Sonor S401 гарын авлага

Sonor S401 гарын авлага
Sonor S401 гарын авлага
Sonor S401 гарын авлага
Sonor S401 гарын авлага
Sonor S401 гарын авлага
Sonor S401 гарын авлага
Sonor S401 гарын авлага
Sonor S401 гарын авлага
Sonor S401 гарын авлага
Sonor S401 гарын авлага
Sonor S401 гарын авлага
Sonor S401 гарын авлага
Sonor S401 гарын авлага
Sonor S401 ãàðûí àâëàãà
Sonor S401 ãàðûí àâëàãà
Sonor S401 ãàðûí àâëàãà
Sonor S401 ãàðûí àâëàãà
Sonor S401 ãàðûí àâëàãà
Sonor S401 гарын авлага
Sonor S401 ãàðûí àâëàãà
Sonor S401 гарын авлага
Sonor S401 гарын авлага
Thanks for choosing the Sonor S401, Dual SIM
Android smart phone. This smart phone is running
on Android OS, v4. 4. If you’d like your phone to
live a long and fruitful life, please read this guide
carefully and keep it for future reference. You
never know when you might need it.
And don’t worry if the pictures we use to
demonstrate your phone’s functions look a little
different from what you see on its screen. It’s the
functions that matter.
* The Manufacturer reserves the right for the
changes in the manual without advanced notice.
Sonor S401 user manual
1. Safety..............................................................3
1.1 Safety Precautions......................................3
1.2 Using your phone safely..............................4
2. Understanding your Phone...........................7
2.1 Your Phone..................................................7
2.2 Description Icons.........................................8
2.3 Inserting & Removing the Battery................8
2.4 Charging the battery....................................9
2.5 Power ON/OFF..........................................10
2.6 Enter Main Menu.......................................10
2.7 Enter Sub Menu........................................10
2.8 Use Notification Panel...............................10
2.9 Expand Main Interface..............................10
2.10 Add icons on the main interface................10
2.11 Move icons on the main interface..............11
2.12 Delete icons on the main interface............11
2.13 Change wallpapers....................................11
2.14 Install APK through File Manager..............11
3. Using your Phone........................................12
3.1 Main Menu & Its Functions.......................12
3.2 Wi-Fi..........................................................16
4. Inputting Text...............................................19
5. Maintenance.................................................19
6. Taking Care of your Device.........................20
Sonor S401 user manual
1.1 Safety Precautions
Please read through the following briefings carefully, and act in accordance with these rules, so as to pre
vent causing any danger or violating any law.
• Your mobile phone model has been designed to compile with
applicable safety requirements for exposure to radio waves. The
radio wave exposure guide
lines employ a unit of measurement
called Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). The recommended SAR
limit for mobile handset is 1.6 W/Kg averaged over a 6 minutes
period and taken over a volume containing a mass 1g of human
• The highest SAR value for this mobile phone model is 0.491 Watt/
kg averaged over a 6 minutes period and taken over a volume
containing a mass 1g of human tissue.
• Use cell phone when the signal strength is good. Keep your calls
short or instead use headset or send a text message. This advice
applies especially to children, adolescents and pregnant women.
• If you are using a Bluetooth headset device, please make sure it
has a low power emitter.
• Information about the meaning of Logo WEEE (Waste Electrical
and Electronic Equipment):
The WEEE logo on the product or on its box indicates that this product must not be disposed
of or dumped with your other household waste.
You are liable to dispose of all your electronic
or electrical waste equipment by relocating over
to the specified collection point for recycling of
such hazardous waste. Isolated collection and
proper recovery of your electronic and electrical
Sonor S401 user manual
waste equipment at the time of disposal will allow us to help
conserving natural resources. Moreover, proper recycling of the
electronic and electrical waste equipment will ensure safety of
human health and environment.
Caution: risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type.
• Dispose of used batteries according to the instructions.
• For pluggable equipment, the socket-outlet shall be installed near
the equipment and shall be easily accessible.
1.2 Using your phone safely
On The Road
Using a phone while driving is illegal in many countries. Please follow local laws and drive
safely at all times.
Near Sensitive Electronics Don’t use your
phone near sensitive electronic equipment – particularly
medical devices such as pacemakers – as it could cause
them to malfunction. It can also interfere with the operation
of fire detectors and other automatic-control equipment. For more
information about how your phone affects pacemakers or other
electronic equipment, please contact the manufacturer or your
local distributor.
Your phone may cause interference when used near TVs, radios or
automated office equipment.
While Flying
Your phone can cause interference
with aircraft equipment. So it’s essential you follow airline
regulations. And if airline personnel ask you to switch off
your phone, or disable its wireless functions, please do
as they say.
