Empire Earth III Extended Electronic Manual

Empire Earth III Extended Electronic Manual
Empire Earth 3
Empire Earth 3
Empire Earth III Extended Electronic Manual
Welcome to the Empire Earth III extended electronic manual!!
This special edition of the EE3 manual was created to provide
updated information about the game including game adjustments
and changes that were updated after the printed manual was
completed, give users further details about game features that
could not fit into the printed manual, and allow users to find the
latest information about the game in a single location.
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Empire Earth 3
Empire Earth 3
I. Getting Started
So You Want to Conquer the World?
I. Getting Started.................................................................................................. 4
So You Want to Conquer the World?........................................................................... 4
Installation.................................................................................................................... 4
Launching EE3............................................................................................................. 4
Game Types ................................................................................................................. 5
Game Options............................................................................................................... 7
Tutorials and Tooltips ................................................................................................ 13
Thank you for purchasing Empire Earth III. This guide will provide you with
the basic information you need to play the game and lead your civilization to
dominance and glory.
To install Empire Earth III, place the Empire Earth III DVD-ROM into your
DVD-ROM drive. The auto-run program should start automatically.
II. Basic Concepts .............................................................................................. 14
Map Features.............................................................................................................. 14
Resources ................................................................................................................... 16
Buildings & Units....................................................................................................... 17
Eras and Technology .................................................................................................. 18
Combat ....................................................................................................................... 18
Diplomacy .................................................................................................................. 22
World Domination...................................................................................................... 25
III. Western Region............................................................................................ 36
Building Construction ................................................................................................ 37
Territory Control ........................................................................................................ 37
Population .................................................................................................................. 37
Unique Combat Action and Empire Techs ................................................................. 37
Buildings, Units, and Unit Abilities ........................................................................... 37
IV. Middle Eastern Region ................................................................................ 45
Building Construction ................................................................................................ 45
Territory Control ........................................................................................................ 45
Population .................................................................................................................. 45
Unique Combat Action and Empire Techs ................................................................. 45
Buildings, Units, and Unit Abilities ........................................................................... 46
If the DVD does not launch automatically, double-click the “My Computer”
icon on your desktop, then double-click on the icon that represents your DVDROM drive, and finally double-click on “EE3AutoRun.exe” to run the EE3
installation program.
Next, click the “Install” button to commence installation. Follow the directions
on the screen to complete the installation process.
NOTE: Before running Empire Earth III, it is highly recommended that you
have the latest drivers for your video card, audio card, and other relevant devices
installed on your computer. Drivers can usually be downloaded from the
manufacturer’s web site. It is also recommended that your operating system has
the latest patches installed.
If you purchased this game via download, simply double-click on the file you
just downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions. Note: You will not need
to have a disc in the DVD-ROM drive to play.
V. Far Eastern Region........................................................................................ 53
Building Construction ................................................................................................ 53
Territory Control ........................................................................................................ 53
Population .................................................................................................................. 53
Unique Combat Action and Empire Techs ................................................................. 53
Buildings, Units, and Unit Abilities ........................................................................... 54
VI. Customer Support ........................................................................................ 60
VII. System Specifications................................................................................. 62
VIII. License Agreement ................................................................................... 63
IX. EE3 Credits.................................................................................................. 67
Enter Key Code
You will be asked to enter the unique Key Code located on the back of the
manual cover. Protect your Key Code – do not give it to anyone else or allow
anyone else to use it. Put the game case in a safe, secure place; the DVD-ROM
and Key Code will be required if you need to reinstall the game.
Launching EE3
After installation, launch the game. When you launch EE3 you will be
presented with the Main Screen, where you can choose the game type to play
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Page 4
Empire Earth 3
and adjust game options. Via the Tools menu you can view a recorded game,
view game credits, access the map editor, and set up user profiles. You can also
create a civilization.
Before you start playing Empire Earth III, you must select which type of game
you’d like to play.
Game Types
There are two types of games in Empire Earth III: Single player and
Single Player – There are three ways to play a Single Player Game:
Tutorial – The tutorials teach the basics of the game, from movement,
to combat, to harvesting resources. Even if you have played the other
games in the Empire Earth series, we highly recommend that you play
the tutorials, as much has changed in Empire Earth III.
World Domination Game – World Domination mode is Empire Earth
III’s exciting Single Player campaign game. Conquer the globe as you
take on other civilizations and native tribes within a realistic 3D map of
Main Campaign – Choose your region and difficulty level,
and dive right in. The number and types of opponents are
preset. This is the fastest way to get a World Domination
game going, and is recommended for first-time players. Don’t
forget to play the tutorials!
Play Custom Game – This option allows you to choose your
region, the number and type of opponents you face, difficulty
level, and much more. Custom games allow you to fine tune
the game to get it “just right” for you.
Skirmish – Play on a single map against one or more computer
opponents. This option features full customization options: set the
number and type of opponents, assign teams, choose your map, and
much more. This is the perfect option for players seeking a quick,
unique experience that is tailor-made to their style of play (see
“Multiplayer” for a full list of options).
Multiplayer – You can play multiplayer games over the Internet through
Gamespy, or via a LAN / Direct connection. In Multiplayer games, you can play
with or against up to seven other players. You can join a game hosted by
Page 5
Empire Earth 3
someone else, or host your own game. If you choose to host your own game,
you can select from all of the options listed below (this list is also applicable to
the “Skirmish” games):
Number of players – To control the maximum number of players, you
can change the “Open” player type to “Closed” by left-clicking on the
pull down menu under “Player Type.” To add AI players to the game,
change the option to “AI,” and select the difficulty level you want the
AI to represent.
Team – To assign players to the same team, choose the appropriate
number from this drop down. Players with the same number or on the
same team.
Use Pre-made / Custom Civs – Enabling this option allows players to
use civilizations that they have created using the custom civilization
maker included with the game. By default, this option is set to “off.”
Maximum / Minimum Era – These drop downs allow you to set the
starting and ending eras for the technology in the game. The default
option allows all five Eras to be played through, from Ancient to
Use Quickstart – Selecting this option will give all players additional
resources and units at the beginning of the game to allow for a faster
start. When enabled, you can choose Small, Medium, or Large to set
the starting army size. By default, this option is set to “On.”
Lock Teams – This option allows you to specify that players may not
break starting alliances or form new ones, effectively turning off most
diplomacy options for the game. By default, this option is set to “off.”
Teams Start Together – This option makes players on the same team
start in adjacent territories on the map. By default, this option is set to
Initial Cease Fire – This option allows you to set a time during which
no attacks may be made against other players. This option is set to
“None” by default.
Reveal Map – This option determines how “fog of war” behaves in the
game. “Unrevealed” sets the map as black until explored. “Explored”
sets the terrain as visible initially, but players cannot see anything that
is being built by other players outside of their current units’ line of
Page 6
Empire Earth 3
sight. In “revealed” mode, all players always have line of sight across
the entire map. This option is set to “Explored” by default.
Empire Earth 3
computer system. Note that changing settings in the Advanced Options
may have a detrimental effect on the game’s performance.
Cheats Enabled – This setting determines whether or not players are
allowed to use cheat codes.
Game Speed – This option determines how fast the game plays. This
setting affects all resource harvesting, animations, damage, etc. in the
game. Choices are Slow, Normal, or Fast, with “Normal” as the default
Game Options
Game Options – Game Options allow you to change the sound, video, and
other settings to match your play style and your computer. There are two types
of options:
Basic Options – These four options come up immediately when
“Game Options” is selected from the main screen.
Resolution – Choose from a variety of resolution settings. Be
aware that setting higher resolutions can have a detrimental
effect on game performance.
Detail Level – Sets the overall detail levels in the game. This
option allows you to choose between Highest Quality, Best
Performance, and Default, which is the default settings for all
computers and not your specific hardware. We recommend
that you adjust your settings to improve performance or adjust
detail levels. Be aware that boosting this setting to “Highest
Quality” can have a detrimental effect on game performance.
Music Volume – Adjust the volume of the music in the game.
Sound Volume – Adjust the volume of the sound effects in
the game.
Voice Volume - Adjust the volume of the voice-overs in the
Advanced Options – Set a wide variety of Video, Audio, and Game
options in order to fine tune the game experience to your tastes or your
Page 7
Page 8
Empire Earth 3
Game Interface: everything you need
Era Button
Tells current Era and can
be clicked to advance to
the next Era.
Empire Earth 3
is just a mouse click or two away!
Control Groups
Resource Meter
Assign any
combination of units
into numbered groups.
Shows amount of each
resource player has
Population Meter
Show current and total
possible unit population.
Game Clock
Displays the
elapsed game
Opens the
An ongoing
record of
game events
Miniature version
of the entire game
Pause Menu
Access the Pause
menu to change
settings or quit.
Flare an important area
on the minimap for all
allies to see.
Page 9
Selection Panel
Shows currently selected
unit(s) and their stats.
Command Card/Ability Panel
Shows all available unit abilities and
any new abilities available for research.
Page 10
Empire Earth 3
Empire Earth 3
The buttons and tools on the Main Screen give you full control over everything
in the game. Here is what you will find on the main screen:
Event Log - During the World Domination Campaign, players will
encounter random Events.
The Diplomacy Controls allow players to propose and review alliances,
declare war or neutrality, and tribute resources, units, or even whole
provinces (World Domination only).
The Event Log keeps track of all current events the player has
encountered and what objectives must be met to complete them. There
is also a history of events.
Using the Minimap, players can look at the entire map, issue
movement commands to selected units by right-clicking on the
Minimap, as well as tracking enemy movement, resources, and more (if
within line of sight). By using the Flare icon, players can flag important
areas on the Minimap for allies (even AI allies) to take notice of.
Diplomacy - By clicking on the Diplomacy icon, players can open the
Diplomacy Controls.
Page 11
Minimap - The Minimap is a powerful tool that shows a miniature
version of the entire battlefield.
Resources and Population – These meters show how many resources
you currently have in your stockpiles. Population is shown in the
format “current population / population capacity.” Each region
increases its population capacity by constructing certain buildings (see
the chapters on each region). You cannot produce more units if you are
at or over your population capacity.
Control Groups Area - You can assign any combination of units to a
Control Group, which you can easily select later.
Page 12
Empire Earth 3
Empire Earth 3
Pause Menu - Clicking this button will take you to the Pause menu
where you can adjust audio/video settings, game settings, load/save
your game, or quit the game.
II. Basic Concepts
Selection Panel – Displays information about what is currently
selected, such as a unit’s hit points and other attributes.
Ability Panel – Gives access to the available abilities of the selected
unit or building, including build buttons, research buttons, unit abilities,
and combat actions.
In Empire Earth III there are four types of maps on which you will compete with
others to assert your dominance. These four types of maps are:
• Arctic (cold and rocky with snow, ice, and mountain passes)
• Arid (hot and dry with deserts and canyons)
• Temperate (mild and covered with grass and rolling hills)
• Tropical (lush jungles with high mountains and waterfalls)
Mouse Controls
The mouse controls for Empire Earth III are as follows:
Map Features
These four map types will be encountered in World Domination, Single Player
skirmish and Multi-player. There are a number of features that are shared by
each of these map types, as described below.
Right-Click to perform the default action for selected units, such as
move, attack, or garrison.
Left-Click to click a button, activate an ability, or follow-up a button
click with a location choice, such as to place a building for construction
or tell units where to perform an ability or combat action.
Each map is divided into sections called “territories,” which can be claimed and
owned by players by building City Centers (see the sections on each region for
details). Each territory can support a single City Center and a single Market, and
as many other buildings as its boundaries will permit.
Turning the mouse wheel allows you to zoom the camera in and out.
Tutorials and Tooltips
Empire Earth III has several options for learning the basics of the game. In
addition to this manual, we highly recommend that you play the Tutorials, which
you can access through the Single Player menu. Tutorials teach the basics of the
game, from movement, to combat, to harvesting resources. There is also a
separate tutorial to get you started in World Domination mode.
Tooltips are provided throughout the game. A tooltip is a helpful reminder of
what something does in the game. Just about everything in Empire Earth III has
a tooltip: units, buildings, resources, and UI icons and buttons. To see a tooltip,
simply move the mouse cursor over what you would like more information
about, and leave it there for a moment. A tooltip will pop-up to provide more
information. You may also choose to disable tooltips in the Advanced Game
Options screen.
The number of territories varies from map to map, but will be never be fewer
than two or more than twenty. As territories only exist on land, the number of
territories per map is also determined by the amount of water that is present; the
more water, oceans or seas on a map, the fewer territories will be present.
Terrain and Weather
Each map type in Empire Earth III will have markedly different terrain that is
typical for the area of the Earth that it represents.
Each of the four distinct terrain types will have weather that is appropriate for
that area. The type of weather on a map will vary by climate and intensity. For
instance, an Arid climate map will either have Wind (low intensity) or Dust
Storm (high intensity). Weather does not impact gameplay. Weather effects can
be toggled “on” or “off” in the Advanced Video Options.
