Hama 00016378 Owner's manual

Hama 00016378 Owner's manual
Welcome to the B-Speech®Family.
Thank you for purchasing B-Speech®Cigo, with it, you
have opted for high quality and innovative technology.
Please, read the following user manual for B-Speech®
Cigo Bluetooth hands free. Depending on the portable
phone used, the functions might differ slightly
Key functions
One multifunction button for:
Answering/Pairing/Hanging up/Voice dial
Side button: Volume control
Turning on and connecting B-Speech® Cigo with your portable phone.
The device turns itself on automatically when you plug it into your car cigarette
lighter and turn the car ignition on.
Before using B-Speech® Cigo, check that the pairing of your portable phone
B-Speech® Cigo has been successful. B-Speech® Cigo memorises your
portable phone’s code. Once B-Speech® Cigo is switched on, wait for the sound
signal. To indicate this, the LED flashes green and red. The paired portable
phone is now being automatically searched for and a connection will be made. If
the search for a connection takes more than 30 seconds, it means that no
connection could be not made and B-Speech® Cigo must be paired with the
portable phone again.
Press on the button „Answering/Pairing/Hanging up/Voice dial„ for 4 seconds to
change to pairing mode. While the pairing takes place, the status display light
slowly flashes red and green. You have 5 minutes to make a wireless connection
B-Speech® Cigo and your portable phone. If you wish to cancel the process,
press on the button „Answering/Pairing/Hanging up/Voice dial“ for 4 seconds.
After a successful search, your portable phone will display “B-Speech Cigo“
1. Choose „B-Speech Cigo“ for the pairing process
2. Enter the identification code 0000
3. After completion of the pairing process, the status display light is green.
Taking an incoming call
The status display light starts to flash when the portable receives an incoming
call. Press on the button „Answering/Pairing/Hanging up/Voice dial“ to take the
hanging up
Press on the button „Answering/Pairing/Hanging up/Voice dial“ to end the call.
Voice dial
To go to voice dial mode, press on the button „Answering/Pairing/Hanging
up/Voice dial“ while connecting (not while talking).
Switching the device off
B-Speech® Cigo switches itself off automatically when the ignition is turned off or
when the device is unplugged from the car cigarette lighter.
The microphone
Two high performance microphones are available with B-Speech® Cigo.
The built-in microphone is activated when B-Speech® Cigo is switch on.
While using the external microphone, the built-in microphone is automatically
turned off.
Note: The optimal distance for talking and listening is around 30 cm.
The delivered microphone holder should be set up with the microphone within
this distance.
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