Sonor S401 user manual
In Hospital Your phone may interfere with the normal operation of medical equipment. Follow all hospital
regulations and turn it off when you’re asked to by posted warnings or medical staff.
At a Petrol Station Don’t use your phone at petrol stations. In fact, it’s always best to switch off whenever you’re near fuels, chemicals or explosives.
Around Water Keep your phone away from water
(or any other liquid). It’s not a waterproof model.
Making Repairs
Never take your phone apart.
Please leave that to the professionals. Unauthorized
repairs could break the terms of your warranty.
Broken Antenna Don’t use your phone if the antenna is damaged, as it could cause injury.
Around Children
Keep your mobile out of children’s reach. It should never be used as a toy and it
might not be good for their health.
Original Accessories Only use the original ac-
cessories supplied with your phone or those approved
by the manufacturer. Using unapproved accessories
may affect performance, make the warranty void, break
national regulations on the use of mobile phones, or even cause injury.
Sonor S401 user manual
Near Explosives
Turn off your phone in or near
areas where explosive materials are used. Always obey
local laws and turn off your phone when requested.
Emergency Calls
To make an emergency call
your phone must be turned on and in an area where
there’s network coverage. Dial the national emergency
number and press ‘send’. Explain exactly where you are
Working Temperature
The working temperature for the phone is between 0 Degree and 40 Degree
Celsius. Please don’t use the phone outside the range.
Using the phone under too high or too low temperature
might cause problems.and don’t hang up until help has
To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at
high volume levels for long periods.
Sonor S401 user manual
2.1 Your Phone
Keys/Touch Points
Power Key: To power on/off Sonor S401, press and hold power key
for a few seconds of your phone. When Sonor S401 is ON, press
the power key once to activate or deactivate the screen.
Home key (
): Touch the key to return to the home screen.
In idle screen, touch and hold the key to view recently accessed
Options key (
): In standby mode, touch the key to set wallpaper, manage apps, access to system settings. Touch it to view
menu options.
Back key ( ):Touch to go back to the previous menu.
Sonor S401 user manual
2.2 Description Icons
Shows the phone’s network signal strength.
Show the phone’s
battery capacity.
Speaker has been
You have unread SMS.
Call on hold
The ringing type is
set on Vibration.
3G network in use
You have missed calls.
In call
USB storage
Turned on.
Flight Mode
2G network in use.
A clock alarm is active.
Bluetooth ON
2.3 Inserting & Removing the Battery
Inserting the Battery
1. Open the battery cover on the back of your phone.
2. Align the battery’s contact points with those of the phone and
gently press the battery down into place.
3. Replace the battery cover clicking it back into position.
Sonor S401 user manual
Inserting the Battery
Closing the Back Cover
Removing the battery
1. Switch off your phone.
2. Open the battery cover.
3. Lift the battery up and out of your phone.
Open the Back Cover
Removing the Battery
Note: The Schematics may differ from the actual product, it is just
for the demonstration of function.
2.4 Charging the battery
The rechargeable Li-ion battery that comes with your phone is
ready to be used, but is not charged. It is easy to do & can be done
in 4 simple steps below:
Sonor S401 user manual
2.5 Power ON/OFF
Press the power key to power-ON/OFF the phone.
When you turn your phone on, it’ll automatically check the SIM and
show the following information on screen:
• Input SIM1 PIN: If you’ve set a PIN for your SIM1.
• Input SIM2 PIN: If you’ve set a PIN for your SIM2.
Note:The PIN is supplied with your SIM. Please replace it with
your own PIN code as soon as possible. Enter the wrong PIN three
times, and your SIM will be locked. Then you’ll need to contact your
network service provider to ask for a PUK code to unlock it. It is
applicable for both the SIMs if you are using 2 SIM Cards.
2.6 Enter Main Menu
In Idle mode, press the Menu key to enter the main menu on the
desktop and click the Home key to return.
2.7 Enter Sub Menu
Once at the main menu, click the icon to select the submenu, press
Back Key to return to the previous menu, and press the Home
Screen to return to the home screen.
2.8 Use Notification Panel
As a new notification appears in the notification area, slide down in
the area to view the contents of the notification. Screen to return
to the home screen.
2.9 Expand Main Interface
The main interface may extend and exceed the screen width to
provide more space for newly added shortcuts and tools.
Slide your finger horizontally on the main interface to extend to the
left or right area of the main interface.
Sonor S401 user manual
2.10 Add icons on the main interface
You can long press the icon on the main menu until it’s enlarged
and the mobile phone vibrates, and copies the icons in the main
menu to the main interface.