Treasures are special items discovered by a player’s units as they explore and
conquer the world. Treasures will appear as either buildings containing special
units, or as “relics” (small items the player finds). By claiming a treasure the
player will be provided with a one time benefit, either special units or resources.
Some treasures are guarded, in which case the guards must be eliminated before
the treasure can be claimed.
Page 13
Page 14
Empire Earth 3
Empire Earth 3
Native Tribes
Native Tribes are local to a province or map and are basically “minicivilizations.” Native Tribes go about their lives in the game world, pursuing
their goals, making the landscape more alive and providing potential rivals or
allies for players. Native Tribes differ from AI players in that they are not trying
to win the game.
There are three types of resources in Empire Earth III: Raw Materials, Wealth
and Tech Points.
Players can enter into normal alliances with Native Tribes, or a player can
attempt to “assimilate” a tribe by increasing relations with the tribe past a certain
threshold (i.e., beyond “Love” – see below).
Relations affect how AIs (full players and tribes) feel about the human player(s)
or other AIs in the game. This gives another avenue besides military
engagement for a human player to interact with AIs.
Each human player has a relationship with every AI (whether full player or
tribe). This relationship is inherently symmetrical: for any two players there is
one value of their relationship. Relations are displayed to the player as one of
five values: Hate, Dislike, Indifference, Like, and Love.
AIs are much more likely to accept alliance proposals with players they Love,
and can be more easily tempted into war against players they Hate. Similarly,
there is an increased chance they will propose an alliance, or declare war of their
own accord, against such players. A Native Tribe that is pushed beyond Love
for a player becomes assimilated by that player (see the section on Diplomacy).
There are also trading bonuses when trading with AIs that Like or Love your
Open the Diplomacy interface and hover the mouse pointer over a tribe or AI
player’s button to see the current relation level. Pay attention to the relationship,
as it may be easier to befriend an AI than to destroy it.
A number of things can affect relations, either positively or negatively,
including Tributes, Trade, forming Alliances, Declaring War, etc. Additionally,
each region has a unit with a special ability that affects relations with AIs:
• Eastern Priests can Influence AI units to increase relations.
• Middle Eastern Agents can become permanent Emissaries in an AI’s
City Center to increase relations.
• Western Builders can construct Monuments near an AI’s buildings to
increase relations over time.
Page 15
Raw Materials
Maps can differ in the number and types of raw material sites they have. A
map’s climate may also play a factor as to what types of sites are most likely to
be there. The types of raw material sites are:
• Mines (Ore)
• Forests (Wood)
• Quarries (Stone)
• Fish schools (Fish)
Once collected, all Raw Materials are interchangeable and go into the same
stockpile. Raw Materials are used primarily to purchase units and buildings.
A player must build a Warehouse adjacent to a Raw Material site in order to
begin collecting the resource. Warehouses have three workers to start, but
additional workers can be purchased by filling the slots in the Warehouse. Each
additional worker costs more than the one previously purchased for that
Wealth is generated by building a market and establishing trade routes. Once a
market has been built, the Player’s first trade cart will appear and establish a
trade route with the Player’s nearest City Center. Wealth is generated by each
trade cart when it reaches its destination, either a City Center or Dock, and when
it returns to its origin market. The amount of wealth that is generated is
determined by the straight-line distance between the trade cart’s origin and its
destination. The further away, the more wealth that is generated, but increased
distance also exposes the trade cart to possible attack.
Markets, like Warehouses, have slots that can be purchased. Each slot represents
a trade cart, which spawns a short time after the slot is purchased. Trade carts
move along their routes automatically once a route is set up. You can change
the destination of a route by selecting the market or the trade cart and rightclicking a new destination. In addition to Markets, each Dock is allowed one
trade route with another dock via a trade ship. You can establish trade routes
with other players if you first research the “Foreign Trade” technology.
Tech Points
The player purchases worker slots in the City Center to hire “scholars,” which
generate a steady stream of tech points. City Centers do not come with any
slots—all slots must be bought. All slots produce tech at the same static rate.
Page 16
Empire Earth 3
However, each new slot bought (per building) costs more than the previous slot.
Tech research and Era advancement cost tech points, in addition to other
Note: During battle mode in World Domination games, you don’t need Scholars
until the Modern Era, so you can’t hire them in earlier eras.
Buildings & Units
In Empire Earth III you expand your civilization by constructing buildings and
producing units to use against your enemies.
Building Construction
In order to build structures or buildings you must select a unit that can build and
purchase a building by spending an amount of resources. Each region has a
different way in which this is accomplished.
When the game begins, each region is provided with one of the following for the
purpose of construction: a single builder (if you have chosen the West); five
Peasants (if you are playing as the East – any infantry unit can build); or a City
Center, if you are playing as the Mid East. Other buildings and units may be
available too, depending on the region and chosen game options.
The UI panel for your initial builder unit will display a selection of buildings
that can be purchased. The building that is purchased can be placed by leftclicking on the terrain where you want that particular building to be built. For
the West and the East, the Builder or Infantryman will then move to the
designated spot and construct the appropriate building. The Mid East City
Center will spawn a packed version of the building, which can be moved and
unpacked at a designated spot, when ordered.
Producing Units
Unit-producing buildings – such as Barracks, Stables, Workshops and Docks –
will each display in their UI panels the number and types of units that can be
By left-clicking on the unit icon button in the building’s display panel, you will
spend the unit’s cost in resources and purchase the unit. The unit will take a set
amount of time to be produced and then the unit will emerge from the building.
Each unit-producing building can set a ‘rally flag,’ when the building is selected,
by right-clicking on the terrain away from the building. When a unit is produced
it will move immediately to the rally flag.
Page 17
Empire Earth 3
Eras and Technology
Empire Earth III spans five unique Eras: Ancient, Medieval, Colonial, Modern,
and Future. As the player advances through the eras some of his or her units
will automatically upgrade when the player enters a new era, while others must
be researched in order to be upgraded. Upgrades are researched at the building
where the unit originated. Certain units also possess special abilities that can be
used by the player in battle or other situations. Some unit abilities are available
by default and others must be researched before they can be used. Abilities are
researched on the unit that can have them.
The player advances into a new era by paying a specified cost in Technology
points. To view the cost of advancing, the player just needs to place the mouse
pointer over the button with the name of the current Era in the top right corner of
the screen. When ready to advance (and you have enough Technology points),
click the Era button.
While many options lay before you to grow your empire, combat is the primary
way your civilization will defeat enemies and conquer the globe.
As any good commander knows, your units are only as effective as you make
them. Study the info below and you will be conquering and pillaging in no time!
Unit Roles
Each unit in your empire has a specific role in combat. As you will see, combat
works off of a rock/paper/scissor system. Each unit has a unit type they are
strong against and very good at defeating. Each unit also has a unit type they are
weak against which will kill them if you are not careful.
Basic Infantry
The Infantry unit is your most basic combat unit. Each region has a variety of
Basic Infantry soldiers for you to choose from, some melee and some ranged.
Infantry units are generally inexpensive and easy to kill, but they are dangerous
in large numbers and have many special abilities that make them surprisingly
useful and deadly. Infantry work best as a large attack group, or as escorts for
larger weapons, but watch out for Field Guns!
What Radier units lack in armor, they more than make up for in speed. Your
Raider units are your best scouts, and can cover ground rapidly, allowing you to
locate and keep an eye on your enemies. Raiders are also excellent at destroying
enemy Resource Workers and Trade Carts. Finally, Raiders also serve as great
counters to enemy siege weapons due to their speed and weapon expertise.
Page 18
Empire Earth 3
Shock Cavalry
Shock Cavalry units are slow, powerful, and often covered head to toe in thick
armor. These armored horse units excel at cutting down Basic Infantry, and can
take out a group and ride away before the enemy even knows what happened.
Within your army, you also have specialized units for wiping out Cavalry. But
keep them away from enemy Basic Infantry units, as Anti-Cavalry units are
especially vulnerable to them.
Field Weapons
The Field weapon is your arsenal’s compact artillery. Field Weapons are perfect
for attacking large groups of slow-moving units such as Basic Infantry and AntiCavalry foot soldiers, and tearing them to shreds.
Siege Weapons
Siege Weapons are your largest engines of war on land. While very slow
moving, Siege Weapons are devastatingly powerful when used against enemy
structures. Even one siege weapon can destroy an enemy building, wall, or
tower quickly. Siege Weapons are very vulnerable, however, due to their slow
speed and inability to fight off any kind of short range or melee attack. Make
sure to protect these important weapons with Infantry or Cavalry escorts.
Empire Earth 3
From time to time, you will gain access to a powerful Hero that you can send
forth into battle. Heroes are expensive but extremely powerful units with very
unique and often deadly special abilities at their command. An army with a Hero
in the lead is a force to be reckoned with!
Special Units
There are other units at your command that do not fit exactly into the above
groups, such as fire ships and priests. These units have unique uses all their own
that will become clear as you grow as a commander. Each region has its share
of special and support units.
Unit Abilities
Many of the units in your army have access to special abilities that can give
them an edge in combat. Some abilities your units already know, while others
must be taught to them through research.
Small Ships
Your navy is made up of two general classes of watercraft, one of which is the
Small Ship type. Most small ships are useful for transporting land units, and all
are great at putting holes in other ships.
Large Ships
Large Ships are often towering behemoths that wily commanders can use to
bombard coastal targets from off shore. Most Large Ships can also transport
units, but they are poor at fighting off any kind of direct attack from other ships.
Light Tanks
Light Tanks are highly mobile vehicles, but not well armored. They are strong
against Basic Infantry, but weak versus Heavy Tanks.
Heavy Tanks
Heavy Tanks are armored vehicles with a strong punch. They excel at taking
out other vehicles, but watch out for Anti-Tank weapons.
As the name implies, Anti-Tank weapons are
Page 19
In the above picture, you can see the Command Card for a unit, at bottom-right.
The icons on the top row represent the Combat Actions this unit can perform.
Below that to the left are researchable items. To research something, simply
click on the research button. The cost of the research is deducted from you
resource stockpiles. Research takes a little time to perform, which is displayed
as a time bar that goes across the icon as it is being researched.
Page 20
Empire Earth 3
To the right of the research buttons are icons that represent the abilities this unit
can perform. Click on the icon to use an ability. For some abilities you will
also have to click on a target or location to perform that ability there. Some
abilities cost resources to use, and some have a “Cooldown,” which is a “rest”
period certain abilities require after being used. During Cooldown, the ability
cannot be used and you must wait for it to recharge before using that ability
At the bottom are buttons representing things this unit can build or produce, if
anything. Hover the mouse pointer over any icon to see information about that
Combat Actions
Your soldiers and support personnel are highly skilled and well trained. As their
commander, you have access to advanced tactics called Combat Actions that
your units will carry at out your command. Many Combat Actions are available,
but some must be researched (at a City Center) before you can order your units
to use them.
Combat Actions can be used by different types of units and therefore differ from
unit abilities, which are unique to a specific unit. Combat Actions are a
combination of unit formations and objectives for your units to carry out, all
built around an intended goal. For example, if you are playing as the Mid East
and you want a group of your units to set up an ambush near the edge of a forest,
first select your units, then left-click the Ambush icon from the command card.
Next, left-click the location where you want your units to set up the ambush.
Your units will move to the target location, get into formation, and hide
themselves. Then they will wait patiently to surprise attack any enemy units who
are unlucky enough to cross their path.
Empire Earth 3
aircraft you have researched. Air Bases defend themselves automatically by
sending out interceptor aircraft when enemy airplanes are detected.
To launch an air mission, choose an air mission icon from the airport by leftclicking the icon, then left-click again on the target. Once initiated, your planes
will immediately take flight and follow your orders. In this way you can launch
bombing runs, perform long range aerial recon, or fly a bombing run with escort
fighters. There are several kinds of air missions on which you can send you
aircraft. You should become familiar with all of your mission options once your
empire has reached that level of technology.
Diplomacy can be a smart alternative to fighting, depending on the situation and
on your strategy. To access the Diplomacy controls, click the Diplomacy button
in the main screen (upper-right).
There are three diplomatic states in Empire Earth 3: Allied, Neutral, and
Enemies (also called “At War”). All states are mutual, so you cannot be the
enemy of a player who is allied or neutral to you. Players can also “Assimilate”
native tribes, which is a special type of alliance.
There are a variety of Combat Actions available to your troops, including
Capturing buildings, Charging at enemy units, and Exploring the map. Many of
these Combat Actions have very powerful bonuses, and a seasoned commander
making smart use of Combat Actions in battle will be difficult to stop.
To the right of the Combat Actions are three Unit Stances: Standard, Aggressive
and Hold Position.
Air Combat
Controlling your air force is very similar to using unit abilities. After you build
an Airport, you will be able to launch air strikes and other aerial missions from
it. The kind of missions and the amount of damage they inflict depend on which
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Allies – Players who are allies cannot attack each other. Allies share
line of sight (LOS) with each other by default. There are three basic
types of alliances:
o Timed – an alliance that lasts for a set time then expires,
leaving players neutral to each other.
o Breakable – players are allies until one declares war on the
o Whole Battle – this is essentially an unbreakable alliance
which lasts the whole battle.
