker, defibrillator, or other personal medical devices prone to electronic
interference.Consult with the manufacturer of your device before using the unit.
d) People with heart diseases.
e) People who are prohibited from receiving massages by a physician due to thrombosis or aneurism,
acute varicose veins or other circulatory disorders.
f) People with irregular curvatures of the spine.
• While using the massager, if you start feeling sick or if the massage seems painful, stop using it
immediately. While using the massager, if the pressure seems too high, or Strong, press the Stop
button immediately.
• After each massage, turn the power switch, which is located on the backside of the chair, to the
"Off" position and turn its lock switch to the "Lock" position.
• Do not sit on the chair with wet hair/body.
• Do not fall asleep while using the unit. Do not use the unit after alcohol consumption.
• The unit must not be used in "wet rooms"(i.e. saunas and swimming pools) or outdoors.
• Do not allow children to play on the lounger or operate the unit. The calfrest folds down upon
closing so a child could possibly be injured. Always leave the lounger in an upright and closed
• Do not allow children or pets to play on or around the unit especially during operation.
• Do not unplug the unit during operation. Unplug the unit immediately if there is a power outage.
• Please maintain the correct sitting posture, do not sit on the calfrest or sit with your legs resting
on the headrest, otherwise the unit may fall over. Never put the majority of your weight on the
chair back to avoid tipping over.
• Empty your pockets of hard objects before sitting on the unit.
To avoid damaging the chair, follow
precautions listed below
• The chair is designed for a maximum user weight of 250lbs. Exceeding the maximum weight
may cause permanent damage to the massage mechanism and/or other components of the unit.
Any such damage is deemed to be user abuse and is not covered under the Limited Warranty.
• The product must be grounded. If it should malfunction, grounding provides the path
of least resistance for electric current to reduce the risk of electric shock.
• This product is equipped with a cord having an equipment-grounding conductor and
a grounding plug. The plug must be plugged into an appropriate outlet that is properly
installed and grounded in accordance with all local codes and ordinances.
• Improper connection of the equipment-gounding connector can result in a risk of electric shock.
Check with a qualified electrician if you are in doubt as to whether the product is properly grounded.
Do not modify the plug provided with the product even if it does not fit the outlet. Have a proper outlet
installed by a qualified electrician.
• This product is for use on a nominal 120-volt circuit and has a grounding plug that looks like the
plug shown in figure A. Make sure that the product is connected to an outlet having the same
configuration as the plug. No adapter should be used with this product.
• Do not treat the chair roughly, such as turning the chair on its side, turning the chair over or standing
on it.
• Do not treat the covering roughly.«eep sharp or pointed objects away from the covering of the chair.
Be careful not to drop cigarette ashes, lit cigarettes, matches or other hot objects on the chair.
Exposure to direct sunlight can cause fading or a change in color of the covering.
• If the massager functions abnormally, immediately turn off the power and have the massager
checked by an authorized service center.
• Do not attempt to repair the massager yourself.
• Do not repeatedly operate any switch at short intervals. Such action may cause the switch to
• Certain sounds may be heard coming from the massager while in use. This is due to the structure of
the massagerand is normal.
• Make sure there are no obstacles behind the chair before reclining it. The chair can be
reclined to a maximum angle of 155°. If the back hits a wall or pillar, the chair may
malfunction. Be sure to have enough space behind the chair.
• Recline the chair slowly in order to avoid contact with an obstacle.
Figure A
Back Cushion
with air pressure massage function
with air pressure massage function
Massage Heads
(The massage heads are behind the fabric of the chair back)
Control Panel
Open the control panel for massage features, USB port and headphone jack
with air pressure massage function, vibration massage and heaters
With vibration massage and heaters
Back Cushion Zipper
1-Power Switch
2-Lock Switch
Power Supply Box
Swivel Base
Power Plug
Whereto Use the Unit
Ensure there is adequate space for reclining.
Keep at least
4 inches
Approx. 66 inches
Keep at least
4 inches
OPEN the cover of remote panel
; Power Switch
; Heat Switch
I Select Full Body Heat On/Off
i Air Massage Programs
i Select Program I , II, III or Off.