2.11 Move icons on the main interface
1. Long press the icon on the main interface until it’s enlarged and
the mobile phone vibrates.
2. Drag the icon to the desired position and then release it.
2.12 Delete icons on the main interface
1. Long press the icon on the main interface until it’s enlarged and
the mobile phone vibrates.
2. Drag the icon to “Remove” to delete it.
2.13 Change wallpapers
1. Long press “Touch screen” to open the menu.
2. Choose from “Gallery /”Live Wallpapers”/ “Video
Wallpaper”/“Wallpapers”, and Select the wallpaper and press
“Set wallpaper” to complete.
2.14 Install APK through File Manager
APK is a supported file format for the Android mobile operating
a) Please copy the downloaded APK file into the SD card, and then
insert the SD card into the phone.
b) In Idle mode, click Main Menu to enter the main menu.
c) Click “File Manager” to enter the directory of SD card.
d) Click the APK file you wish to install, and follow the installation
Sonor S401 user manual
3.1 Main Menu & Its Functions
Select to enter the main menu…
Allow you to view a list of features available in your phone1. Clock
Allow you to set the Alarm from Clock.
2. Browser
Browse the internet.
3. Calculator
Allow you to make tedious calculations quickly.
4. Calendar
View the calendar & add events.
5. Camera
Allow you to click pictures
anytime you want. Your Sonor S401 has High Definition
camera supporting many special features which ensures
you always click good quality
of pictures and stores them
under the Gallery folder. In
Camera, easily choose Camcorder to record Video Files.
Sonor S401 user manual
6. Contact
To see your list of Contacts. Access phonebook through this
7. Email
Allows you set up your POP/IMAP email accounts.
8. Gallery
Allow you to save & view photos & videos.
9. Messaging
Allow you to view messages sent & received as a thread.
Sonor S401 user manual
10. Music
View the list of songs available in your phone. View the artists,
albums, playlists & more.
11. Phone
Allow you to make quick outgoing calls.
12. File Manager
You could install the files in APK format & also view your files.
13. Settings
Modify settings under the following• SIM management
• Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth
• Data Usage
Sonor S401 user manual
• More...
• Audio porfiles
• Display
• Storage
• Battery
• Apps
• Location access
• Security
• Language & input
• Backup & reset
• Add account
• Date & time
• Scheduled poweron & off
• Accessibility
• Developer options
• About phone
14. SIM Toolkit
This service is provided by the operator. It provides many types
of personalized message services.
15. Sound Recorder
Allows you to record sounds.
Sonor S401 user manual
16. Videos
View from list of videos
3.2 Wi-Fi
Sonor S401 supports Wi-Fi which allows Android later devices with
the appropriate hardware to connect directly to each other via WiFi without an intermediate access point. Using the APIs, you can
discover and connect to other devices when each device supports
Wi-Fi, then communicate over a speedy connection across distances much longer than a Bluetooth connection. This is useful for
applications that share data among users, such as a multiplayer
game or file sharing.
Sonor S401 user manual
1. After turning on the feature click “Search” at the bottom and it will
display the available devices:
2. Click “AP-SWT2” (in this case specifically) and it will give you
option to connect:
3. Click “connect” and the devices will be connected
Sonor S401 user manual
Intelligent keyboard
Sonor S401 automatically corrects and suggests words as you
Cut, Copy and Paste
Touch and hold text content to bring up the magnifying glass, and
Sonor S401 user manual
Use a dry soft cloth to wipe general dirt.
Do not use a hard cloth, benzene or thinner to wipe the phone,
otherwise, the surface of the phone will be scratched or could even
result in the fading of color.
Sonor S401 user manual
Your device is a product of superior design and craftsmanship and
should be handled with care: The following suggestions will help
you protect your phone:
• Always keep the small parts of the phone away from children.
• Keep the device dry. Precipitation, humidity, and all types of liquids or moisture can contain minerals that will rust electronic circuits. If your device does get wet, remove the battery, and allow the
device to dry completely before replacing it.
• Do not use or store the device in dusty, dirty areas. Its moving
parts and electronic components can be damaged.
• Do not store the device in high or cold temperature. High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic devices and damage
• Do not attempt to open the device other than as instructed in
this guide.
• Do not drop, knock, or shake the device. Rough handling can
break internal circuit boards and fine mechanics.
• Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents, or strong detergents to clean the device. Only use a soft, clean, dry cloth to clean
the surface of the device.
• Do not paint the device. Paint can clog the moving parts and
prevent proper operation.
• Use indoor chargers.
Sonor S401 user manual
Sonor S401 гарын авлага
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