Neutral – Neutral players are allowed to attack each other, but only
deliberately. The player must “force attack” by holding down the Alt
hotkey while ordering the attack (right-click on target). Attacking a
neutral player automatically declares war on that player.
Enemies – Players who are enemies are in a state of war. Units will
automatically attack each other on sight. Enemies cannot set up trade
routes with each other.
Assimilated – Assimilation is a special type of alliance. A Native
Tribe is assimilated when you max out your Relations with the tribe.
Assimilated tribes adopt the assimilating player’s diplomatic states with
other players and will attempt to attack enemies of the assimilating
player. Tribes also give a portion of the resources they collect to the
player who assimilates them.
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Empire Earth 3
Empire Earth 3
Making Alliances and Declaring War
You can easily send a basic alliance proposal or declare war on another player or
a native tribe. When you bring up the Diplomacy controls, select the player you
want to ally with or declare war on. A series of diplomatic option buttons
appear. To instantly propose a Timed Alliance or a Breakable Alliance, click
the appropriate button. The default timed alliance is 10 minutes.
To declare war on a player and become mutual enemies, click the Declare War
button (next to the alliance buttons). To declare war on a neutral player, you can
instead “force attack” that player’s units. Select units and order them to attack
by holding the Alt key and attacking a target by right-clicking on it.
When a player sends an alliance or any kind of proposal to you, the Diplomacy
button will blink. Click it and you’ll see the button of the player(s) who sent a
proposal blinking. If only one proposal is pending, “Quick Response” buttons
will appear by the player button, otherwise click the player button to see Quick
Response options for that player’s proposal. The Quick Response buttons allow
you to accept or reject a proposal instantly, or make a counter proposal (see
Proposals below). Hover your mouse pointer over the buttons to see a tooltip
that summarizes what the other player has proposed.
Players can tribute resources, units and buildings to other players or Native
Tribes. (This can be particularly effective at raising your Relations with a tribe.)
In the Diplomacy controls, click the player you want to pay tribute to. Leftclicking a resource button instantly sends a fixed amount of resources to the
selected player (hold the “Shift” key on the keyboard to send fives times as
To tribute units or buildings, first select the units or buildings you want to
tribute. Then click Diplomacy and select the player to tribute to. Click the
Tribute Units button and the selected units or buildings are given to the selected
For more diplomatic options, you can choose to send a proposal to another
player (but not a Native Tribe). Click Diplomacy, select the player, and then
click the Proposal button.
At the top of the Proposal panel are controls for proposing an Alliance or
Neutrality. You may offer several types of alliances and also propose how much
line of sight to share. Below that, there are two sections for offering and
requesting various tributes as part of the proposal.
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You may also offer or request a change of diplomatic state with a third party
(see picture). These conditions go into effect only when the proposal has been
accepted by both parties.
At the bottom of the panel are buttons to send, clear, or cancel the proposal. If
you are reviewing a proposal sent by another player, you can accept, reject, or
counter that proposal.
Important: in the Tributes section, the left side of the panel always shows what
the player who sent the original proposal will give when the proposal is
accepted. The Right side always shows what the player who originally received
the proposal will give. So for example, if you send a proposal and offer 500
Wealth, you make that offer on the Left side. If at the same time you want the
other player to give you 600 Raw Materials, you make that request on the Right
Change Status with this Player – You can offer or request to change
diplomatic status with the named player, assuming the proposal is accepted.
Choose one of the three diplomatic statuses in the Change Status field. Choose
one of the other players in the province (i.e., not the receiving player) in the
“With this Player” field.
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Empire Earth 3
A declaration of war with the third party happens immediately once the proposal
is accepted. Choosing Alliance or Neutral automatically sends a proposal to the
third party, which that player is allowed to accept or reject.
Note on World Domination Proposals: In World Domination games, you also
have the option to tribute entire provinces while on the world level. Check the
Tribute Province checkbox and select the province to offer or to request in
World Domination
World Domination is the single player campaign mode of Empire Earth III.
Your goal is to expand across the globe and dominate the world. Computer AI
players are trying to do the same thing, while local native tribes go about their
business within many of the provinces. There are a number of additional
features in World Domination games beyond the basic features that are available
in Skirmish games.
The map in World Domination is a globe, divided into provinces. Each
province represents a single, Skirmish-style map. You can rotate the globe by
clicking and dragging with the mouse.
World Resources
Each province is more or less rich in four types of resources:
• Military – the potential number of armies that can be supported by the
• Imperial – a measure of the potential imperial clout of the province.
Imperial power can be spent on purchases and research.
• Commerce – a measure of the commercial potential of the province.
Reserve Commerce can be spent on purchases and research.
• Research – a measure of the research potential of the province (some
province do not have research value). The Research you generate is
used primarily for advancing to the next Era.
The value of each resource is expressed as a number. The higher the number,
the more valuable that province is for that resource (note: some values may be
Province Designations
In order to exploit the potential value of world resources you must own the
province and designate the province appropriately. There are four province
designations that correspond to the four world resources. You can change the
designation of a province, for example from Military to Commercial, and the
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Empire Earth 3
change takes effect the following turn. The four province designations are
explained below.
Military Province
• Contributes to your overall army limit based on the
Military value.
• Used to create armies (or modify them for free).
Commercial Province
• Produces Commerce each turn based on the
Commercial value.
• Used to create world trade routes for extra
Commercial income.
Imperial Province
• Produces Imperial power each turn based on the
Imperial value.
• Used to create spies.
• Contributes to your spy limit (one spy is allowed per
Imperial province you own).
Research Province
• Produces Research each turn based on the Research
• Research is used to advance Eras and for certain
Empire Technologies.
World Mode vs. Battle Mode
In World Domination games, players play in two distinct modes:
• World Mode – strategic level played on a world map. Players collect
world resources, advance Eras, use Empire Techs and control entire
armies and stealthy spies. The world level is turn based.
• Battle Mode – very similar to Skirmish games. Players collect battlelevel resources, research new units, research unit abilities for use
during battle, and control individual units rather than whole armies.
Battles are fought in real time.
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Empire Earth 3
At the beginning of a World Turn, any pending battles are resolved (the
provinces flash red). Battles occur when you have an army in a non-friendly or
unowned province, or another player has moved an army into a province you
own. Double-click a province that is flashing red to resolve the battle pending
there. You may choose to fight each battle in battle mode, which plays out in
real-time on the province map, or choose “Auto Resolve” to have the battle
instantly and automatically resolved for you, based on the strengths and
weakness of each side involved in the battle. (You may auto-resolve against full
AI players only, not Native Tribes.)
Empire Earth 3
To create an army, click on a Military province to open the Province panel (or
drag the Army icon in the upper-left of the UI into a Military province). In the
panel, click on one of the two empty army icons (next to the Military value) and
the Army Composition panel is displayed. If you already have one or two
armies in this province, one or both icons will not be empty. Clicking on an
active army icon will open that army in the Army Composition panel, allowing
you to change its composition (which you may do for free if the army is in a
Military province). You may not have more than two of your armies in a
province at a time.
Note: Some Empire Techs can be used only in pending battles (see below).
After you resolve all your battles, you can produce and move world units, use
Empire Techs (explained below), or advance to the next Era if you have
accumulated enough Research. The turn does not end until you click the
Advance Turn button (at the top-center of the World screen). Below that button
is the current year, which loosely corresponds to the Era you are in and the turn
you’re on. Hover the mouse pointer over to see the turn number.
World Events
World events are missions and quests that occur randomly (or when certain
conditions are met) during a World Domination game. When world events
occur, you are presented with a briefing that describes the situation, and are
given objectives to complete. Completing an event will generally result in a
reward or benefit. Some events are optional, so you can choose to accept or skip
If you decide to complete an event, accept it when asked, and then complete the
given objectives. Some events are short and easy, some are long and hard, and
some, when completed, spawn new events. You can opt to turn off events in the
game options when you set up a custom game.
There are three world units: armies, spies, and trade vehicles. World units are
mobile and appear as icons on the world map. Let’s look at armies first.
An Army is comprised of land units and/or naval units, up to a certain pop limit.
To create an army, you must be below your army cap and have enough
resources. (Your army cap is the sum of the military values of all your Military
provinces.) Armies cost world resources to create and must be created in a
Military province.
At the top of the panel is a bar displaying the army’s name. The default name is
simply “army” and the number of the army, but you may double-click on the
name to edit it. The same bar also acts as a population meter, filling up as you
select units to put in the army.
Underneath the name bar are columns for each building type. Each column lists
every unit that is available (according to your current era and researched units).
Tooltips will appear over each unit icon, naming the unit and listing its
information. Add units to the army by left-clicking on the desired unit icons (or
right-click to reduce the number). When the pop cap bar is full, no additional
units may be put in the army. (As you advance Eras, the maximum size of your
armies goes up.)
All armies must contain at least one unit capable of constructing buildings (the
unit will vary depending on which region you are playing). Army composition
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is considered final once you move the army or end the turn, but you are allowed
to modify the contents of an army for a cost if the army is in a province you own
(modifying an army is free if it’s in a Military province).
At the bottom of the screen is a set of template buttons. These are “quick fill”
shortcuts: three are predefined (offensive, defensive, and naval) and three are
player-defined. To create a player-defined template, fill up the army as desired
then click on any of the three save buttons to save that template. Click the User
buttons to load a saved template.
Army Health
Like individual units on the battle level, armies have a “health bar.” If you lose
a battle, the armies involved are lost. If you win, your armies still take some
damage. Armies are considered “at rest” if they don’t move or attack for a turn.
An army recovers health during each turn it is at rest, unless you are over your
army cap.
On the battle level, units in a damaged army have their health capped at the
same percentage. These units cannot be healed beyond the cap, but units
produced during the battle will have full health.
Moving Armies
To move an Army, click on its icon on the word map (left-click to de-select a
selected army). The mouse pointer changes to a “move” pointer. When you
hover the pointer over a province, the province will highlight green if it is a
valid province to move to, or will tint red if it is an invalid destination. Rightclick in valid province to order the army to move there. Armies can generally
move only one province per turn, but certain Empire Technologies can increase
this. Moves don’t take effect until you end the turn, so you can undo a move by
moving the army back to its original province. You cannot have more than two
of your armies in one province at a time.
To move any army over water (e.g., through an ocean province), the army must
contain enough ships with transport capacity to carry all the land units in the
army. The sum of the ships’ capacities is called the army’s “Cargo Capacity.”
If the Cargo Capacity of the army is equal to or larger than the pop of all land
units, you may move the army into water or on land (however, the ships won’t
be placed on land maps). The army icon on the map has an anchor on it when
that army is allowed to move over water.
Note that moving armies into a province not owned by you or an ally is an act of
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Empire Earth 3
Withdrawing from Battle
You may withdraw your armies from a battle, retreating to safety, if you have
enough units left on the map (if you do not you can opt to forfeit the province).
During battle, click the Withdraw button (left side of screen). Your withdrawn
armies will suffer some attrition, but will be available in the province they
retreated to on the globe (withdrawing counts as a move for that turn).
Spies are stealthy world units that gather intelligence, commander trade, and
assassinate enemy spies. Spies can also perform other special actions, which are
available on the Empire Tech Tree. Spies are moved around the world map just
like armies and also have a health bar. To create a spy, click on an Imperial
province and then click the Spy icon in the Province Panel (or drag the Spy icon
from the UI into an Imperial province). The number of spies you are allowed is
equal to the number of Imperial provinces you have. You are allowed to have
up to two spies at a time in a single province.
Spy Actions:
• Gather Intelligence – Spies automatically provide information on the
province they occupy, and can see other world units in the province or
any adjacent provinces. Spies can be seen only by other spies. You
can research Superior Intel on the Empire Tech Tree to provide
additional information, including the ability to view the composition of
enemy armies.
• Assassinate – When spies of different players meet in the same
province, they try to assassinate each other. Your spies have an
advantage in friendly provinces, but are at a disadvantage in enemy
provinces. If an assassination is successful, the assassinated spy (or
spies) is removed from the map. If unsuccessful, the spy takes damage.
Assassinations are attempted at the beginning of a turn.
• Commandeer Trade – When a spy is in the same province as a world
trade vehicle belonging to another player, the spy automatically steals
its commercial value for that trip. The vehicle’s owner (and partner)
gets nothing for that trip.
• Empire Techs – The following Empire Techs require a spy to use:
Propaganda, Corruption , Sabotage, Fund Rebels , Tribal
Subsidies , Coup d’Etat, and No-Spy Zone
World Trade
Each Commercial province you own can be the origin or destination of one trade
route with yourself and one trade route with another player. The other end of
the route must also be an Commercial province. You cannot trade with enemy
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Empire Earth 3
players (unless you are playing the Middle East and use the Black Market
Empire Tech). Setting up a world trade route costs world resources.
To set up a route, click on a Commercial province you own to open the Province
panel, and then click the Trade icon (next to the Commerce value in the panel).