; Air Massage Intensity
: Select Program I, II, or III.
; Vibration Massage Programs
; Select Program I , II, III or Off.
; Vibration Locations
i Select Program I, II or III.
I Lumbar Massage Program
i Select the program On/Off.
i Lumbar Massage Intensity
; Select Program I , II, or III.
; Down - Chair Back & Leg Rest
; Push to recline the chair back and raise the leg rest.
! Up - Chair Back & Leg Rest
I Push toincline the chair back and lower the leg rest.
• Do not use the unit in an area with high humidity, such as the bathroom, as this can lead to
electric shock or other accidents.
• Place the unit on a completely leveled surface. Failure to do so may cause the lounger to
tip over, leading to accidents.
• Do not use the massage lounger in direct sunlight or in a place where it will be exposed to
high temperatures, such as in front of a heater, as this can cause discoloration or hardening
of the upholstery.
• Place the unit on a mat to prevent floor damage.
Adjusting the Calfrest and Backrest
• Always unplug the unit before cleaning it. Never touch
a power plug with wet hands.
1-Turn the unit onto the Standby Mode by plugging in the Power Plug,
turning on the Lock Switch and the Power Switch.
-Failure to follow these instructions may lead to electrocution or burns.
to adjust the angle of the backrest and calfrest.
Cleaning The Upholstery
• Wipe these areas with a soft, dry cloth. (Do NOT use cloths containing any kind of chemical, etc).
• If the upholstery is particularly dirty, please:
1 .Soak a soft cloth in water or a 3% - 5% solution of mild detergent, wring it out thoroughly;
2.Wipe the surface with the wetted cloth;
3.Next, rinse the cloth in water, wring it out thoroughly and then wipe any remaining
detergent from the surface;
4.Wipe the surfaces with a soft dry cloth;
S.AIlow them to dry naturally. (Do NOT use a hair dryer to dry the surfaces).
• Do not allow these areas to get in touch with plastic for extended periods of time as it may lead to discoloration.
• Please do NOT use paint thinners, benzene, or alcohol to clean the surface.
Cleaning Remote Panel, Wood Chair Back and Swivel Base
• Wipe the unit with a cloth that has been soaked in a mild detergent and thoroughly wrung
Adjusting the Pillow Position
Next, wipe the unit with a cloth that has been moistened with water only and thoroughly
wrung out.
• Make sure you thoroughly wring out the cloth first when cleaning the control panel.
• Allow the unit to dry naturally.
• Please do NOT use thinners, benzene or alcohol to clean the surface.
i Do not move the unit while someone is sitting on it. Do not place objects on or sit, climb, or stand
on the calfrest.
The following sounds are perfectly normal and will not have any
effect on the operation of the unit:
• Sound of the armrest and back cushion rubbing against other objects during recline
• Sound of Tapping.
• Sound when the unit is at Standby Mode by flipping the Power Switch to "On" .
• Sound when sitting down.
Lifting and Moving the Unit
• Sound of air being pumped in during an Air Pressure Massage.
• Sound of air being released during an Air Pressure Massage.
• Deep Vibration sounds during Vibration Massage
• Always use two persons to lift the unit. Use one person on
the left and one person on the right to hold underneath the
armrests to carefully move the unit, see the picture below.
• Rattling sound of the calfrest.
• Hold onto to the armrest tightly to prevent damage to the unit and the floor
Possible Reasons
Networking when
plugged in.
-The power switch is off.
-The lock switch is off.
-Power plug is not properly connected
with the outlet.
-The fuse is blown.
-Turn on the power switch.
-Turn on the lock switch.
-Reconnect the power plug
with the °ut|et.
-Replace the fuse with
the same specifications.
The unit makes a humming
sound or clip clop clip clop
noise during operation.
Sounds are made bytheairpump,
the electrical parts and the
mechanical parts.
The sounds are normal. No need
for maintenance.
You may notice an increase
in noise during a session.
The unit has been used over its
time limit.
Shut down the unit and turn it
back on after a half an hour.
The unit stops working suddenly
Time out.
Shut down the unit and turn it back
onaftera half an hour.
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