Valid destination provinces are highlighted green as you hover the mouse
pointer over them. The Commercial values of the origin and destination
provinces and the distance between them are factors in determining how
valuable a trade route is. Create your trade route by clicking on the destination
province. A world trade vehicle appears to represent the movement of goods
between provinces. The trade vehicle automatically moves one province along
the route each turn.
Each time the trade vehicle reaches its destination or returns to its origin, you
get income from the route (which is added to your resource reserves). If you
have a trade partner other than yourself, the partner gets a small bonus income
equal to the Commercial value of his province. If your trade partner likes or
loves you, you and your partner get an additional income bonus. You can delete
an existing trade route by selecting the vehicle and deleting it, or by selecting
the origin province and setting up a new route.
Empire Earth 3
If you decide to purchase a militia, the militia must include the above, but you
can add anything else you want to it, including most types of buildings (but not
walls). Each building takes up a certain amount of population for the purpose of
creating militias. You can save one militia template for each of the three
province designations.
Militias are destroyed if the province they are defending is conquered. You may
also delete a militia if you wish, but you will not get any resources back.
World Technologies
In a World Domination game, technology research is handled a bit differently
than in Skirmish games. First, you have the option in World Dom games to
research Empire Techs, which are special technologies and powers that have a
wide range of uses and effects. These are explained below.
On the regular or “Evolution” tech tree, what you can research depends on
whether you are on the world level or the battle level.
Spies in the same province automatically steal from trade vehicles, leaving the
route owner (and partner) with nothing for that trip. An enemy army in the same
province as a trade vehicle will automatically destroy the vehicle and the route.
Militias are local defensive forces. Every province you own is allowed one
militia, which you buy and fill up just like an army. Also like armies, militias
have a health bar, but militiasare not mobile; they cannot be moved.
If you opt not to purchase a militia for a province, you’ll still have a few basic
buildings in the province, depending on the province’s designation:
• A Military province will have a barracks and a stable/factory
• A Commercial province will have two markets
• An Imperial province will have two warehouses
• All province types have (at least) one City Center
o NOTE: Due to territory ownership rules, West and East
regions (but not Mid East) must have additional city centers to
accommodate additional markets (and warehouses, if they are
in different territories).
• Additionally, the Western region will have one builder and the Eastern
region will have some infantry who can build.
World Level – Research Era advancement, which costs world
resources. Research on the world level is permanent for the duration of
the game.
Battle Level – Research units and unit abilities, including stat
upgrades, which cost local (battle level) resources. Researching units is
permanent, but researching abilities lasts only for the duration of the
battle, so if you research a unit ability in one battle, you’ll have to
research it again in a different battle. You are essentially giving special
equipment or training to the units participating in this specific battle.
Empire Techs
Empire Techs come in three flavors: Military, Commercial, and Imperial. Each
of these flavors is additionally divided into three tiers, with more powerful techs
generally being on higher tiers and requiring some lower-tier tech to be
researched first. Once researched, Empire Techs appear in the Tech panel and
are available to use, usually for a cost. Select the target (usually a province) if
necessary, and then activate the tech you want by clicking on it. When used, it
may take a turn for the effects to happen, depending on the tech.
Roads & Infrastructure
Military Tier 1
Use Cost: Pay per province
Description: Build roads and infrastructure in your provinces to grant a free
move to friendly armies or spies moving through it.
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Military Tier 1
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Empire Earth 3
Use Cost: Pay per use
Description: Spy Power. Move a spy into a province that contains one or more
unfriendly armies and activate this power. The spy spreads anti-war propaganda,
causing all non-allied armies in that province not to heal for a couple turns, even
if they move from that province.
Empire Earth 3
Military Tier 2
Use Cost: Pay per use
Description: Resistance fighters (extra units) augment your forces in the
selected province for one battle.
Lightning Deployment
Military Tier 2
Use Cost: Pay per use
Description: Move one army from an owned province into any other owned
province in one turn, even if other provinces intervene.
Military Tier 2
Use Cost: Pay per use and army is lost
Description: Designate an army as reinforcements for one turn and select an
adjacent province it’s meant to reinforce. In a battle in the adjacent province,
you can choose to call in your reinforcements, effectively getting an extra army’s
worth of units to fight with, although the army itself is disbanded on the world level.
Supply Lines
Military Tier 3
Use Cost: Cheap, but units, army, and militia are lost
Description: During battle, sacrifice your armies in the province and scorch the
earth to halt all resource production (battle and world level) in the province for all players for
several turns. There is a small chance the attempt will fail.
People’s Army (Eastern Region Only)
Military Tier 3
Use Cost: Pay per army
Description: Increase the size of a selected army. Allows you to add units
beyond the normal pop limit.
Military Tier 3
Use Cost: Pay per use
Description: Select a province you have invaded (where a battle will be fought).
When the battle begins, a wing of aircraft will carpet bomb the defender’s base.
Surviving buildings will produce units or gather resources at only half the
normal production rate for a few minutes after the attack finishes.
Sneak Attack (Middle East Region Only)
Military Tier 3
Use Cost: Pay per use
Description: Select an army. The army can be moved two provinces instead of
just one, jumping over the intervening province and penetrating deeper into an
enemy’s empire. (Crossing water still requires ships.)
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Commercial Tier 2
Use Cost: Pay per use
Description: Purchase outright any unowned province to which you have line of
Commercial Tier 2
Use Cost: Pay per use (chance spy may perish)
Description: Spy Power. Move a spy into a province owned by another player
and order sabotage. The province’s designation and the benefits it confers are
taken away for one full turn. Additionally, there is a better than even chance of
destroying Roads & Infrastructure, a Cultural Landmark, or a Production Center
(if the province contains them), and the owner cannot rebuild for one full turn. There’s a small
chance the spy may not survive.
Production Center
Shock and Awe (Western Region Only)
Commercial Tier 1
Use Cost: Pay per use
Description: Select a province in which a battle will be fought the following
turn. For the duration of that battle you will receive additional drop-shipments
of resources at periodic intervals.
Eminent Domain
Scorched Earth
Commercial Tier 1
Use Cost: Free after research
Description: Spy Power. Any of your spies, when in an enemy province,
automatically siphons off a percentage of world resources gathered in that
province each turn. Two spies siphon off twice as much.
Commercial Tier 2
Use Cost: Pay to build or rebuild
Description: A Production Center is a special world-level structure that
increases the world resource values of the province it is built in. You are
allowed only one Production Center at a time, and the province in which it is
built cannot have an army you own in it. You’ll get more value out of the
province depending on how you designated the province:
Commercial Province = more Commerce income per turn
Imperial Province = more Imperial income per turn
Military Province = higher army cap
Research Province = more Research income per turn
Fund Rebels
Commercial Tier 3
Use Cost: Pay per use
Description: Spy Power. Move a spy into a province owned by another player.
The spy funds the local tribes, which turn hostile to the province owner and
attack on the following turn.
Hire Mercenary Army (Eastern Region Only)
Commercial Tier 3
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Empire Earth 3
Empire Earth 3
Cultural Landmark at a time, and it cannot be built in a Military province. It takes one turn to
construct (or to remove and rebuild in a different province). No armies (friendly or otherwise)
are allowed in the Cultural Landmark’s province. To invade a province with a Cultural
Landmark, you may either try to Sabotage it with a spy or cut the province off from the rest of
the owner’s empire (i.e., so it’s not adjacent to any other province in that player’s empire).
Use Cost: Pay per use
Description: Select a province (in which a battle will be fought) .When the battle begins, an
army of independently-controlled mercenaries marches in and attacks your enemies. You may
hire only one mercenary army per province.
Black Market (Middle East Region Only)
Commercial Tier 3
Use Cost: Pay when setting up trade route
Description: Allows you to establish a black market trade route with enemies.
All income produced by the route is taken from your enemy’s stockpile. Black
market trade vehicles are stealthy to all other players, but can be spotted by a spy.
Sanctions (Western Region Only)
Commercial Tier 3
Use Cost: Pay per use
Description: All resource gathering (world and battle level) in one target
province is suspended for all players for a few turns. Trade routes run but
produce no income.
Coup d’Etat
Imperial Tier 3
Use Cost: Pay per use
Description: Spy Power. Move your spy into a province owned by another player,
which has at least one of that player’s armies in it, and attempt a Coup d’Etat (chance
of success goes down the more armies there are). If the Coup is successful the
province becomes yours the following turn. Any world buildings and armies are
Border Growth (Eastern Region Only)
Superior Intel
Imperial Tier 1
Use Cost: Free after research
Description: Spy Power. When in a province, the spy automatically collects
intelligence on the province’s designation, world-level structures, and you can
look at the composition of armies and the militia in the same province as the spy.
No-Spy Zone (Middle East Region Only)
Imperial Tier 1
Use Cost: Free after research
Description: Increases world line of sight. You can see the owner and value of
a province from two provinces away rather than one.
Tribal Subsidies
Imperial Tier 2
Use Cost: Pay per use
Description: Spy Power. Significantly increases your relations with all tribes in
an unowned province.
Patriotic Rally
Imperial Tier 2
Use Cost: Pay per use (and temporarily lose resource gathering)
Description: When you pay for a Patriotic Rally (in a province you own), the
province cannot be invaded for one full turn. But due to the rally no world-level
income is gathered in the province for that turn. Once used you cannot have
another rally for a full turn.
Cultural Landmark
Imperial Tier 2
Use Cost: Pay to build or rebuild
Description: A Cultural Landmark is a special world-level structure that is so
revered that foreign armies will not invade the province in which it is
constructed. Additionally, a Cultural Landmark brings in +1 Commerce each
turn, regardless of what the province is designated. You are allowed only one
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Imperial Tier 3
Use Cost: Pay per province taken
Description: Your empire automatically tries to expand every few turns, taking
over an adjacent, unowned province (if any). Each province costs resources to
take. If you don’t have enough resources, the border growth fails.
Imperial Tier 3
Use Cost: Pay per use (and uses up a spy)
Description: Spy Power. Move a spy into province you own and designate a
No-Spy Zone there. Your spy is used up setting up the Zone (it takes one turn) and from then
on no foreign spies are allowed in that province. You can have only one No-Spy Zone..
Foment Revolt (Western Region Only)
Imperial Tier 3
Use Cost: Pay per use (armies increase cost)
Description: Select a province owned by another player that is adjacent to a
province you own and foment a revolt there. The following turn, the province
breaks away from the other player and becomes an unowned province. The cost
of fomenting a revolt goes up as there are more foreign armies in the province,
but the armies are destroyed.
III. Western Region
Western troops fight from a position of strength. In one-on-one combat
with similar enemies in the same Era, Western units nearly always win.
They’re tougher and do more damage than units from other regions, and
even their buildings are tougher. This strength comes at a cost. They
must fight with quality, for they can’t afford to produce quantity.
Western Empires also have more technological options, and will often
specialize in an existing unit rather than produce an entirely new unit. In
the Future, the West relies heavily on robotic and autonomous weapons.
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Empire Earth 3
Building Construction
Empire Earth 3
The Western philosophy feels that you need the right person for the right job.
Constructing buildings is best done by professionals, so you’ll need to hire
dedicated Builders at your City Center to erect your structures.
Territory Control
Controlling a territory requires building a City Center there to establish a base of
power. Except for the City Center, Western buildings can only be placed in
already-owned territories. Western defenses include walls, towers, fortresses,
and anti-aircraft emplacements to guard the homeland.
Supporting the forces requires a stable home. Western empires build houses to
provide population space for their military.
Unique Combat Action and Empire Techs
Combat Action
Recuperate - Modern units in the West can heal themselves while
standing still and not fighting.
Empire Techs (World Domination only)
Shock and Awe – Activate this on a province before invading. A
large number of bombers make a run over the province, heavily
damaging the enemy before your troops arrive.
Sanctions – Shuts down all resource gathering and trade in the
province, on both a global and local level. No one (including the
Western player levying Sanctions) can gather any kind of
resources from the province for a number of turns.
Foment Revolt – Causes a civil revolt in an enemy province
neighboring your empire. This causes that player to lose control of
the province.
Buildings, Units, and Unit Abilities
City Center – In addition to controlling territories, produces
the vitally important Builder line. City Centers provide a slow
trickle of wealth and raw materials. Additionally, hiring
“Scholars” at the City Center is the only way to gain the Tech
point resource.
Page 37
Builder (Ancient) – The mainstay of the Western empire,
and the only unit capable of constructing buildings for the
Western region (along with the upgraded versions of the
o Build - Can construct new buildings.
o Repair - Western Builders are the only mobile unit
capable of repairing a building. Buildings can slowly
heal themselves (if told to do so), but Builders get
the job done more quickly.
o Monuments - Western artificers create impressive
testaments to their empire’s greatness. Putting
these monuments in the territory of a Native Tribe
will positively sway that tribe’s opinion of you,
eventually convincing that tribe to join your empire if
you otherwise treat them nicely.
o Research Faster Construction (Ancient) - All builders
construct buildings and structures faster
Guildsman (Medieval) – A tougher version of the Builder
o Land Grab – Representing government interests, a
Guildsman can outright purchase buildings from rival
players. The cost to buy buildings this way goes
directly into the enemy’s coffers.
Contractor (Colonial) – The builder of the Colonial times of
o Fix Vehicle – With a greater understanding of
mechanical engineering, Contractors (and later
Engineers) can repair your vehicles. They make a
great support team for your cannons, and later on,
tanks, artillery, and HERCs.
Engineer (Modern) – The ultimate builder unit.
Barracks – Produces infantry units
• Javelin (Ancient) – Moderate powered short-ranged
o Spear Thong – Spears go farther and strike
harder with this enhancement device.
o Research Better Fire Rate – Reduces delay
between attacks.
• Short Sword (Ancient) - Slow melee unit, ideal for
taking out enemy anti-cavarly.
Page 38
Empire Earth 3
Torch – Allows swordsmen to throw torches
onto buildings, setting them on fire.
o Research Pierce-Resistance Armor – Trains
swordsmen to block and dodge arrows or
other ranged weapons, reducing damage
Pikeman (Ancient) – Strong, anti-cavalry unit
wielding a spear.
Short Bow (Ancient) – Quick, ranged unit.
Long Sword (Medieval) – The strongest swordsman.
Longbow (Medieval) – A quick archer with greater
range than the Short Bow.
o Armor Piercing Arrow – Increased damage
dealt to cavalry units.
Berserker (Medieval Hero) – This melee hero does
great damage himself, but his real power is inspiring
rage in those around him. For a brief while, units
automatically attack the nearest enemy, inflicting
and receiving double damage the entire time. Note:
You lose control of the affected units while they go
Musketeer (Colonial) – Basic gunman of the
Colonial era.
Congreve Rockets (Colonial) – These early
handheld explosive units are excellent for taking
down buildings.
o Flash-bang – Stuns most units in an area of
effect. This will affect your units if they are
too close!
Rifleman (Modern) – Modern ranged unit
o Tear Gas – Allows your Riflemen to shut down
a building for a few seconds by filling the
building with irritating gas.
Robo-soldier (Future) – The Future of infantry
o Jet Pack – Allows Robo-Soldiers to fly short
distances over land or water.
o Tear Gas – Targets a building. The canister of
teargas explodes in a cloud, preventing the
building from performing any activity for
awhile (Stops production and gathering).
Page 39
Empire Earth 3
Stables – Produces Calvary units
Javelin Cavalry (Ancient) – Speedy ranged cavalry
unit, excellent for raiding enemy economies.
Horseman Raider (Ancient) – Heavy melee cavalry
excelling at taking down infantry
Barbarian (Medieval) – A quicker version of the
Javelin Cavalry
Knight (Medieval) – A strong, tough cavalry unit
o Decreased Population Count – Reduces the
needed supplies that Knights consume
Hussar (Colonial) – Fast, fearful cavalry
o Dread – Each time a Hussar slays an enemy,
the nearest enemy unit in sight Panics for a
few seconds, stopping whatever it is doing to
flee from the Hussar.
Dragoon (Colonial) - Heavy mounted unit carrying a
Factories – The evolution of stables, producing various
tanks and other vehicles of destruction.
• Mark IV Tank (Modern) – A heavy hitting vehicle of
destruction. A mainstay of modern Western
• Flame Tank (Modern) – Lighter tank excellent at
burning away infantry.
o Research Improved Light Armor – Upgrades
the armor on Flame Tanks to better protect
against heavy weapons like other tanks
• Titan Tank (Future) – The most powerful tank on
the battlefield.
o Reactive Armor – Specifically made to counter
enemy tanks, this armor halves the amount
of damage taken from other tanks.
• ARV (Future) – Light, armed robotic vehicle that
cooks enemy units.
o Microwave Gun – This initially weak attack
increases over time, dramatically powering up
damage done as long as the attack is focused
on a single area.
• Halftrack HERC (Future Hero) – A mighty and
versatile machine.
Page 40
Empire Earth 3
Empire Earth 3
Quantum Singularity Gun – Creates a black
hole at a location, which will eventually suck
in all units in an area. Mobile units
automatically attempt to flee.
Workshop – Produces siege units for destroying
buildings and field guns for peppering large areas.
• Onager (Ancient) – Single-arm catapult designed to
take down buildings.
• Siege Tower (Ancient) – Large, well-armored
infantry transport that deposits attackers over
enemy walls.
• Lithobolos (Ancient) – Medium-sized stone-thrower.
Excellent against infantry and support units.
• Chiero-ballista (Medieval) – Upgraded anti-infantry
field weapon, now with arrows.
• Counterweight Trebuchet (Medieval) – A more
advanced tosser of rocks. Excels against buildings.
• Bronze Cannon (Colonial) – Early gunpowder field
o Grapeshot – Fires a shorter, stronger volley
into a cone-shaped area.
• 88mm Gun (Modern) – A powerful, long range field
gun. Good anti-tank weapon.
o Anti-Air – Allows the 88 to target air units in
addition to ground units.
• Howitzer (Modern) – Long range building destroyer.
o Mustard Gas – Large-scale area effect that
slows down and damages all units caught
inside, including yours!
• Atomic Annie (Modern Hero) – Medium vehicle with
conventional and special attacks.
o Flash-bang – Stuns units in a small area of
o Tactical Nuke – Long range, nasty explosive
missile weapon. Buildings surviving the blast
are set on fire. The targeted area becomes
irradiated for a short time, damaging any
mobile units entering the area.
Page 41
Dock - A shipyard that produces military and trade
ships, and fishing vessels. Nearly all military ships can
carry ground troops.
• Fishing Boats – Allow you to claim fishing
resources, providing raw materials for your empire.
• Trade Ships – Travels to other docks to exchange
goods, generating wealth. Purchase by hiring a
worker slot.
o Increased Speed – Picks up some wind to
further the flow of funds.
• Pentekonter (Ancient) – Small, quick ship, good for
defeating other ships.
• Siege Ship (Ancient) – Large, slow ship with a long
range attack good against immobile targets.
• Longship (Medieval) – Viking-style longship, faster
than the Pentekonter.
• Steam Frigate (Colonial) – Coal powered ship,
excellent against other less maneuverable ships.
o Depth Charges – Steam ships can be
equipped with Depth Charges to hunt down
• Ship of the Line (Colonial) – Queen of the seas, a
large sailing ship with a strong attack.
o Full Broadside – Fires all cannons at the same
time in one large attack.
• Dreadnaught (Modern) – Large steel battleship with
modern weaponry, excellent against buildings.
o Train Gunmen – Dreadnaughts can train
infantry onboard, providing great flexibility for
their strikes on land.
• Attack Sub (Modern) – Submarines are, of course,
excellent against other ships. They are also stealthy,
unable to be seen except by detector units.
• Hydrofoil (Modern) – This western Destroyer is
quick, and capable of detecting and attacking
• Aircraft Carrier (Modern) – These act as mobile
Airfields, capable of sending the same missions as a
normal Air base.
o SONAR – Carriers can be equipped to spot
submarines, making them less vulnerable to
that terror from the deep.
Page 42
Empire Earth 3
Strategic Sub (Future) – A faster but conventional
submarine that can only be spotted by detectors.
o SLCM – Strategic Submarines can be
equipped with surface-to-surface missiles,
giving them the ability to attack land as well
as sea targets.
Battlesub (Future) – This sub carries a single
powerful large gun, and is also a stealthy transport
Air Base – Launches air-strikes and reconnaissance missions.
Western Airbases, with their superior planes and technology,
clearly rule the skies.
• Biplane (Modern) – Basic plane capable of performing
either fighter or bomber missions, but not especially
good at either task.
• Increased Damage (Modern) – An excellent
upgrade that increased the damage done by
Biplanes, Jets, or UAVs
• UAV (Future) – An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle VTOL, the
ultimate fighter plane.
• Behemoth Bomber (Modern) – Large bomber with prop
• Increase Area of Effect – Enlarges the splash
damage caused by this plane when doing
bombing missions.
• Viper Bomber (Modern) – The most powerful bomber
• Increased Damage – Increases raw damage dealt
when dropping bombs
• VTOL Transport (Future) – Large helicopter capable of
transporting ground units a long distance, over sea or
• Anti-Tank Helicopter (Modern) – Attack chopper
capable of acting independently, and free from terrain
• Lightning Sphere (Future) – A mobile lightning storm.
When activated, the Lightning Sphere radiates electrical
damage at the nearest other unit. Beware: If this
lightning doesn’t find enemies to strike, it will overload
the Sphere itself, damaging it. When deactivated, the
Lightning Sphere slowly repairs itself.
Page 43
Empire Earth 3
• Mission Types
o Aerial Recon - Launches an air recon mission.
o Bombing Run - Launches a bombing mission.
o Escorted Bombing Run - Launches a bombing
mission escorted by attack aircraft.
Fortresses – Powerful building capable of repelling strong
attacks. Garrison units inside to strengthen the attack.
• Resistance to Rocks - Reduces damage dealt to
Fortresses and Walls caused by rock ammo.
• Research Range Boost – Extends the zone of
control that in which Fortresses can inflict
• Increased Hit Points – Makes the Western
Fortress one of the most difficult buildings to take
Anti-Air Emplacements
• Anti-Air Gun – Anti-air building that protects an
area from enemy air missions, helicopters, flying
HERCs, etc.
• SAM Emplacement– Surface-to-Air-Missile, the
best anti-air defense the West can get.
Tower - Defensive structure that can attack enemies.
• Detect – can gain the ability to detect stealthy
Wall - Defensive structure that creates a barrier to
ground units. Units can occupy the top of the wall (via
constructed access points) and attack.
Market - Generates wealth by setting up trade routes.
• Trade Carts – Transfers goods from Markets to
City Centers or Docks. Extra carts can be
purchased at the Market by hiring worker slots.
Longer routes are more valuable.
• Foreign Trade – allows you to trade with other
players (except enemies).
Page 44
Empire Earth 3
Warehouse - Accumulates raw materials from resource
sites. Additional workers can be purchased to increase
the rate of resource gathering.
Empire Earth 3
• Ambush – Select units and order them to set up an Ambush at a location.
The units set up in the selected area and become stealthy, then spring out on
unsuspecting enemies getting a one-time attack bonus.
Empire Techs (World Domination only)
IV. Middle Eastern Region
The Middle East specializes in cavalry units and excels at the element of
surprise as well as hit and run tactics. They are a mobile faction which
can pick up and move most of their buildings to relocate or set up a
forward base. As the Masters of Mobility, this faction primarily relies on,
and is excellent at, ambush, harassment, and raiding. The Middle East
cannot build walls or towers, but their fortresses are strong and also
provide room for their population. In the Future, the Middle East fields a
number of clever modifications to traditional (and not-so-traditional)
Building Construction
The Middle East has the unique ability of producing buildings exclusively inside
its City Centers. Once purchased and produced, the building rolls out onto the
battlefield in mobile cart form. The cart can then be ordered to move to a desired
destination and deploy (unpack) into building form. Most buildings can also be
re-packed and moved to a new location.
Territory Control
The Middle East lays claim to a territory by moving a City Center in cart form
into the desired territory and unpacking it there. The Middle East can also build
in any territory, even if another player already owns it. (West and East players
cannot build in territories owned by another player.) But you can’t take control
of a territory if someone else already owns it.
The Middle East cannot construct walls or towers, but can construct Fortresses
for defense, as well as to increase its pop cap.
The Middle East must build Fortresses, which are sturdier than the West’s
houses, to increase its population limit.
Unique Combat Action and Empire Techs
Combat Action
Page 45
• Sneak Attack – Select an army to prepare for a Sneak Attack. The army is
allowed to move two provinces instead of one, “jumping over” the middle
• Black Market – Set up black market world trade routes with enemies. All
resources received from the route are stolen from the enemy’s stockpile.
• No-Spy Zone – a Spy power that allows you to designate one province as a
No-Spy Zone (at the expense of the spy). No foreign spies are allowed to
enter the province.
Buildings, Units, and Unit Abilities
City Center – All Middle East buildings are produced here as
well as Scout and Espionage units. You may also purchase
“Scholar” slots to gather the Tech Point resource.
• Scout (Ancient) – A quick-moving scouting unit with good
line of sight but no attack, and is a detector able to spot
stealthy units. Can act as a permanent emissary in an AI
player's city center to improve relations.
o Emissary – able to permanently garrison a foreign
City Center (AI or Tribe) to boost relations with that
AI or tribe.
o Infiltrate – Allows the scout to sneak through walls.
• Prophet (Ancient Hero) – Wiseman with no conventional
attack but who can call down a Plague of Frogs to panic
enemy units in a large area. Is also a detector of stealthy
o Plague of Frogs - Does a small amount of damage,
and has a chance of converting the affected units.
• Assassin (Medieval) – A support infantry unit tougher than
its predecessor, the Scout. It has an attack and has all the
Scout’s abilities, but can also learn to sabotage.
o Sabotage – Sets an explosive on a target building,
which eventually explodes and does damage as well
as temporarily halting production in the affected
Page 46
Empire Earth 3
Empire Earth 3
Operative (Modern) - Support infantry that is tougher and
more powerful than its predecessor, the Assassin. It has the
same abilities as the Assassin, plus he can learn to detonate
a Dirty Bomb.
o Dirty Bomb – Sets a bomb which explodes doing
high damage and irradiating the area for a period of
time. Units in the irradiated zone take damage over
Hospital – A mobile field hospital that heals units in an area of
effect around the building. Upgrades into a better hospital.
Barracks – Produces infantry units.
• Axeman (Ancient) - Basic melee infantry with medium
attack and a bonus vs. siege weapons.
• Slingers (Ancient) - Basic ranged infantry who throws
rocks with a leather sling. They have medium hit points
and damage.
• Sappers (Ancient) – A support infantry specialized in
destroying structures from a distance with the tunneldigging sap ability.
o Sap – Destroy structures by digging a tunnel from a
distance and undermining the structure.
• Armored Axeman (Medieval) - These are your professional
melee infantry. They are tougher than the regular Axeman.
• Staff Slingers (Medieval) - Ranged infantry, more powerful
than the Slinger. They are strong against anti-cavalry
• Naffatin (Medieval) - Support infantry upgrade of the
Sapper with a short-range Nafta Bomb attack that affects
an area. Can learn the detonate ability to self-destruct,
dealing large amounts of damage to all units in the area.
o Nafta Bomb – Explosive weapon hurled at the enemy
which explodes doing damage over an area.
o Sap - Destroy structures by digging a tunnel from a
distance and undermining the structure.
o Detonate – Naffatin can self-destruct causing area of
effect damage at the cost of your unit's destruction.
• Trench Gunner (Colonial) - Ranged infantry with a largecaliber weapon.
Page 47
Mujaheddin (Modern) – Sturdy, ranged support infantry
with a decent attack that’s good against tanks. He also can
gain the ability to Detonate.
o Land Mine – An explosive device that the unit plants
in the ground. They explode when an enemy comes
too close, damaging all units in the area.
Revolutionary Guard (Modern) - Cheap and competent
ranged infantry. This unit has camouflage, which grants the
unit invisibility to non-detectors while standing still.
Guerrilla Leader (Modern Hero) – A strong hero unit
armed with a gun and leadership skills.
o Dig Tunnel – The hero digs a tunnel which, when
complete, can covertly transport infantry
underground from one tunnel entrance to another.
o Rally (passive) – Infantry around the hero cannot be
panicked or stunned, do more damage, and take less
Rocket Soldier (Future) – powerful soldier armed with a
rocket launcher, especially good for punching through tank
o Camo – the unit becomes totally camouflaged when
standing still and not attacking.
Stables – produces cavalry units, becomes a Factory in the
Modern Era.
• Usabari (Ancient) - Spear-carrying, camel-mounted
cavalry. Strong vs. other cavalry.
o Camel Stench – Area of effect ability that panics
nearby enemy cavalry.
• Parthian Horse Archer (Ancient) – A speedy, ranged
cavalry unit. By constantly moving and firing, this unit can
harass enemy troops effectively.
o Parthian Shot (Passive) – this unit can shoot in any
direction while moving.
• Scythe Chariot (Ancient) – Heavy melee cavalry that
chews up infantry.
o Trample (Passive) – In addition to its normal attack,
this unit will trample enemy units for damage by
riding close to them.
o Terrorize – Induce panic in a target unit, causing it
to flee.
Page 48
Empire Earth 3
War Cart (Ancient) - Slow moving but tough, old-school
chariot with two archers. A bit like an ancient tank.
Cataphract (Medieval) - Armored heavy melee cavalry.
o Trample (Passive) – In addition to its normal attack,
this unit will trample enemy units for damage by
riding close to them.
o Terrorize – Induce panic in a target unit.
Mameluke Archer (Colonial) - Ranged cavalry, that is
more advanced than the Parthian Horse Archer.
o Raid (Passive) - receives a resource bonus for
destroying units and buildings.
Bedouin Camel Rider (Colonial) - Medium ranged cavalry,
especially effective as a harassment unit.
o Parthian Shot (Passive) – this unit can shoot in any
direction while moving.
o Camel Stench – Area of effect ability that panics
nearby enemy cavalry.
o Raid (Passive) - receives a resource bonus for
destroying units and buildings.
Factory (Modern) - Produces armed vehicles for ground
• Motorcycle Machine Gun (Modern) - Light tank consisting
of a motorcycle with a sidecar machine gun.
• Technical (Modern) - Super-mobile, modified pickup truck
with a mounted machine gun and the ability to transport
o Technical RPG - target tank or artillery unit takes
damage and becomes stunned. Stunned units cannot
move or attack.
• Mobile Mortar (Modern) – Two guys on a speedy motor
scooter with a personal mortar tube.
• Phase Tank (Future Hero) – A heavily-modified military
vehicle that hovers above the ground. It is armed with
machine guns and a special EMP weapon.
o Cloak (Passive) – The Phase Tank renders itself and
all nearby friendly units invisible, even to detector
units. Cloaked units become briefly visible when
o EMP Burst –Mechanical vehicles in a large radius
around the tank take damage and are temporarily
stunned, unable to move or attack.
Page 49
Empire Earth 3
Concealed Factory (Modern)- A special factory that is
stealthy; it cannot be seen except by units that are detectors.
Workshop – produces siege weapons, field guns, and mobile
anti-air units.
• Ram (Ancient) – Slow but powerful siege weapon with a
melee attack against buildings.
o Reduced Damge from Arrows – decreases the
damage done by arrows.
• Juggernaut (Medieval) – An even more powerful ram.
• Mangonel (Medieval) - Basic mobile field gun. It is strong
against infantry and support units.
o Great Nafta Bomb – An early explosive projectile that
does high damage over an area.
• Bombard Cannon (Colonial) - Heavy siege weapon with a
powerful, long range attack but low fire rate. .
• Sahi Cannon (Colonial) - Advanced field gun with a larger
area of damage than the Mangonel.
• Scud Missile (Modern) - Highly mobile, long-ranged siege
weapon which fires missiles. Fragile and somewhat
inaccurate, but stealthy, so it can only be spotted by
detector units or when it is moving.
• SA-4 (Modern) - Semi-mobile anti-aircraft gun. It takes
time to set up for attack after movement.
• Mobile Assault Vehicle (Future) - Highly mobile, longranged launcher that can function as both siege and field
weapon. It has stealth so it cannot be spotted except by
detector units or when it is moving.
o Radiation Attack – The Mobile Assault Vehicle’s
missiles will briefly irradiate the target, causing
damage to units in the area
• ZU 23 MM (Future) – Mobile anti-aircraft support artillery.
It can detect stealthy units with advanced radar.
Dock - A shipyard that produces naval units and can be a
destination for trade vehicles. Most ships can transport units.
• Reed Ship (Ancient) - Early ship with both offense and
transport capabilities.
• Fire Ships - Non-transport ships laden with hay and dry
grass. They can burn itself to deal damage to nearby naval
units. Upgradeable in the Colonial Era.
Page 50
Empire Earth 3
Burn - The Fire ship sets itself on fire to deal damage
to nearby naval units.
o Explode (Colonial) - The Fire ship explodes to deal
burst damage to nearby naval units.
Fishing Ships – Small vessels that fish to gather raw
Trade Raft/ Trade Dhow - Small ships which travel
aquatic trade routes. Purchase by buying a worker slot.
Trade Oil Tanker (Modern) - Large tanker ship which
travels aquatic trade routes.
o Detonate – Oil Tankers can self-destruct to damage
over a wide area.
Liburna (Medieval) - Small and fast ship, designed for
harassing other naval vessels.
Galley (Medieval) – Large oared ship with a mangonel
mounted on deck.
o Great Nafta Bomb – An early explosive projectile that
does high damage over an area.
Dhow (Colonial) - Light ship modified for combat.
o Raid (Passive) - receives a resource bonus for
destroying units and buildings.
Galleas (Colonial) - Large warship with both oars and sails.
Patrol Boat (Modern) - Small, fast ship with decent
damage. It is stealthy and can only be spotted by detector
Destroyer (Modern) - Versatile ship often used to escort
larger ships or control important sea routes. It is capable of
fighting against both air and sea units. It can detect
stealthy units.
Explosive Powerboat (Modern) - Non-transport ship
packed with explosives. It can sacrifice itself to explode on a
target naval unit to deal high damage. It is stealthy, so it
cannot be spotted except by detector units.
o Explode - The Explosive Dingy explodes to deal burst
damage to nearby naval units.
Hovercraft (Future) - Floating fortress with long-range
weapons and that can travel over both land and water. It is
also a detector of stealthy units.
Arsenal Ship (Future) – Big barge armed with powerful
bombardment weapons. It is visible when attacking, but
otherwise has extreme stealth and so cannot be spotted
even by detector units.
Empire Earth 3
Page 51
Airbase – Launches air-strikes and reconnaissance
• F4-Djin (Modern) – Basic fighter-bomber.
• Rotor Transport (Modern) – Large helicopter
capable of transporting infantry units over long
• Sa’eqeh – Fast and expensive fighter-bomber with a
stealth capability.
• Mission Types
o Aerial Recon - Launches an air recon mission.
o Bombing Run - Launches a bombing mission.
o Escorted Bombing Run - Launches a bombing
mission escorted by attack aircraft.
Missile Base – A small missile silo which launches
missile strikes at great range.
o Shahab-4 – A long-range, single-warhead
missile with good range.
o Multiple Independent Re-Entry Vehicle – A
powerful missile with multiple warheads that
damage a wide area.
Fortress - Defensive structure that can garrison units
and fire on enemies. Attack strength increases with
more garrisoned units. Middle East Fortresses also
increase pop cap.
o Boiling Oil (Medieval) – Area of effect ability that
does damage to all units around the fortress.
Bazaar - Generates wealth by setting up trade routes.
o Trade Vehicles – Automated trade vehicles that
generate wealth. Additional trade vehicles can
be purchased to increase revenue by hiring
worker slots. Longer routes are more valuable.
Warehouse - Accumulates raw material resources from
resource sites. Additional workers can be purchased to
increase the rate of resource gathering.
Page 52
Empire Earth 3
Empire Earth 3
V. Far Eastern Region
Empire Techs (World Domination only)
The Far East relies heavily on large quantities of cheap, agile infantry
units through the first three Eras. This means that in order to dominate
you’ll need to play aggressively and strive to turn a numerical advantage
into territory control and a strong economy. In the Future, the Far East
develops genetic engineering and can field a menagerie of powerful
beasts. The Far East region may not be as technologically advanced as
the West or as mobile and wily as the Middle East, but they can roll over
any opponent with the weight of numbers if well commanded.
Building Construction
Most Far Eastern infantry units can construct buildings. Rather than training a
special builder unit or manufacturing buildings out of a Ministry (City Canter),
your multipurpose infantry units are skilled builders as well as combat troops.
Territory Control
Like the West, the Far East can construct buildings (excluding a Ministry) only
in a territory it owns. To own a territory, you must build or capture a Ministry
in the territory. You cannot own or build in a territory already owned by another
player. Destroy their City Center or Ministry, then build your own to take
The Far East can construct walls, towers, and fortresses to help defend territories
it controls. Towers also have an anti-air capability.
Most Far Eastern buildings contribute to population, especially military
production buildings. If you need to increase your pop cap, simply construct
another building.
Unique Combat Action and Empire Techs
Combat Action
• Dig In – Infantry create field fortifications and take position behind them,
giving them a strong defensive bonus. It takes time to set up and take down
the barriers and units who are dug in cannot be moved.
Page 53
• People’s Army – Allows you to field larger armies than the other regions.
• Hire Mercenary Army – Invade a province with an extra, allied army
fighting at your side.
• Border Growth – Every few turns, your empire expands automatically by
taking over an adjacent, unowned province if one is available. Each
province taken costs resources.
Buildings, Units, and Unit Abilities
• Ministry - the center of your government, used for
controlling territories. You may also purchase “Scholar”
slots to gather the Tech Point resource.
o Peasant (Ancient) - Cheap melee infantry with a
surplus spear that does light damage.
o Shaman (Ancient) – wise religious unit who can
detect stealthy units and has several special
ƒ Discipline (Passive) – the unit cannot be
stunned or panicked by any means.
ƒ Enlighten – convert other units to your
ƒ Influence – influence a unit or building of
an AI or native tribe to improve Relations
and make them friendlier.
ƒ Second Sight – briefly lift the fog of war in
a targeted area.
o Monk (Medieval) – upgrade of Shaman with
some additional abilities.
ƒ Self Immolate - sets himself on fire. The
monk dies but some of the units in the
area may be converted.
ƒ Instant Karma - Target a rival's unit.
When the unit attacks a target, karma
reflects the attack back on the unit, so the
unit takes the damage and the target does
o Healer (Colonial Hero).
ƒ Restore Health – all friendly units in the
Page 54
Empire Earth 3
Empire Earth 3
area are healed.
Reanimate – the Healer can reanimate the
dead, which crawl up from the ground to
do their master’s bidding. There’s a cool
down time between uses.
• Barracks - produces infantry units (most infantry can
construct buildings).
o Halberdier (Ancient) - Armored melee unit that
excels vs. cavalry.
o Swordsman (Ancient) - Inexpensive melee unit
with light armor.
o Recurved Bow (Ancient) - Cheap ranged unit
with good LOS.
ƒ Fire Arrows (Passive) - sets appropriate
targets on fire (damage over time).
o Martial Swordsmen (Medieval) – A well-trained
swordsman with medium armor.
o Fire Lance (Medieval) - An armored spearman
with a primitive gunpowder attack.
ƒ Fire Blast – Short range, area effect
gunpowder attack that deals good
o Crossbowman (Medieval) - Ranged infantry
with a crossbow that does more damage but has
shorter range than the Recurved bow.
o Zen Master (Medieval Hero) - A tough,
disciplined, and heroic warrior.
ƒ Detects Stealthy Units (passive)
ƒ Inspiration (passive) - surrounding
friendly units can't be panicked, stunned
or converted.
ƒ Flying Tiger – massive martial arts attack
that deals big damage to surrounding
cavalry and infantry.
o Bees Nest Launcher (Colonial) - Ranged
infantry unit that attacks with rocket-propelled
ƒ Pyrrhus (Passive) – explodes on death,
damaging enemies around him.
o Gatling Gun (Colonial) - Ranged infantry with
Page 55
rapid rate of fire. The weapon has a short
setup/take-down time.
Arquebusier (Colonial) - Cheap gun infantry
with light armor and medium range.
Machine Cannon (Modern) - Ranged infantry
with a more powerful attack than the Gatling
Rifle Infantry (Modern) - Basic modern gun
ƒ Lunge Anti-Tank Mine – suicide attack
with a mine on a pole, good against
armored vehicles.
Mortar Infantry (Modern) - Infantry that fires
explosive mortar shells, good range but slow rate
of fire.
Super Soldier (Future) - Fast and agile
genetically-engineered humanoid mutant armed
with two guns.
ƒ Roid Rage – The mutant pumps itself full
of stimulants, becoming faster and
immune to death for a short period of
Hulking Mutant (Future/Hero) - Massive,
genetically-engineered creature with an
extremely powerful melee attack.
ƒ Daze - The Hulking Mutant slams its fists
on the ground, stunning all units in a large
• Stable - produces cavalry units, becomes a Factory in the
Modern Era.
o Chariot Archer (Ancient) - Ranged cavalry, does
light damage.
o Mongol Cavalry Archer (Medieval) – Fast light
cavalry with a good range and rate of fire.
ƒ Parthian Shot (Passive) – this unit can
move and shoot at the same time.
o Samurai Cavalry (Medieval) - Heavy melee
cavalry that attacks with a sword.
ƒ Fragmentation Grenade – a thrown
explosive that’s good against infantry.
Page 56
Empire Earth 3
• Factory (Modern) - Produces tanks for hard hitting ground
o Tankette (Modern) - Small tank that fires a
small-caliber shell at a quick rate.
o Amphibious APC - Armored Personnel Carrier
tank. Can transport infantry over land or, more
slowly, over water.
o Mantis Tank (Modern) - Tank with good armor
and range.
o Gastropod Tank (Future) – Geneticallyengineered tank crawler.
ƒ Acid Globule – The tank fires a projectile
of potent acid.
o Kabutogani (Future) – Genetically-engineered
Armored Personnel Carrier tank. Able to
transport infantry and can and shoot critter
ƒ Critter Bomb – The Genetic APC spits out
a mobile bomb, which attacks the target.
• Workshop - produces siege weapons and field guns.
o Cloud Ladder (Ancient) - Enclosed wheeled
transport vehicle that extends a ladder for scaling
ƒ Siege Arrow – Crew will shoot large siege
arrows against enemy buildings.
o Double Crossbow (Ancient) – A field gun that
fires huge arrow projectiles. Strong against
ƒ Dragon Bolts – Adds more projectiles to
the attack for damage over a larger area.
o Traction Trebuchet (Medieval) – a humanpowered siege trebuchet with fair range but a
relatively good rate of fire.
ƒ 10.000 Enemy Bomb – A noxious gas
bomb that slows and damages infantry en
o Mortar (Colonial) - Gunpowder artillery with
better range than the Traction Trebuchet.
ƒ Bomblets – inherently fires a mass of
small bombs, which explode over an area.
Good vs. infantry.
Page 57
Empire Earth 3
Field Cannon (Colonial) - Basic direct fire field
gun with good range.
Self-Propelled Gun (Modern) – Armored,
mobile artillery with a long range and good
ƒ Bio-Sludge (Future) – A shell containing a
toxic biological sludge that contaminates
an area, damaging units over time.
Malaysian Scorpion (Future) – A large,
genetically-engineered creature, based on
scorpion DNA, with a short-range, area of affect,
• Dock - A shipyard that produces naval units and can be
a destination for trade vehicles. Most ships can transport
o Covered Boat (Ancient) - Small oared ship
with a ranged attack proportional to how many
troops are being carried.
o Tower Ship (Ancient) - Large, multi-decked
ship with oars. Fires siege-sized crossbow
bolts over medium range.
o Fishing Boat/Junk/Ship – Small vessels
that fish to gather raw materials.
o Trade Ships - Ship for creating trade routes
with other docks. Hire a worker slot to produce
a trade ship.
o Paddle Boat (Medieval) – Small, quick,
paddle-powered warship.
ƒ Dragon Fire – The Paddle Boat is armed
with a fire-spewing deck gun. Short
range but good damage.
o Paddle Ship (Medieval) - Large, expensive
ship powered by paddle wheels outfitted with
deck-mounted trebuchets. Good ship to shore
o Turtle Boat (Colonial) - Armored, mediumsized ship armed with cannon. Equipped with
oars and also sails for faster movement.
o Iron Clad (Colonial) - Moderately sized and
tough ship with powerful artillery aboard.
o Sub (Modern) - Submarine capable of
Page 58
Empire Earth 3
Empire Earth 3
transporting units. Must surface to fire.
ƒ Stealth - when underwater the sub can
only be spotted by detector units.
ƒ Detector - detects other stealthy units
Flattop (Modern) - Medium-sized aircraft
carrier that launches air missions (see
Cephalopod Sub (Future) - Genetically
engineered marine creature that fires stinger
Cyborg Battleship (Future) - Hybrid vessel of
machine and living tissue. Has protective shell
and single long-range gun.
ƒ Critter Bomb - Melee vehicle spawned
from the bomb launched by Cyborg
• Airbase (Modern) - Launches air missions. The strength
and type of missions available depend on the aircraft you
o Dive Bomber (Modern) – Early, prop-driven
o Divine Wind Fighter (Modern) – A basic
fighter with jet propulsion, armed with
o Cyborg Drone (Future) – A fighter-bomber
with a bio-mechanical brain, armed with a
powerful gun.
o Zombie Bomber (Future) – A geneticallyengineered flying creature that flies a special
type of kamikaze mission which, instead of
doing damage, converts enemies near the
crash using genetically-engineered
o Mission Types
ƒ Aerial Recon - Launches an air recon
ƒ Bombing Run - Launches a bombing
ƒ Escorted Bombing Run - Launches a
bombing mission escorted by attack
Page 59
Kamikaze Misisoin– Jet Fighter crashes
into selecting target, dealing heavy
damage to it and nearby units.
Zombie Bombing Run – the Zombie
Bomber crashes into the selected
target, doing damage and releasing a
cloud of tiny parasites which burrow
into nearby organic units and may
convert them after a few seconds.
• Fortress - Defensive structure that can garrison units and
fire on enemies. Attack strength increases with more
garrisoned units.
• Tower - Defensive structure that can attack enemies. The
Far East towers have an anti-air capability
• Wall - Defensive structure that creates a barrier to ground
units. Units can occupy the top of the wall (via constructed
access points) and attack.
• Market - Generates wealth by setting up trade routes.
o Silk Peddler/Wagon/Truck – an automated
trade vehicle that generates wealth. Additional
trade vehicles can be purchased to increase
revenue. Longer routes are more valuable.
• Warehouse - Accumulates raw material resources from
resource sites. Additional workers can be purchased to
increase the rate of resource gathering.
VI. Customer Support
Page 60
Empire Earth 3
Before contacting Technical Support, please refer to the Troubleshooting section
in the readme, make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card and
sound card, and check if there are any online updates on the Empire Earth 3
website (http://www.empireearth.com).
Technical Support
Phone: (800) 630-0811, 10:00 AM-8:00 PM M-F EST
Online Support: http://support.vgames.com
Customer Service
Phone: (800) 757-7707, 10:00 AM-8:00 PM M-F EST
Vivendi Games
4247 South Minnewawa Ave
Fresno, CA 93725
Customer Service, Support and Sales
United States Sales
Empire Earth 3
Sierra Entertainment
Technical Support
4247 South Minnewawa Avenue
Fresno, CA 93725
Main: (800) 630-0811
Monday-Friday 10AM – 8PM, Eastern Time
Disk and/or Manual Replacement / Product Returns: *
Vivendi Games, Inc.
Warranty Returns
4247 South Minnewawa Avenue
Fresno, CA 93725
Returns to this address valid in North America only.
NOTE: To replace your DVD(s) please send only the damaged DVD and a copy
of your dated receipt, if less then 90 days. After 90 days please include a $10.00
handling fee ($15.00 handling fee for console media returns) along with the
DVD(s). For Documentation replacement, please include a $5.00 handling fee
and a photocopy ONLY of either your disk or DVD. Please include a letter
explaining the problems you are experiencing in order for us to determine how
we may best resolve them. Please send the DVD via a traceable method such as
Priority Mail, UPS, or FedEx. Customer is responsible for shipping cost to
return product. Payment should be made at the time of your request. Sorry, no
credit cards.
Phone: (800) 757-7707
Hours: Monday-Friday 10AM – 8PM, Eastern Time
VII. System Specifications
On-Line Sales
Technical Support
Minimum System Requirements
North America
Sierra Entertainment offers an automated technical support line with recorded
answers to the most frequently asked technical questions. To access this service,
call (800) 630-0811, and follow the recorded instructions to find your specific
topic and resolve the issue. If this fails to solve your problem, you may still
write or fax us with your questions, or contact us via our website at
Page 61
1.7 GHz Intel® Pentium® 4, AMD® Athlon™ XP processor or equivalent
NVIDIA® GeForce® 6000 series graphics card or equivalent DirectX®
9.0c-compliant 128 MB 3D video card supporting Hardware T&L and
Shader Model 2.0 or higher
512 MB RAM
1.5 GB Virtual Memory paging file recommended as well
6.5 GB of uncompressed hard disk space for game files
Microsoft® Windows® 32-BIT XP or Windows Vista™ operating system
DirectX® 9.0c (included)
DirectX®-compatible sound card and speakers or headphones
DVD drive
Page 62
Empire Earth 3
Microsoft®-compatible mouse and keyboard
Internet Connection: Cable/DSL or faster for online play
Recommended System Requirements
3.2 GHz Intel® Pentium® 4, AMD® Athlon™ 64 3500+ or faster
processor (dual core Pentium® D, Core™ 2 Duo or Athlon™ X2/FX
processor recommended).
NVIDIA® GeForce® 7000 series graphics card or equivalent DirectX®
9.0c-compliant 256 MB 3D video card supporting Hardware T&L and
Shader Model 3.0 or higher (512 MB SLI compatible 3D video cards
1 GB RAM or more
GB Virtual Memory paging file recommended as well
6.5 GB of uncompressed hard disk space for game files
Microsoft® Windows® 32-BIT XP or Windows Vista™ operating system
DirectX® 9.0c (included)
DirectX®-compatible sound card and speakers or headphones
DVD drive
Microsoft®-compatible mouse and keyboard
Internet Connection: HIGH SPEED Cable/DSL/LAN for faster online play
Updates and Patches
Check the Empire Earth III website (www.empireearth.com or www.sierra.com)
for any updated or patches prior to playing the game. Please note that patches
and updates may be automatically downloaded and applied when you log into an
online game.
Sierra’s end user license agreement, limited warranty and return policy is set
forth in the EULA found at the end of this manual and is also available during
the install of the product.
VIII. License Agreement
Page 63
Empire Earth 3
This software program and any files that are provided by Sierra Entertainment, Inc. to
you by on-line transmission or otherwise to ‘patch,’ ‘update,’ or modify the software
program, inclusive of “New Materials” as defined in Section 1 below, as well as any
printed materials, on-line or electronic documentation, and any and all copies and
derivative works of such software program and materials (collectively, the “Program”)
are the copyrighted work of Sierra Entertainment, Inc. and/or, its licensors, licensees and
suppliers (collectively referred to herein as “Licensor”). All use of the Program is
governed by the terms of the End User License Agreement which is provided below
("License Agreement"). The Program is solely for use by end users according to the terms
of the License Agreement. Any use, reproduction or redistribution of the Program not in
accordance with the terms of the License Agreement is expressly prohibited.
Limited Use License. Licensor hereby grants, and by installing the Program you thereby
accept, a limited, non-exclusive license and right to install and use one (1) copy of the Program for
your use on a home, business or portable computer. In addition, The Program has a multi-player
capability that allows users to utilize the Program over the Internet via GameSpy.com or another
gaming network designated by Licensor (an “On-line Provider”). Use of the Program over
GameSpy.com or other On-line Provider is subject to your acceptance of GameSpy.com’s or such
other On-line Provider’s Terms of Use Agreement and may be updated or modified at any time. The
Program may also contain a Campaign Editor (the "Editor") that allows you to create custom levels
or other materials for your personal use in connection with the Program ("New Materials"). All use
of the Editor or any New Materials is subject to this License Agreement. The Program is licensed,
not sold. Your license confers no title or ownership in the Program.
Ownership. All title, ownership rights and intellectual property rights in and to the Program
and any and all copies thereof (including but not limited to any titles, computer code, themes,
objects, characters, character names, stories, dialog, catch phrases, locations, concepts, artwork,
animations, sounds, musical compositions, audio-visual effects, methods of operation, moral rights,
any related documentation, and "applets" incorporated into the Program) are owned by Licensor or
its licensors. The Program is protected by the copyright laws of the United States, international
copyright treaties and conventions and other laws. All rights are reserved. The Program contains
certain licensed materials and Licensor’s licensors may protect their rights in the event of any
violation of this Agreement. The Program may access websites owned, controlled by, or operated by
licensed affiliates of Licensor, and receive patches and/or updates to the Program from these
websites. All patches, updates or other downloadable material used by, or incorporated into, the
Program are the copyrighted property of Licensor, who reserves all rights therein, and shall be
governed by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
Responsibilities of End User.
A. Subject to the Grant of License hereinabove, you may not, in whole or in part, copy,
photocopy, reproduce, translate, reverse engineer, derive source code, modify,
disassemble, decompile, create derivative works based on the Program, or remove any
proprietary notices or labels on the Program without the prior consent, in writing, of
The Program is licensed to you as a single product. Its component parts may not be
separated for use on more than one computer.
You are entitled to use the Program for your own use, but you are not entitled to:
Page 64
Empire Earth 3
sell, grant a security interest in or transfer reproductions of the Program to other
parties in any way, nor to rent, lease or license the Program to others without the
prior written consent of Licensor.
exploit the Program or any of its parts for any commercial purpose including, but
not limited to, use at a cyber café, computer gaming center or any other locationbased site. Licensor may offer a separate Site License Agreement to permit you
to make the Program available for commercial use; contact Licensor for details;
use or allow third parties to use the New Materials for commercial purposes,
including, but not limited to, distribution of such New Materials on a stand-alone
basis or packaged with other software or hardware through any and all
distribution channels, including, but not limited to, retail sales and on-line
electronic distribution, without the express written consent of Licensor;
host or provide matchmaking services for the Program or emulate or redirect the
communication protocols used by Licensor in the network feature of the
Program, through protocol emulation, tunneling, modifying or adding
components to the Program, use of a utility program or any other techniques now
known or hereafter developed, for any purpose including, but not limited to
network play over the Internet, network play utilizing commercial or noncommercial gaming networks or as part of content aggregation networks without
the prior written consent of Licensor;
create or maintain, under any circumstance, more than one simultaneous
connection to any hosting service utilized for on-line play. All such connections,
whether created by the Program or by other tools and utilities, may only be made
through methods and means expressly approved by Licensor. Under no
circumstances may you connect, or create tools that allow you to connect to the
hosting service’s private binary interface or interfaces other than those explicitly
provided by Licensor for public use.
Program Transfer. You may permanently transfer all of your rights under this License
Agreement, provided the recipient agrees to the terms of this License Agreement and you agree to
remove the Program and any New Materials from your home, business or portable computer.
Termination. This License Agreement is effective until terminated. You may terminate the
License Agreement at any time by destroying the Program and any New Materials. Licensor may, at
its discretion, terminate this License Agreement in the event that you fail to comply with the terms
and conditions contained herein. In such event, you must immediately destroy the Program and any
New Materials.
Export Controls. The Program may not be re-exported, downloaded or otherwise exported into
(or to a national or resident of) any country to which the U.S. has embargoed goods, or to anyone on
the U.S. Treasury Department’s list of Specially Designated Nationals or the U.S. Commerce
Department’s Table of Denial Orders. By installing the Program, you are agreeing to the foregoing
and you are representing and warranting that you are not located in, under the control of, or a
national or resident of any such country or on any such list.
Customer Service/Technical Support. "Customer Service" as used herein may be provided to
you by Licensor’s representatives by telephone and/or by electronic message (e-mail), or by posting
of information related to known Customer Service issues on a web site. "Technical Support" may be
provided to you by Licensor by telephone, electronic message (e-mail), or by posting of information
related to known technical support issues on a web site. Unless otherwise stated in the Program's
packaging or in the Program's user manual, nothing herein shall be construed so as to place a duty
upon Licensor to provide Customer Service or Technical Support via a toll-free telephone number
for an unlimited period of time.
Empire Earth 3
Duration of the “On-Line” Component of the Program. This Program contains an “on-line”
component that allows you to utilize the Product over the Internet utilizing servers and software
maintained by Licensor and/or its affiliates. Licensor may, in its sole discretion, provide the servers
and software technology necessary to utilize the “on-line” component of the Program, or Licensor
may license to third parties the right to provide the servers and software technology necessary to
utilize the “on-line” component of the Program. However, nothing contained herein shall be
construed so as to place an obligation upon Licensor to provide the servers and software technology
necessary to utilize the “on-line” component beyond the time that the Program is Out of Publication.
The term “Out of Publication” as used herein shall mean that the Program is no longer being
manufactured by Licensor.
Limited Warranty. Licensor expressly disclaims any warranty for the Program, any New
Materials and Manual(s). The Program, any New Materials and Manual(s) are provided "as is"
without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, without limitation, the implied
warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. The entire risk
arising out of use or performance of the Program, any New Materials and Manual(s) remains with
the User, however Licensor warrants up to and including 90 days from the date of your purchase of
the Program that the media containing the Program shall be free from defects in material and
workmanship. In the event that the media proves to be defective during that time period, and upon
presentation to Licensor of proof of purchase of the defective Program, Licensor will at its option 1)
correct any defect, 2) provide you with a product of equal or lesser value, or 3) refund your money.
Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties or liability for incidental
damages, so the above limitations may not apply to you.
DATA OR DISRUPTION OF SERVICE. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of
incidental or consequential damages, or allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so
the above limitations may not apply.
11. Equitable Remedies. You hereby agree that Licensor would be irreparably damaged if the
terms of this License Agreement were not specifically enforced, and therefore you agree that
Licensor shall be entitled, without bond, other security, or proof of damages, to appropriate equitable
remedies with respect to breaches of this License Agreement, in addition to such other remedies as
Licensor may otherwise have available to it under applicable laws. In the event any litigation is
brought by either party in connection with this License Agreement, the prevailing party in such
litigation shall be entitled to recover from the other party all the costs, attorneys’ fees and other
expenses incurred by such prevailing party in the litigation.
12. Limitations on License. Nothing in this License Agreement shall preclude you from making or
authorizing the making of another copy or adaptation of the Program and any New Materials
Page 65
Page 66
Empire Earth 3
Empire Earth 3
provided, however, that (1) such new copy or adaptation is created as an essential step in your
utilization of the Program and any New Materials in accordance with the terms of this License
Agreement and for NO OTHER PURPOSE; or (2) such new copy or adaptation is for archival
purposes ONLY and all archival copies are destroyed in the event of your Transfer of the Program
and any New Materials, the Termination of this Agreement or other circumstances under which your
continued use of the Program and any New Materials ceases to be rightful.
13. Miscellaneous. This License Agreement shall be deemed to have been made and executed in
the State of California and any dispute arising hereunder shall be resolved in accordance with the
law of California. You agree that any claim asserted in any legal proceeding by one of the parties
against the other shall be commenced and maintained in any state or federal court located in the
State of California, County of Los Angeles, having subject matter jurisdiction with respect to the
dispute between the parties. This License Agreement may be amended, altered or modified only by
an instrument in writing, specifying such amendment, alteration or modification, executed by both
parties. In the event that any provision of this License Agreement shall be held by a court or other
tribunal of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable, such provision will be enforced to the
maximum extent permissible and the remaining portions of this License Agreement shall remain in
full force and effect. This License Agreement constitutes and contains the entire agreement between
the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes any prior oral or written
I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand the foregoing License Agreement and agree
that the action of installing the Program is an acknowledgment of my agreement to be bound by the
terms and conditions of the License Agreement contained herein. I also acknowledge and agree that
this License Agreement is the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between Licensor
and myself and that the License Agreement supersedes any prior or contemporaneous agreement,
either oral or written, and any other communications between Licensor and myself.
Robert Moore
Scott Cameron
Scott Haraldsen
Sean McCarthy
Shawn Shoemaker
Stefan Arnold
Stephen Guberski
Steve Hartman
Tim Samuels
Todd Swanson
Zach Mangan
Additional Work
Amy Winter
Brit Snyder
Chris Bold
Chris Palmer
Dave Schuyler
Deryck Morales
Hae-Jue Chung
Jim Garcia
John Warwick
Jonathon Paton
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Jordan Walker
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Liquid Development
Mad Doc
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Ed Donaghue
Fran O’Neil
Jeff Deshairness
Matt Wilson
Monica Keleher
Nathan Raymond
Ron Rosenberg
Shaun McDermott
Steve Nadeau
Tina Gauthier
Special Thanks
Vicky Wu Davis
Shao Do Davis
Jon Lourie
Brian Lamkin
Dr. & Mrs. Davis
Steve Crane
Chris Taylor
IX. EE3 Credits
Developed By
Mad Doc
Core Team
Aaron Horne
Albert Meranda
Avida Michaud
Barry Cullen
Bart Whitebook
Ben Wilson
Bryan Silva
Dan Conti
Daniel Holbert
Dan McClure
Dan Read
Daniel Salsberg
Daniel Sproul
Page 67
Dave Gosselin
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Page 68
Empire Earth 3
Empire Earth 3
Published By Sierra Entertainment
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Chong, Kirk Cole, David Spaccia, and
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Page 69
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Page 70
Empire Earth 3
Empire Earth 3
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Page 71
Tyree Deramus, Brad Graber, Jose Hernandez, Gene Shaw, Alvin Broussard, and John St. John
CG SUPERVISORS: Dave Wilson and Heikki Anttila
PRODUCERS: Debbie Yu and Scott Tinter
LAYOUT: Andy Grisdale
MODELING: Shaun Absher, Darren Butler, Sze Jones, Ian Joyner, Alex Litchinko, Barrett Meeker,
and Iain Morton
RIGGING: Fabio Stabel and Malcolm Thomas-Gustave
HAIR AND CLOTH SIMULATION: Becca Baldwin and Jon Jordan
ANIMATION: Andy Grisdale, Davy Sabbe, and Nye Warburton
LIGHTING AND COMPOSITING: Heikki Anttila, Corey Butler, Kris Kaufman, Barrett Meeker,
and Dave Wilson
FX: Craig Brown, Seung Jae Lee, Kirby Miller, Brandon Riza, and August Wartenburg
MOCAP: Chris Bedrosian and Heather McKenney
MOCAP PREP AND CLEAN-UP: Ryan Girard and Jeff Weisend
CONCEPT DESIGN: Hugo Martin, Sean McNally, and Chuck Wojtkiewicz
TOOLS AND SCRIPTS: Diego Garcia, Eric Hulser, and Remi McGill
Newell, and Abe Shelton
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Empire Earth 3
Bruce Hack, Jean-Francois Grollemund, Pascal Brochier, Terri Durham, Michel Allard, Ed Bober,
David Bond, Oliver Bourke, Charlotte Bourke, Doug Broadhurst, Chih Yao Chuang, Angelina
Coley, Brian Contreras, Everett Covington, Peter Della Penna, Ryan French, Tom Gastall, Alan
Gould, Mark Halacy, Todd Hartwig, David R. Jenkins Jr., Audwin Joya, Korhee Kinney, Kathy
Kinzer and the Intel team, Rob Kohout, Jonathan P. LeMaitre, Bob Loya, Sean Meurer, Eric
Mirabal, Glenn Oliver, Allen Petrowski, Leslie Pirritano and the NVIDIA team, Sergio Prado, Aaron
Pulkka, Kelly Ryan, Marcus Sanford, Ryan Stacey, Ray Tang, Terence Stephenson, Nicholas
Thibault, Ed Trillo, Matthew Weigang, Charles Yam, Dexter Yu, Richard Zerbel, and Kelly Zmak
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